Adeje Patronal Festival 2014

The Adeje fiestas start on Saturday and continue throughout October, ending with the local romería, or procession up the main street…


SATURDAY, 4TH OCTOBER: Descent of The Virgin

6pm Celebration of mass in Santa Ursula parish. Traditional descent of The Virgin of the Encarnation from her throne to the altar and the traditional kissing of the hands. Followed by the raising of the Banner for Mary
8pm Performance by Son 21.
Place: Theatre, Adeje Cultural Centre.
10pm Factoría de Arte.
Place: Plaza de España.

8pm: 43rd Roque del Conde Tournament. Triangular tournament: C.D. Águilas Atlético, Fañabé C.F. and C.D. Armeñime
Place: Adeje Municipal Football Stadium

6pm In the Santa Úrsula parish church, Solemn Triduum: Mass and Offertory with children, teachers, parents and religious teachers.
9pm Final of the 43rd Roque del Conde Tournament. Winner of the Triangular tournament versus Club Atlético Granadilla.
Place: Adeje Municipal Football Stadium

6pm In the Santa Úrsula parish church, Solemn Triduum: Mass and Offertory with our senior citizens, the sick, and health care and charity workers
7pm Domino Tournament. Tabaiba Domino Club, Armeñime Domino Club, Fañabé Domino Club.
Place: Adeje Cultural Centre

6pm In the Santa Úrsula parish church, Solemn Triduum: Mass and Offertory with parish groups.
10pm Gala show, “Pasen y vean” (come and see) with a fabulous performance from singer Merche.
Place: Plaza de España.
12 Midnight: Street party with the Chocolate Band.


10am – 2.30pm Land Slalom Rally.
Place: Esplanada at the entrance to El Galeón.
12 noon Adeje Patronal Festival Clay Pigeon. The event is part of the Tenerife League. 50 clays, Mini trap.
Place: Taucho Municipal Shooting Stadium.
3pm Villa de Adeje Rally Slot.
Place: Adeje Youth Centre .
6.30pm Bands Competition.
Place: Plaza de España.
8.30pm Traditional Parade with Floats
Place: Calle Grande.
11pm Street Party with the Maquinaria and Pasión Gomera Bands.
Lugar: Plaza de España.


SUNDAY 12TH OCTOBER : Feast day of The Virgin
12 noon Traditional ringing of the bells and fireworks in honour of The Virgin.
12 noon: Official act celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Twinning with the town of Unterhaching.
Place: Plaza de España.
6.30pm. Bringing of the Municipal Banner from the Town Hall to the Parish church.
7pm In the Santa Úrsula parish church, solemn Mass and Offertory with the different parishes in the borough to Our Lady of the Encarnation. Followed by the procession of the Blessed Image carried by the bearers of the Virgen de la Encarnación and accompanied by religious and civil authorities, members of the Hermandad del Santísimo, the Mujeres Adejeras con la Virgin collective and and the Adeje Municipal Band.
10pm Show “Vivencias” (Experiences) with Chago Melián and Esther Ovejero. In honour of Benedetti and all of the great authors.
Place: Plaza de España.
12 Midnight: Street Party with the music of the Wamampy Band.


MONDAY 13TH OCTOBER : Celebration of Saint Úrsula
11am – 2pm Children’s play zone, bouncy castles (including water slides), workshops, shows.
Place : Avenida Palo Mayor, El Galeón.
6pm The Holy Rosary, in the Santa Úrsula parish church.
6.30pm In the Santa Úrsula parish church, solemn celebration of the Eucharist in honour of Saint Ursula, sung by the Adeje Santa Úrsula Parish Choir. Followed by the procession of the Blessed Image accompanied by the Adeje Municipal Band, the clergy and the authorities. Fireworks.
10pm Night of humour with Manolo Vieira.
Place: Plaza de España.

6PM Sport in the Street (zumba, dance therapy, aerodance, etc)
Place : Plaza de España.
7.30pm II Luchada (Canarian wrestling) Villa de Adeje.
Place: Plaza de España.

8pm Senior Citizens Festival. Launch of the new CD “Así es la Vida” from the Santa Ana Folklore Group.
Place: Plaza de España.

6.30pm Children’s Festival
Place: Plaza de España.

9pm Miss Sur Contest.
Place: Plaza de España.
11pm Street Party with the group Alto Standing.

9am Public street race .
Place: Avenida Palo Mayor. El Galeón.
9pm XXX Villa de Adeje Folklore Festival: Performance of the “Un Alma, una fe, un anhelo…” (A soul, a faith, a longing) show with the Adeje Folklore School group and with the participation of the Lus Yerbatus Cultural Association (Bimenes, Asturias)
Place: Plaza de España.
11pm. Street party with the Sensación Gomera band.


