Barranco del Infierno to Re-open

Last week the Adeje council confirmed that, once negotiations with the Cabildo have been completed, the Barranco del Infierno, the fantastic walk in the borough, will reopen, hopefully before the end of 2013.
The Barranco was the second most visited natural attraction in Tenerife after Mount Teide, but was closed a number of years ago after a walker died following a rock fall. Since then the council have been working hard, in conjunction with the Cabildo and experts to, according to the mayor, “minimise the risks and make sure that any future visitors are informed as those risks”. According to councillor Gonzalo Delgado when the walk reopens anyone wishing to embark on the hike will be informed as to the new set of regulations regarding the walk, there will be a limit of 200 walkers a day, a new control point, guided routes which will reduce the numbers of individual walkers placing themselves in danger, among other new operational norms.
The issue of a fee to do the walk has still to be confirmed, as well as the final decision regarding the management of the walk and the Barranco, which will either be assumed by the council or a private company.

September Courses in Adeje

uni pop2

The Adeje People’s College (Universidad Popular de Adeje) has a full range of courses already planned for September for those interested in further education, which could also be a useful tool for those looking for work after the summer.

Languages: Children’s groups, English and French

Health and exercise: Quiro Massage, lymphatic drainage, gym and stretching, Podol (foot) reflexology. New course, ‘professional massage qualification’.

Advanced Quiro Massage: 260 hours, inc Anatomy, Physiology, Quiro Massage, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Nutrition, Geriatric Massage, Massage during Pregnancy, Massages for Infants.

Complementary Workshops: Hot Stone Treatment, Bamboo Treatment, Facial Massage, Thai Quiro Massage, and more
1º Stage: Nov 2013- June 2014
2º Stage: Nov 2014- June 2015

Art: Painting classes for children and adults, crafts for adults, sewing.

Municipal Folklore School: Children and adult Dance classes

More information available through the borough’s cultural centres regarding Theatre, Photography, Qi Gong-Taichi and Patchwork courses.
Prices, times and location of courses and workshops will be available from September 2nd by phoning 922 756246 or visit the Adeje website, . Registration for courses from September 16th to October 10th. Classes will begin at the start of November and run through until June 2014.


One Briton Injured in Train Crash

The mayor and members of the Compostela council in emergency session this morning

The mayor and members of the Compostela council in emergency session this morning

Speaking about the tragic train accident in Santiago de Compostela last night the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague said, “I was very saddened to hear of the terrible train accident near Santiago de Compostela in Spain last night. My thoughts are with all those affected and their friends and family.
“The British Embassy team in Spain are working closely with the Spanish authorities as they respond to this tragedy.
“We know that one British citizen was injured in this accident and the Embassy has been providing consular support”.
The Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs said that as far as officials were aware no Irish national was on board the train. In a statement Eamon Gilmore said, “My thoughts are with those who have lost family and loved ones in this tragic accident. The Galician region and the city of Santiago is a popular destination for Irish travellers and the Irish Embassy in Madrid has been in contact with the regional authorities since the accident occured.
“While at this stage, there is no indication of any Irish involvement, the situation is still developing and it will be some time before all of those involved have been identified.” If you have concerns that there might have been a member of your family on board the Embassy has said you can contact the Consular Section of the Embassy directly at (0034) 914364099.
Meanwhile the Compostela authorities have cancelled all events scheduled for today which is a local fiesta and nationally all political parties have cancelled events to attend to the tragedy. The Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is at the scene this morning, and messages of condolences have been sent by the King and Prince Felipe as well political authorities from all sectors of the national and local community.



