Roxy, the ‘Voz’ of Adeje

“Did she pick Malu, did she pick Malu?” The question that was paramount on the morning after Roxy Rosario’s blind audition on La Voz from my eager young offspring?
First of all, I was totally taken aback that she knew who the judges were! (“Of course I know mum, it’s La Voz, I would pick Malu if it was me..”), and secondly I was still reeling from the blow-away power of the voice of Adeje’s latest La Voz participant Roxy who had three of the four judges turning around before she finished the first note of her song – and No, she didn’t pick Malu, she picked Alejandro Sanz.
Last week I had the privilege and pleasure to meet Roxy as she called into the English Time radio programme to chat about here experience on the programme and life as a working singer here too. Being on La Voz was, she said, “the second biggest thing that had ever happened to her after the birth of my child”.
So, how did she feel, when she finally got on stage to sing in the blind audition, after all the nerves, the waiting, the hoping, and of course the singing, when the first judge turned around….”I was soo so happy – but you have to keep singing”, she said. And of course she has dreamt of this moment, “but you also worry…what if they don’t turn around?”. But they did, three out of the four, and as any fan of the programme (same format as The Voice) knows, they then vie to get the singer into their team, so Roxy had to chose – and despite the fact that she loves the aforementioned Malu, she went with her hero Alejando Sanz.
Roxy’s first contact with La Voz was actually the result of a video sent, without her knowledge , to the organisers, and from there three auditions to this stage, and now she is off to the next round, the battle round, where she will be singing against other members of her team.
From Curaçao, the Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, Roxy travelled a bit and was based in the Greek islands before arriving here a number of years ago. She landed in Gran Canaria but three months later says “it didn’t’ happen, so I said ‘let’s try Tenerife and that was seven years ago”. Like many emigrants she chose Adeje as her new home… “it really is a special town”. and has been a favourite on the circuit here in South Tenerife for a number of years.
Roxy has also been fine-tuning her voice with Rosa in the Adeje school of music and dance, “She’s just great, she is helping me with every aspect of my singing”, and of course the people in La Voz are probably wondering what kind of magic is at work given the calibre of singers (Ainhoa Aguilar a year ago, and now Roxy) we are sending them.
“It has changed my life already…it’s nice but kind of weird when people stop me on the street and they’re bombing me every second with messages online, it’s amazing”, says Roxy. She is also a great inspiration to others and encouraging lots more people to follow their dream. “It doesn’t matter if they laugh at you today, maybe tomorrow you’ll be laughing at them”.
Follow Roxy’s adventures on La Vox, online, on Facebook, or with us. We all wish her the best of luck in the next rounds and know she will do us soo proud.

Happy Mother’s Day Madre!

dia de la madre 2015

Promoting local commerce
Adeje council’s department of economic development and in conjunction with the alternative training programme, PFAE Convive Adeje, has developed a programme of activities designed to promote local commerce, in 2015. Among the campaigns is this Sunday’s (May 3rd) celebration of Spanish Mother’s Day.

The borough’s commercial sector is actively participating in the campaign, with promotions, discounts, special offers, in various shops, bars, cafes and restaurants throughout the town, with over 80 local companies taking part.
In parallel with this promotion the department has designed a programme throughout the week with a series of activities in different points throughout the borough, including the parque César Manrique in La Postura, the Callao Salvaje plaza, the playground in La Caleta, and finally the playground in Tijoco-La Hoya on Saturday May 2nd with a day of activities for all the family, starting at 10am.

If you are buying for your mother this Mother’s Day, you are encouraged to spend locally and keep Adeje businesses working.

Rhymes and reason in Adeje

feria del libro (2)

Books, flowers, poetry recitals and workshops, all part of the XIII Adeje Book Fair
The Adeje council via the departments of libraries, education, heritage and economic development, under councillors Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, Andres Pérez Ramos and Ermitas Moreira García, have organised the XIII Book and Flower trade fair which will also see a number of book signings, theatrical presentations, and flower sales points. The fair takes place from April 23rd to 27th in the car park of the Municipal School of Music and Dance (EMMA) and the Adeje Cultural Centre.