10AM – 12 noon Livestock Fair.
Place: El Cerco (parking zone behind Hacienda offices).
11am Pilgrims mass and Offertory of local farmed produce to the town’s patron saints
1pm Romería (parade) and offerings to the town’s patron saints.
Followed by a Street Party with music from the Mambo Latino and Deliciosa Bands.
Place: Plaza de España.

 Conference For Life

confernce for life

The conference will be held first in English and then in  Spanish to allow as many people as possible attend and ask questions


This Friday September 26th renowned breast cancer specialist, Isabel Rubio Rodríguez will hold a special conference in Adeje as part of the ten events marking this year’s Walk for Life 10th anniversary. The conference will be in English and Spanish and starts at 6pm.

Organised by the Walk for Life, the Adeje council and the Spanish Cancer Association, the AECC, the conference is titled “Breast cancer today – towards individualised treatment”, and takes place in the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development, the CDTCA . The first hour will be in English, from 6pm, the second in Spanish, from 7pm.

According to the Adeje councillor for health, Rafael Dolado García, “with this initiative we hope to offer a platform with an expert who can answer a range of individual questions about this condition.” He added, “the idea to hold the conference in two languages is so that there is a much wider spread of people reached, as we know breast cancer affects many people, most of them women, and it is vital that they learn about new advances in treatment”.

During the day there will also be an area set aside for private consulations and instructions in carrying out regular breast examinations with specialsits from the AECC and the Hospital Quirón Costa Adeje.

Isabel Rubio Rodríguez is a surgeon and co-director of the Breast Cancer unit at the Baselga Oncology Institute and has worked extensively in cancer prevention. She studied in Salamanca and and Badajoz and subsequently worked in Arkansas and Houston, Texas. Her specialist areas are in surgery related to breast cancer and investigave research into the sentinel lymph node, intra-operative breast ecographs, neoadjuvant chemotherapy and lymphedema prevention. She is also the co-ordinator for the breast cancer surgery wing of the Hospital Vall d’ Hebron de Barcelona and has published many research papers in national and international medical journals and books. She is also a member of a number of prestigious cancer associations.

walk for life groupwalk for life poster

Gluten-Free Adeje


Among the objectives of the campaign is to educate the public and professionals in the hostelry sector about food intolerance and gluten-free diets and food preparation

The Adeje health councillor Rafael Dolado García and the president of the Tenerife Provincial Celiac Association, ACET, Dolores Prieto Martín, have signed an collaborative covenant which will see the promotion of a series of activities designed to meet the needs of celiacs living in the borough.

Dolado García has underlined the importance of the agreement and says it will see Adeje become part of the provincial “Gluten-free Santa Cruz de Tenerife” network. “This covenant opens the door to orientation, training and consciousness awareness about and for those who suffer from gluten intolerance”.

He continued, “we are a tourist destination that welcomes two million tourists a year, and a considerable section of that group will have some form of intolerance, so we can begin to adapt our gastronomy without a reduction in taste or quality, to meet the needs of this sector, promoting health tourism and a healthy local lifestyle, something we consider relevant and important particularly given that since 2008 we are a part of the Spanish network of Healthy Cities, promoted by the World Health Organisation.”
Among the objectives of the campaign is to educate the public and professionals in the hostelry sector about food intolerance and gluten-free diets and food preparation. Included in this will be the “Adeje Sin Gluten (Gluten-Free Adeje) project in bars and restaurants and businesses in the borough. Municipal spaces will also be given over to the campaign to increase the spread of the message, such as education centres, and other zones where members of the public gather.

In parallel representatives of ACET will run a workshop detailing the advances made in the diagnosis and treatment of the celiac disease and gluten intolerance. In principal experts agreed that “the many manifestations of this illnesses are not just digestive, but also deal with a multi-system auto-immune disorder”. Bearing that in mind of the 7% of the European population affected by the celiac illness only 1% are classified as celiacs, 6 % are gluten intolerant, and 21 % suffer from some form of indirect sensibility.

The ACET also remind people that there are over 13,000 food items apt for people diagnosed as celiac. There is also a food guide which is valid for infants and adolescents affected by the condition.

During the conference there will also be talks give about the need to train school canteen attendants and monitors about the celiac condition as well as emphasising the importance of transmitting this information throughout the hotel sector and other relevant tourism sectors.

