Adeje: over 1,300 jobs created in 2015


“Job creation is our priority” says Adeje councillor for job creation and economic development Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, who met recently with representatives of the business sector to review employment creation and training in 2015. As a result of council initiatives and partnerships with the private sector over 1,350 people did find jobs during the year, with over three-quarters of those people living in Adeje.

Among the sectors hiring, most found work in hostelry (40-31%), the service industry (19.19%), shops (13.47%) and agriculture (8.21%) with others finding work in construction, sales, and industry.

While most of those who found work live and are registered in Adeje, given the island-wide nature of the local employment agency and training courses, people from Guía de Isora, Arona, Granadilla, and other boroughs have also benefited from their participation.

According to the councillor there were also successful courses aimed at those who are on the margins of society, those in danger of social exclusion. Some of those courses were run in conjunction with the Red Cross and saw 92 individuals placed in jobs. There were also training programmes aimed directly at young people with no formal qualifications with over 100 of them now in their first jobs. The over-30s were offered training too in different service areas.

During 2015 over three thousand individuals took part in 180 different training schemes in the areas of hostelry and tourism, commerce and languages, new technologies and business assistance. There were also courses under the ‘Convive Adeje’ banner aimed at training individuals in promoting youth activities.

“One of the important axis of my department is business assessments, combining job creation projects and new companies with business skills, something that plays a key role in the economic advancement in the borough, engaging the development of economic activities that directly meet the needs of the local population”, continued Manuel Luis Mendéz Martín. During 2015 over 300 assessments were carried out and 335 new businesses created, meaning that there are now over two thousand businesses registered as active in the borough, “ an increase of 25% in business activity in the region compared to 2014”.

Regional approval for modernisation plans

Jose Maria-4 (1)


The regional territorial council has approved a number of plans under the PMMI, the plan for improvements and growth which could see upgrades to zones in Callao Salvaje, Playa Paraíso and La Caleta in the near future. According to the Adeje councillor in charge of urban development, José María Álvarez Acosta the plans would be part of a regeneration of tourist areas and establishments in the borough.

“The plan opens up the door to a range of possibilities to ensure that the borough of Adeje continues to be a competitive destination, both from a tourism point of view as well as from the business development viewpoint. The full document will give Adeje room to develop and act which is a step forward and will benefit everyone in the borough”, he said.

The plan addresses “projects covering public and private spaces in terms of improvements that will energise the tourist centre along the lines of the overall territorial plan”. Among the potential projects that the plan could see activated are the creation of a new maritime pathway along La Enramada in La Caleta, improvements to the access path by Las Salinas in Playa Paraíso and the creation of a proper pathway along the Callao Salvaje coastline. There is also approval for street upgrades to Calle La Lava in Callao Salvaje, and improvements to the pedestrian area by the Ajabo beach and the link between Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso.

There is mention of improvements and changes to certain sections of Calle Las Artes in La Caleta and Calle El Jable in Callao Salvaje and finally the plan has approved the project to build a road connecting the Iboibo sector with the village of Callao Salvaje.

Mary: A symbol for all mothers grieving


Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

The mayor said today Mary was a symbol for all those mothers who have lost children in Belgium, Syria…

Thousands of spectators were in Adeje today to witness the XX edition of La Pasión on the Calle Grande in Adeje. Over 300 people took part in the staging of the last days and death of Jesus Christ. The mayor congratulated the amateur actors, singling out those who played Jesus and Mary, José Antonio Lopez and Ana Oneida. “Today Mary moved me in particular, she always does, but today more than ever because she is a symbol of so many mothers who ask ‘why’, why their children have died, in an accident, or have been killed in Belgium, in Syria… Today this is happeng and this is something we need to think about”.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

He also paid tribute to all those who took part in the event, actors, the director, operations and back-stage staff, security, communications, artists, sound, music, etc. Rodríguez Fraga also wanted to say to those younger people, “you have to follow this, and take part again. It’s fantastic to see our young people involved in this collective event. Apart from the faith that each one may have, we are telling a story, something that had huge implications for humanity, a story that shows the pain of treason, of death, and of love and generosity.”

