Siam Park hosts Miss Sur hopefuls


The 22 candidates vying for the Miss Sur 2015 title were in Siam Park this week for a formal presentation. They lined up beside local authorities and the park’s newest attraction, “SINGHA”, with a few even taking the opportunity later to try out the new ride which can reach speeds of up to 18 metres per second…

During the presentation the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “Miss Sur is  different from other contests of this kind as it also serves to promote the modern image of South Tenerife and reflects growing interest in relevant sectors such as fashion and performance…this is more than a show that seeks to judge on looks, the young women represent young people today, dynamic young women who are studying, who are working in their chosen fields. Miss Sur offers them a host of opportunities as well, and during the run up to the gala they also find out more about the region and all the possibilities it has to offer”.


The mayor said that for that reason the competition was also scheduled to take place during the borough’s annual patronal festivities, as Adeje was a unique place where different perspectives come together for the benefit of all.

The Miss Sur gala will take place on Friday October 16 in the Plaza de España in Adeje, starting at 9.30pm, entry is free.

The 22 candidates are from the all over the south of Tenerife and represent councils and private businesses. They are Cindy López, Marta Alonso, Ayleen Hernández, Esmeralda Tacoronte, Andrea Cabral, Anabel Luis, Shakira García, Miren Litago, Natalia Llamas, Alejandra Armas, Noelia Paz, María Rosado, Alejandra Gil, Milagro Reyes, Daimara Ester Hernández, Victoria Domenech, Melani Expósito, Joana Alonso, Yaiza Valentín, Alba González, Andrea Renovell y Marta Dorta.


(Candidate profiles and photographs are available on and


Prioritising pedestrians

The council are also looking at the introduction of a bicycle  lane

The council are also looking at the introduction of a bicycle lane

Council to modify bylaws on footpaths and public spaces

Today at the monthly council session, the Adeje council are scheduled to vote on a series of measures to modify use of bicycles and motorised vehicles on pavements. According to councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos, with responsibility for transport, traffic and road safety, “we need to win back the use of footpaths and public places for pedestrians”. The council is also working on overall plan to redesign certain areas in a more modern and user-friendly style regarding transport.

“We are aware of the need to encourage sustainable transport in the borough and will introduce a series of exceptional measures and conditions which will regulate use of electric/motorised transport on footpaths”. He said that “the renting of all kinds of electronic apparatus for transport purposes has generated a problem and created dangers, including for those using them, and is a form of abuse for pedestrians, creating real risk situations, insecurity and problems for the public”.

To address this problem the council will be adopting a series of modifications to existing bylaws which regulate this activity to properly outline exactly where and under what conditions such machines can be used in public zones and in line with the vision and needs of Adeje’s tourist zones. “A tourist destination such as ours has to preserve and guarantee proper use of its public spaces allowing the public to use them in comfort and safety, and any activity that is to be authorised must be compatible with ensuring that they (the public spaces) are pleasant and safe for pedestrians.”

Pérez Ramos also said that the council are currently considering the introduction of a bicycle lane along the coast road to be integrated in the public zones in existence. “This will mean a leap forward in sustainable transport possibilities in the borough, in our form of mobility, and should see an increase in the sporting and leisure use of the bicycle in general”.

Arona and Adeje celebrate World Tourism day together


“A thousand million tourists, a thousand million opportunities”

This weekend Arona and Adeje celebrate a weekend of events to mark World Tourism day on Sunday September 27th. The activities will take place on Troya beach, a point where the two boroughs geographically meet. The objective is to emphasise, in the presence of the international community, the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.

Under the slogan, “A thousand million tourists, a thousand million opportunities” both councils have developed the programme through their respective tourism departments led by Ermitas Moreira García in Adeje and David Miguel Pérez González in Arona. The programme is designed to both preserve and heighten the relevance of tourism as the principal economic motor of the Canary Islands. All the events have been planned with the full co-operation of the Tenerife Cabildo via their department of employment, commerce, industy and economic development, led by Efraín Medina.

Adeje-Día del Turista (6)

Adeje tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira indicated that “during the planning of this event, which is of huge relevance for these tourist destinations, the three adminstrations (Adeje and Arona councils and the Cabildo) have worked well together, and the end result is very positive. With this programme we are working on the commitment we have to our citizens and the future of this industry”. She added that they would continue to look at co-hosting events and work towards a synergy between different administrations to increase effecience and guarantee a better service for society locally.

