Adeje 2022 – planning for the future

adeje 2022 casa fuerte

The main points in the plan include the restoration of the Fort house, galvanising the town centre and better connectivity between the residential and tourist zones…

The mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga presented the town’s strategic plan for sustainable urban development over the next 6 years, with a potential spend of 64 million euros. “We want this plan to be the basis for a series of actions which will be undertaken as part of a sustainable urban model designed to meet the needs of the local population”, said the mayor, who was accompanied by the councillor for good government and finance, Epifanio Díaz Hernández and the councillor for tourism and urban development, Ermitas Moreira García.

adeje 2022 presentation

The plan, ‘Adeje 2022 – strategy for sustainable development’, “is a serious proposal for the future of the borough. This Council’s main aim is to work for the benefit of our residents as well as placing the zone firmly in a position to cater for those residents as well as tourists. We want Adeje to become a real city”, the mayor said. The plan has a set of concrete proposals that have been designed by the mayor and councillors with advice from professional experts.

The plan has been developed along the guidelines laid down in the European Regional Policy Integrated Sustainable Urban Development policy. This allows for funding for projects that galvanise towns and cities to develop along sustainable and integrated frameworks. The mayor said, “we have presented the project to the (Spanish) Economic Ministry with a request for €15 million. We have already passed through the first evaluation phase and hope to hear within the next few weeks if the project will receive full approval. However, regardless the plan will go ahead”

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The mayor explained that while the borough, with a registered population of 50,000, would not normally qualify, “given our particular circumstances, with tourists and migrant workers, we cater for up to 200,000. We hope that will be taken into consideration which is why we have requested increased funding.”

Concrete strategic actions

The Adeje 2022 plan has a range of plans for the borough, in particular for the town centre, where the proposed development has three fundamental pillars. The first is cultural, with the restoration of the Fort House, the Casa Fuerte, at the centre. “We believe this should be the backbone of the plan and an added attraction for the town”, commented the mayor. “The Fort House is a reference point, and is of huge value to Adeje, in terms of heritage, history, ethnography…we want to work on this recovery to make the Fort Houses a sustainable resource”. There are also plans for a large parking zone near the Fort House which would help with local business growth.

The mayor referred to the Barranco del Infierno, the Convento, the church and the plaza de España where an interpretative centre is to be opened. He said the plan also includes provision for a walk to be developed linking the historic centre of Adeje to the tourist zones. “It’s an ambitious project, but it’s achievable and we want to start straight away”.

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The second pillar of the plan for the centre is improving connectivity between the residential and tourist zones, “The time has come to integrate these two essential elements of our borough”, and thirdly will be the development of the centre of the town from the Casa Fuerte down to El Galeón.

Rodríguez Fraga said there were other elements of the plan that have yet to be published, dealing with galvanising local neighbourhoods and helping to reposition tourism within the borough. “This is an integrated action programme where each element plays a particular part within the overall strategy, which includes commitment to environmental protection and social wellbeing, creating a borough where peaceful co-existence among residents is promoted, through culture, sport, education, employment…a huge step in the direction of the plans we laid out during last year’s local election campaign”.

Carpets and Canarian Day in Adeje


Baile de Magos 2016 (1) (1)

Adeje is hosting a weekend full of different cultural and gastronomic activities to celebrate the special fiestas that fall over the coming days. This includes the traditional salt carpets of Corpus Christi and the Canarian ball to celebrate May 30th, Canarian Day.

The weekend activities begin this Saturday from 5pm with the making of the Corpus Christi carpets. This year there is a change and there will be a unified large carpet in the centre of the town. The Calle Grande will be split into four large sections while the parallel Calle Corpus will have one uninterrupted stretch of carpet.

This year too there is a single design concept with a floral motif, and the Council have created a series of wooden moulds which will be shared among the different groups participating on the day. The design reflects the colours of spring. All in all 11, 000 kilos of salt, white and coloured, will be used along 330 metres of street during the event. To help with the new design the Council have also produced a simple ‘how to’ video which can be viewed on the Adeje page,, ‘Elaboración de la alfombras de Corpus Christi’.

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There are 22 different associations and groups taking part: the Hermandad del Santísimo, Cáritas, children preparing for their confirmation and first communion, the San José parish, Adeje voluntary fire-fighters, AEA Sur, Porteadores de la Virgen, Costa Adeje school, Asgote, Hotel Jacaranda, Mayores, Halcones de Adeje, Juventud, Adeje Folklore group, Comunidad Hindú Tenerife Sur, Taller Ocupacional de Los Olivos, Tenerife Tigers, Ballet Beanky, Asociación de Vecinos Piedra Redonda and students and staff from the Adeje school of music and dance.