The mayor, accompanied by many local councillors, including Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, head of the department of creative development, and Cristina Fuente Carballo and Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, who also took part in the street theatre, spoke of his immense pride and staging “an event of such importance”, which has now achieved international status.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

The staging of La Pasión had a number of changes this year, including the addition of the two robbers crucified alongside Jesus Christ in the final scene. There were also new costumes, dances and additional music and songs, all composed by members of the Adeje School of Music.
This event has been taking place annually in Adeje since 1996, and began with a small group of Adeje residents staging the representation. It has grown over the years into the prestigious staging that is is today.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje. 25 Marzo 2016. ©Phil Crean.

Liverpool FC in Adeje winter training

t3 pic

Tenerife Top Training, the prestigious sports training centre in Adeje, is currently hosting a selection from Liverpool FC who are here with their trainer Jürgen Klopp.

Representatives of the club were present this morning at a press conference to inaugurate some new additions to the T3 centre, including a second football pitch (natural grass), a Crossfit Box and a Free Motion Bikecentre. Also present were Cabildo president Carlos Alonso, the Tenerife sports councillor Cristo Pérez, Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez, the borough’s sports councillor, Adolfo Alonso and the Belgian consul, Nille Van Hellemonty. T3 boss Roberto Konrad and Ashotel’s Jorge Marichal were in attendance as well.

The Flemish swimming federation, Vlaamse Zwemfederatie, are also here training and all observed a minute’s silence this morning to remember those who died in the recent terrorist attack in Brussels.

The additions to the T3 centre will serve to consolidate it’s position as one of Europe’s most important top training centre for professional and top amateur athletes and teams.


The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ


This Good Friday, March 25th, under the Adeje department of Creative Development with Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ will be staged along the town’s Calle Grande, recreating the last days and death of Jesus of Nazareth. The event will be broadcast live on Televisión Canarias, and will also be available live via TVCanariaNet on the internet, as well as transmitted on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9fm and Canarias Radio La Autonómica.

The event will begin at 12 noon and the action will begin at the Plaza Cruz del Llano (opposite the entrance to the Adeje town primary school), and move up the Calle Grande, lasting two hours.


“Every year there is an incredible sense of anticipation around this event” said councillor Alonso. “Hundreds of people (over 300) take part and of course none of this would be possible without the commitment and dedication of the team based in the Town Hall who work to make this event so special, to the last detail, checking every stage, every costume…”.

This is the fourth year that the final part of the staging, the crucifixion, is in the Plaza de España, an amazing backdrop to this dramatic theatre, and this year, for the first time, the two thieves who were crucified alongside Jesus Christ will also be represented. With the natural backdrop of the Barranco del Infierno, the Santa Úrsula church and the Convento creating the perfect setting, it is a fitting finale to the event. The change has meant that more people can view the final scene and security levels are also increased.


Adolfo Alonso added, “The staging of The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ is hugely relevant for the people of Adeje, the people of the town really feel this is their event, they are proud of the staging and proud to take part. It is something unique and very different”, he continued. Many different associations, sports clubs and businesses also take part every year.

Other changes this will year include an improved stage for the scene with Herod. All of the music is the composition of members of the Adeje School of Music, and the arrangement uses many traditional Canarian instruments – the timple, cháracas, and the drums.

The whole of the Calle Grande, from the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano to the Plaza España, will be a stage dressed to resemble the time of Our Lord, with plants, cloths, sculptures and alters, live markets with animals, etc.

During and afterwards, for those following the event, they can upload their photographs and videos to #lapasionadeje2016, helping give the event greater visibility.


The council also reminds those who are planning to attend the event to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, bring water, a sun hat and wear adequate sun cream, and make sure children are well protected. Do follow the instructions of the local police and civil protection units who are there to ensure everyone’s safety and don’t cross the temporary barriers erected to keep the streets clear for the act itself. It is also recommended that you have identification and information regarding blood group and any allergies to medicines with you in the case of an emergency or accident. Given the many thousands expected to attend, arrive in good time and when the event has concluded be prepared to wait a few minutes for the crowds to disperse.

