The census makes sense!

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You only have a few days left to make sure that you are on the electoral roll if you want to vote in next year’s local elections?

Maybe you think it’s not up to you to elect the next local government, it a ‘Spanish’ matter – but if you are living here, registered here on the ‘padrón’, paying taxes here and are raising a family or running a business here, it is your concern and you do have a say – but only if you register on the census before December 30th.

If you are an EU citizen you can vote in the local elections here in May 2015, but you must be over 18, be on the padrón and have actively indicated your wish to vote. And remember, being on the padron/resident register and the census are two separate things, and must be signed separately. If you have lived here for a while, and have not voted in previous European or local elections, chances are you are not on the census. To get yourself on just take your passport and residency certificate (originals) to the Adeje Town Hall, go to the information desk in the front, and tell them you wish to register on the census. There is usually someone there who speaks English and the process is free, quick and painless, and will ensure that you have the right to vote next year.

The offices in Adeje are open to the public from Monday to Friday, 8am-2pm. Currently Britons represent the largest number of registered EU nationals on the Adeje padrón with over 6,200 followed by Italy, Germany and France.

A happier Christmas!

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Cruz Roja and Adeje council donate 20 family boxes which include Christmas fare

20 Adeje families received Christmas boxes from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in conjunction with the Adeje council this week.

These were boxes specially prepared for families in need at this time of year, with Christmas-based food products as well as some basic dietary staples. The donations were made as part of the on-going social services aid programme which is dedicated to helping those most in need throughout the year.

Present at the delivery, which took place in the Adeje Cultural Centre, were the Adeje councillor for social welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo and volunteer members of the Red Cross.

For her part, the councillor thanked the Cruz Roja for all the social assistance projects they are operating in the Adeje borough, and said that she was delighted that Christmas continues “to bring out the best in all of us”. She said these boxes “are of great help to the families here today and the council of Adeje is delighted to continue to work with the Cruz Roja in their work reaching out to the most vulnerable in our society”.

@marmesis Costa Adeje Instagram winner

Winner marmesis

The 12 best photographs will feature in the promotional desk calendar for 2015

The winner of the Costa Adeje Instagram photography competition is @marmesis. The competition was hosted by the Adeje tourism department to promote the Costa Adeje destination and saw hundreds of photographs posted on Instagram. The winning picture was taken by Juan J. Martín Trujillo (@marmesis), who wins a Go Pro 4, with second and third place winners, Auxi Rodríguez (@auxi25)and J. Enrique M. (@kikemenlu) each win a weekend in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace and Jardín Tropical hotels.

The competition was launched last month and, according to the Adeje tourism councillor Rafael Dolado García, “it also gave a platform to our Instagram followers who upload hundreds of photographs to our page on a daily basis and are a very important part of the promotion of the destination”. He added that the competition had been a great success and over 560 photographs had been submitted with the jury ((Mark Fradley from Ten Diez, Nayra Rojas, from the Instagram @canariasgrafias account and members of the Adeje council). whittling that down to a final 12 all of which will feature in the 2015 Costa Adeje calendar.

The three winning photographs were chosen by Instagram users using the ‘like’ option combined with jury selection.

second auxi25 third-04 kikemenlu

Estimates: Job creation and social welfare 2015 priorities

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The mayor paid tribute to the high local tax and rates compliance as important to the borough’s welfare

Meeting all the requirements of the Canarian Financial Fund as well as the two economic adjustment payment plans means that the Adeje council is in a position to increase budget estimates for 2013 by 5.86%. The mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga presented the annual estimates alongside the councillor for tax and finance Epifanio Díaz Hernandez and the local government spokesperson Adolfo Afonso Ferrera, the day before they were presented to the council for ratification.

The Adeje council budget estimates for 2015 calculated income at just over €89 million, a 5.86% on 2014, and a spending plan of just over €83 million, an increase of 4.49% on last year, “which allows us to continue to maintain and improve on basic services such as cleaning, lights, water etc, without touching any of the other services which we also see as essential, such as sports, culture and education”, explained the mayor.

He continued, “the healthy economic state of the council, as a result of the good financial management carried out in recent years, allows us meet all the targets of the Canarian Financial Fund, and we have also met the adjustment targets and reduced public debt by €14 million”. The mayor underlined “the importance part Adeje’s residents have played in their high level of compliance in paying local rates and taxes, with 88% of residents fulfilling their financial requirements voluntarily. This is hugely important and we also take it as a vote of confidence from our citizens in the way we are managing the public funds”.