Arona tourism councillor David Pérez, noted the cooperation established with Costa Adeje and said, “we are celebrating this event with a wide programme of events and activities for tourists and residents.” He also thanked the Cabildo, Turismo de Tenerife and Ashotel, and FIT (the Factory for Tourism Innovation) for getting involved in the project, “taking part in meetings during the last month and showing their commitment and capacity to work together”. He added as well as celebrating World Tourism Day the event would also work to energise the Playa de Las Américas zone and to showcase local customs and traditions along the beaches of Arona and Adeje, with activities that will be in Spanish and English.
The activities will begin on Saturday September 26th at 10am, on Troya beach in both boroughs with representatives from all administrations taking part in the official visit, on World Tourism Day on Sunday, to the arts and crafts fair which will take place along the martime path by the beach.

Saturday 26th of September
Sandcastle competition, games, Canarian sports…
17:00 h. -22:00 h. CANARIAN DESIGN MARKET. Arts and Crafts, design and fashion, gastronomy tasting, workshops in Canarian dance, gofio, ceramics and mojo sauces, along the Troya beach maritime path.

20:00 h. -22:00 h. MUSICAL AND FOLKLORE PERFORMANCES. Adeje Folklore school group, singers, musical performances.

Sunday 27th of September
10:00 h. -22:00 h. CANARIAN DESIGN MARKET. Arts and Crafts, design and fashion, gastronomy tasting, workshops in Canarian dance, gofio, ceramics and mojo sauces, along the Troya beach maritime path.

Sandcastle competiton, Canarian sports.
20:00 h. -22:00 h. MUSICAL AND FOLKLORE PERFORMANCES. Adeje Folklore school group, singers, musical performances in the plaza of the Gala Commercial Centre.

Adeje marks World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day was on September 21st


The Adeje councillor for health protection and quality of life, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, underlined the commitment the Adeje council has to the Alzheimer unit in Los Menores Cultural Centre during a ceremony to mark World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21st.

During the day the councillor visited the unit which offers help and support to those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and senile dementia as well as their families. She met with the centre director, Alejandro San Blas, and detailed a number of on-going projects the council are working on in conjunction with AFATE (the association for families and sufferers of Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions), as well as promising to continue the good work that has been underway since the centre opened a year ago. Among future plans are a series of information workshops about Alzheimer’s, talks about early detection and possible improvements in quality of life for sufferers and their carers and families.


At the moment the centre attends to 11 persons (six women and five men) with the assistance of a qualified team trained in psychology, physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapies.

Tourism students adding to Adeje’s value


The intention is to ultimately introduce an international master’s degree in tourism that would attract European students to study here

At the opening of the new university year in Adeje, the rector of the University of La Laguna, Antonio Martinón and the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga spoke of their plans to improve the course offer and make Adeje an international reference point for tourism studies.

It’s only been three years since Adeje became the official University of La Laguna campus in South Tenerife, and the number of students taking this third level course in tourism has grown from 50 to the 123 who have just begun their four year course, but already the course is proving important to Adeje’s position as a world leader in this important market. The mayor told those gathered for the term’s official opening that the existence of the course gave the sector “a strategic importance, not just for Adeje but for Tenerife and the Canary Islands”. He said education was “key in the consolidation of a destination that wishes to be leader in the sector…the presence of the university here is a fundamental factor” in the future of the destination he continued, adding that “training plays an important part in future possibilities”.

The Adeje mayor told the rector that he could be guaranteed of the council’s support in developing the course further to ensure that the presence of the university gave “added value” to the local sector. And it makes sense that Adeje could be a top choice study destination for those who want to undertake tourism training at degree and master’s level. He also told those currently studying to take full advantage of the course and the location.


The university rector thanked the mayor and supported his intentions, adding that the existence of the campus in the south was the perfect example of collaboration between different institutions. “This is a project that meets the needs of the south of the island. Our wish is that the campus in the south will be strengthened and in the coming weeks we want to look ahead to see what other courses we can bring here. We are all aware of the key role tourism plays in the economic development of the island, in progress, and tourism also plays a part in promoting coexistence between the different regions and towns.” He added that the intention is to ultimately introduce an international master’s degree in tourism that would attract European students to study here, and in time Tenerife would become an international reference point for tourism studies in general.