DSC_8893 DSC_8979

Swim for life success

The first in the 10 events to mark this year’s Walk for Life was a huge succes.

The swim for life was held in the Adeje-based Tenerife Top Training centre with more than 170 people taking part, with cancer associations benefitting from funds raised – almost €2000.

Thanks to all those who pariticpated and to the organising bodies, the Walk for Life, Tenerife Top Training, the Adeje Council, the Rotary Club Tenerife Sur and Club Tenerife Masters. The organisers also thanked the Tenerife committee of swimming referees, the generousity of Azulón Events-Pablo Pastor who organised a giant paella for everyone after the event as well as Coca- Coca-Cola, Dorada, Fuente Alta and McDonald’s.

Salida 25 marip. fem.

The competition saw swimmers race in different styles at different lengths – 25 m., 50 m. and 100 m. There were a number of relay races in which all the swimmers took part and an Aguagym class with Tenerife Top Training’s, Teresa Guarino

A great day, fun and fund raising, to start the ten-event countdown to the Walk for Life, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.


Tigers Set to Roar in Madrid

Adeje Tenerife Tigers (6)


“Tenerife Tigers are a great reflection of the cultural co-existence we value highly in Adeje”

The Adeje –based cheerleaders, the Tenerife Tigers are in intensive training in preparation for the 2ª España Cheer and Dance (2do Campeonato de España e internaciónal de Cheerleaders y Dancers) national competition which is taking place in Madrid on September 27th and 28th . Last year the team brought home 12 trophies in various categories.


“The Tenerife Tigers are a great reflection of the cultural co-existence we value highly in Adeje”, said the municipal sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera.

“We are really excited about returning to Madrid and both defending our existing titles and looking to take home some new ones as well”, said head coach and Vamos a Bailar dance school owner Amanda Lambert. “The girls have been working so hard that I hope we can win some trophies, but in all honesty simply taking part is an honour and a great learning experience for the whole team”, she added.

The Tenerife Tigers are a firm favourite in Adeje and feature in all of the borough’s parades and fiestas. The have represented Adeje, and Tenerife, at various national and international competitions, and this year they will bring their biggest contingent to date, with girls from 5 years up to 18 competing up to 15 different categories.

Adeje Tenerife TigersAdeje Tenerife Tigers (4) Adeje Tenerife Tigers (5)

Councillor Alonso Ferrera said, “Amanda and her coaching staff have worked hard to make the team very much a part of the huge sporting offer we have in Adeje, and we wish them all the best in Madrid where we know they will make us proud. They take with them the best wishes of the council and the public who are always delighted to see the girls perform in the town”.

The 2º España Cheer and Dance event takes place in the Palacio de Cristal in the Casa de Campo trade centre in Madrid, as part of the International Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Classic Europe and with the International Cheer Union organisation. As well as encouraging participants to compete and have fun, the event strives to expand these kind of sports in Spain. Winning teams may also have the chance to compete in the USA in Disney World, in Orlando in the official world championships.

Adeje Tenerife Tigers (1)

Adeje Tenerife Tigers (2)

The Tenerife Tigers were formed four years ago as part of the Let’s Dance/Vamos a Bailar school in Callao Salvaje, and now also train in the Tijoco La Hoya Sports Pavillion. Today there are up to 60 girls in the various squads – minis, youths, junior and seniors. The Tigers are very much a reflection of the multicultural society in Adeje, with parents from all over the world, including Spain Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Italy, Russia and beyond. “It’s a big international family”, says Amanda. “The girls really look out for each other and encourage each other, from the youngest up. And taking on this trip to Madrid is not easy, so luckily we can count on the support of many of the parents of the girls who will travel with us”, she added.

Adeje Tenerife Tigers (3)



La Caleta Solidarity Day

poster def

This Friday, September 19th, from 10am to 8pm there will be a Solidarity/Art Market in the Centro Comercial San Sebastián de La Caleta.

According to the Adeje councillor for social welfare, the event has been organised by Elixir Wellness, relax & beauty in the commercial centre and 15 per cent of all the money collected with go to the council’s department of social welfare. She said “we are lucky enough to be able to count on this company to promote solidarity initiatives to help those most in need. Solidarity is a value that we have to preserve during the good as well as the bad times, in that way we can create and promote balance and equality”, she said.

Elisa Carave, the owner of Elixir, said “following the success of the first ‘Mercado del Arte’ we decided to repeat the event. As well as helping a good cause and those in need we are also introducing many artists to the installations available to them in this commercial centre”. During the Christmas period last year Carave helped collect food and toys which were also donated to the Adeje social welfare department.

