New cultural centre for La Caleta

obras la caleta

The council is working to empower urban zones and create communal spaces

Residents and visitors to La Caleta in Adeje will be able to visit the new La Caleta Cultural Centre from the beginning of next year.

Work has already started on the new installation and should be completed, according to the councillor for works and services Gonzalo Delgado Diaz, by February 2015.

The project has been requested by the local population of this coastal village and fits into the council’s borough-wide plan to empower urban zones and create communal spaces where people can meet and develop social connections and activities throughout the year.

obras la caleta (1)

“For us this is a priority and will enhance our network of cultural centres designed to improve public infrastructures throughout the borough and give people living in all corners of Adeje a local meeting and activity zone” the councillor said.

The new centre is just beside the international diving centre, a part of the area already used as a local focal point for activities and fiestas. “This is why we waited until the end of the local fiestas this year, so they wouldn’t be affected by building work and now of course the work will be completed before next year’s events”, Delgado Diaz commented.

The new centre will be 120 m2 with a central salon, changing rooms and toilets, fully accessible to all, and with an office and storage zones.

obras la caleta (3) obras la caleta (2)

New classrooms for IES Los Olivos

Adeje obras ies los olivos


“We want to be able to guarantee that we have in place adequate infrastructures to meet the educational demand”

Building is underway on three new classrooms in the Los Olivos IES (secondary school) in Adeje.

According to the Adeje councillor for education, Andrés Pérez Ramos, who met with the director of the school Luisa González Expósito to see the work in progress, the new classrooms are part of ongoing work in the borough to improve the public educational centres in Adeje. He explained that these work, part of the RAM (Reform, Amplification< and Improvement) project, are carried out via the regional department of education and are designed to ensure that students at each stage of their education have access to proper educational infrastructures and equipment.

Luisa González Expósito explained that “these classrooms are not designed for any particular subject, but for the student population in general, and the overall aim is to improve the school given the number of students attending”. She added that work to keep the school in condition is ongoing throughout the year, and hopefully students would be able to use these new classrooms by December of this year.

Adeje obras ies los olivos (2) Adeje obras ies los olivos (1)

Andrés Pérez added “these public education centres serve an important school population and our ongoing commitment is to work in partnership with the regional department of education to offer our students the best possible centre with new and fully equipped classrooms”.

During the meeting the increase in the student body was also mentioned which has seen the need to increase the number of places to 1,200 approximately. Given this demand, the councillor said “before the end of the council’s current term of office we want to be able to guarantee that we have in place adequate infrastructures to meet the educational demand for the present and the immediate future in Adeje”.

10 Years Walking for Life

carrera por la vida (1)

“It is about reducing fear, about helping people live with cancer”

Walk for Life/Carrera por la Vida founder Brigitte Gypen, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and deputy Arona mayor Antonio Sosa hosted a press conference in the Adeje CDTCA to announce details of this year’s series of events celebrating 10 years of the Walk for Life.

The annual walk, which takes place this year on December 14th, is a rallying call for cancer sufferers and survivors, and is a unifying event in many ways. It brings together Spanish cancer charities and support organisations, people living with cancer, their friends and families, those who have sadly lost someone to cancer, and on a wider scale the general public of Adeje and Arona, a multi-cultural mix in itself, as the walk always crosses from one borough to another, alternatively starting in Adeje and ending in Arona, or vice-versa. This year the walk will start in the CC City Centre and finish at Fañabe beach.

Adeje’s mayor congratulated Brigitte and the organisers on the multi-cultural nature of the event, as well as all the good work achieved in early detection and help for those families who are suffering as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis. “This is about overcoming obstacles, about making the invisible visible, about creating awareness among friends, family and society in general”, he said as well as praising the solidarity network among those who have suffered cancer which helped improve the quality of life of those still struggling. “It is also about reducing fear, about helping people live with cancer”. He added that the funds raised during the annual event were also very important for the cancer associations. The mayor alluded to austerity measures by the national government in many areas, including health, which, he underlined, “could put lives in danger”.

