Renew Your Passport

Don't wait till you get to the airport to check whether your passport is still in date

Don’t wait till you get to the airport to check whether your passport is still in date

The following  press release was issued recently by the Irish Embassy contained wise advice for all ex-pats who might be thinking of travelling to their home country for Christmas. However some of the specific information in the following release does apply to the Irish Embassy and Irish passport holders only.

Please take a moment to check the expiry date on your passport. You should always apply for your new passport at least three months before your current passport expires. People often realise at the last minute that their passport has expired and at peak periods, such as December or in the lead-up to the summer holidays, it can be very difficult for us to turn the application around in time for you to travel. Passports can take up to 10 weeks to process from the date a correctly completed application form with the required supporting documentation is received here at the Passport Section in the Embassy. This means that if you need a new passport for Christmas travel you should apply without delay.
Don’t forget, should you need to travel while your passport application is being processed, you can still do so if your current passport remains valid. We can return your current passport to you if you provide a prepaid self-addressed envelope, or you can go to your nearest Honorary Consulate or to the Embassy to get a copy stamped instead of sending us the original
Unfortunately, approximately half of all passport applications we receive at the Embassy contain errors, some so fundamental that the applicant has to apply afresh. This can be very frustrating for the applicant and contributes to longer processing times for everyone.
Common mistakes in filling in the form: read this and avoid them!
• Have you included the expiry date of your credit card?
• Has the credit card holder signed?
• Make sure your signature fits inside the box in Section 8!
• Take your time on section 8 and 9: if you make a mistake here, the entire application is void.
• Take care with your photos. Follow carefully the photo guidelines provided with the form. Don’t forget that the witness must write the form number on the back of your photos.
• If your previous passport was lost or stolen, the witness in Section 6 must be the same as in section 9.
• Finally, if you need to contact us, the best way is by email,
The best way to contact the Embassy passport division is via their dedicated passports email address, If you wish to check on the status of your application, please use the online tracking system rather than email them directly, using the 11 digit tracking number that will have been on your application form.
The Embassy passport phone line is open from 09.30 – 13.00hrs, Monday to Friday on 91 436 4093. They have also introduced a handy way to avoid the hassle of a late application with an automatic passport reminder service,
If you need an application form you can collect one at your nearest Honorary Consulate during their morning opening hours (their details are on our website –, or you can send an email to Madrid.passport@dfa.iewith your name, your full postal address and the number of forms you need.


Traditions and Modernity

fiestas patronal

The following is the list of events taking place in Adeje during the 2013 Municipal Festivals

Friday September 27th
7pm IV Adeje Gastronomy Festival, “”
Centre for Development of Tourism Costa Adeje (CDTCA)

Friday October 4th
6pm Mass and presentation of the Restored Painting of the Image of the Rosary
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
8.30pm Concert, Beselch Rodríguez, “Timple Band”
Music with timple
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre €6

Saturday October 5th
6pm Celebration of th e Eucharist and traditional descent of the Virgin de la Encarnación
Followed by the raising of the banner for Mary
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
8.30pm 25 Anniversary of the Adeje Municipal School of Folklore and Group
Exhibition hall, Adeje Cultural Centre
Tuesday October 8th
6pm Solemn Triduum: Eucharist and Offering
The elderly, infirm and health care workers.
Santa Úrsula Parish Church

Wednesday October 9th
6pm Solemn Triduum: Eucharist
Santa Úrsula Parish Church

Thursday October 10th
6pm Solemn Triduum: Eucharist and Offering
Young people, educators, parents and religious teachers.
Santa Úrsula Parish Church

Friday October 11th
9pm Night Clay Pigeon Shooting
Municipal Shooting Stadium, Taucho
10pm, Gala Night, Adeje-80
Plaza de España
Midnight Street Party with music from “La Clase Aparte”
Plaza de España

Saturday October 12th
9am Street Races open to the public
El Galeón
9:30pm Fiesta Weekend Tenerife 2013
Exhibition of Classic Volkswagen Cars
Parking beside Post Office
6.30pm Bands Competition
Plaza de España
8:30pm Traditional Parade with Floats
Calle Grande
11pm Street Party with music by the Orquesta Sensación Gomera
Plaza de España

