A Guide to Good Friday in Adeje


Thanks to the Adejemegusta blog, here is a guide to the best way to enjoy the presentation of The Passion in Adeje on Good Friday.

Anyone who has been to the town centre on this special day will tell you that it’s a highly emotional, extremely popular event with thousands of Adejeros and visitors crowding the Calle Grande to watch the action unfold and follow the representation on the street.  And to fully enjoy and appreciate the event it’s best to prepare your visit in advance.

The first thing to note is that this year the action goes up the main street, starting at the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano at about midday and will finish about two hours later at the Plaza de España with the crucifixion taking place on the main stage with the glorious Barranco del Infierno (what an impressive backdrop) and the Roque del Conde behind the action.

Before you leave home make sure you have comfortable shoes, kids have sun protection and sun hats, you have enough water to drink, and don’t forget your camera. But don’t bring a full bag as you will be carrying it for a number of hours.

While there will be parking in designated spots, if possible take the bus or get someone to drop you into the town beforehand.  If you are driving there will be parking at the Correos post office, near the start of the procession and at the Calle Piedra Redonda, down the street from the end point of the action.  There are also three parking zones behind the Cultural Centre.  However these will fill up quickly, so the earlier the better.  Certainly if you are hopìng to park near the Calle Grande I would recommend that you arrive by 10.30.

Once in Adeje it’s hard to suggest one particular ideal spot.  Planning or hoping to follow all the action as it moves up the street, with over 300 actors taking part at various stages and thousands following the action will be practically impossible.  Certainly the more dramatic set pieces will be the Last Supper, the meeting between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the scene with Pontius Pilate, and the highly charged meeting of Jesus with his mother.  An elevated viewing point will be an advantage – maybe finding a point on the steps of the church would be a good idea and watch the procession work its way up the street. Another alternative is persuading friends who have apartments on the Calle Grande to let you view the event from the street – but only the very few are that lucky!

Whereever you do end up you will no doubt be caught up in the emotion of the event and the tremendous performances of those taking part.

Live The Passion, feel The Passion.

Avenida upgrade for Playa Paraíso

MAYOR PLAYA PARAISOAdeje Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, works councillor Gonzalo Delgado and Playa Paraíso councillor Amada Trujillo attended a meeting recently in the resort village to meet with residents and bring them up to date on the renovation of the Avenida Adeje 300.

The mayor told residents the council were investing in the area despite the crisis because it was important that all parts of the borough receive the attention required. He also said it was essential “that all of Adeje has an aesthetic continuity and that the different parts along the coast are linked”.  He added, “this will improve the quality of life for residents and tourists”.

Work on the project will begin in about two months and last about four, according to the council, during which, residents were assured, traffic would continue to flow as normally as possible, given that there is only one road through the resort.

The plan sees a complete upgrade of the pavement and green zones, with two roundabouts installed to help traffic pass with ease through Playa Paraíso, the first near the bank and the scond at the top of the lake. New parking areas areas are also included in the plan.

Musical chairs?

Representatives from the borough's schools meet with the council and the school of music to discuss details

Representatives from the borough’s schools meet with the council and the school of music to discuss details

Delighted at the announcement of a series of educational concerts by the Municipal school of music and dance for our children in Adeje, in partnership with local primary and secondary schools and Adeje council.

There will be three concerts to introduce children to the world of music, instruments and the excellent School of Music and Dance we have here in Adeje.  The move is in  consultation with local schools  and none of the activities will interfere with classes, but hopefully will let the children discover a whole new way of expressing themselves.

I will post more details in the blog later and dates of the concert when they become available.


Reporting Crime


Don't leave caution at home

Don’t leave caution at home

Reporting crime

In recent days a number of people have been talking about an increase in petty crime and muggings in Callao Salvaje and other parts of the borough. While there has been an parallel increase in the police presence in many zones, they, obvioulsy, cannot be everywhere all the time.  Here too is an extract from a recent press release from the British Embassy in Madrid.

Tourists heading for an Easter break by the Mediterranean are being warned to look out for their valuables when visiting busy urban areas.

British Consulates in Spain are reporting rising trends in the number of street crimes involving stolen passports, money and other valuables. A stolen bag leads to frustration, extra costs and lost holiday time as tourists deal with the consequences.

Dave Thomas, Consular Director for Southern Europe, said: “Unfortunately we have seen increases inpickpocketing and distraction thefts. We urge holidaymakers to keep an eye on their belongings at all times. We want to reduce the numbers of British visitors who come to us for help over stolen passports and belongings, so they can get on with enjoying their Easter breaks instead of spending their precious holiday time in our consular offices”.

The three main methods used by city criminals are:

· Pickpocketing on public transport and in busy areas.

· Distraction techniques (asking victims for help or directions, spilling something on clothes and offering to help).

· Unattended bag / handbag snatchingin hotels, restaurants, cafés, airport and train stations.”

While we are not one of the Med zones, unfortunately at peak holiday times, like Easter week, petty theives take advantage. 

If you are a resident here and a victim of crime, it’s important that you report it to the local authorities. You should also go to the citizens advice centre in the Adeje town hall and fill in a complaint form, particularly if you have witnessed a crime rather than been the victim.  Alternatively you can make your statement online, via the Adeje Ayuntamiento webpage, go to the Sede Electronica section and fill in the form (in Spanish for the time being) that appears when you click on the Quejas y Sugerencias box down the left-hand side.

At the end of the day be as careful as you would be at home, and don’t take unnecessary risks with your cash or travel documents if you are on holidays and remind visitors to do the same.  If you are going to the beach just take a little bit of cash, leave your credit cards at home, and don’t wander around with bags open or bulging wallets sticking out of back pockets.

This is why I live here

bahiaThat’s why I live here!

