Tourism – much more than just a business

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Why tourism is a tool for peace as well as development!

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, has said, “tourism is a potent tool for local development and peace…in confronting death and terrorism…tourism can bring life, it is people reconnecting. It is our opportunity, as human beings, to promote peace. There’s an economic side too, but a place cannot be a tourist destination or cannot strive to be one without a welcoming atmosphere, without security, etc. So tourism has a value in the peaceful development of different places.”

The mayor was speaking at the International Tourism Forum, held in Arona on Monday of this week, and organised by the Tribuna Fórum. The title of his address was (translated) “Tourism as a key part of inter-population relations”

The Adeje mayor spoke of his firm belief that “tourism is a hugely important tool in the improvement of society and people, and here in the south it has been a blessing, and brought with it the need for co-ordination and co-operation. The south (of Tenerife) is an important contributor to the wealth of the Canary Islands and we cannot allow that to be a one-sided relationship. All need to accept their responsibilities and come together to show other institutions the best way forward, while of course always respecting the individuality of each borough, because that is where the richness lies. All, he added, under the umbrella of the Canary Islands and Spain who have helped create our position (in the world of tourism).”

Given that tourism is the economic motor of the islands, the Adeje mayor based his intervention on calling for co-ordination of the different Canarian boroughs “to advance and promote ourselves”. He also restated his firm conviction that “tourism won’t benefit us if we don’t take into account the well-being of the people who live here – this is very important, a key factor, and ethical. Furthermore it is another way of improving the destination, if those who live and work here are valued they in turn treat visitors in a better way. The discussion about tourism is well laid out, but at times is very financially-centered, and we need to reorient the discussion, make it more humanist”.

In this regard he gave Adeje as an example, “as a tiny metaphor for how tourism has contributed to a better distribution of wealth, evolving from a primarily agricultural society, where ownership of the land was in the hands of the few, to a modern developed society where everyone has the opportunity to grow”.

The current global positioning of Costa Adeje would not have been possible, continued José Miguel Rodríguez, “without the collaboration and support of the business sector, and the decisions made by this local administration, training of workers, etc. This whole process has seen a radical change in our society in just 20 years, and our people have also seen the bigger picture and have been to the fore in adapting to change in the 21st century, taking on board globalisation, new technologies, etc.”

The Adeje mayor also took the participants through the recent integration campaigns, developed in the Town Hall, that have been operating in the borough, from “Adeje nuestro pueblo/Adeje our town”, reinforcing belonging and pride, “Adeje vive adeje convive/Adeje live and let live” to the current ongoing “Adeje, convivencia 10/Adeje, harmonious coexistence 10/10” campaign, whereby the council are promoting mutual understanding among the different cultures that are part of Adeje as an opportunity for human development.

Shake, rattle and stir!

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The XI Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition will be a national classification event
With the backing of the Adeje departments of economic development and of tourism, and organised by the Tenerife Barman Association, the Adeje Centre for Tourism Development – the CDTCA – will host the XI Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition which is also a classification event for the national championships.

The year all the action is concentrated in one day with different classification and section events and two master classes given by European experts all happening on Friday April 29th. The public are welcome to attend during the day, from 4pm – 9.30pm, with winners announced at the end of the day.

The day will actually begin with master classes under the watchful eyes of Vito Calculli and Marco Caldone, both top class experts. Later on Antony Serra, will demonstrate his ‘flair’.
The most important competitive events will be to chose the best cocktails and those who will go forward to represent Tenerife at national level. That competition starts at 7pm, while the IV Gin and Tonic contests for the Schweppes and Gin Rutte trophies start at 6pm.

Juanjo Montes
Adeje local development councillor, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, commented, “the Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition has become one of the most prestigious events in the Canarian cocktail calendar and nationally, bringing together people from the Canarian hotel and bar sectors.” He added that it was important that the “Costa Adeje tourism label continues to have these kind of references which complement the overall offer to visitors, particularly in the fields of gastronomy and leisure such as those promoted by this competition.
“We are delighted that almost all the hotel schools in the islands will be represented here and that we are able to continue to contribute to the professional training of our young bar personnel in the Canaries”, he concluded.