The procession over the carpets will take place on Sunday after 11am mass.

During the day on Sunday there will also be a series of events and tasting of traditional Canarian produce in the Adeje Farmers Market, as well as music from the La Diata folklore group. People who shop in the market over the weekend will also be entered in a raffle for a basket full of traditional Canarian cakes and biscuits.


The Baile de Magos, the traditional Canarian street ball, is on Sunday evening, from 9pm, and those who are interested in booking a table can do so in the Adeje Cultural Centre. This is a great night of local folk music and dance organised by the Adeje Municipal Folklore School and it’s free, but you must be dressed in a traditional Canarian costume. Different folk groups will be performing during the evening, the Boleros de Armeñime, El Mesturao, Santa Ana, La Diata, Igonce, Imoque, and Chajoigo groups.


‘Don’t Panic’ message at Brexit conference



Over 120 people attended the recent Brexit/Bremain conference held in the Adeje Cultural Centre, with questions ranging from issues about pensions to health care provisions and questions surrounding possible financial implications to businesses and exchange rates in the case of a majority vote to leave.

The conference was organised by the FOCUS Adeje International Residents Group and the Adeje Council, with British residents from Adeje and other boroughs in attendance. First to speak was deputy mayor Carmen Rosa Gonzalez Cabrera. She told participants, “Today’s event is about you and how the vote on June 23rd might affect you and your families. I hope that the answers you get this afternoon will clear up doubts you may have, and help you have a clearer vision of what matters.


“I will say one thing from my point of view, from the council’s point of view – you are as much a part of Adeje as anyone else who lives here – we are all part of the European family, and we don’t want to lose you, so I do hope that on June 23rd the majority vote will be to remain in the European Union”.

The panel speakers were Paul Montague, Blevins Franks Tenerife representative, Adeje based Spanish lawyer José Escobedo, and Tenerife blogger and academic Janet Anscombe, all of whom answered a range of questions from the audience, easing fears of any immediate major and unwelcome repercussions in the event of a No vote – with the supposition that in the event of a yes vote very little would need to change.


Paul told the audience that if the majority vote was to leave the European Union, negotiations to “extract the UK from the EU would take a minimum of two years, and most likely many more”. He also referred people to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties ‘Acquired Rights’, which states that the termination of a treaty, in this case the UK’s membership of the EU, ‘does not affect any right, obligation or legal situation of the parties created through the execution of the treaty prior to its termination’ (Article 70.1B). “In a nutshell, if you have made your bed in another country (taxes, residencia, home and social) then under this convention these have to remain”.

José Escobedo also referred to regional laws which protected residents, and reaffirmed the long standing good relations the British and the Spanish have enjoyed over the centuries, “We even kept one of Nelson’s arms”, adding that this was very unlikely to be changed by the vote. Jose also addressed the legal issue of resident status stating clearly that anyone who had lived and registered as a resident in Spain over a number of years would continue to enjoy all the rights and benefits of a resident regardless of the outcome on June 23rd.
Janet Anscombe told the conference that many of the perceived EU-related problems in the UK were in fact issues of national policy. “The UK has a residency based social welfare system, so anyone who resides in the UK has automatic rights to, housing, social welfare and health benefits, whereas here in Spain it’s a contributory social welfare system, so if you haven’t paid in you can’t claim. That has nothing to do with the EU, it is a result of British Government policy and something I don’t see any political party in the UK likely to change, but people are tending to blame the European Union for the negative effects it can produce”.

At the end of the meeting a show of hands indicated quite a high number of those in attendance had registered to vote, a reflection of both the huge interest this matter has for overseas UK residents and the high profile campaign the UK government has run to encourage the millions of Britons living abroad to register.


Adeje Bargain Fair dates announced




Traders and sellers have until June 6th to apply for a stand

The Adeje Council with Mercadillo del Atlántico S.A., are, for the ninth consecutive year, organising the local Adeje Bargain Fair, an event designed to help local businesses as well as offering bargains to the public.

According to the local councillor for Economic Development, Manuel Luis Méndez Martin, “we are offering a range of options to consumers who can find a huge selection of products at excellent prices and, at the same time, offering a space for local and island businesses to promote their company and products and sell, at a lower prices, goods that they have in the shops before the new season stock arrives”.