Antonio Sosa, deputy mayor of Arona, congratulated Brigitte on her ongoing work as well as all the volunteers who work throughout the year. “This has become a ‘Clásico’” he said, and helped let people know that “they are not alone, that there are many many people with them in their struggle. We all need help now and then”, he said, adding “walking for life really is worthwhile”.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the walk, which sees thousands take part annually in what is a celebration of life and a reminder of the life-saving possibilities of early detection in breast cancer, the organisers with the support of the councils and businesses have organised 10 events, starting in October, which will also raise awareness, funds and support for breast cancer. “We have played a little with the Walk for Life title”, Brigitte Gypen said, announcing the events (listed below), which will bring together a whole host of people in the world of dance, sport, music, the media, gastronomy, and much more. Most of the events will take place in either Adeje or Arona, and Brigitte added “we hope to exceed the €18,000 raised last year”, adding that one of the group’s aspirations is to be able to create “a zone, a space a permanent home for people who want to talk about cancer, maybe to watch a film, listen to music…a ‘feel good’ room perhaps, a space where people can look forward to their tomorrows”.

Included among the events planned is a conference for life, with the participation of Dr Isabel Rubio Rodríguez, who will fly in from Barcelona for the event, and is a leading practitioner in breast cancer care and treatment. She will host two conferences, one in English and one in Spanish, to reach the widest audience possible, and answer questions from the floor. In parallel there will be medical experts on hand in screened areas to advise and demonstrate self-examination for women. And Brigitte told the conference that it was very important that women of all ages be aware of the need for body awareness and examination as in recent years more and more younger women were presenting, and early detection was and is vital.


cartel_10aniversario-Carreraporlavida2014-ADEJEcarrera por la vida (2)

The events are:
September 20th, Swim for life, Tenerife Top Training, Adeje
September 26th, Conference for life, CDTCA, Adeje
October 4th, Yoga for life, Playa Las Vistas, Arona
October 12th, Golf for life, Los Palos Golf, Arona
October 16th, Dance for life, Plaza Pescador, Los Cristianos, Arona
November 14th, Soul for life, El Médano, Granadilla
November 21st, Radiomarathon for life, Adeje
November 28th, Chestnuts and wine for life, Valle San Lorenzo, Arona
December 7th, Cycling for life, La Caleta, Adeje
December 14th, Walk for life

A new webpage has also been designed by the Karonte company which, or which has information on the association, galleries from past years and importantly registration forms for all of this year’s events. Early registration is important for the organisers, so if you are planning to take part in one or some of the events do register in advance where possible.

Summer Specials For Over 60s




Older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps

This year the Adeje senior’s programme celebrated 15 years of fun and helpful summer activities for the older borough’s citizens.

According to the councillor in charge, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, this summer was no different with a range of diverse activities taking place in the open air, and as in previous years the beaches of Adeje were the scene for many of the events which mixed fun with healthy activities as well as promoting Adeje’s harmonious co-existence among people of many different backgrounds, and even ages as older citizens mixed with some of the younger ones during the activities.

This was one of the novelties this year – the integration of people from different age groups and sectors of the local population. In conjunction with the ‘Activate Sonrisa’ (Activate Smile) project run by the department of economic development about 50 older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps.

For 15 consecutive years the Adeje seniors have been able to avail of a summer programme of events with the principal objective being, “benefits for those of a certain age through recreational and healthy activities”, says Carmen Rosa González. Two days every week during the summer months the group enjoyed swimming, games on the sand, walking, gymnastics adapted to ability and age, “leading, in general, to an overall improvement in the quality of life of our senior citizens”, she added.

To facilitate maximum participation a bus was used to go around the borough collecting those older citizens taking part who might not have individual and bringing them home afterwards. In the majority of cases the events took place in parts of Costa Adeje allowing people to enjoy the best beaches in the borough, most of them flying blue flags for excellence.

To mark the end of the summer programme a Hawaiian party was held with a ‘Miss and Mister Summer fashion parade for participants, followed by lunch and beach bingo. A great end to another great summer.

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Pitch, build, launch

launch 48 weekend

Tenerife Launch 48 Weekend

Adeje is the location for the first business accelerator event in the islands, with the Tenerife Launch48 Weekend for emerging businesses taking place on September 12 – 14.

