Adeje’s High Flyers

(l-r) Mika Díaz, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, Guillermo de Armas Estévez

(l-r) Mika Díaz, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, Guillermo de Armas Estévez

Between December 5th and 8th Adeje hosts the la 201 Spanish League/Adeje Paragliding Park FAI Open in Taucho.
The organisers are expecting more than 100 flyers, national and international. to take part, and at a press conference to launch the event the top Canarian glider, and Adeje resident Mika Díaz, said, “Adeje is one of the best places in the world to fly in winter. When you can’t fly anywhere else in the world, you can almost guarantee that in Adeje you can.” He invited everyone to come to Adeje on the days in question to enjoy some spectacular sights, with the sky full of gliders.
Guillermo de Armas Estévez from the Tenerife Federation of Paragliders explained that this competition would be the last opportunity this year for many competitors to improve their international ranking, one of the reasons many of the world’s top flyers would be here. He also explained that Adeje’s geographical make-up and characteristics mean that there are constant thermals that make it an ideal flying and training zone 365 days of the year.
Both men sought to reassure, particularly in the light of recent incidents, that this is a safe sports. “There are accidents as there are in any sporting discipline, but in many cases these happen as a result of people failing to properly inform themselves as to the particulars of the location before they fly. With that in mind we would also ask that anyone, tourist or residents, who wants to fly in Tenerife to get in contact with the federation or with one of the many paragliding clubs in the zone who will give them all the information they need before they fly”.
Adeje sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera was also present at the conference, and welcomed the continued recognition of Adeje as a top sports tourism zone.
The federation suggest that one of the best places to view the event and competition will be the La Enramada beach where the flyers will be landing on the afternoons in question having completed their flights. And with one hundred pilots taking part, it will indeed by visually spectacular.


Say Cheese

Photo: Island Connections

Photo: Island Connections


Adeje cheesemakers Montesdeoca have won gold for their semi-cured with gofio at the World Cheese Awards this week in Birmingham.
Thanks to Island Connections newspaper for the photo, showing Alberto y Dani Montesdeoca y Manuel Rivero

Christmas Schedule of Events in Adeje 2013

adeje christmas calendar
Friday 29th of November
6pm. BLESSING OF THE NATIVITY SCENE, El Galeón Residents Association
Adeje Municipal School of Music

29th, 30th of November and 1st of December
5pm -10pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET in Las Torres, Christmas products, food, workshops, musical performances, donation of non-perishable goods, and posting of children’s Christmas letters.
6pm. Celebration of the FIESTA OF SAN ANDRÉS with street activities. Avenida Ayya (Las Torres).

Saturday 30th of November
Celebration of the FIESTA OF SAN ANDRÉS with different activities in Armeñime, La Hoya and Fañabé. Organised by the Comisones de Fiestas.

1st and 15th of December
El Mirador Commercial Centre

Tuesday 3rd of December
4.30pm. Blessing of the Senior Citizens Nativity in the Senior Citizens Centre, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Thursday 5th of December
En la Calle Grande
5pm – 12 midnight, CULTURAL ACTIVITIES, theatre, music, sports, donation of non-perishable goods and posting of children’s Christmas letters, “Adeje vive la Navidad” (Adeje celebrating Christmas).
5pm – 12 midnight. CHRISTMAS MARKET.
5.30pm Workshops, balloon modelling, bouncy castles, face painting…
7.30pm. CHILDREN’S SHOW, Christmas musical event with Komba Producciones.

Friday 6th of December
10.30am – 7.30pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET, Asociacion de San Juan, in the Asociacion de San Juan centre.

Saturday 7th of December
7.30pm. CONCERT with the Adeje Municipal Band, ‘Celebration of Saint Cecilia’. Free entry. In the Convent San Francisco.

Friday 13th of December
5pm – 10pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET, Plaza Cesar Manrique.
5.30pm. Workshops, balloon modelling, face painting and bouncy castles, donation of non-perishable goods and posting of children’s Christmas letters.
5pm – 12 midnight. II Donation of food and toys, La Caleta Residents Association, La Caleta Sports Complex
7pm. Blessing of the Nativity Scene of the Parish of San José, Parish of San José (Los Olivos).
7.30pm. THEATRE, with the Clownbaret Co. with the show, BLANCO SARTÉN.