Gracias Mum…


Adeje is combining the celebration of Mother’s Day in Spain with a reminder that shopping locally helps stimulate the town’s economy

The Adeje department of Economic Development and Job Creation and in collaboration with the PFAE, a training employment initiative, is promoting local commerce and shops this week in the run up to Mother’s Day here in Spain which is celebrated on Sunday May 1st. The campaign is running in the borough all this week with more than 50 local businesses taking part in the promotion.

Says councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, “We have designed a campaign to promote shopping in Adeje in which the local businesses are actively participating with promotional offers, discounts, gifts and extras”. Via the PFAE there are also free beauty treatments with trainees on offer – at the CDTCA on Wednesday April 27th and Thursday April 28th and in the Piedra Redonda park on Friday April 29th – phone 922 756249 ext. 7512 for an appointment.

The Mother’s Day campaign is also underlining the relevance of equality in our society, with the message from the council stating: “Thank you to all mothers for educating us in values such as respect, dialogue, resilience and responsibility”.

During the week there is a competition running on the council’s social networks (twitter, Instagram and facebook) in parallel, whereby members of the public can share a photograph of themselves shopping in Adeje, naming the shop or businesses and using the hashtag, #YoComproEnAdeje. The result of the competition will be known on May 1st.

Remember, shopping locally is good for you, for the local economy, saves on transport and creates jobs.

Music to learn by…

concierto didactico EMMA (2)

The educational concerts organised by the EMMA, the Adeje School of Music and Dance, as well as introducing the borough’s young people to the facilities at the school, enrich the educative programmes in Adeje’s public education centres.

The EMMA, with councillor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera at its head, along with the department of education, managed by councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, has been designing educative concerts for four years now, and this year more than 600 students attended over various sessions.

“The primary objective is to bring music closer to the borough’s student body and at the same time allow them see first hand the resources we have on offer at the Adeje School of Music and Dance. Furthermore, the Council is always looking for ways to engage with the borough’s education centres to help enhance training and education programmes, incorporating music as a learning tool”, said councillor Carmen Rosa.
concierto didactico EMMA (3)

The series of mini-concerts saw the EMMA teaching staff demonstrating the historical evolution of each instrument and the many ways it can be played, be it wood, brass, string or the human voice. Demonstrations were given in singing, dance, guitar, saxaphone, violin, cello, tuba, clarinet, trombone, piano and drums. Thsoe attending were encouraged to ask questions and see the part each instrument or dance played in the performance.

Councillor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, added, “these concerts will continue throughout the following academic year (2016-2017) as the Council are committed to bringing music to everyone, as we have seen the valuable work our school is doing in helping promote our talented young people in their artistic endeavours.”

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Brush up your Shakespeare…



Shakespeare and local British authors celebrate the Adeje Book Fair

For the first time an invited group of English-language authors are playing a very active part in the Adeje Book Fair, which is taking place in the parking beside the Adeje School of Music on April 22nd and 23rd (Friday and Saturday), organised by the Adeje council under Councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the deaths of both Shakespeare and Cervantes. The two authors, from England and Spain, have long been considered two of the most important influences on literature, and still today their words resonate, often part of current sayings whose roots may not be recognised but are, in fact, directly descended from one of these two incredible wordsmiths – All that glitters (or ‘glisters’ in the original) is not gold The Merchant of Venice, Bated breath The Merchant of Venice , Be-all and the end-all Macbeth, Neither a borrower nor a lender be Hamlet, Thou has seen nothing yet Don Quixote – and there are so many more.

While we won’t have Shakespeare as a special guest this weekend, we do have a number of English language authors who live and write here in Tenerife. And they will be holding book singing sessions and on-hand to meet the public as well.