“The objective is simple: pitch, build and launch”, is the slogan for the two day event which is hosted by FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) Tenerife, based in the Adeje centre for tourism development, the CDTCA. According to Adeje’s councillor for economic development and employment Ermitas Moreira García the weekend is designed to encourage new Canarian companies get off the ground with a supported start-up, using the innovate assessment offered by experienced business accelerator company Oxygen, one of the most important start-up groups in Europe.

The notion of using professional mentoring teams to accelerate business start-ups has taken root in major European cities and is using synergies, innovative ideas and creative directions to create new businesses. Different companies and sponsors can benefit hugely from these events and in this case the image of Tenerife as a technological and innovate hub as well as a tourist destination will also be promoted globally.

Prior to the weekend, from September 8th to 12th, there will be a pre-acceleration event held in the ITER bioclimatic village in Granadilla. The Oxygen organisers say, “ we’ll present a pre-accelerator programme that focuses on how you can take your start-up idea to the next level – while using our proven concoction of successful mentors, tools and board-level advice to help make your business a success. And of course, there’ll be some hidden surprises on the way, as we make the most of this unique location.”

A series of mentors will lead distinct groups through training sessions and work-shops, helping develop new means of negotiations, with personal one-to-one interaction and finishing with a jury selection of the best business proposal. The mentors include Chris Chabot, platform relations manager at Twitter, Nick Holzherr, from Whisk, named Birmingham Young Professional of the year in 2011, and Simon Jenner, CEO and co-founder of Oxygen Accelerator.

The events will, hopefully, encourage local business persons in Adeje to “present and develop innovative ideas, and the hope is that the ideas with the best business potential will receive all the support they need from the Adeje department of economic development”, said councillor Ermitas Moreira García.

Anyone interested in taking part or finding out more should contact the CDTCA, 922 756 249 or FIT Canarias, 922 756 253.

Sports galore in Adeje this weekend



The Adeje Surfing Shark bodyboard and the Cabildo cycling cup final will see sports take the headlines in Adeje this weekend.

For body boarders La Caleta will be the place to be at as they take to the waves from 4pm this Friday in one of the most important events of the year in the Canarian Surf Federation’s calendar. The conditions this weekend should be perfect for the surfers, with the competition running through Friday and Saturday, and spectators are welcome to pop down to La Caleta to see the action. More information and results on

Just up the road in Tenerife Top Training cyclists will be battling it out for the Cabildo Cup, which is organised in conjunction with Adeje council, and will see races at different levels, Elite-Sub 23, Master-30, Master-40, Junior y Cadet. This is the seventh and last round in the island competition, with each category very open going into the final stages. Thanks to the great work of the Adeje Fortín cycling club this event should be a huge success.



Troya clean-up

The councils of Adeje and Arona have agreed a rota for cleaning up the small area just under the Troya beach bridge along the boundary separating the two boroughs.

Recently complaints about the green stagnant water under the bridge near the beach led to both councils, technical experts from the boroughs, and the head of the island water department meeting on-site to discuss the problem and look for a long-term solution. While there is some talk of paving the area that would need to be approved by the national Coastal department, but what will happen, effective immediately, is that both councils will undertake to clean the zone, get rid of the green water and solid rubbish, and undertake a weekly maintenance of the zone, probably taking turns on a monthly basis.

Rafael Dolado, Adeje’s councillor for health and tourism, and Arona’s environmental councillor Antonio Sosa, assured that the water was not sewage, but was coming from garden watering and cleaning of apartments and businesses. And certainly yesterday there were no bad odours from the water. One of the problems is to avoid the accumulation of solid waste being thrown into the water and the councils are also examining the possibility of placing a wire grate over the pond, which would make regular rubbish collections easier.

The initial cleaning should be happening now, and maintenance should keep the zone clean.

Fit to drink

water tap

Adeje water the most tested in the last 10 years

Adeje carries out more health controls on tap water than any other borough in the Canaries. The most recent studies meet all the European directives regarding tap water and show that the water is perfectly safe to drink.