Antonio Martinón urged private as well as public sector bodies to work together, to form an educational/employment pact, linking university education with social and political needs and realities. “From the universities’ point of view we are working to do much more than simply offer ideas, this isn’t just about reaching agreement about an educative system, but linking studies to the economic world today and employment needs. These islands have a high level of unemployment and all of us, and in particular those of us in the university, need to concentrate on finding ways of reducing this figure”.

Carolina Ramos will graduate this year, and is part of the first group to take up to the tourism course. She addressed the gathering too, representing the student body, saying “Adeje in in the tourism ‘Champions League’ …we want to prove that the students here in Adeje are prepared to meet the demands of the sector”. She acknowledged that when the course began a few years ago they did feel somewhat like ‘guinea pigs’ though they were proud to be at the forefront of a new project.

Also invited to address those present was the operations director for Iberostar Canaries and Cape Verde, Javier Muñoz Alegre. He said, “Tourism is a changing phenomenon which has to adapt itself to the wishes of visitors, which depends upon geo-political factors which can help or hinder, depending”. Tenerife, he said, had taken great strides in meeting three essential goals in modern tourism – hotel renovation, improvement of public zones and upgrading professional standards. However he said it was also important that public administrations were aware of the need to advance at the same pace as private investment.
Regarding the first group of professionals that would graduate from this course, he said they would be welcomed by all sectors. “Tourism is a complex sector demanding increasingly higher levels of professionalism underlined by the high expectations of the clients”.


Yield to safety!

avenida los pueblos

The aim of the plan is to improve road safety throughout the borough

The Adeje council, via the department of transport, traffic and road safety under councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos, is introducing a borough-wide traffic plan which will include improvements in the condition of the roads and pavements and lead to better and safer road conditions for all residents and drivers.

The councillor responsible said “we are working to improve and guarantee the safety of individuals, so it is important to upgrade the horizontal and vertical (upright) street signalling along frequently used roads and pathways, as well as ensuring that those less used are also in prime condition.

Among the scheduled works are the signalling in Playa Paraíso, Fañabé, Armeñime, Los Menores, La Postura, Los Olivos and the centre of Adeje town. Pérez Ramos added that very soon they would also be repainting in the Charco del Valle, El Galeón and Las Torres neighbourhoods”.
andres perez ramos
Another important inclusion in the plan is upgrading streets and roads for those with reduced mobility, with increased allocated parking throughout the borough, eliminating many impediments that currently exist, and improve access to pedestrian zones.

The councillor added that “the council counted upon the patience of the residents during the work who understood that these improvements are necessary to ensure as much as possible road safety in all the borough’s neighbourhoods, streets and avenues”. He explained that in parallel the council were also continuing with talks in schools to underline the importance of road safety to Adeje’s next generation of drivers and road users.

Lyric Festival for San Juan


24 artists will perform in Madrid to raise funds for the Adeje centre

The “III Fiesta de la Lírica” (II Lyric Festival) benefiting the Asociación San Juan in Adeje, takes place in the Teatro Real in Madrid next Wednesday from 8pm.

At a press conference this week the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, councillor for Special Needs Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro and the president of the Asociación San Juan, Ana Oneida Borges Medina, outlined details of the concert in Madrid and the 24 different artists – 21 singers and three pianists – who will take part in the event. The mayor said the event underlined “the commitment we have to helping those with special needs and improving levels of co-existence”. He added that the borough’s “co-existence plan is an integral part of the borough, for us it is fundamental that no-one who lives in Adeje feels side-lined, we are working to guarantee that integration is genuine, and in that regard the Asociación San Juan gives us the stimulus needed to work with those who have special needs”.

The mayor said he wished to pay tribute to the association as their very presence stimulates the solidarity in the borough, “makes us better human beings, invites us to reflect and discover capabilities we might not have even known we had”.

The Asociación San Juan is a centre for curative education and social therapy promoting an education and a way of life which promotes human rights and a level of auto- determination, and the integration of individuals who need special assistance. The centre works for the social, cultural and profession integration for adults who have developmental problems and who need special care.

The president of the association, Ana Oneida Borges Medina, gave special mention to “Isabel Rey (soprano), the godmother of the Asociación San Juan, who has always underlined the fact that culture can play a very important role not just in enriching a society, but also as a bridge between different aspects of our lives.”

This year the classical music concert also enjoys the support of sponsor Endesa. Provincial commercial director José Manuel de la Cruz said they were delighted to be associated with the event, “and to reinforce our commitment to the Canary Islands and its institutions”.