As well as arts on display there will be children’s art workshops, and stands with pottery, paintings, jewellery, embroidery and lost more, all hand made by craft workers.

Good neighbours, good friends



“..these two pillars of our society, harmonious co-existence and respect, are fundamental”
This weekend La Postura, in Adeje, will stage a host of different events to celebrate both Dia de Vecino, or Neighbourhood Day and the End of Summer. Music, dance, food and fun will be the order of the two-day event.

The hub for most events during Friday September 19th and Saturday September 20th will be the César Manrique plaza, and the weekend also coincides with the XVII anniversary of the establishment of the Piedra Redonda residents’ association. According to Adeje’s cultural councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt “La Postura is a pioneering neighbourhood in terms of integration and the Piedra Redonda residents’ association placed huge importance to local harmonious co-existence (there are over 60 nationalities in this part of Adeje alone). For this reason the Adeje council see these activities as very relevant and important in the ongoing construction of a borough that is active and participatory, all inclusive, one in which everyone has a part to play”.

The president of the association, Ricardo Müller, underlined that “the residents of La Postura are very proud of the fact that we are now celebrating 17 years of activities. Throughout those years we have worked to develop the association and participate in the life of our community…we will continue to develop and promote activities of this kind because we have learnt that from little acorns great oaks grow, and these two pillars of our society, harmonious co-existence and respect, are fundamental”.

Müller also referred to good neighbourhood relations and “the importance of recognising the work and selfless contributions of the residents of La Postura, who never hesitate in stepping up and working on new initiatives and ideas. These are the people who, with dedication, care and commitment, have built La Postura into a united neighbourhood.”

The two-day festival kicks off on Friday with events on in the morning and afternoon. From 11am there will be bouncy castles, children’s workshops, information points and stands for associations and volunteer groups. From 1pm, with the help of the Adeje volunteer fire fighters, there will be a ‘Choripan Party’ barbecue, followed by a foam party.

From 5pm Ballet Beanky will be one of the groups performing before the official act marking Neighbourhood Day. Following this there will be a number of cultural offerings, with story telling, shows, belly dancing, Canarian folklore from the Imoque Association and dancing to music from Ritmo & Sabor.

As both the Adeje cultural councillor, Nayra Medina Bethencourt and the association’s Ricardo Müller stress, the events are open to everyone to enjoy, regardless of where you live, “particularly as this is an event to sponsor co-existence”, they agreed.

Happy 6th Siam Park

siam park tower

The best water park in the world


In the first 6 years of its existence Siam Park, in Adeje, has notched up numerous national and international awards. The park, with its water attractions and much more, is considered one of the most spectacular and modern theme parks in the world today.
The water kingdom has been recognized as one of the world’s best on several occasions by experts from the leisure sector, as well as by the visitors themselves, who have evaluated and voted on Trip Advisor naming Siam Park as the best water park in the world, Travellers Choice Award 2014.
Almost 6 years have passed since the princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn from Thailand visited Tenerife to inaugurate Siam Park, an innovative water park which very quickly became the top choice leisure option in South Tenerife, a point made over and over again by the many thousands of visitors from all over the world who visit and comment on the park annually, and by the more than 95,000 fans on the Siam Park facebook page. Many celebrities from the worlds of show business sports, such as Pedrito, Michel Rodríguez, Javier Bardem, Sergio Rodríguez, Marcelo and DiMaria have also enjoyed and praised the facilities.
Exciting slides and magical attractions, together with the lush vegetation and the biggest artificial wave in the world, have made a trip to Siam Park an unforgettable one, and the park can be visited at any time of the year thanks to the fabulous climate we enjoy here in the Canary Islands. Siam Park offers an extensive range of activities and novelties for the whole family. Excellent installations combined with ecological awareness are key factors contributing to the installation’s international position as one of the best water parks in the world. Among the most important recognitions are the Award as The Best Waterpark in Europe during three consecutive years (2012/2013/2014), and also for the most outstanding attractions such as The Dragon or Kinnaree. Siam Park has also recently received recently the Biosphere Park certificate given for its environmental commitment and its support to the destination as well as standards with ISO 9000; 14.000 and EMAS for its commitment to the highest quality in the industry. Furthermore, Siam Park has high environmental standards just like its sister attraction, Loro Parque and uses newly developed technologies for each installation.
• Gánigo Award 2007 (CIT – Tenerife Tourist Board, south Tenerife area)•
• Friends of Tourism and Civic Awareness 2008” Award (CIT – Tenerife Tourism Board, Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
• The British Guild of Travel Writers Tourism Awards – Globe Award 2010• Award Adeje
• Lustral Emprendedores Turísticos 2010 (Iluste Ayuntamiento de la Histórica Villa de Adeje)
• Blue Award 2011 – Especial Award “Environmental Responsibility” (TUI)• European Star Award 2012 “Best Aquatic Theme Park in Europe” (Kirmes & Park Revue Magazin)
• Award “Best Aquatic Ride in Europe” to Dragon (Kirmes & Park Revue Magazin)
• Executive Board Award (WWA – World Waterpark Association)
• Premio al Desarrollo Turístico Impulso Sur 2013 (Periódico Diario de Avisos)
• Travellers Choice 2013 (Trip Advisor)
• European Star Award “Best Waterpark 2013” (Kirmes & Park Revue Magazin)
• Travellers Choice Award 2014 “Best Waterpark worldwide (Trip Advisor)
• European Star Award “Best Waterpark 2014” (Kirmes & Park Revue Magazin)
• Award “Best Aquatic Ride in Europe” to Kinnaree (Kirmes & Park Revue Magazin)

