“Spending Christmas in Adeje”

Thursday, 4th of December
17:00 Blessing of the Senior Citizens Nativity Scene
Senior Citizens Centre, Adeje Cultural Centre.

18:00 Cinema: Las Constituyentes
Adeje Cultural Centre.

Friday, 5th of December
17:00-22:00. Christmas Market
Sale of Christmas products, presents, decorations and food as well as a selection of food from different countries, children’s attractions and activities, musical performances…
Las Torres Car Park.

adeje-mercadillo las torres-w1200

17.00 – 19.00 Celebration of San Andrés (children).
Related activities and workshops.
Las Torres Car Park.
17:00 “Píntanos La Navidad” (Picture Christmas). The exhibition hall will be open from December 5th to 22 for all those who want to ‘picture Christmas’.
Adeje Cultural Centre.
20:30 Hair fashion show
Adeje Cultural Centre

Saturday, 6th of December
10:00-20:00. Asociación San Juan Christmas Market.
Asociación San Juan

10:00-22:00. Christmas Market
Sale of Christmas products, presents, decorations and food as well as a selection of food from different countries, children’s attractions and activities, musical performances…
Las Torres Car Park.
19:30 Concert in honour of Saint Cecilia by the Adeje Municipal Band.
Convento de San Francisco, Adeje.

Sunday, 7th of December
10:00-18:00. Arts and Crafts market.
Showcase and sale of crafts, food, workshops, seasonal music…
Centro Comercial El Mirador. Playa del Duque.

10:00-22:00 Christmas Market
Sale of Christmas products, presents, decorations and food as well as a selection of food from different countries, children’s attractions and activities, musical performances…
Las Torres Car Park.
18:00 Children’s activities and carol singing by the El Cardón Group.
Tabaiba Residents Association, Plaza de Los Olivos.
Tuesday, 9th of December
17:00-19:00 Traditional pastry workshop: Rosquetes Fritos.
Wednesday, 10th of December
17:00-19:00 Traditional pastry workshop: Truchas.

18:00 Blessing of the El Galeón Residents Association Nativity Scene.
Parque Jardín Botánico, Las Nieves.


Thursday, 11th of December
19:00 Exhibition of Martial Arts with the Taekondo, Capoeira, Kendo, Judo, Kárate and Jiu Jitsu groups
Plaza de España.
Friday, 12th of December
17:00 Blessing of the Armeñime Senior Citizens Nativity Scene
Armeñime Cultural Centre.
18:00. La Gomera Crafts Market.
Plaza de San Sebastián, La Caleta.
19:00 Mass in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
San Sebastián Church, La Caleta.
20:00 Homage to La Gomera.
Plaza de San Sebastián, La Caleta.
Saturday, 13th of December “Spending Christmas in Adeje”
17:00-24:00 ‘Degústame’ (Try Me) Christmas Special, Christmas Market, sports activities, bouncy castles, storytelling, music, theatre, etc…
Calle Grande, Adeje
21:00 “Sabandeños for Christmas” concert
Plaza de España
Sunday, 14th of December
11:00 Walk for Life/Carrera por La Vida, in association with the Spanish Breast Cancer Association and the Association of Women with Breast Cancer
Departs from City Centre Commercial Centre.
Monday, 15th of December
17:00-19:00 Workshop – Breads of the World (December 15th – 19th)

21:00. Carol singing with the Armeñime Parranda Boleros.
Streets of Armeñime.
Tuesday, 16th of December
21:00. Carol singing with the Asociación Cultural Imoque.
Streets of La Postura.
Wednesday, 17th of December
20:00 ”De las posadas a los años nuevos: Nuestra Navidad” (From the inns of yesterday to the times that followed: Our Christmas) with the Adeje School of Folklore group, with the participation of the Guía de Isora Samara folk group.
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre.

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Thursday, 18th of December
21:00h Celebration of the Day of Hope and blessing of the Nativity Scene at the La Viña hermitage.
La Viña.
22:30h. Carol singing by the Adeje School of Folklore.
Calle Grande, Adeje.
Friday, 19th of December
18:00 Christmas Theatre.
Asociación San Juan

20:00 Christmas Unity Concert
Participants: Adeje Municipal School of Music, Borough Folk Groups, Adeje Municipal Band, and Ballet Beanky.
Plaza de España.
Saturday, 20th of December
20:30. Living Nativity Scene, Tijoya Residents Association
Plaza de La Hoya.