Sunday October 13th
6pm Civil Procession with the Municipal Banner
From the Town Hall to the Iglesia Matriz
6.30pm: Solemn Eucharist and Offering
From the different parishes
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
Procession of the Blessed Image
Carried by the bearers of the Virgen de la Encarnación and accompanied by religious and civil authorities, members of the Hermandad del Santísimo, the Mujeres Adejeras con la Virgin collective and and the Adeje Municipal Band
10pm Show with Esther Ovejero “Tributo a Chavela Vargas”
Plaza de España
Midnight Street Party with Orquesta Wamampy
Plaza de España

Monday October 14th
11am Children’s Event
Bouncy Castles, shows and workshops,
Plaza de España
6pm: Holy Rosary
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
6.30pm Solemn Eucharist in honour of Santa Úrsula
Sung by the Santa Úrsula Parochial choir
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
Procession of the Blessed Image
Accompanied by the Adeje Municipal Band, the clergy and authorities
10pm Gala night with humour from Eloisa, Yanely and Lili Quintana
(En Clave de Ja)
Plaza de España

Tuesday October 15th
6pm The story of Adeje through the eyes of its women
A visit to the Casco Histórico de Adeje
8pm Inauguration of the Exhibition “Stanislaw Lem y la Ciencia Ficción”
A social-cultural event by the ARKA collective
Adeje Cultural Centre
8pm 42nd Roque del Conde Football Tournament
In Triangular Format, C.D. Águilas, Fañabé C.F. y C.D. Armeñime.
Adeje Municipal Football Ground

Wednesday October 16th
8pm Senior Citizens Festival
Adeje Centro Cultural Theatre
9pm 42nd Roque del Conde Football Tournament Final
Adeje Municipal Football Ground
Thursday October 17th
6.30pm Children’s Festival l
Plaza de España
10pm Art Factory
Plaza de España

Friday October 18th
6pm Meeting with Riveira
Roundabout Calle Palo Mayor
9pm Miss Sur Competition
Plaza de España
11pm Street Party with Alto Standing
Plaza de España

Saturday October 19th
10am – 4pm Sport on the street
Plaza de España
3pm Rally Slot Villa de Adeje
Adeje Youth Centre
6pm Mass and union with La Gomera
Homage to the Virgen de Guadalupe
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
7.30pm I Villa de Adeje Wrestling Match
Plaza de España
9.30pm XXIX Villa de Adeje Folklore Festival
25th Anniversary of the Adeje Municipal School of Folklore and Group
Plaza de España

10:00 – midday Livestock Fair
El Cerco
11am Pilgrim Mass
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
1pm Romería y Offerings to the Municipal Patrons
Calle Grande
Followed by
Big Street Party with Kimbara and the Orquesta Korinto Band
Plaza de España


Adeje is Financially Stable

Adeje's Mayor, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and the Finance Councillor, Epifanio Díaz Hernández

Adeje’s Mayor, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and the Finance Councillor, Epifanio Díaz Hernández

The Adeje council have just announced that the borough has officially entered a period of financial stability, and tomorrow will vote to repay almost half of a credit loan. The council will pay back €3 million of a €6 million loan, cancelling out a large part of the borough’s debt.
According to the mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga the cutbacks made throughout all the departments have seen the council bring the borough back to stability a year ahead of plan, and he says that they can now start to look at improving a number of local services. “Measures taken were effective, from better control of spending in all areas, the suspension, for instance, of Sunday rubbish collection, use of more efficient energy methods, reducing in leasing arrangements, the elimination of health insurance for administrative workers etc. The cuts were worth the effort and have allowed us achieve our economic objectives and guarantee fundamental services as well as now improving others.  These might not fall into the category of ‘essential’ but  we see them as very important because they are the backbone of our co-existence within the borough, services related to sport, culture or training” the mayor commented.
While the mayor mentioned his satisfaction at the good economic showing of all the council’s departments he said he was particularly pleased with the behaviour of Adeje’s residents, with a very high local tax payment rate.
According to the borough’s finance councillor, Epifanio Díaz Hernández, the early payment of half of the loan will save the council over €807,000 in interest payments.