The executive producer of the gala event, Carlos Marén Artists, said they had received many requests from artists who wanted to participate . Artists who would be performing included Canarians Nancy Fabiola Herrera, Francisco Corujo, Davinia Rodríguez, Juan Pons and Isabel Rey.

If you would like tickets for the concert, log onto the theatre webpage, . Alternatively, and as in previous years, there is a “Row Zero” for people who cannot actually attend the concert but wish to donate, via donations to the bank account (Triodos Bank 1491 0001 21 2006288324).

 Agricultural tourism in Adeje

adeje rural tourism
Next week Adeje council hosts a week of events and talks examining the joint role of tourism and agriculture in the borough, the objective being to generate interest and debate in how to promote the local agricultural countryside as part of the tourism offer.

According to the councillor for rural development Esther Rivero Varga “Adeje has been working in this area for a number of years with, for instance, the opening of the Framers Market. The next step is precisely this – to examine the working relationship between the rural countryside and the economic motor that is tourism. We are clear about the aims – create synergies and establish zones and mutual platforms for business development and thus increase our tourism offer and experience for visitors.”

turismo rural tauchoIMG_9066

The courses and events are aimed particularly at those working in the tourism sector, guides and information personnel in tourism, those who have or promote rural overnight stays, and those in public administration working with the public. The organisers are members of the Tenerife Cabildo agriculture and rural tourism department with Turismo de Tenerife and the Adeje council. The course runs from September 21st to 25th and will also see participants taking parting in practical workshops with local experts away from the course base , the CDTCA, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre.
More information at

Student grants available

ies el galeon
The Adeje council has just opened the application window for student grants.
Each year the Adeje council spends more than €150,000 in this area. Those wishing to apply can do so now, and the education councillor, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, has said the main objective is to “guarantee equality of opportunity in access to eduction for the borough’s young people…this money, granted by the local government, is destined for those less well off. We can never permit the situation to arise where a child cannot study simply because of financial constraints. Last year we allocated more than €150,000 in grant funds and will probably exceed that amount this year”.

Councillor Adolfo Alonso

Councillor Adolfo Alonso

Those wishing to apply for these second and third-level grants can find more information on, or call into the department of education in the Adeje Cultural Centre and ask for the relevant information and forms. The grants are available for secondary students from year 3 upwards and into third level who have lived in Adeje for at least 6 months (and are on the resident’s register). In the case of third level students there are also grants available for living away from home costs, books, material and registration, depending on family income and academic criteria among other factors. More information in the council offices.
Referring to the start of term for infants and primary schools in the borough, Alonso Ferrera noted the work done to repair and renovate the education centres during the summer period, with an investment of €40,000.

Better beaches

Beach improvement plan for Adeje


Adeje's councillor with responsibility for beaches, Andres Perez Ramos

Adeje’s councillor with responsibility for beaches, Andrés Pérez Ramos


Andrés Pérez Ramos, the Adeje councillor with responsibility for beaches, has said that “the improvement of the borough’s beaches and bathing areas is a priority at this time”. He has just announced that the Adeje council is developing a new Beach Improvement and Renovation plan, and underlined that the council sees the improvement of the beaches as a vital part of the local tourism offer.

What is planned, outlined the councillor, is to “ensure quality in the beaches and give an extra push to the Costa Adeje destination as one where quality is vitally important, and with that in mind we have designed an ambitious plan where we will look at modernising existing infrastructures adapting them to meet the needs of today’s market”.

This plan will also include ensuring lifeguard services are in place as well as upgrading access to beaches including for those with mobility difficulties and renovating road and path signs and information panels along beach and bathing zones.

Andrés Pérez Ramos also said the council were working on a series of improvements to the Troya and Fañabe beaches including the creating of a sun-bathing zone for those with reduced mobility which will be alongside the adapted shower zone, as well as upgrading the existing passages to the sea shore which will make things easier for bathers and lifeguards in the case of emergencies”.

He also said that there would be proper cordoning off of water sport zones where motor and sail boats would need to observe the regulations, “increasing safety for bathers and ensuring a better working practise for beaches, bathing areas and marinas”. He has also said that the council will be looking at beach by-laws to ensure that there is proper and quality control of authorised beach activities throughout the year. The latter could see some changes in the current controls in operation to ensure the quality of the tourist destination is guaranteed.

The councillor also said that the issue of re-sanding the Fañabe and Enramada beaches and the issue of introducing sand on beaches that are currently mostly pebbled is under consideration and “a priority for his department” given the important part beaches play in the tourist offer of the destination”.