Security during the event will be provided by the Adeje local police,

Alexandra – simply the best!

alexandra and award
Having won the Adeje sports personality of the year in 2015 and the Abinque Adeje Women of the Year prize in 2016, Alexandra Rinder has added another string to her awards bow – last night she won the award for top female athlete in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – the awards are voted on by the islands’ sporting journalists.

Alexandra Rinder, twice world body boarding champion, joined Sergio Rodríguez, basketball player currently with Real Madrid, on stage, as he won the award in the men’s category. UD Granadilla Tenerife Sur, currently playing in the Spanish first division (women’s football) won best team.

For Adeje sporting fans and followers it was a night of triumphs with local boxer Sandro Dominguez, current Spanish champion at featherweight, also awarded. The votes come from members of the APDT, the Tenerife Association of Sports Journalists, with 120 members entitled to vote. Over 500 people attended the ceremony, held in the Magma congress centre, and broadcast live on TV Española.

sergio and award
Both winning finalists were up against two other top athletes from the province. In the men’s category the other nominees were Pedro Rodriguez, ex footballer with Barcelona and now with Chelsea and pilot Enrique Cruz. In the women’s category Adeje’s Alexandra Rinder faced stiff competition with Beatríz Villamandos (a top deaf tennis player) and Olympic regatta athlete Alicia Cebrián. However the young Adeje woman triumphed in an emotional evening, with Cabildo sport’s Councillor María del Cristo Pérez awarding her the coveted prize.

Other prize winners on the night included footballer Víctor Añino Bermúdez, Vitolo, for his superb charity work, the island basketball federation, Endesa in the Sport and Business sections, for local sports Eusebio Ledesma, Germán Millán was recognised in athletics and Airam Rodríguez in sailing. Well known Spanish journalists Mayte Castro Óscar Herrera presided over the Gala and both Adeje sports councillor Adolfo Alonso and the president of the APDT were congratulated for organising the event.

Alonso said while he was delighted to congratulate all the sporting stars of Tenerife, obviously he was particularly pleased “because an Adeje athlete was voted Nº1, Alexandra Rinder, and another had received special mention, Sandro Domínguez”.

Cultural co-operation!


The cultural councillors from the Tenerife south town halls recently met to discuss how co-ordinating their resources could benefit everyone.

The councils have created a working group with representatives from Adeje, Arafo, Arona, Fasnia, Granadilla, Guía de Isora, Güímar, San Miguel de Abona, Santiago del Teide and Vilaflor. They plan to meet once every two months and look at how they might best strengthen the cultural offer across the region, looking in particular at film showings, staging theatrical shows, and other events that, if working together, will benefit the public in each borough. They will also look at how to put the human resources they have to best use to take full advantage of cultural events on offer.

The idea is still evolving, but according to Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, Adeje’s councillor, “together we can all be stronger in this area, and we can establish lines of mutual help with the aim of benefiting everyone in the south”.

One of the first themes to be tackled will be security plans being drawn up under a general Public Events law, which will be looked at during the next meeting.

Turn it off…

earth hour town hall


The Adeje council will turn off their lights tomorrow (March 19th) night between 8.30pm and 9.30pm as part of the WWF Earth Hour, a global moment of solidarity for climate action.

“Here in Adeje we are making this symbolic gesture against climate change. Our commitment to the environment is resolute and we are 100% behind this global movement”, commented Adeje’s environment councillor Esther Rivero Vargas.

Earth Hour was first celebrated in 2007 and Adeje began its involvement in 2012, and have continued to be part of the event every year since. The lights outside the Casa Fuerto (the old Fort), the sports centres, the borough’s culture centres, and the CDTCA will be switched off and in public parks they will be dimmed only, for security reasons.

The council is invited everyone to take part in the initiative, as together the peoples of the world can speak with a stronger voice. “Every single gesture, every individual’s contribution, every small action, if taken by millions of people, will help build a future based on clean energies and with a healthier planet”, said Rivero Vargas.