School Transport Aid

You have until October 25th if you are applying for financial assistance to use school transport during the 2013 -2014 term.
The Adeje education councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos says the concessions available are to ensure that everyone in the borough has equal access to education.
To apply for the bus passes you must meet certain requirements: you must be registered on the borough’s ‘padron’ (resident’s register) and have been resident here for at least 6 months, the student(s) must be in 3rd of 4th year in secondary school, or in their Bachillerato (final exam) year or taking a recognised second level vocational course in a public education centre in Adeje. The transport is available to bring students to and from their home to their education centre.
If the number of applications exceeds the numbers of concession passes available, a priority listing will be introduced with the date of presentation of the application taken into account. More information and application forms can be downloaded from the council’s webpage, and handed in to the department of Education, on the basement floor of the Adeje Cultural Centre. Applicants will also need to bring their DNI (or relevant documentation) of the student, that of one of their teachers/tutors and the matriculation document for this year’s studies.

New easyJet Flight to Tenerife announced

EasyJet to fly to Tenerife from December

EasyJet to fly to Tenerife from December

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline has announced that flights from London Southend Airport to the popular island of Tenerife, are now on sale. And according to the airline’s website tickets are on sale from as little as £33.49 one way including taxes.
The inaugural flight takes off on 13 December and over 11,000 passengers per year are expected to take advantage of the new twice weekly services each Tuesday and Friday between the South East’s newest airport and Tenerife.
Hugh Aitken, easyJet’s UK Commercial Manager said “We’re absolutely delighted to be launching our 16th destination from London Southend to Tenerife. It’s perfect for winter sun and we’re sure it will be a big hit with our customers from Southend and the wider region. We have doubled the number of easy and affordable destinations available from London Southend since we launched at the airport in April 2012 to ensure that there really is an ideal destination for everyone whether travelling on business or for leisure, all year round.”
David Lister, Operations Director added, “We are really pleased that Tenerife is being added to the easyJet destinations offered here at London Southend Airport…we are convinced it is going to prove hugely popular as it is without doubt the one our customers have been asking us for the most.
“Having just experienced our busiest ever summer with more than 230,000 people travelling through the airport, it is fantastic that this much-loved winter sun island is being made accessible from London Southend and enabling our customers to top up their tans through the colder months.”
The announcement comes just three months after easyJet announced its expansion at London Southend Airport by adding a fourth aircraft to the base and three new routes to Newquay, Berlin and Krakow.


Adeje Update

Photo credit: Foto Gratis

Photo credit: Foto Gratis

The Adeje Update project is a further confirmation of the Adeje council’s commitment to offering training on the newest technologies and innovations needed to get ahead in today’s IT market place.
Under the guidance of councillor Ermita Moreira García, the department of economic development and employment policies have designed the Adeje Update programme to meet the needs of those looking to enter the professional information technology world. According to Ermita, “we need to be competitive and use technology tools and to achieve that it is essential that people are fully prepared to meet all possible offers out there”. Adeje Update takes into account today’s technologies, the use of social networks, etc and is developed to offer people training to improve their level of competitively, efficiency and employment potential.
Courses and workshops are held in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) under the direction of E-Communicae, certified by Bircham International University (BIU), a private and independent provider of adult degree programmes leading to distance education university degrees at professional, undergraduate and graduate levels.
To obtain a certificate you must complete 60 hours of instruction divided between workshops and courses, adapted to suit the needs of each student. Use of facebook, Twitter, Yo Digital, HootSuite, SocialBro, Pinterest, Youtube and Google Plus and other internet and networking tools are examined as part of Adeje Update.
For more information go to the webpage, or call into the CDTCA.