The organisers say that with these types of activities they want to achieve a number of things including encouraging people to read more. In parallel they hope the fair will help book shops and florists from a sales points of view, and also help writers to promote their work.

Activities start at 10am on Thursday April 23rd in the Adeje Cultural Centre with storytelling and a puppet show. At 7pom that evening El Fausto, a new book by Luis J Velasco Quintana will be launched, and the exhibition, Cuéntame un cuento: Arte Sano San Juan will be opened.

On Friday April 24th the fair in the EMMA parking opens at 10am with a visit from local school children. During the day there will be storytelling, theatre, puppet shop and a book launch at 7pm with the presentation of Era cierta la vida después del divorcio, by Eusebio Marrero. The day ends with a performance at 8.30pm by soloists from the EMMA.

On Saturday activities kick off at 10.30 and continue throughout the day, with a public signing of a ‘Manifesto Mas Cultura’ at 12.30pm and the presentation of two books, Apostol, by Manuel Pérez Cedrés and Dos días al año by Laura Delgado González. The evening ends with the IV Shared Verse event at 8.30pm. In the Cultural Centre at 9pm that evening local singer Maria Herrera will also launch her debut album, Memories which features a selection of original songs in English.

In parallel and during the week, a number of businesses in Adeje are running promotional campaigns offering discounts to encourage local trading and shopping.

(For a full listing of events and readings (in Spanish) see

Sunday pilgrimage marks start of Lustrum year

adeje-rogativa Virgen de La Encarnación (2)


Rogations are days of prayer in Western Christianity and Lustrums were five –year periods in ancient Rome

The traditional Rogation of the Virgin de La Encarnación taking place this Sunday 19th of April opens the III Lustrum year. The procession, carrying the statue of the Virgin of the Incarnation, will set out from the Santa Úrusla Church in Adeje town at 9am with pilgims accompanying her to the hermitage of San Sebastián in La Caleta, the first home of the revered Virgin. This procession has been taking place in Adeje for over 300 years.

Every year the Adeje faithful stand by a promise made generations ago and at the same time celebrate the coming together of the people of the town, walking across the old path to accompany the statue and after mass spending time together in the plaza of San Sebastián.

According to the Adeje department of culture this year they are expecting a high number of pilgrims and there will be local security on hand to assist if anyone needs it. Among those who will be carrying the statue along the way will be the Porteadores de la Virgin and the Mujeres Adejeras con la Virgin, who take part every year and are an integral part of the event today.

adeje-rogativa Virgen de La Encarnación (3)

The walk takes up to four hours to complete with a number of stops along the way where there will be musical, poetic and liturgical interventions. The first will be at the Adeje Cemetery, where those who are no longer with us will be remembered. Following on, the walkers will cross the bridge over the motorway (expect minor traffic delays if you are driving at this time), and carry on to the Portón de la Virgin, through the stone arches near the police station, where there will be another stop.

The third break will be at La Era where walkers can also rest for a while before the last stretch of the walk which will see the statue received by Saint Sebastian, the other patron saint of the zone. The two statues enter the church together where mass will be celebrated. Following mass the official proclamation of the start of the Lustrum Year will take place. The statue of the Virgin will return to Adeje later that afternoon.

As with many of Adeje’s religious festivals this is also a family event, open to everyone, resident and visitor, to take part. Remember to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, use an appropriate sun block and take water with you.

adeje-rogativa Virgen de La Encarnación (4)

The origins of the event
The Rogation is a tradition which began in the 16th century when Pedro de Ponto removed the statue of the ‘Virgen de La Encarnación’ from the San Sebastián hermitage to Santa Ursula to protect her from marauding pirates. However the residents weren’t completely happy with the decision and promised that once a year she would return to her original home. The tradition has persisted over the hundreds of years, with the people of Adeje also using the event to make promises to their patron saint if she protected them from plagues, illness, famines, as listed in the Book of Miracles of Our Lady of the Incarnation, which can be viewed in the Adeje parish archives.

adeje-rogativa Virgen de La Encarnación (1)

Sports & music weekend mix

adeje sports poster

Concerts, family Olympics, fun and leisure activities and lots of prizes throughout the weekend

This weekend Adeje council has organised Adeje Sport Music, a diverse two-day event on Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th.
One of the headline events will be the family Olympics where teams of four, adults and children, will take on a series of challenges on Saturday, starting at 10am. Top prize is a weekend (half board) in the Warner Park in Madrid, courtesy of Halcon Viajes, as well as more some amazing prizes for the winning teams.