Saturday 14th of December
5.30pm. The Aftersun group stage their work, TEATRO INFANTIL (CHILDREN’S THEATRE) ‘El traje nuevo del Emperador’ (The Emperor’s new clothes). Entry €5 adults, €3 under 12s. Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre.

Sunday 15th of December
11am. Walk for Life in collaboration with the Spanish Cancer Association and Women with Breast Cancer Association.
Departs: Magma Arte & Congresos

Monday 16th of December
9pm: CAROL SINGING with the Boleros de Armeñime, Armeñime.

Tuesday 17th of December
9pm. Celebration of the DAY OF HOPE and the blessing of the Nativity Scene at the La Viña hermitage (congregation of the Sisters of Martha and Mary).
10pm. CAROL SINGING with the Adeje School of Music Folklore Group. Calle Grande.

Wednesday 18th of December
6pm. CHRISTMAS PLAY by the children’s catechism group.
7pm. Mass honouring the 25th anniversary of the Parish of the Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime).

Thursday 19th of December
Participants: Adeje Municipal School of Music, Borough Folk Groups, Adeje Municipal Band, and Ballet Beanky. Plaza de España.

Friday 20th of December
5pm – 10pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET Costa Adeje
In the Salytien Plaza.
7.30pm. THEATRE ‘Luces y Sombras de la Navidad (Christmas Lights and Shadows), Asociación San Juan.
Youth Centre

Saturday 21st of December
Nexsport Club, El Galeón.
8.30pm. Living Nativity Scene, Tijoya Residents Association. Plaza del La Hoya.
9pm. The Aftersun group present CABARET SHOW ‘EL VARIEDADES 2’ (VARIETY SHOW 2).
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre
Entry €8, youth and senior citizen card holders, €5.

Monday 23rd of December
Callao Salvaje

Friday 27th of December
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre
Entry, a toy or €5

Saturday 28TH of December
8.30PM. GOSPEL CONCERT in the Convent of San Francisco. Entry free

Wednesday 31st of December
11pm. NEW YEAR’S EVE with the Wamampy Orchestra and the Hermanos Chavéz group. San Sebastián, La Caleta.

Friday 3rd of January
8.30pm. BURKA THEATRE CO. stage the work BOCACHO DE RISA
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre.
Entry free.

Saturday 4th of January
8pm. II Christmas Adeje Veterans Football Tournament
Municipal Football Stadium.

Sunday 5th January
Municipal Football Stadium (El Galeón).
7.30pm. PARADE WITH THE THREE KINGS, with lots of special guests from the world of children’s cinema and television. Calle Grande (Adeje).

Mass times over Christmas/New Year
Tuesday, 24th December
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
7pm. Parish of San José (Los Olivos)
11pm. Callao Salvaje Church
11.30pm. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)

Wednesday, 25th December
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)

Saturday, 28th December
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
6pm. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
7pm. Parish of San José (Los Olivos)

Sunday, 29th December
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)

Tuesday, 31st December
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
6pm. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
7pm. Parish of San José (Los Olivos)

Wednesday, 1st January
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)
Sunday, 5th January
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)

Monday, 6th January
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)


Adeje Says No To Domestic Violence

Up to 200 people joined together at midday today, November 25th, for a minutes silence at the doors of Adeje Town Hall to show their total rejection of all forms of domestic violence which has taken the lives of 45 women in Spain this year.
The public display was led by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, with members of the council, students from the Los Olivos secondary school and Adeje council staff. The ceremony was part of a series of activities put in place by Adeje’s equality councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, to mark the International Day against Domestic Violence against Women.
José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga read an institutional manifesto from all the Tenerife southern boroughs and towns, and said “yet again this year we are saying it loudly and strongly, because South Tenerife reunites to show, via the network of Tenerife South Towns and the departments of Equality, our utter rejection of any form of violence against women. Despite of the laws passed and the resources that exist to attend to victims of domestic violence every year there is a bone-chilling number of women being murdered. This year so far 45 women have died and thousands more live day to day with violence and suffer psychologically and physically because of that threat, and of course we must not forget the children, who are the invisible victims as a direct result of this violence.”