According to the Adeje councillor for sanitation, José María Álvarez Acosta, the tap water in the borough can be classed as ‘good or very good’ depending on the area. The data published is part of a study carried out by the Adeje municipal laboratory and the Aqualia Centro company. The conclusions were that Adeje’s water is now apt for human consumption.

Álvarez Acosta confirmed that “the proper quality control of water in homes is our main objective here in the Adeje council. We will continue regular analysis and continue to meet all the European standards as well as national and regional norms. In that way we can guarantee that our water is clean, healthy and apt for consumption”. He confirmed too that “Adeje was the second most tested zone in the Canaries in 2013 and the most tested over the longer period of 2004 – 2013. The most recent date comes from the sixth control report carried out in Adeje”, the councillor continued.

Adeje uses water from two desalinisation plants, one in La Caleta and the other, shared with Arona, in Las Américas. Councillor Álvarez said that recent work had also seen the water pipe network improved to guarantee the quality of water arriving into Adeje’s homes.

The borough’s laboratory, which meets all of the EU standards, was opened in Adeje in 2007, has dedicated a number of studies to improve the quality of water in Adeje. “Today we can stand over the claim that we are a leading borough in the treatment, desalinisation, and quality of infrastructure dedicated to water consumption”, he said. Water is tested using a number of parameters, including smell, taste, colour, conductivity, pH and turbidity levels, ammonia, bacterial content, presence of e coli, presence of minerals such as copper, iron, nickel, residual chlorine and boron.


The laboratory uses a national programme for control and analysis of tap water, in place since 2007. The controls were carried out in homes and public and private installations using the public water system. 65 per cent of the residential population of Adeje receive water sourced from dams, the island’s natural water galleries and from the desalinisation plants, with the rest of the homes in receipt of water sources exclusively from dams and galleries.


 Excellent Casa Maria

adeje-restaurante casa maria recibe certificado de excelencia de tripadvisor (5) adeje-restaurante casa maria recibe certificado de excelencia de tripadvisor (4)

Local restaurant in Callao Salvaje scoops TripAdvisor certificate

Regular diners in Callao Salvaje won’t be too surprised to learn that local restaurant Casa Maria has just been presented with a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014.

TripAdvisor selections are made on the basis of comments and opinions of holiday makers and web users. The Certificates of Excellence are given to those restaurants who have received positive reviews and high ratings for hospitality, quality of service, as well, of course, as for the menu.

In a recent visit to the restaurant just opposite the plaza in the busy village resort, Adeje tourism councillor Rafael Dolado García congratulated the owners on their success. “Casa Maria has been operating for 27 years always working to improve their menu and offer quality service, proving that you don’t have to be a luxury establishment nor located along the ‘golden mile’ to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence, and this one is richly deserved”, he said.

adeje-restaurante casa maria recibe certificado de excelencia de tripadvisor (2)

The restaurant’s owners are delighted with the award, and said it is an incentive to continue providing a high level of well prepared food and service. “Casa Maria is not just for residents”, they said, “but we have many visitors who return at least twice a year to Tenerife”, adding that it was important for the restaurant to keep up to date and maintain the premises in an excellent condition all year round.

Rafael Dolado added that it was also a huge boost to Adeje to see the Certificates of Excellence granted in various parts of the borough and they gave businesses an incentive to work to improve and continue to offer top quality services.

Confirming the ‘padron’

oficina de atención al ciudadano  (17)All of us non-Spanish EU members registered on the ‘padron’ or residential register in Adeje have received a letter during the summer regarding confirmation of data, and a few people have expressed concern.  There is no need to worry.

According to the people in the Adeje council the letter has been sent to everyone in an attempt to bring the register up-to-date and also remove people who may have signed on years ago but are no longer living here.  In fact continuing on the register here might prove a hindrance if you have or are moving back to your home country if you are applying for assistance or a pension for instance, as you will need to state that you no longer are resident in Adeje.

What the letter is asking you to do is to go along to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in the town hall and bring original residency papers and passports with you to confirm the information in the original registration.  If you have changed your address this is the best time to update the information too, and you can also take the opportunity to confirm your intention to vote as an EU citizen in the forthcoming local elections.

If you or your children are Spanish citizens there is no need to confirm details – this only applies to non-Spanish EU citizens.