siam park piscina olas

Sustainable mobility winner

Spain’s first Launch48 Weekend takes place in Adeje

Last weekend the country’s first Launch 48 Weekend was held in the FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) in Adeje with the UK based Oxygen Accelerator company leading the group.

The idea is to examine new initiatives and take them to the next level, if viable, at an accelerated pace, with expert advise and this event was carried out with the backing of Adeje Council, Why Tenerife and FIT, with 16 ideas for consideration. At the outset it was stated that the best idea would be awarded a prize.

Quickly the group whitled down the original 16 ideas to the three most viable, a sustainable mobility initiative, the sale of experiences online and an architectural project. During the working days the group worked with multi-discpline experts in IT, design, development and PR to name just a few. At the end of the 48 hour event the sustainable mobility project was the chosen as the winner and will now take part in a Tenerife Chamber of Commerce start-up programme and present the project to a board of Oxygen Accelerator investors in London.

The Adeje councillor for economic development, Ermitas Moreira García, said “the Launch 48 Weekend is a hugely relevant event for the promotion of new business ideas. The objective is to validate and assist emerging companies during a 48 hour window”. She added that the council were fully supportive of the creation of new employment niches and were backing initiatives that allowed people with new businesses ideas start on the road to entry into the market place, calling it “fundamental”.

During the weekend participation and working methods were described as dynamic and innovative with the group open to ideas and new synergies.


Polish cinema festival in Adeje


The show brings together the most representative and creative works from the 1980s

From September 18th to 25th Adeje’s Cultural Centre hosts a Polish Film Cycle in conjunction with ARKA, the Canarian Polish Association, the Adeje department of Culture and the Polish Cultural Institute in Madrid.

According to Adeje’s cultural councillor, Nayra Medina Bethencourt, “the seventh art, or film making, is always an excellent cultural outlet and allows us alternative visions of many different things. This is not the first time that the council have collaborated with ARKA, and no doubt these films will have a high artistic values”, she said.
During the cycle newer Polish films will be screened. The variety of styles that will be featured during the film cycle will allow the public to get to know modern Polish cinema and at the same time reflect on wider universal questions, regardless of where the questioner comes from.

Thursday September 18, 7pm – Nieulotne (Indeleble)
Friday September 19, 7pm – Operacja Dunaj (Operación Danubio), 9pm –Pręgi (Marcas)
Thursday September 25, 7pm –Senność (Somnolencia)
Friday Septiembre 26, 7pm – Piąta Pora Roku (La quinta estación del año) , 9pm – Galerianki (Mall Girls)
All films are being shown in the original version, in Polish, with Spanish subtitles, and entry is free for every screening.

This cycle of Polish film will be accompanied by an exhibition of cinema posters, “La Escuela Polaco en los años 80” (the Polish School in the 80s) which is being launched tomorrow, Thursday September 18th, at 6.30pm. The show brings together the most representative and creative works from the named decade, including examples from such well known names within the industry such as Adrzej Pagowski, Wieslaw Walkuski, Kaja Renkas, Wiktor Sadowski o Mieczyslaw Gorowski.

According to ARKA, “over half a century ago the world began to recognise the work of the Polish School of Posters, and we have been working to perfect this artistic genre”. The association says the fame of this art form relies upon two fundamental factors, “on the one hand the work of Polish teachers trained in the era prior to the second world war, and on the other, the way younger people have adapted to the art of the poster, which began to evolve in the 1950s”.