The mayor also said “reality requires us to look to our young people. This is fundamental for three reasons. Firstly we are concerned at the rise in the number of sexist crimes by adolescents with the increase in victims this year the worst in 30 years. Secondly because it is never to soon to discuss and make people aware of domestic violence, and finally, the age at which young people enter into relationships is dropping every year, and were are concerned that, despite our best efforts to date, a section of our young people are continuing to display the kind of macho behaviour which promotes and encouraged inequality.
“Because we want a soceity that is more just and more equal, and an Adeje that is inclusive, we state in no uncertain terms our total and absolute rejection of this social blight, and we reiterate our committment and responsiblity as an administration to further promoting all the means necessary and at our disposal to prevent, protect and report abuse where necessary”, promised the mayor.
The Manifesto also took on board the committment by relevant bodies to continue working in schools and secondary institutions in promoting values of equality and models of non-violent behaviour, a task that is not confined to the classroom but must continue in the playground and the home and wider community. With this Manifesto the Adeje council has renewed its promose to defend the inalienable universal rights of women

The act ended with a mintues silence as a signal of respect for those who have died and in recognition of the women who have taken the brave decision not to continue to suffer in silence and have reported their abuser, and for all those who work in the field of the promotion of equal rights.

The council have also urged those women who continue to suffer in domestic violent situations to come forward and use the resources the council is offering them and beyond, reminding them that all it takes is a call to 112 and the help will be forthcoming.
Young people committing to equality
The students present at the act also shared their thoughts on macho violence. They have been working throughout the term on a Equality Project with specialised training to help them. The student body prepared a reading for the event and a manifesto of their own committing to equality and rejecting all forms of sexist behavior, including jokes and comments which trivialises equality and reinforces existing levels of discrimination. They also promised to work to resolve all problems and conflicts in a non-violent manner and help women who are victims of domestic violence and report cases that they are witness to.


Hotel Recycling Rubbish Service Improved

ascan pix1

Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, along with the head of services for Ascan Torrabonaf, Francisco Valiño, held a meeting on Wednesday with hotels from the borough to establish a new series of strategies and synergies which will improve the system of recycling in tourist establishments.
The meeting was held in the offices of Ascan Torrabonaf, the company licensed to carry out cleaning services in Adeje. Twenty hotel representatives were present as well as the councillors for services and for tourism Gonzalo Delgado Díaz and Rafael Dolado García, respectively, and council expert, Román García Higuera.
As the mayor explained, the aim for the council and Ascan is to offer a door-to-door service for recyclable refuse, collecting glass, paper and carton and plastic from the hotels who, up until now, have had to dispose of the rubbish on an individual basis. In this way the company and council hope to increase levels of recycling in Adeje and improve the overall cleanliness of the borough.
Rodríguez Fraga noted that this initiative was part of the council-wide plan, ‘Adeje, clean and healthy’, which has, as one of its objectives, an increase in the level of recycling in the borough, “something we can only achieve with your help. It is important to take into account that just one hotel produces more rubbish that an entire neighbourhood. If we are serious about care for the environment we have to seek practical measures, and in this way we can make rubbish collection easier and increase the amount of recycled items collected. The other part of the picture is that we want to contribute to the overall image of Adeje as a tourist town which takes environmental care seriously and is actively involved in it.
As the meeting was taking place in the Ascan Torrabonaf installation the mayor said he was grateful at the level of interest shown by the hotels, adding that it was “very important that you find time to call to this facility, to see the installation and the quality of the work that goes into making sure that the system works”.
The proposal
The proposal from the council and Ascan Torrabonaf is that the hotels in the borough will avail of the new door-to-door service collecting glass and plastic bottles, cans and tetra cartons as well as continuing to collect paper and cardboard, as has been the case for a number of years.
The cleaning company, in conjunction with experts from the council, have designed an implementation plan for phase one, which would involve the hotels nominating a person who would be the point of contact for Ascan Torrabonaf. Once in place, the experts will study each case individually and, together with the person representing the hotel, determine what kind of containers to be used and where they will be placed
The frequency of collection of separated refuse from the hotels will be once a week, between the hours of 2pm and 8pm for glass and plastics. Collection of paper and cardboard will continue to be at night time for now although the company is open to reconsider the time of this collection. “We will begin with one weekly collection and ask for the cooperation of the hotels and the representative from each hotel to advise us when the container is 75% full so we can call the following day for collection”, explained Francisco Valiño. He added that they were making decisions based on estimates for now, but that could change once the service gets under way, depending on necessity. In this regard too Valiño appealed for common sense in storing rubbish and that boxes and plastic bottles should be flattened, a practise which triples the capacity of the containers thus obviously reducing the number of times a lorry and personnel need to make a collection run. “In the case of certain hotels that may fill a plastic bottle container daily, we are studying the possibility of placing a number of containers there so that a collection can take rubbish from three or four days in one trip.
Francisco Valiño confirmed that the collection of organic waste would continue at night time. “Its a question of organisation of all the different rubbish collection services all over the island, and we are also dependent on the hours of operation of the residue plants that are determined by the Tenerife Cabildo.”
To separate glass waste, Valiño is offering hoteliers a series of containers that have a hydraulic system which is relatively simple to use and allows easy and quick emptying of a smaller bin. “With this system we save you the time needed to place bottle after bottle into the green containers. It just needs a zone in the open air or inside in an area of no less that 7 metres high for the operation of a small crane.
In exceptional circumstances Valiño says that Ascan Torrabonaf could place, in up to 10% of hotels, a series of constrution-style trays, of 6 m3, for glass deposits, which could be placed on a ramp in a small basement or internal zone, but it depended on each individual case.
Hotels that were unable to attend the meeting can make contact directly with Ascan Torrabonaf to take advantage of this new service by emailing or calling 922 71 19 89.