Sunday, 21st of December
10:00-18:00 Arts and Crafts market. Showcase and sale of crafts, food, workshops, seasonal music…
Centro Comercial El Mirador. Playa del Duque.
18:00 Christmas craft workshop for children.
Plaza César Manrique. La Postura.

19:00 Father Christmas visits La Postura.
20:30 Gospel Concert: The Latonius & The Star Choir. Tickets €5
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre.

Monday, 22nd of December
09:00- 13:00 Christmas children’s camp (from December 22nd to January 5th)
Parque Jardín Botánico. Las Nieves
19:00 Carol concert, Adeje Municipal Band.
Plaza de Salityen. Costa Adeje.
Tuesday, 23rd of December
19:00 Carol service.
Callao Salvaje.
Friday, 26th of December
19:00 “Un regalo diferente” ( A different present). Theatre performance by Teatrapa company. Entry price: a toy.
Adeje Cultural Centre theatre.

20:30 Adult storytelling
Exhibition hall Adeje Cultural Centre.
Saturday, 27th of December
17:00-19:00 Children’s workshops
19:00 “Clowneando”. Theatre performance by Reymala company.
Plaza César Manrique

Wednesday, 31st of December
23:00. NEW YEAR’S EVE, with the Wamampy, Sensación Gomera and Tejina Orchestras.
San Sebastián, La Caleta.

Saturday, 3rd of January
17:00-19:00 Children’s workshops
19:00 Puppet show “Pandilla de fuga” (Leaky Gang!) by the Tragaluz company
Plaza Cruz del Llano.
Monday, 5th of January
17:00. Arrival by helicopter of Their Majesties the Three Kings of the East and their official welcome.
Municipal Football Stadium (El Galeón).
19:00. Three Kings Parade with lots of special guests from the world of children’s cinema and television.
Calle Grande (Adeje).

adeje-cabalgata de reyes magos 2014 (127) adeje-cabalgata de reyes magos 2014 (95)

Overpowering solidarity!

bottle tops

The Adeje councillor with responsibility for the eye-catching collection of recyclable bottle-tops, under the Adeje Together campaign, has had to request that the giant globe be dropped to the grass.

According to Ermitas Moreira García, ” the solidarity of the Adeje people has been so great that we have filled the globe, work of local sculptor Juan Antonio Hernández, much sooner than we thought and the weight of the contents has risen considerable. To guarantee the safety of passers-by and drivers it is better to move it to the grass area nearby”.

The success of the project involving the iron sphere, three metres in diameter was astonishing, and the idea has had mass appeal, from school children to associations and groups working in the borough, brining thousands of bottle tops to the site.  “The aim, to fill the globe, is still active, just in a safer location,” the councillor said. .

The project, a joint initiative between the council and the Asociación Iraitza is to fill the sculpture and then bring the contents to be a recycling company who will exchange the plastic for a piece of equipment for individuals with reduced mobility.

“No more abuse, no more cries for help”


No more abuse, no more cries for help”

Adeje hosted an institutional act to celebrate International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, joined school students in the town’s Plaza España today to reiterate his and the council’s total rejection of gender violence and to pledge help for anyone who requests it.

“We continue along the path of working to create an awareness of equality, of peaceful co-existence and respect, the pillars upon which we can build a harmonious society that is rich in human values, and is happy. We are in this fight and we will move ahead and must also fight to make sure there are no cuts in services in this area.”

The mayor was speaking during an institutional act to celebrate International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, with members of the council and students and staff of the borough’s schools as well as members of the public. Two students from one of Adeje’s secondary schools read a manifesto rejecting violence. “We have to change this society; we cannot stand idly by when there are human beings suffering at the hands of others because of their gender. We cannot justify such actions by simply saying, ‘it’s always been that way’”. They spoke directly to women who have been abused saying, “we want to send you our support, our strength, no one has the right to hurt you, you don’t deserve this, you are fighters and own your own destiny. No more abuse, no more cries for help”.