There is a huge range of events and open sporting activities taking place over the two days, among them a Rio challenge, with participants on linked exercise bikes hoping to clock up, between them, the 6,345 kilometres that separate Adeje and Rio de Janeiro, where the summer Olympics will be held next year. The bicycles will be in the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development (CDTCA) with a kilometre counter linking all the machines.

Events kick off on Friday with a sports fair in the CDTCA followed the traditional Adeje school of music and dance Spring concert which will feature, among others, a performance by Roxy Rosario, who is currently appearing on La Voz (The Voice, Telecinco). This will be only a part of the 12 hours of sporting events taking place in both the CDTCA and surrounds, with spinning, Tai chi, yoga, games, health-related workshops, zumba, as well as bouncy castles for kids, etc.

The day draws to a close with a series of performances from the borough’s groups including the Tenerife Tigers, the EMMA dancers, the Capeoira Camugeré, the Hindu society and the Romanian Association followed by a prize giving ceremony.
Friday April 17

17:00h a 20:30h Sports Fair with company stands. CDTCA.

18:30h. Drug prevention workshop. CDTCA.

20:30h. Concert. CDTCA

Saturday April 18

09:00h a 10:00h. Master Classes inTai chi and Yoga. CDTCA.

09:00h a 10:00h. Register for Family Olympics. CDTCA.

10:00h a 13:00h. FAMILY OLYMPICS. Games zone, El Galeón

11:00h a 12:00h. Spinning Master Class Spinning. Avenida Palo Mayor

13:30h a 16:00h. Break.

17:00h. Health eating workshop. CDTCA.

16:00h a 19:00h. Children’s workshops El Galeón sports pavilion.

17:00h a 20:00h. Bouncy castles. Football grounds.

18:00h a 19:00h. Spinning Master Class. Avenida Palo Mayor.

19:00h a 20:30h. Zumba Master Class, El Galeón Sports Pavilion.

20:00h a 21:00h. Performances by dance groups on stage in the grounds of the CDTCA Traditional Russian, Tenerife Tigers, EMMA Dance troupe, Capoeira Camugeré collective, Hindu Community, Romanian Association, etc.

21:00h. Closing ceremony and prize giving).

Adeje’s water on tap!

laboratorio municipal conmtropl agua Adeje (3)

In 2014 100 % of all water samples tested were approved for human consumption

The Adeje Municipal Laboratory, under the department of health locally, has released data alongside its annual report which emphasises the “important improvements in the quality of water in Adeje”. Adeje continues to be borough with the second highest number of tap water controls in the Canaries, just behind Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The report underlines that during the whole of 2014 not one single result showed that the water wasn’t meeting all the required standards. Altogether the laboratory carried out 236 analysis of consumer tap water. “Control of the quality of tap waters is a top priority for the Adeje council, as is meeting all the require standards and following the national and regional laws designed to guarantee that water from the taps is apt for consumption, healthy and clean for the people”, the report states. The excellent data is also a direct result of on-going inversion in the waterworks by the council and the water provision service, Aqualia Entemanser, in both the allocation of new installations such as the desalination plant in La Caleta.

The municipal laboratory continues to abide by the Royal Decree 140/2003 which regulates levels of smell, colour, turbidity, conductivity, ph., ammonia, coliform bacteria, e.coli, copper, nickel, iron, chlorine, etc. As well as these indicators, the lab also carries out tests on the water in different channels to determine levels of boron and chlorides.

laboratorio municipal conmtropl agua Adeje (4)

Regarding conductivity the tests show a marked improvement since 2008 with levels now below 1000 s/cm, which is considered to be a medium-high level of mineralisation. In Adeje in 2014 the level of water in home taps was, on average, at 250-700 s/cm.