No to Domestic Violence

Desiderio Afonso Ruiz and Amada Trujillo Bencomo

Desiderio Afonso Ruiz and Amada Trujillo Bencomo

Adeje council has designed a programme of activities that says NO to domestic violence
As part of this programme Adeje will host activities on the 25th of November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
To mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25th, Adeje council has put in place a programme of events which will continue to the end of the month aimed at spelling out a positive message of help and support for women who are find themselves at risk, as well as distributing information at a general level to people outlining the actions they too should take if they are aware of an existing or potential domestic violence situation.
The Adeje councillor with responsibility for equality, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, has said that “with this programme we hope that society can being to better understand that domestic violence is a contemptible act that must be totally eradicated from our society. To make that possible it is essential that women understand that YES there is help and they are not alone”. The programme has the support of Amada Trujillo Bencomo, Adeje councillor for social welfare, with both departments working side by side to rid society of this form of violence.
“This is a problem within our society which affects many women, who need to report this kind of suffering because you cannot compromise within a domestic violent situation. Society too needs to learn not to ignore the reality; our mission needs to be the protection of victims of domestic violence so that they can move away from the risk situation they are in, and the programme we have designed this year sees the increased implication of social agencies simply because we cannot leave any women at the mercy of this scourge”.
On November 21st there will be a talk on domestic violence (in Spanish) in the Adeje Cultural Centre, entry is free. Following this, at 9pm, there will be a theatre performance by Clichéteatro, entry is €5.
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
The programme of events on November 25t begins at 10am, with an informal information session and the handing out of ribbons by the Asociación Mujeres de Blanco por la Igualdad (Association of Women in White for Equality) and the Asociación de Mujeres Tara Condesa (an Adeje based group that works for equality). At midday there will be a public minute of silence on the steps of the town hall to remember all the victims of domestic violence and a reading of the council’s manifesto. All are welcome to join in.
From 7pm there will be a ceremony handing out the prizes in the III Short Stories about Domestic Violence competition, and this year’s winner is Aída Méndez García from IES Adeje II with her entry, “Mi decisión” with second prize going to María Lucía Sepe, Colegio Costa Adeje with “Recordar el dolor”, and third prize to Sara Lorenzo Díaz, Colegio Costa Adeje, “Todo por un despiste”. Following the prize-giving an exhibition of art against domestic violence by secondary school students will take place.
Running throughout the month, until December 5th, the project “Living Equally” is taking place, which works to improve living together through a series of activities taking place in schools in the borough teaching about non-violence and equality on a day to day basis. This programme has been designed by the University of La Laguna and is directed in the schools by trained social workers.