While all areas will see some increase in spending, the mayor repeated that the areas of job creation (18%), social services (10.92%) tourism (7.24%) will benefit in particular with an overall increase in investment of 114%.

Rodriguez Fraga said that “for us it is fundamental and irrevocable that we concentrate on the creation of jobs as the main weapon in overcoming the financial crisis for many families. The second measure in this battle is the assistant we can offer, which will also see increased investment.” Regarding the increase in monies for tourism, he said that some of this would be used early in the new year to fund the project to reposition Costa Adeje in the international market place and “reinforce and strengthen this tourist destination which is the economic motor of the region”.

Responding to questions from journalists the mayor said that “we will continue to work with social commitments made as we believe it is absurd to separate social problems from the administrations which best know the local problems, in other words the councils”. In this regard he criticised the “fixation of the national government with councils…the councils are the bodies that are meeting their deficits, we are the best administrators of public money and the bodies that are giving the best local services”.

Bus route changes

titsa change poster
Bus route changes to the 471/472/473 lines among others will be introduced from tomorrow, Saturday December 13th, and should, according to public bus company TITSA, “improve the effeciency of the service and meet the needs of residents”.
The changes to the above mentioned routes will, hopefully, make journeys simpler for passengers. In effect the 472 (Los Cristianos-Playa Paraiso-Callao Salvaje) will now be the 471 and no longer stop in Callao Salvaje. That village will now have a dedicated line, the 473, which will cover the Los Gigantes – Adeje – Los Cristianos route and always stop in Callao Salvaje but not in Playa Pariaso. In other words each village will have a dedicated, simplified and more direct service.

As the attached poster shows, to travel to Los Gigantes passengers on the 471 can transfer to the 473 in Armeñime.
Other changes will affect the 467 (Costa Adeje-Los Cristianos-Las Galletas), with changes in frequency of the journies, the 483, 470 and the 035 routes. The company says all the changes are now online (, posted at relevant bustops or people can call 922531300 during office hours.

The Pink Wave is almost ready to roll

carrera por la vida (9)



“It brings more than a touch of humanity to a tourist zone”

Details were announced this morning of the 10th Walk for Life/Carrera por la Vida at a press conference in the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre where the mayors of Adeje and Arona and representatives from the Spanish Cancer Association and Amate joined the movement’s founder, Brigitte Gypen at the top table to announce final details of this year’s walk.

The walk, which Brigitte hopes “will bring together 3,000 people this year”, takes place on Sunday December 14th starting at 10.30am from the CC City Centre in Playa de Las Américas in Arona, with participants walking a bit further this year, to the Plaza de San Sebastián in La Caleta. Both the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and of Arona, Francisco José Niño congratulated Brigitte on her decade-long work in setting up and continuing this event which raises much needed funds for both cancer research and to help cancer sufferers and their families. Both mayors also spoke of the unifying nature of the walk, and Brigitte herself said there are participants, both residents and tourists, from many different countries, who are looking forward to coming together to walk in unity.

alcalde calendario

The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga said “this is an event based on solidarity that brings together businesses, institutions, persons and organisations and also helps makes the issue a visible one. It also brings more than a touch of humanity to a tourist zone”. Arona’s mayor, Francisco José Niño said this was about more than uniting Arona and Adeje “this is about all of us, together”, promising this year we would see “a spectacular pink wave”.

As well as walking there will be events taking place both at the start of the walk and at the end, live music and entertainment, a steel drum band to keep the walking pace up, courtesy buses for those who might not manage the full distance, and many surprises along the way. Radio Sur Adeje will also host a live radio marathon based in the square in La Caleta during the morning – you can listen in locally on 107.9FM.

Each person who registers (do get there early to register please) will receive some ‘pink’ goodies, and more can be bought on the day, and you will also be given a ticket which will enter you into a draw with a host of super prizes including weekends in many fine hotels in South Tenerife as well as a Fred Olsen cruise. You can also fill in one of the ‘I am walking for……’ placards which allows you name a person or association that you are supporting if you like. Brigitte also reminded participants to ensure they have adequate sun cream and that there would be drinks and fruit along the way to refresh the walkers.

carrera por la vida (6) carrera por la vida (1) carrera por la vida (2)

Christmas ‘Cacharro’ crackers



The students of Adeje’s public infant and primary schools took to the ‘Cacharro’ competition with glee and gusto and over 300 different works, made from used tin cans, and other recycled household items, were presented in the council based competition. The works could be prepared by the whole family and had to have a Christmas theme.
The councillors for education and the environment, Andrés Pérez Ramos and Esther Rivero Vargas, respectively, handed out the prizes on Wednesday evening in the Adeje cultural centre, where the winning entries remain on display, and can be seen by the public from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm.