Clean Beach Campaign


El Duque beach

El Duque beach

This weekend the Asociación Paisaje Limpio, or Clean Countryside Association will visit the Fañabe and Duque beaches as part of the ‘Por unas Playas Limpias’ clean beach campaign.
Monitors from the national non-profit making association will visit the two beaches on Saturday July 27th to talk to bathers, ask them about the beaches as well as offering information on how to keep our beaches clean and contamination-free. They will also be handing out prizes and give-aways such as beach balls, fans and beach ashtrays.
Adeje tourism councillor Rafael Dolado García said that to make sure our beaches stayed clean and pollution free it was important that everyone worked together, public and private bodies as well as individual visitors to the beaches. “This is a question of environmental awareness and respect for our coastline as well as the rest of the countryside. When we use the beaches, when we visit the mountains and parks we shouldn’t be leaving anything behind when to show we were there, and that’s how we keep our surroundings clean”:
In Spain and in Tenerife, particular attention is paid to the coastline given the frequent usage, which of course means a higher risk of contamination. That’s why the Clean Countryside Association have an annual campaign that pays specific attention to the beaches. The Adeje council is fully behind the initiative and shares the aims it promotes and has said it would like to see the campaign extended to more beaches in Costa Adeje in the near future.
The Asociación Paisaje Limpio is a non-profit national organisation created to promote awareness and encourage recycling, the reduction of spillages and pollution and encourage public civic activities to deal with local pollution and waste management.





La Caleta Festival Programme

Swim Across La Caleta Bay, August 3

Swim Across La Caleta Bay, August 3

Thursday July 25
Decoration of streets and Fiesta Centre

Friday July 26
9.30pm, Fiesta Centre, Charity Dinner with a night full of surprises and show from GRUPO KIMBARA

Saturday July 27
8pm. Children’s Festival
10pm, Hour of Chance in the Fiesta Centre

Sunday July 28
5pm. Childrens games and bouncy castle in the Fesitval Centre

Monday July 29
6pm. Children’s games in the Festival Centre (organised by Dept of Culture)
9pm. Hour of Chance, Fiesta Centre

Tuesday July 30
6pm. Children’s Fishing Competition, pier
9pm. Hour of Chance, Fiesta Centre

Wednesday July 31
6pm. Table football competition, Bar Tere y Manoli
9pm. Hour of Chance, Fiesta Centre

Thursday August 1
6pm. Domino competition Bar Tere y Manoli
7.30pm. Street spectacular announcing the official start of the fiestas
9pm. Grupo Mesturado, ventroliquist Javier and his dolls, Pepe Benavente

Friday August 2
12 midday. Junior boat competition, pier
6pm. Parchís competition
6.30pm. Envite card competition, Festival Centre
8pm. Dessert competition Festival Centre

Saturday August 3
11am.  Swim across the Bay of La Caleta, (organised by Adeje Sports Department)
12 midday. Traditional games at the pier
6pm. Domina and Parchis finals
9pm. Mass in the small village chapel in honour of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, followed by a procession through the streets accompanied by the Banda del Patronato Musical de la Villa de Adeje. The event ends with a fireworks display created by Hermanos Toste.
11pm.  Street Dance with music from DELICIOSA and MAMBO LATINO

Sunday August 4
12 midday. The statue of the Virgen Nuestra Señora del Carmen is brought to the pier
1pm.  Traditional maritime procesion with the statue brought out to sea and along to El Puertito, La Enramada and La Caleta.

Swim Across La Caleta Bay, August 3

Followed by a huge paella, with music from the Orquesta Santa Úrsula.
8pm. Dance with music from Zona 4, trophy presentatin, and election of next year’s committee.


Entertainment Alive and Kicking

English Time out and about!

English Time out and about!

It’s a delight to be able to report that excellent entertainment is alive and kicking, even if it is a touch Bitter and Twisted, in Las Américas.
Last weekend I went along to the Vivo Decades show in Treasure Island and have to report that it really was a rollercoaster evening of wickedly funny songs and dances and fabulous entertainment.
John Sharples and Barry Pugh, aka Bitter and Twisted, are side-splittingly funny, and the show on Saturday, which is family friendly, also features the very versatile Decades Dancers. Bitter and Twisted have an incredible reservior of songs, costumes and routines, all deliciously choreographed and performed. Risque and raunchy, but pitched for all the family, and the bits the kids don’t get, the adults can happily snigger at.
The evening features a very nice meal, drinks, and the two hour show, which flew by at a breathtaking pace, leaving everyone begging for more.
Shows like these are a healthy contribution to the tourist offer too – and John and Barry and the team are professionals from their toes (and very very high heels) to their fingertips.