Adeje events against gender violence

Events to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


“If you hear it, if you see, you report it. Don’t let four walls hide violence against women”.
The Adeje council once again marks November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, with a series of events many of them with the participation of young people from the borough who will come together in support of proper treatment within relationships. This event is supported by students and teachers from Adeje’s secondary schools. “We want to underline and emphasise the work being carried out by the department of equality and we are developing a programme that will continue during the school course with workshops and talks aimed at preventing this scourge on our society and increasing awareness among our society”, said equality councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

The council is also, through the Network of Southern Boroughs for Equality, a part of the Canarian Institute of Equality campaign which sees “us working together and speaking with one voice to make sure the message is heard loud and clearly”, said Afonso Ruiz. The campaign slogan translated is “If you hear it, if you see, you report it. Don’t’ let four walls hide violence against women”.

The councillor added that “putting an end to the violence suffered by women has to be a shared responsibility, shared by institutions, as we have an obligation to champion the cause and guarantee that those suffering as a result of male violence, women and children, receive the attention they need. And society in general must also be involved, cannot look the other way, and that’s why we are working to involve all citizens, and actively seek their participation in the fight against this dreadful social scourge”.

Activities planned in Adeje
The council’s schedule to promote “proper treatment of women” begins at 10am tomorrow with a meeting with 3rd Year students from Adeje’s secondary schools and a representative group from Adeje Casco primary school. There will be a screening of a number of short films which present gender violence in its many forms. The focus will move to the Plaza de España where there will be different workshops, an information stand as well as handing out of purple ribbons, the international symbol of the fight against gender violence. The Asociación de Mujeres de Blanco por la Igualdad (women in White for equality) have been actively involved in the activities working with student groups and encouraging them to bring posters and signs reflecting their stance on the issue.

At midday in the Plaza España there will be a reading of the institutional manifesto against gender violence and a minute’s silence in memory of all victims. Closing this section local singer and student of the Adeje School of Music and Dance, Ainhoa Aguilar, will perform.

In the afternoon, at 7pm, the municipal authorities will present the prizes in the IV Short Stories against Gender Violence competition as well as the I Art for ‘Well-Treatment’ competition. Both events will take place in the Adeje Cultural Centre Exhibition Hall. “Both of these competitions”, says councillor Afonso Ruiz, “were set up as we believe in the use of a formative process and discussion of such themes through workshops in secondary schools. We firmly believe that artistic and literary creativity are excellent tools in this just fight, for equal opportunities for men and women”.


Adeje’s Equality Plan
The Adeje council put their first Strategic Plan for Equality Opportunities between women and men into operation in 2009 during which time, “the administration have been consistent in their work to encourage actions and methods that can guarantee equality of opportunities as well as developing programmes of awareness raising and prevention of gender violence.”.

Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso to be linked at last

Adeje Callao Salvaje Playa Paraiso Projecto (4)

A n iron and wood bridge is to be built over the barranco (ravine)

Work is due to begin this week on the long-awaited path that will link Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso.

At a packed meeting in the Callao Salvaje cultural centre the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga joined local councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo and councillor for works Gonzalo Delgado Diaz and the council’s architect to detail the plans, as well as mention other projects in the pipeline for both neighbourhoods. There was a translator present at the meeting to facilitate the many non-Spanish born residents who attended.

The mayor told the residents, “This meeting has two objectives – to let you know about the works that will begin now to join the two neighbourhoods and to invite all those present to continue to work together on local initiatives for the area”. He continued, “ we are aware of the on-going efforts by those who live in the these communities, how they are working to solve local problems and we are delighted to continue to encourage you to keep us informed, voice your opinions to help us improve where you live. This work will see an historic union of these two neighbourhoods who, have always been united in many ways.

Adeje Callao Salvaje Playa Paraiso Projecto (2)

“The work we are now undertaking comes under the wider umbrella of improving and modernising the borough in areas where it is needed and we hope it meets some of the genuine needs of the area, an area that is very important to our borough”, he said.