Pérez Ramos, the councillor responsible for the initiative, welcomed the many students and their families to the centre saying “this is a lovely display of co-existence for the Adeje together campaign. Harmonious co-existence is a very positive thing as well for our families, our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters…generational co-operation is one of the main objectives too of this competition. When these children are themselves adults and parents they can pass the tradition onto their own children. Its lovely to see that we have revived a tradition within a family setting which values the past as well as looking to the future of our borough.

And the winners are:
Valentina Peroni, from CEIP Armeñime, Gonzalo de León, from CEIP Tijoco Bajo, J. Leandro Vargas García, from CEIP Barranco Las Torres, Sara Morales Vargas from CEIP Los Olivos, Alejandro García Armenau, from CEIP Adeje casco and Michelle Bautista Camacho, from CEIP Fañabé. These were the first place winners from each school and received a voucher for school materials worth €40.

Second prize were vouchers for school materials worth €25 and were given to Ricardo Alonso García (Armeñime), Ubay Dorta Sánchez (Tijoco Bajo), Aleksander Jurjans (Barranco Las Torres), Ramón A. García Franco (Los Olivos), Daniel Barreto Dorta (Adeje casco) and Julia Aase (Fañabé).

Third place winners received a €15 school materials voucher. Sofía Katarina Melo Grützner (Armeñime), Luigi Felaco (Tijoco Bajo), Lie Li (Barranco Las Torres), Valery Arias Gallego (Los Olivos), Daniel Cheney Morales Plasencia (Adeje casco) and Nicholas Costanzo (Fañabé).

Some students also received a special mention from the jury as well as a diploma, and a book and were from Armeñime Walkiria Andrea Alfaro Plasencia, Teresa y Donate Cruz and Paula Cruz Gonzáles, from Tijoco Bajo Nerea Pérez Cabello, Acoidán Medina López and Carla Tarife Vargas, from the Barranco Las Torres school, Dakota Gil Ialorenzo,Oscar and Claudia Martín Linares and Nick André Schmitt and from Los Olivos Rania Chakkovz Atami, Nathan Iago Rodríguez Velor and Zahira López González.

Los Olivos Open Doors bring in many visitors

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAadeje centre discapacidad los olivos (14) adeje centre discapacidad los olivos (15)

The open day was held to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Over 300 people visited the Los Olivos Centre for the Disabled in Adeje during the ‘open door’ day marking International Day for Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd.

During the busy morning visitors were able to view first-hand the facilties available at the cnetre which cares for 181 people and enjoy the different events performed by local associations and groups based in Adeje. The councillor responsible for special needs persons, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, said, “opening the doors to the public in general is a way of showing the local community the kind of municipal resources available as well as helping break down barriers that may exist for those people with special needs. We firmly believe in working towards the incorporation of these people into society as a norm, and that they will actively participate too. For that reason we are working on a number of different projects with social integration as the primary aim for all ages”.

Among the groups who took part in the open day were the Dzamling Gar community who performed a number of Tibetan dances, and the Globalterapia association who gave a demonstration of canane therapy. The ‘Huerto Ocupacional El Viso de Arico’ gave a demonstration of adapted ‘palo’, a traditional guanche sport, and Ademi Tenerife wowed those present with an exhibition of wheelchair basketball. There were also information stands for the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) and the Tenerife Mental Health Association (ATELSAM).
The Adeje Centre for Persons with Disability

The Adeje Centre for Persons with Disability in Los Olivos opened its doors in 2005 co-financed by the council and the Fundación CajaCanarias. Among its primary aims are to encourage personal autonomy through education and work services. At the same time the council has spear-headed actions to develop policies of integration through education and work paying special attention to the rights and liberties due to persons with disabilities and working to improve the quality of thier lives and that of their families.

adeje centre discapacidad los olivos (8) adeje centre discapacidad los olivos (10) adeje centre discapacidad los olivos (13) adeje centre discapacidad los olivos (16) adeje centre discapacidad los olivos (12)

Ten Diez, moving art


“…Ten-Diez welcomes everyone, no matter how inexperienced, and provides a supportive network that encourages all members to pursue their passions.”
The current Ten Diez exhibition will run in the FIT – Factoría de Innovación Turística in the Adeje CDTCA complex until Friday December 5th.
The exhibition brings together a collections of locally based (though not necessarily born) artists in the third edition of the show, with the support of the Adeje council, and is considered one of the best platforms for showcasing up-and-coming talent in the field of fine art, sculpture, photography etc, as well as a space for established artists.