Helping Hands

adeje helping hands
Oasis restaurant, Hauche cafeteria and Optica Downes are three local Adeje companies who have actively worked with Social Services to help families in need in the borough.
The mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the councillor for welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, recently met with representatives from the three businesses in the council offices.
Optica Downes have been ready and willing to help people with discounts for those who need glasses but maybe cannot afford full price. Another plus here is that the optician speaks fluent English, so no need to worry about having to do an eye test in Spanish, or explain your particular problem.
Both the Hauche cafeteria and the Oasis Restaurant have been busy donating meals to families in need once a week.
According to councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, these companies are actively helping to improve our society and work for a common good, helping those close at hand as well as institutions and organisations in the borough. This is one way of getting help directly to those who need it most.
For the mayor, this level of local assistance, “by which local businessmen and women in Adeje are working to help families most in need enriches our society; people helping people. Gestures of these kind make Adeje great”, he said, with people understanding the difficult times in which we live and the need for help at local level.
“I offer my sincere gratitude for this help and invite other companies to participate in this project, because helping others has its own rewards”, the mayor added.
Representatives of the three companies in question were unanimous in stating that they were delight to help, and to work towards a better society for all.


Terrific Tasting

show cooking
The Farmer’s Market in Adeje hosted a terrific tasting and show cooking display this morning (Sunday), as part of the DeguastaMe (Taste Me) gastronomy month.
Chef Domingo Martín was in charge of a team preparing tasty titbits using local produce, and showing everyone how versatile and delicious gofio is. There was also a honey display section celebrating many different kinds of honey and the local black bees were in attendance too.
Esther Rivero Vargas, the councillor with repsonsibility for the Farmers’ Market, said it was a great event. “The Farmers’ Market has again opened its doors to DegustaMe with this wonderful show cooking event and a honey tasting, a product that can also be found on sale here in the market every weekend. Yet again we are working to strengthen the offer of local producers and we extend the invitation to everyone to come along and enjoy the produce on offer.” She added a special note of thanks to the Crianza association for organising the honey tasting and giving the public a chance to see a video explaining the honey production process and information on the Canarian black bee.
What was also welcome was to overhear many local ex-pat residents enthusiastically explaining, in English and French and German to their guests and vistiors what the event was all about (gofio for intance, which is so typical of here) and introducing them to local produce.

What’s on in Adeje this Weekend?


There’s a busy weekend ahead in Adeje, so even if the sun don’t shine, there’s no need to be in the slightest bit bored!

Tonight you can watch a top-notch basketball game between the Fraport Skyliners Frankfort, who play in the German Bundesliga, and CB Canarias, the regional side currently playing in the Spanish ACB league. Match time is 8.30pm, tickets just €3.
If basketball isn’t your cup of tea, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra are playing a free concert at 8pm in the Convento de San Francisco, sponsored by the Adeje Council and the Cabildo. The orchestra will play pieces by British composers William Boyce and John Ireland and Germany’s Georg Philip Telemann. Places are limited so arrive early if possible. The convent building is just beside the town hall.
Feeling peckish? The Adeje DegustaMe, or TasteMe series of gastronomic events continues this weekend, and if you fancy a bit of show cooking head down to the municipal Farmer’s Market (up the street opposite Makro) on Sunday at 11am.

Adeje Hotels – World Class

costa adeje

Three hotels in Costa Adeje have been included in the TUI world travel operator’s top 100 best hotels world-wide.
The Hotel Jardines de Nivaria, Hotel Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur and the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel were chosen by clients as among the best in the world. Adeje’s mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said he was very proud of the hotels and their deserved inclusion, and said it reflected the overall approach taken by Costa Adeje to promote integrated quality tourism, which included hotels, footpaths, communal zones, beaches and roads, all designed to make the visitor’s stay a memorable and quality one. He added that this successful approach was helping Adeje work through the current economic crisis.
Hotel Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur
Located just 500 metres from the Playa del Duque, close to an excellent golf course, this hotel offers clients a Canarian colonial style in a luxurious setting, tropical gardens and elegance throughout.

Roca Nivaria
In the delightful Playa Paraíso this is a front-line hotel designed to make visitors feel they are almost at sea, with incredible ocean views. The hotel has excellent sporting, health and beauty facilities and is a perfect choice for a family vacation.

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria
This five star hotel is located just by the Fañabe beach. Distinguished by its architecture, service and personal attention it offers unforgettable holidays as well as catering for events such as weddings and conferences.