The project will see work to regulate the pathway that already exists along the cliff top in Callao Salvaje, with signposting and bins, with upgrading to remove any danger to pedestrians, and improvements to the existing maritime paths along the Playa Paraíso side ending along the Calle El Horno. To link the two villages an iron and wood bridge is to be built over the barranco (ravine). The base will be reinforced cement, and all the structures have been approved by the national Coastal department. The plans will be available in the Adeje Cultural Centre within two weeks for those who wish to see them.

Adeje Callao Salvaje Playa Paraiso Projecto (1)

The residents of both villages welcomed the news and were also pleased to hear of other plans for the near future in the area including a park for dogs, and a roadway linking Callao Salvaje and Posto al Sole.

Adeje Callao Salvaje Playa Paraiso Projecto (3)


English Time is back!



This season the programme will be closely following the Adeje Convivencia/Adeje Together programme and hosting a series of round-table discussions on tolerance, multicultural identity, religious beliefs in a modern world and respect

The English Time radio programme returns to Adeje’s municipal station, Radio Sur Adeje tomorrow, Thursday November 20th, at 1pm. The programme, in English, can be heard live on 107.9fm locally or online at

English Time will now be broadcast once a week, on Thursdays, from 1-2pm, and Clio O’Flynn returns to the presenter’s seat and is looking forward to the changed format and longer programme. “We have been building up English Time since it began two years ago, and now the hour-long slot will give us more flexibility to feature a diverse range of items and spend more time discussing matters of importance and interest to Adeje and Adeje’s resident population”, she said.

English Time works to bring local news from Adeje and environs to local residents and tourists who might not speak Spanish. But the programme has also attracted many Canarian listeners who enjoy the opportunity to listen to English on their local municipal station. Adeje council are delighted too that the programme is a direct information link to the ex-pat resident population for news and important announcements from the council offices.

This season the programme will be closely following the Adeje Convivencia/Adeje Together programme and hosting a series of round-table discussions on tolerance, multicultural identity, religious beliefs in a modern world, respect and many other issues the campaign is focussing on. English Time will also be bringing listeners news of local business and employment developments in the borough as well as sporting and cultural events. “We will also, when it’s relevant, focus on major international news stories from around the world, particularly if they affect the ex-pat community in anyway”, says Clio O’Flynn. And of course music will play a part in the programme, playing classics, favourites and the week’s No 1 in Spain and the UK. “We are also planning a Christmas Day Special with classic Christmas hits so would love to hear from listeners who might have request – a special song for a special someone perhaps”.

Tune in and check out the new English Time this or any Thursday, 1-2pm, on Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9fm, or

Bright Spark in Adeje

Adeje is to be the European HQ for Spark Compass….“…we are developing our new platform to allow personalised messaging using client experiences, social interaction and loyalty”

The North American company Spark Compass has chosen Adeje as the location for its European base. The official presentation by the company was made on Tuesday November 18th in the FIT (Factory for Tourism Initiative) in the Adeje centre for tourism development.

According to the company CEO Erik Bjontegard they have now requested official status as a ZEC company (a status that allows for special funding and tax treatment) and will establish a set up here very soon. Representative from the Adeje council, Ashotel, Why Tenerife, Atos and CREA Solutions were also present.

The Adeje councilor for economic development Ermitas Moreira García said “this is an important day for the borough as we have been chosen as the centre for the presentation of this company and we are also signing an agreement which will see Adeje become the HQ for Spark Compass in Europe. This is big news, it signals another step in our commitment to new technologies and smart cities, a process that we have been developing for a number of years”.

Erik Bjontegard, Spark Compass president and founder of TCSD Inc said “we picked Tenerife and Adeje because it is a strategic destination that is very well positioned in the market place. Through the company we can and will give work to professionals here in the sector, as we understand that the people who live and work here know the island and the sector best and have the education standards required”.

The central platform of the company allows connections through a network of sensors, including mobiles, allowing users access real time information. This is a tool that can be used to control data terminals, constantly updating the information about clients and companies, and permitting the sending of relevant information and messages. This is ‘Smart’ for a ‘smart city’. According to the experts you need to think about the platform as a central nervous system which meets and constantly updates the information and simultaneously allows the administration and programming of actions based on events and that information. Erik added, “we are developing our new platform to allow personalised messaging using client experiences, social interaction and loyalty to convert users into product ambassadors”. This will mean, in effect, that “our technology will allow clients be classed into specific demographic groups in real time, which in turn will influence the behaviour of the consumer”.