Just over half of the samples tested were taken from private homes and the rest from installations and public buildings or commercial centres. Currently Adeje has 30 supply points, the most concentrated in the Las Torres zone supplying over 26,000 homes. Over three quarters of Adeje’s residents use water from a combination of sources – dams, water galleries, and desalination plants, with the remainder getting their water exclusively from dams and water galleries. And on-going improvements should see a series of improvements to current installations alongside the Aqualia-Entemanser company to homogenise water quality throughout the borough.

Fresh food and much more


Art and recycling at the Farmers Market this Wednesday

As part of the series of parallel events to mark Wednesday openings at the Adeje Farmers Market, there will be a workshop tomorrow (Wednesday April 8th), titled ‘La Ruleta de Reciclaje’ (The Recycling Roulette).

The objective of this week’s activity is to encourage an awareness of the need for environmental care and the importance of proper treatment of rubbish. Alongside the workshop there will be a stand from the Canarian Green and Sustainable Environmental association who are co-sponsors of this week’s workshop with the council.


Other activities will include making bracelets, flowers, etc from recycled materials, in particular recycling plastics.

There are more activities planned during the months of April and May, giving customers and those involved in the Farmers Market yet another reason to visit on Wednesdays. Both of this week’s activities are sponsored by ECOEMBES (the non-profit national organisation charged with recycling) and are open to the public.

10,000 in Adeje for La Pasión

la pasion3


The event was broadcast live nationally on TV España
According to organisers about 10,000 people attended the XIX edition of the live representation of La Pasión yesterday, April 3rd on the Calle Grande in Adeje. The event was also broadcast live in the Canaries TV España, and viewers could also follow the event via online streaming, or listen on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9fm or Radio Nacional España.

Over 300 people took part in the event, the majority of them residents of Adeje, who played the parts of the many who followed Jesus of Nazareth during the last days of his life. The staging of La Pasión was overseen, as always, by the Adeje department of culture, under councillor for culture Nayra Medina Bethencourt and Laura Marrero, the department’s artistic director.

la pasion2

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, also took part in the event and afterwards took time to congratulate the 300+ cast and crew. “Without you this would not happen, there would be no Passion Play in Adeje”, he told them. He continued, “we are not just showing the world another side of Adeje the tourist destination, we are showing a people who love and treasure their traditions, and a people who are capable of taking on any project, no matter how ambitious, and seeing it through sucessfully when we all put our minds to it.

“Every year The Passion generates new feelings and emotions for us, we see things with fresh eyes, deep sentiments are reawoken, that are much more than our religious beliefs or thoughts”.
la pasion4
This theatrical work began at 12 noon with the entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. The town was recreated on the Calle Grande with a market typical of the era, with food, animals – goats, horses, falcons, snakes, doves…. The crowd also joined in the chorus of Hosanna at the entrance of Jesus, played by José Antonio López, who has played the part for a number of years.

Following the entrance the focus shifted to The Last Supper in the plaza Cruz del Llano, followed by a meeting of Jesus with Mary Magdalene, played by Ainhoa Aguilar, a student in the municipal School of Music and Dance (EMMA) and a recent contestant on Spain’s version of The Voice. The music served to build the emotion of the scenes, and was composed for the representation by the school of music, under the direction of Juan Carlos Coronado.

The scene in the Garden of Gethsemane saw Jerusalem asleep and the kiss from Judas, who subsequently takes his own life wracked with guilt, betraying Our Lord. La Pasión then took the action to Pontius Pilate and Claudia (played by Raúl de Castro Soriano, a student in the Adeje Municipal Theatre School, Teatro UPA and María Herrera Bethencourt, a student at the EMMA), and to the palace of Herod and Herodias (played by professional actor Nacho Almenar Vera and Adeje Theatre and UPA student Nuria Mariscal). On Jesus’ return to Pontius Pilate the audience also had a chance to see the meeting between Jesus and St John (Agoney Hernández, EMMA) and the song expressing the suffering of Christ and the unconditional love of the apostle for his Lord.