In the words of the organisers, “TEN-DIEZ brings together some of the region’s most exciting artistic talent, giving both complete beginners and more experienced artists a platform to showcase their work. In contrast with stereotypical elitist, closed circles of artists that are impossible to get into, Ten-Diez welcomes everyone, no matter how inexperienced, and provides a supportive network that encourages all members to pursue their passions”.
The councillor with responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, says it “is a fascinating space which brings together a range of artistic disciplines of excellent quality. Through previous editions we have been able to discover the wealth of artistic talent in Tenerife while also demonstrating how Adeje is becoming a reference point for the wider international artistic community.” The councillor was also keen to stress the welcome given to those showing for the first time,. “We welcome everyone to this event, regardless of past experience, as we fully understand that art, in whatever manifestation, can be adapted from many different points of view”.

During the inaugural session of the exhibition the organisers presented an award to the ‘best artist’ voted by his peers, Sergio Díaz, a passionate traveller who tells of his journeys through his photographs. Second placed Carlos Ortega, an interior designer, was also praised for his personal pieces.

During the week-long exhibition there are also a series of parallel workshops and art-based debates, master classes and round-table discussions. To end the week, at 8pm there will be a ceremony to name the winner in the FIT CANARIAS/TENERIFE NO LIMITS, photography competition, with the winner taking home a GoPro4 Black camera.

More information:

10 years of ‘blue pixies’!

adeje escuela infantile 10 años (8)

The Adeje municipal crèche, “Duendecillo Azul” (blue pixie) is ten years old and has cared for over 900 children in that time

The Adeje municipal crèche, the Duendecillo Azul (blue pixie) is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since opening its doors in 2004 this counci-operated creche has cared for 900 children from the borough. The councillor for education Andrés Pérez Ramos remarked, “in recent years crèches have become one of important resources for mothers and fathers working to build a family life”.

Congratulating the team from the Duendecillo Azul he said, “we are very pleased with the work that has been carried over the last ten years. During this time we have seen the social relevance that this school has in Adeje as a help to families. The council fully understand that to build a more equal future a number of basic pillars of society have to be in place, such as education, training and care for our young people”. He added that there have been many political initiatives which have underlined the importance of infants schools from the point of view of services and attention to young people, all of which have contributed to enhance the participation of women in the workplace.

“As well as assisting families, infant centres have also”, the councillor remarked”, played an increasingly important part in education. Today they are seen as much more than a helping hand for families and are now recognised as an active tool in promoting social equality. “ He said that many studies today emphasise the importance of access to pre-school care centres both for the development of the children as well as for the benefits those children will have when they enter the school system proper. • “Data shows that early schooling can improve academic performance. The principal determining factors continue to be social origins and the educational background the parents of each pupil. Taking into account the importance of this educative period, it would seem to be necessary to continue promoting the use of pre-schooling for all as a way of promoting and encouraging the entry of women into the workplace and the reduction of the existence of social distinctions”.

The idea to create a municipal crèche was first tabled in 1999 when the department of social services carried out a study on the need for a pre-school centre and a class was opened in Las Nieves (Los Olivos) to meet a growing demand from families. The council took the matter seriously and the next step was to open a full pre-school centre in the borough. The objective was to care for children between the ages of 0-3 months old and teach them. Since then the Duendecillo Azul has seen hundreds of local children pass through its doors.

The councillor praised the individuals who work in the centre. “From the beginning the people who work here have dedicated themselves to each and every child and it is a pleasure to see how they help and teach each individual. They are professionals and deserving of every respect for all they do”.

adeje escuela infantile 10 años (6) adeje escuela infantile 10 años (7) adeje escuela infantile 10 años (5) adeje escuela infantile 10 años (4) adeje escuela infantile 10 años (3) adeje escuela infantile 10 años (1)