Cartel_Feria_English (1)

Friday April 22nd: 4pm – 6.30pm
John Reid (‘The Skipping Verger and other tales’)
Susan Dehmel (‘Boris and friends’)

Saturday April 23rd: 10.30am – 1pm
Margaret Tully (‘Journey with your soul to heal your body and mind’)
Nikky & Richard Attree (‘Nobody’s Poodle’)

Saturday April 23rd: 4pm – 6.30pm
Joe Cawley (‘More Ketchup than Salsa’)
Lee Bullen (‘Beset’)

Throughout the weekend there are also a host of other activities taking place, celebrating local authors, Cervantes and Shakespeare, and above all the written word.


Shakespeare vs. Cervantes: Adeje Book Fair



English language authors taking part this year are Joe  Cawley, Nikki & Richard Attree, John Reid, Margaret Tully, Lee Bullen and Susan Dehmel

The Adeje council will mark its XIV Book Fair with a series of events during next week aiming to encourage people to read more. From Friday April 15th until Saturday April 23rd the borough will join in the global celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of the deaths of both Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

“With this kind of event we are working to help and impress upon people the importance of reading, not just for children but for adults too. We are calling on everyone to come back to the written work, reminding them that reading is an essential tool in the development of our society”, commented the Adeje councillor with responsibility for heritage and libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.
This year for the first time a number of English language authors have been invited to take part in the fair, and will be signing copies of their books during the two days of the event. They are Joe Cawley, Nikki & Richard Attree, John Reid, Margaret Tully, Lee Bullen and Susan Dehmel.

Nikki Attree

Nikkii Attree, one of the English-language authors taking part in the Adeje Book Fair

The XIV Adeje Book fair also provides a platform for those companies who promote and sell books and for locally based authors who wish to reach a new public.  Not for the first time too the fair will be the launch pad for a few new publications – this year four new Spanish language books will be launched, “Frases canarias” by Juan José Dorta Brito, “Andreea Constantin” by Esteban Torres Lana,  “La Dulce francesa”. Historia de una ocultación by Armando Astarloa and “El Servicio de Inteligencia Democrático” by Francisco José Álvarez Socas.

The full range of activities start this Friday, April 15th with the opening of an art exhibition in the Adeje Cultural Centre, with works from various national and international artists.  Poetry also plays its part in the event with an evening of poetry, also on April 15th at the Socio-cultural centre in La Postura organised by the local residents association and on the last day of the festival, April 23rd, the V Shared Verse Recital will be held at the book fair from 8.30pm.

The fair will be held in the car park beside the Adeje School of Music and Dance on Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd. Apart from the stalls, book launches and signings there will also be story-telling, puppet shows, and performances.

Councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz said that the event has grown over the 14 years of its existence and wouldn’t have gained the stature it has without the help and support of local participating book stores.  Those taking part this year are Todo Hobby La Clave, Nymeria Comics, Centro Cultura Popular Canaria, Editorial Bahai, Librería El Candil, Librerías Damián, Ifara Libros, Librería Bárbara and Dagobah Comics as well as local collectives and associations.





















Regional transport director visits Adeje

reunion transporte (1)

The regional transport director, Elías Castro, met with the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the councillors for Tourism and Transport, Ermitas Moreira and Andrés Pérez, respectively, during a visit to the borough today. The reason behind the visit was to see first-hand the realities of the traffic situation in the tourist zones in this part of the island.

Castro stated, “we in the Department of Traffic do understand that one of the most pressing problems is to maintain fluid traffic movement in the Canarian tourist regions where there are a large body of residents who are working in the sector as well as the tourists themselves.

“The tourist zones support an incredible volume of traffic of all kinds of vehicles, private buses and hired cars, taxis, etc, and for that reason it is important that we visit to see for ourselves the situation and talk to the local councils to better know their concerns and how we can introduce changes in the regulation and organisation of the transport sector itself. ”.

The mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga commented, “For us it is fundamental that we combine the mark of quality tourism with the quality of the infrastructures, services, complementary offers, transport and mobility. This is essential if our destination is to continue to attract visitors and is one of the demands of not just tourists but of those who live here.

What is planned now, as a result of these meetings, is the creation of a working group with representation from all the relevant councils where actual problems and resolutions will be discussed. This in turn will, it is hoped, lead to the adoption of laws and traffic regulations that are designed to meet today’s needs and problems.