Tears among participants and spectators were in evidence as Jesus was whipped and beaten and began the walk to Calvary, with the slope of the Calle Grande in Adeje towards the Plaza España lending to the realistic imagery presented.

Wearing his crown of thorns, the audience saw a bloodied Jesus Christ, in pain, falling and suffering on his way to be crucified. His mother, the Virgin Mary, played by Ana Oneida Borges, Adeje resident, accompanied him and offered words of comfort. On his way he, as was written, meets Verónica who cleans his face with a cloth.

Jesus continued on his cross-bearing way, visibly weakening, falling three times in all, until he arrives to the Plaza. The solemnity of the crucifixion was observed by the thousands present, with Jesus crying out “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” as the nails were driven into his hands. And finally, “into your hands I commend my spirit”, and with his death the Virgin Mary gave a heartfelt emotive speech on the passing of her only son.

Once the representation was over the procession took place with the Fallen Christ brought to the Church of Santa Ursula Martír. This statue is from the 20th century, and was acquired by the Hermandad del Santisimo.

As well as the change in the direction of the overall staging, towards the Plaza España, a number of other changes this year were improvements in the stages for Herod and Pilate, with new costumes and additional props in the Jerusalem market, creating a more realistic atmosphere.

Dances from both students from EMMA as well as those from Beanky Ballet also added to the colour of the event. The participation of the EMMA musical department has also been vital, with original songs and compositions incorporating some traditional Canarian musical themes and instruments – the timple, cháracas, the drum, airs and dances add to creating the atmosphere of the era.

During the busy event there were no incidents reported to the special security detail in place for the duration of La Pasión. Organisers expressed their delight at the success of this year’s representation and congratulated all those who took part not forgetting those who work tireless backstage as well, on an event that has achieved a huge cultural standing in Adeje, inviting them all to return to take part in 2015.

Many who were present in the audience will have already uploaded photographs and videos online at #pasiondeadeje2015.

la pasion1

Main Cast: Jesús (José Antonio López Delgado), Simon Peter (Gonzalo Delgado Ferrera),
Judas Iscariot (Balta Isla), Caifás (Francisco Javier Rodríguez del Toro), Anás (Juan Esteban Bravo), Nicodemo (Santi Cano), Centurian (Laudi), Pontias Pilate (Raúl De Castro Soriano), Claudia (María Herrera Bethencourt), Mary (Ana Oneida), Mary Magdelene (Ainhoa Aguilar), María de Cleofás (Milagros), John (Agoney Hernández), Santiago (Francis Méndez Trujillo), Thomas (Pepe Aquino Suárez), Andrew (Manuel Pérez Ramos), Mathew (Epifanio Díaz), Simon (David Pérez), Judas Tadeo (Jesús Manuel Álvarez Marichal), Philip (Florencio Javier), Santiago el de Alfeo (Sergio Vargas), Bartolomé (Pepe Esquivel), Herod (Nacho Almenar), Herodias (Nuria Mariscal Cervós) and the devil (Víctor Herrera).

Farmers market Wednesday opening


From yesterday, April 1st, the market is open on Wednesdays as well as the regular weekend opening hours

Yesterday, April 1st, the Adeje Farmers Market welcomed hundreds of visitors during its first weekday opening. From this date the market, which first opened to the public six years ago, will open every Wednesday, from 4pm – 8pm as well as continuing its regular weekend slots, 8am – 1.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

To mark the extra day, throughout the month of April the Adeje council have also organised a series of activities on Wednesdays in the market, with a jam making workshop yesterday. Other workshops during the month will feature tastings, a shopping basket raffle, flower arranging, cup-cake making, and healthy eating as well as bouncy castles for the younger visitors.


Since the market opened to the public it has been a success among the resident population as well as visitors, with an average of 2,500 people shopping there every weekend. Given the interest, the council carried out a questionnaire a number of months ago asking shoppers if they would be interested in a weekday opening. The positive response was overwhelming and was mirrored by those working in the restaurant sector that use the market to purchase their fresh fruit and vegetables to use in preparing their dishes, given the consistent high quality of the produce.