Tackling Truancy

empty desks
Adeje will be the headquarters for the “I Forum To Improve Coexistence and Prevention of Truancy” organised by the Tenerife Cabildo, the University of La Laguna and the eight South Tenerife councils.
The forum will work to unite different initiatives within the education community to offer a specialised service to benefit students in each zone. The campaign will also call upon support from the regional department of education and FECAM, the Canarian Towns Federation.
There will be two classroom sessions each of five hours duration and another online session of 25 hours. The classroom sessions will take place in the Adeje cultural centre on November 28th 2013 and January 22nd 2014 from 12 midday to 2pm, and among those in attendance will be those involved in truancy, education, coexistence, youth and citizen participation programmes. The participation of members of the public and teachers from the primary and secondary cycles as well as heads of schools. Those involved in working with families and young people are also invited to take part.
Adeje education councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos remarked that “in Adeje we are constantly looking for solutions that won’t just benefit our own borough, but society as a whole. The creation of this forum will allow us improve the extent of attention we are paying to students and, importantly, will help us create a network with those working directly within the field of promoting coexistence.
Pérez Ramos added that it was important to work together in this regard, establishing joint criteria so that needs could be better met. He also said that it wasn’t the first time that councils from South Tenerife were working together for a common educative aim. “This is something we do frequently as we all understand that our mission is to find workable viable solutions to the different problems that arise when tackling school truancy and promoting harmonious coexistence in our schools and centres”.
To take part in these training days (which will be held in Spanish) you must register via email, You can also call 922.317.947 for more information, from 9am to midday, and registration is free.


Dzogchen Global Gar in Playa Paraíso

gar inauguration3

The master of Dzogchen teachings, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and the mayor Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, officially presented what will be the international Dzamling Gar, Global Centre of the Dzogchen International Community, to the public on Friday November 15th. Also attending the inaugural ceremony were Francisco Diez de Velasco, professor at the Universidad de la Laguna, Joelle Schneider, a representative of Karma Ling (France), Benedetta Tagliabue, the architect and president of the Enric Miralles Foundation and Giovanni Boni, engineer with Meriling SL, as well as many local representatives and over a hundred followers of these teachings.
This new international centre, located in Playa Paraíso will host representatives of the Gars, or centres of teaching and practise of the principles of the association which are located throughout the world. The development of this centre will see the realisation of the dream of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche to have a Global Gar, a place where the entire Dzogchen community can met and work together in harmony. This Gobal Gar will be a centre of study and practise for the world-wide Dzogchen community as well as a centre for the promotion of the mission of ASIA-Onlus, a non-governmental organisation, and the Shang Shung Institute which works to preserve the Tibetan culture for future generations.
This new teaching centre bring us practises from Tibet along with other philosphical and religious idealogies already existing in the borough which, according to the mayor, “are helping us to become the epicentre of a society in which peaceful and equitable co-existence is both the backbone and the springboard for a positive future.
Dzogchen master, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, told the guests that “I came to this island for the first time two years ago and discovered a most agreeable place with open-minded and peaceful people, and the localisation of our centre here will allow our global community come together to work for the wellbeing of humanity and all the individuals that are part of it.”
Subsequently he added, “in general the Dzogchen community is like a large family and my mission isn’t to teach a religion or philosophical doctrine but instead to show the way of evolution which each person must follow, and that the coordination among all is the key to success and improvement. “
Rodríguez Fraga expressed his gratitude to the Master and the community for choosing this borough for the new centre. “The council is always supportive of any activity which premits and works for the expansion of our plural, multicultural and peaceful society. In Adeje we have a huge number of different cultures who have lived side by side for years and together we have overcome any difficulties and have made the differences into something that enriches us as a community; all cultures that have, as their base, mutual respect, tolerance and peace, and seek to preserve human values are to be respected.

He continued, “we are a top class tourist borough, and the level of welcome we offer is terrific, because we have great people in our borough. The people of Adeje are wonderful and people who wish to work together with us can depend upon us and the interntional nature of this project will be of huge beneift to many people here in our island and in the rest of the world.
Today the Dzogchen teachings have 10 Gars or centres for the teaching of Dzogchen principles all over the world, in countries such as Italy, the United States of America, Russia, Mexico, Russia, the Ukraine, Romania, Argentina, Venezuela and Australia. Here the plan is to build a meeting place for people who are part of these centres and other smaller hubs called Lings, as well as being a centre for the preservation and dissemination of Tibetan culture.