During the presentation Bjontegard and Francis Ortiz, the executive director of Spark Compass Spain, spoke of the benefits of setting up a branch of this USA company here and why they chose Tenerife. They also used the opportunity to present the Smart Tenerife Living Labs project which will see, for the first time in Europe, the installation of four different groups of beacons in different buildings – three in Adeje one in Arona. There will also be demonstration projects in Santa Cruz in a city hotel as well as in the offices of Atos Canarias. Each one of these installations will have an application installed which users, visitors, potential clients educators, students and representative authorities can download to try in-situ and see the potential of hyper-localisation, and personalised messages directly to clients. The technology offers different applications in the tourism sectors – hotels with a data base of preferred choices of clients, restaurants and other client-based businesses with advance knowledge of individual customers, etc. The aim is to train, develop, discover and demonstrate.

Spark Compass, with this project, hope to make Tenerife a centralised testing ground and data bank for this new generation of technological development. The company operators here will make Tenerife the demonstration base for European clients, bringing them here to the island.

Spark Compass was founded in 2012 by Erik Bjontegard, formerly of Qualcomm. The Spark Compass platform will allow companies know their clients on a very different active level, target clients needs, habits and social tendencies thus guaranteeing that the service and product on offer is tailor made.

Going greener in Adeje

ADEJE-curso jardineria ecologica (10)

The initiative will be used to help groups currently with no income

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, recently paid a visit to the ecological orchard and vegetable garden in Las Nieves, where a group of 20 people have been working and training in gardening and ecological farming. The initiative was developed as a way of targeting groups of individuals who currently have no access to an independent income.

The mayor, commenting on the project, said, “In a modern society such as ours we cannot forget our origins, where we come from. This particular project reinforces that as well as giving these individuals a future with new potential. We have opened some doors to employment for groups of individuals that are more vulnerable, people who can now look for proper work with the training and knowledge they require”.

The mayor continued, “this group of people have now put into practice all the theory they have learnt and have developed an ecological orchard and vegetable garden planted with different flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc, and in doing so they have contributed to the improvement of our borough”.

ADEJE-curso jardineria ecologica (12) ADEJE-curso jardineria ecologica (6)

For this reason the mayor said that “given the success of this project we are now considering extending the idea…and those people who have worked so hard to develop and maintain this plot may continue to work here”.

The initiative, collaboration between the council and the Cruz Roja, hasn’t just trained the group in agricultural basics, but also in the value and worth of local production. At the same time it has contributed to the improvement of the environment through the creation of greenhouses, gardens and orchards, etc. It works to preserve the environment, people can enjoy the local produce grown here and “we are helping people who need it most”, the mayor added.

During the training period the students – 14 women and 6 people with learning challenges – learnt about soil management, basic cultivation and use of ecological methods. There were also shown how to use farming implements, their maintenance and upkeep, and disinfection where applicable. Importantly too the group received instruction in the ecological methods of parasite and pathogen prevention and treatment. During the course students also received a grant of €200 a month.

ADEJE-curso jardineria ecologica (1) ADEJE-curso jardineria ecologica (8)

Yes, you do have a vote…

adeje-ayuntamiento de adeje (1)


Don’t lose your voice: make sure you’re on the electoral register!

Adeje council has received information from the national census office regarding closing dates for registering on the census for the 2015 Spanish local elections. All EU residents registered on their local padrón (citizen register) in Spain have the right to vote in the local elections – a fact many people may not be aware of. But to exercise that right they must be over 18, be on the padrón and have actively indicated their wish to vote.

If you have never voted in the past in Spain but are on the padrón, you are likely to have received a formal letter (in Spanish) from the ‘Oficina del Censo Electoral’. This letter is informing you of your right to vote and facilitating your inclusion on the register. It gives you three ways to register on the census: fill in and sign the form enclosed in the letter and post it in the pre-paid envelope (no stamp needed), register online, or call into the council offices in your borough and register on the census. In the case of Adeje that office is the main citizen’s advice centre in the Town Hall on the Calle Grande, and you should bring your passport and your residency certificate with you. European citizens have until December 30th to register if they want to ensure they are included on the census for the local elections.