DSC_3019 DSC_3022

The council then consulted with sellers and suppliers who have stalls in the market to pick the weekday that would best suit them as well as the day on which they would have sufficient produce to sell to the public.

Today the Farmers Market has also expanded the kind of produce on sale, meeting the needs of the many different international communities living in Adeje, as well as stalls selling local wines, cheeses, eggs, ecological and conventional produce, flowers, honeys and some meat products, cakes and biscuits.

Furthermore, the council has approved a number of modifications to the orders regulating the market which is offered as a public service. Some of the changes will see a more efficient relationship between the council and those seeking to operate a stall in the market as well as improving the inspection service by the council and visits to the farms where products for sale are produced. The inspections will cover transport and sales operations to guarantee good practise and minimise the use of non-renewable energy sources.

DSC_3028 DSC_3014 DSC_2957

The greatest story every told: The Passion of Jesus Christ


Channel 2, Television Española will broadcast Adeje’s La Pasión live Friday April 3rd


This Good Friday, April 3rd, Adeje council, through the department of Culture, with councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt at the helm, present the greatest story ever told – the Passion of Jesus Christ – staging the last days and death of Jesus of Nazareth.  The event will be broadcast live on Channel 2, TVE (Television España), on the local radio station, Radio Sur Adeje, 107.98fm, Radio Nacional España and and live streaming via


Councillor Medina Bethencourt commented, “more than 300 people will be taking part as amateur actors in the staging of the story, the vast majority of them people from different parts of the borough who sign up year after year to take part in what is an important element of our local culture”.


For the third year running the scene of the crucifixion will be in the Plaza España.  The councillor noted that “with the change of location and stages, which we did for the first time two years ago we achieved the desired affect, which was to create a panoramic setting  for the final setting which we get with the Plaza, the church, the Convento and the Barranco del Infierno as a backdrop”.  There is also more room for the public to watch the final scene of La Pasión with the change to the Plaza.


The councillor remarked that La Pasión is a major event for Adeje, “the people of the borough feel very much that this is their event, and return to participate year after year.  This year we have more than 300 people taking part in this important international event, something very different, very unique.


“As well as the participation of local residents there are other groups and individuals from other parts of the island who will be here, from the north, from the island capital, or the many who come from other towns and villages to play their part”.


Regarding the live broadcast of the event, Medina Bethencourt said that it was “an amazing showcase to the world, an excellent promotional tool and gives added value to the destination, a classic ‘sun and beach’ one, but a place that, with events of this quality, stands out in the tourism market place and offers the tourist something different, something more..”


Changes in 2015


The most notable changes this year are in the Herod and Pontius Pilate staging areas, costumes, and some upgrades to the Jerusalem marketplace, recreating the ambiance of the era.  The participation of the Municipal School of Music and Dance as Herod’s dancers is noteworthy and new too will be the dance performed by the Beanky Ballet on the stage where the Last Supper will take place. The script has also been changed and is more intense.  All of the music is also written by members of the Municipal School of Music and Dance (EMMA), incorporating some traditional Canarian musical themes and instruments – the timple, cháracas, the drum, airs and dances.


The whole of the Calle Grande, from the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano to the Plaza España, will be a stage dressed to resemble the time of Our Lord, with plants, cloths, sculptures and alters, etc.   And in the staging area with live farm animals the backdrop resembles the Canarian countryside.


During and afterwards, for those following the event, they can upload their photographs and videos to #pasionadeje2015, helping give the event greater visibility.   The council also reminds those who are planning to attend the event to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, bring water, a sun hat and wear adequate sun cream, and make sure children are well protected.  Do follow the instructions of the local police and civil protection units who are there to ensure everyone’s safety and don’t cross the temporary barriers erected to keep the streets clear for the act itself.


Security during the event will be provided by a group of Adeje local police, members of the civil protection unit and civil protection volunteers and the voluntary Adeje fire brigade.