Silence for Ángela

moments silence
The classes at the Adeje Summer University came to a halt yesterday at midday as students and teachers joined members of the council and staff in a minute’s silence in memory of Ángela, the latest victim of domestic violence in Spain.
The Gran Canarian woman’s body was discovered in her home two days ago but pólice believe she may have been killed up to two weeks previously.
Ángela was the second Canarian victim of domestic violence in 2013. Also present at the silent tribute was the Director of the Regional Equality Institute Elena Mañez, who said “this kind of violence against women was the most brutal manifestation of inequality that unfortunately still exists in our society.”
She urged all women who were suffering at home to seek help from the authorities. The deputy minister for Public Adminstration Carmen Nieves Rodríguez said the government were “working to erradicate this social scourge that is domestic violence”, adding that one of the most helpful innovations was the use of SMS messages to those women who have been victims to alert them if their former aggressor is in or out of prison, if he has changed his home address or other relevant information.
Adeje Equality councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz reminded those in danger and suffering that the emergency number to call was 016, which could be called free of charge.


Mediterranean Diet Saves Lives


Yesterday Lluis Serra Majem, during his lectura as part of the Adeje Summer University, confirmed what many of us suspected; the Mediterranean diet really is better for you.
Remember the saying, “at the table no-one grows old”, well at least if they stick to a good diet, with olive oil and dried fruits rather than over indulging in carbohydrates they won’t have a heart attack says Serra Majem, who is the director of the department of Preventative Medicine and Public Health in the University of Las Palmas.
His conclusions are based on the recently published results of the Predimed study, a nutritional study that examined the eating habits of 7,500 individuals over three years including a group from the Canarias. The results show clearly that those who use virigin olive oil and dried fruits as a regular part of their diet are reducing their mortality rate by up to 30%. He said that too often people place too much emphasis on fats as the problem in the increase in the levels of obesiety but the real culprits are carbs, particularly sugar. In this way the traditional Mediterranean diet is always a better option, and studies have also indicated that this diet can aid in the prevention and treatment of depression.
Referring back to the growing (excuse the pun) problem of obesiety, particularly among children here in the Canaries, the speaker said that too many people in the Canaries still fail to consider obesity an illness or a problem. He said that for many who lived 50 years ago when the population suffered from nutriticional deficiencies today grandparents and parents are happy to feed their children up, thinking they are building up their defences, but in reality they are creating a whole new spread of health problems.
By sticking to the Mediterranean diet, and that applies here in the Canaries too with regional and cultural additions such as gofio, and what’s to hand such as fish, local wines, etc, the population could be healthier. But the fast-food invasion has taken its toll, food that is prepared and consumed too quickly and “too often spurred on by tourism. Spain is a tourist country, and the arrival of so many tourists in a relatively short space of time has produced a change in our eating habits because we appeared unable to offer traditional dishes to toursts…”
There is, apparently, a proposal to make 2014 International Year of the Mediterranean Diet, aqnd the move already has the backing of the Spanish government, and would see a series of financial incentives offered to promote the Mediterranean Diet. “In times of crisis it is important to back intitiatives that will have an important impact. More than ever people need to be able to use their food budgets in the best possible way”; he said.

Tone App!

Among the many interesting lectures during this week’s Adeje Summer University was that given by physical education experts Patricia Pintor Díaz and Ángeles Judith Hernández Sanchez. The message, your mobile phone can help you get fit!
During the course students were told and shown that technological tools have a place in physical education, and “we cannot leave out the mobile becasue in reality it has become a basic tool, it’s like a book that is permanently open”.
According to the experts technology, used properly has positive effects. Mobiles, tablets, smartphones, laptops, can be used for much more than chat and sending photos, they can also be used to download applications that will help you tone up, get fitter, and even help correct posture.

Armeñime Fiestas 2013

Thurarmeñimesday July 18:

6pm – 8pm.  Children’s games, bouncy castle, face painting
9pm – 1am. Junior Gala

Friday July 19:
12:30pm:Card and domino competitions,
9pm  Adult Queen Gala.
11pm – 4am: Street party and dancing with Isidro y alto-Standing.

Saturday July 20:
11am Music in the plaza with a paella tasting competition
11pm – 6am Street party and dancing with Sensación Gomera and alto -Standing.

Sunday July 21:
7.30pm: Mass and procession through the streets of the town, followed by fireworks and the arrival at the square accompanied by singer Isidro performing un Ave-María.
11pm -4am: Sumer Band Orchestra and Adrián Mora, presentation of trophies and new commission.