It’s one of the most annoying questions at times.   When you answer “yes” to “do you live here?”, it is almost inevitably followed by the rather ridiculous “do you like it here then”.  If you’re like me you have, at times, been tempted to warp the reply a bit.  “No, I’m wanted for a major bank heist back home so I’m in hiding with a changed identity?”, or “No, not really, but after thirteen years it’s beginning to grow on me”. Yes, or course I like it here, that’s why I live here, why I decided not to return to my home country, the reason I am bringing up my family here…..(sigh!).

Now there’s an easier way to deal with the question.  The Adeje council recently decided to commission  a short series of promotional videos and ‘spots’ extolling the delights of the borough -and when you stop and look at it, or at them to be precise, there are loads and loads of delights.  I was at the launch of the vidoes this morning, with Aleksander Pejovic of Multicoptercanarias, and Andy McCleod and Norbert Schilling of FilmCanaryIslands as well many from the borough’s tourism trade, and even after many years was delightfully surprised by what I saw.  It was, in a way, a capsule of many of the reasons why I love Adeje…and even though it is intended primarily for the tourist market, I think it is for us foreign residents the perfect answer to the “do you like it here?”  question.

This, my friends, among other reasons, is why I live here!

Check out the video  for yourself here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fZtBNiZ5Lw



Irish eyes smile a lot!

Irish dancers

Irish dancers

On today’s programme, English Time, I spoke to Ward Woods. Ward is the Honorary Irish Consul in Tenerife and we were talking, not too surprisingly, about being Irish abroad, and St Patrick’s Day.

Ward mentioned in passing that there are about 100 million people who claim some link to the home country, half of those living in the United States of America. That’s a lot of Irish, especially when you remember that the actualy poplulation of Ireland is about four million at the moment. And there are quite a few thousand Irish living here in Tenerife. The other thing we were discussing is why this particular festival, celebrated on March 17th, is so widely celebrated, with parades in countries as far away as Australia, China, Canada, in cities such as New York and Boston as well as, of course, Dublin. Ward suggested that one of the plusses in Ireland’s favour is that we have never been a coloniser, so in a sense we have few historical enemies, and we like to think we have a nice, cheerful and friendly nature too.

So on March 17th lots of people like to become Irish for a day, and they are welcomed into the wider Irish family. Are you planning any special St Patrick’s Day celebrations? Let us know – post a comment here on this blog and I will also give the events a mention on Thurdsay’s English Time on Radio Sur Adeje from 1 to 1.30pm.

Happy International Women’s Day

women1Happy International Women’s Day

For all women, and for all men who don’t labour under the ridiculous notion that one gender is somehow superior to another, Happy International Women’s Day.

This is a day that we shouldn’t have to mark or celebrate, and as women we will celebrate the day when it is no more, where there is no need to remember the inequalities that exist in the world of work, in the home, in the world of politics and sport, in the western world the eastern world, the developed and underdeveloped world.  But until then lets celebrate the intiatives that are taking place, the emphasis here in Adeje, for example, on promoting all sports  and activities for all, be it boxing, football, ballet, swimming, or rugby; and the ongoing declaration that there is no place for any form of discrimination anywhere in our society and that all must be treated equally regardless of race, sexual orientation, colour, creed or physical challenges.  After all, equality is for everyone.

If you haven’t done so already, get your ticket for the Gala dinner tonight in the Adeje Rte El Mirador del Galeón (CDTCA), which includes the presentation of this year’s Abinque prize which is going to the team at the Escuela Infantile Niño de Adeje. The evening begins at 8.30, tickets are €15 each, and there are still a few left at the Adeje Cultural Centre.

International Women’s Day Events

One of the posters for International Women's Day - You Decide What You Want To Be

One of the posters for International Women’s Day – You Decide What You Want To Be



International Women’s Day


Chronology of Events

(Talks, debates and workshops will be conducted in Spanish)


Friday 01 March .

Talk – Debate: Get positive: Ways to develop your life. 

Time: 18.00 to 20.00 

Moderator: Carlos López Melo (clinical psychologist). 

Place: Adeje Cultural Centre.


Thursday 7 March .

Art as therapy workshop.  Artistic expression through recycling.

Time: 18:00 a 20:00 h.

Tutor: Sandra Hoyos (teacher).

Place: Adeje Cultural Centre.

Advance registration. Open to women and men. Places limited. .

Followed by: Inauguration of the Collective Art Exhibition:

Mujeres Adejecreativa , in collaboration with the Adeje School of Music,

Place: Adeje Cultural Centre, 7 – 25 March


Friday 8 March: 

International Women’s Day.

Time: 20.00 h. Gala evening, presentation of the Abiunque prize and International Women’s Day dinner

Place: Salón Mirador del Galeón (CDTCA)

Tickets on sale at the Adeje Cultural Centre.


Tuesday 12 March:

Talk – workshop: self-care for women – the road to good health

Time: 18:00 a 20:00 

Moderator Patricia G Ojeda (subject expert)

Place: Adeje Cultural Centre.


Thursday 14 March:

Talk – Formative: The female nude:  women in art, women as artists

Time:18.00 a 20.00h

Moderator: Elisa Falcón Lisón (qualified art historian).

Place: Adeje Cultural Centre, open to women and men


Friday 22 March:

Talk – Debate: Let’s start again: how to overcome unwanted changes (divorce, death, a change in employment status…)

Time:18:00 a 20:00 h.

Moderator: Carlos López Melo (clinical psychologist).

Place: Adeje Cultural Centre, open to women and men


Saturday 23 March:

Feminine discovery: Excursion: A stroll through the history of the women of Puerto de la Cruz.  Places with perspective. 

Advance registration.  Open to women and men. Places limited.