The land where the new centre is being built was purchased by the Dzogchen community in December 2012.
Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche felt that this would be the perfect place for the transmission and practise of Dzogchen teaching throughout the world. The plot of land is 30,000 m2 and was previously being developed as a Talasotherapy Centre but construction was never completed. The land, when purchased, had a number of unfinished buidlings in place, and each one will be completed and become a home for each Gar, and there will be a dedicated part given to the Internacional Shang Shung Institute of Tibentan Studies, and the NGO ASIA-Onlus, all working to preserve the ancient Tibetan culture. There will also be a centre for the practise of Yantra Yoga, Danza Vajra and other related activities. Currently there is a large marquee in place to allow some activities take place until buildings are completed.

As part of the building project, different construction techniques and garding methods will be used and taught, and there will be ongoing workshops where people can learn new pactises. Students can learn first-hand how to construct typical Tibetan buildings, premaculture,and sustainable architecture, all of which will integrate perfectly into Playa Paraíso.
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
Born and raised in Tibet, for over 50 years Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has taught how it is possible to live in a relaxed,harmonious and peaceful way in the midst of chaotic, modern daily life. Rinpoche is one of the most prominent teachers in the world of the ancient Dzogchen Teachings, as well as being the inspiration behind the International Dzogchen Community. Nowadays, the Master travels and teaches tirelessly, continuing his activity of giving these precious Dzogchen teachings and the message of peaceful
cooperation and evolution.
Rinpoche also founded Shang Shung International Institute for Tibetan Studies, and the non profit NGO, ASIA-Onlus, which develops projects benefiting the Tibetan population

Dzogchen means ‘Total Perfection’. It refers to the true inherent nature of all beings, their primordial state, which is free from all limitations and conditioning. The Master’s transmission of this state of knowledge lies at the very heart of the Dzogchen teachings. Due to its direct and uncomplicated approach, the Dzogchen teachings transcend cultural boundaries making it accessible to all cultures regardless of their spiritual background.

gar inauguration2 gar inauguration4 gar inauguration1

Red Cross Kits Distribution

entrega de kits crus roja (1)

The Spanish Red Cross and Adeje Council have handed out personal hygiene kits to 70 local families

Seventy Adeje families benefited from signing up for the Spanish Red Cross assistance programme in conjunction with Adeje council. In this particular case the families received personal hygiene kits. These kits were given to people in economic difficulties and contained products for families with babies, women, men, as well as household cleaning products.

Overseeing the donations, which were handed over to receipients in the Aula Magna in the Adeje Cultural Centre, was councillor for social welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, as well as volunteers from the Red Cross.

The councillor thanked the Red Cross, a non-governmental organisation, for their social assistance programmes in Adeje which, in this specific case, was helping individuals and families most in need.

Amada Trujillo Bencomo said “these kits are very helpful for those who are receiving them and I would like to state that the Adeje council will contiue to work in tandem with the Red Cross as these kinds of assistance programmes are of great benefit to the most vulnerable sections of society.”

Glasgow Bhoys Are Victorious


Soccer Experience Tenerife
The 8th Annual Masters Soccer Experience Football Tournament was held in the Las Torres Sports complex on November 9th and 10th, with many ex-professionals from the English and Scottish premier leagues as well as local over-35 teams who play every week here in South Tenerife taking part.
Many of the invited players come from all over the world to take part in this annual event, to combine a weekend in Tenerife with some fun football, though on the second day, when the titles are at stake, the competitive edge is obvious.
During the second day of competition local cheerleading troupe the Tenerife Tigers also entertained the local crowd.
As in previous years, the local teams are well prepared for the visiting sides, but this year it was two teams of ex-professionals who won both trophies. The Nottingham Forest Mobsters won the Plate and the overall champions were the Glasgow Bhoys. Adeje Sport Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera presented them with the cup on Sunday evening at the end of two days of sport and entertainment.
Tournament organiser Martin Tierney said he was delighted with the success of the tournament and thanked Adeje council for their ongoing support.

(Photos: Gerard Zenou)