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country with a reciprocal voting agreement you can also register to vote, and the dates for you to do so are between January 1- 15th 2015. Those countries with the relevant agreement are Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Korea, Ecuador, Iceland, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru and Trinidad & Tobago. You will need to have lived here and registered as a resident for at least five years (three in the case of Norway) and proof of that can be obtained by certificate from the National Police.

The offices in Adeje are open to the public from Monday to Friday, 8am-2pm. Currently Britons represent the largest number of registered EU nationals on the Adeje padrón with over 6,200 followed by Italy, Germany and France.
EU Countries whose citizens are entitled to vote:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, The Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK

Countries with voting agreements:
Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Korea, Ecuador, Iceland, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru and Trinidad & Tobago

Alzheimer centre for Adeje


The Cabildo, Adeje council and the AFATE association have cooperated to open this centre which will be based in the Los Menores cultural centre

Aurelio Abreu, the Tenerife councillor for welfare, health and dependency with the Tenerife Cabildo, alongside the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the president of AFATE, the association for family members with Alzheimer’s disease and other senile dementias, Manuel Ángel Hernández Garcia, have visited the centre which will home the day care centre for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The unit will be based in the Los Menores Cultural Centre, use of which has been ceded by the Adeje council.

During the visit other members of the AFATE association were also present, as well as experts from the Cabildo and the Adeje councillors for social services and the elderly, Amada Trujillo Bencomo and Carmen Rosa González Cabrera respectively.

The project is an initiative of the Cabildo and will be part of the island-wide network of social services, hand in hand with the AFATE association and those councils that have expressed an interest in taking part. The Adeje centre is currently being improved to meet the needs of the new service. Once open the unit which will care for those with mild-moderate levels of dementia and will have three qualified professionals in the centre from 9am to 1pm Monday – Friday caring for up to 30 residents of the borough. As well as offering professional attention for those who are ill, the unit will also offer family services and support. Interested families can request inclusion through the offices for senior citizens in the Adeje Cultural Centre even though age will not be a factor in the allocation of places.

The Adeje mayor expressed his satisfaction with the initiative “which will meet a real need in our society, and give our residents in Adeje a resource that is important and essential. Alzheimer’s disease is a concern not just for the patient but for families of that patient and now we can count upon professionals who can assist in the control of the illness and assistance for families, freeing them somewhat from the pressures which they often find themselves under and offering professional advice on treatment.” The mayor added that the council have also scheduled a meeting with the Adeje health centre to inform them of the imminent service which they will also be able to use in referrals.

According to the Cabildo councillor Aurelio Abreu, “the Adeje project will be part of the island-wide social services network which we in the Cabildo are helping to install. These are services which, until now, were only available in the city zone. With this programme we have the chance to create 14 centres throughout the entire island, which is a source of enormous satisfaction. For the 2,500 people on the waiting list for care, AFATE has found this intermediate solution which are these centres which can help families.

Aurelio Abreu also mentioned “the magnificent work that the Adeje Social Services is doing, and Adeje was actually one of the boroughs most interested in requesting insertion into this island-wide network. We will now be able to expand the services on offer in the Adeje to attend to illness such as Parkinson’s, those who are deaf, who need assistance in learning sign language, etc”.

The technical director of AFATE, Inmaculada Rodríguez, said she was delighted with the Adeje installations; “this is a marvellous centre and the council have done all that is needed to adapt the space to meet the required needs and we hope that shortly we can being to use it for that purpose. Our team is ready, and we are beginning to contact families here and any family that would like to avail of the service can ask to be included now”.

She added, “this unit will be geared towards those who have any kind of dementia in low to moderate stages. We won’t just treat persons with dementia but also anyone who is suffering from mild cognitive impairment who might currently find themselves in limbo, with no one to turn to. We are here to help and to, where possible, avoid in the medium term that their condition progresses to dementia.

The director of AFATE said that “we want to stress that this is an integrated service as we are attending to persons in all aspects that are relevant – physical, mental, using physiotherapy, logopedia, psychology, occupational therapy and basic care and attention. We also will be working with families with assistance and information as well as home and centre-based assessment.”