Businesses who would like to take part have until June 6th to book a stall. Call 922 756 249, ext 7512 or 7573. The Fair is open to those in the small business sector from Adeje, as well as the rest of the archipelago, selling anything from fashion to electronic, home, and DIY goods, as well as food produce.

The Fair will take place on June 11th and 12th from 10am to 10pm in the parking by the Adeje School of Music and Dance. During the two days there will be parallel activities for all the family including a zumba class, a relaxation zone, bouncy castles, and raffles.


Step back in time with Imoque



cartel festival final INGLÉS

This Saturday enjoy folk music and dance in the Plaza San Sebastian in La Caleta

As part of the Adeje ‘Creativa’ two-month long programme of cultural events in the borough, the Imoque folk group are hosting a festival of music and dance in the San Sebastían plaza in La Caleta, harking back to the 1920s. Entry is free.

Adeje councillor for creative development, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera says, “With this Creativa programme we have brought together a host of cultural, musical, educational and sporting events taking place throughout May and June”. He continued, “The council is always delighted to support particular initiatives which reflect who we were and are, symbols of our identity. The work and performances of so many different groups, bands, orchestras, and associations made up of residents of the borough have helped us revive our culture, fundamental for the health of our society”.


This year the III Imoque Festival is divided into two parts, the first, courtesy of the Imoque group, reflecting life just after the end of the First World War and the changes in society with the introduction of the car, the cinema, photography and the growing influence of the press. The second part of the evening will be with the Grupo Gaida from Lanzarote with folklore from today showing the influences of recent decades on Canarian music.

The Imoque Festival is made possible by the help and support of the Adeje Council, the Los Alzados de San Juan de la Rambla family, Grupo Gaida from Lanzarote, the San Juan de la Rambla Council, the Canarian Government, the Tenerife Cabildo and the people of Adeje.

IMG_9837 IMG_9765

Information event in Adeje

Brexit (1)

There are so many questions being asked about ‘what if’ as we approach the June 23rd vote in the UK and, it would seem, few answers. The questions centre on issues such as the right to free movement and the right to work, health care, education, pensions and investments among other key topics.

Politically the debate seems to be focussed almost entirely in the UK – but what about the millions of ex-pats who live abroad – are their rights and concerns being taken into consideration? Almost 300,000 of them are living in Spain, and over 7,000 in Adeje alone.

Focus, an Adeje-based International Focus group of local non-Spanish residents, has requested that the Adeje council collaborate in hosting an information evening. This is taking place on Tuesday May 24th, in the Adeje Cultural Centre auditorium, from 5pm – 7pm.

The experts who will be there to answer questions will be Paul Montague from Blevins Franks and San Eugenio lawyer José Escobedo– and they are expecting to deal with issues ranging from health care to the right to work and live in Spain in the event of a vote to leave the EU. This is not an evening for political debate about the pros and cons of staying of leaving the European Union, it is to answer questions people have and may have in the future.

Have you a particular question you want answered? Are you seeking a particular piece of information that will help you make up your mind? Please come along to the Adeje Cultural Centre, and email your questions in advance to

(The café will be open in the cultural centre, which is on Calle Universidad de La Laguna, and there is parking at the back of the building open to the public)

153 complete Costa Adeje swims


costa adeje bay swims (8)
James Secoy and Maria del Mar Sierra win the 7,500m race and Rodrigo González and Andrea Montenegro the 1,300m

Last Saturday May 14th over 150 swimmers completed the two Costa Adeje Bay challenges, swimming distances of 7,500 m and 1,300m respectively. The shorter race left Playa del Duque at 11am, with the winner Rodrigo González crossing the finishing line in Playa Fañabe in 14 minutes 42 seconds, followed closely by Eduardo Marrero and Carlos Alberto Pérez. The first woman across the line was Andrea Montenegro (15:25) with Dácil Hernández and Valeria Méndez taking second and third spots.

costa adeje bay swims (9)

The long distance swimmers left from the Playa de Ajabo in Callao Salvaje at 9am with British swimmer James Secoy first to finish, in 1 hour and 22 minutes, 40 seconds. Second and third were José Carlos Báez and Betuel González with Maria del Mar Sierra the winning female swimmer.

costa adeje bay swims (2) - copia

costa adeje bay swims (1)Organised by the Adeje sports department in conjunction with Anima2 participants included a team from Dublin (the Phoenix Masters Swim club) alongside other international Tenerife based swimmers. All involved were delighted at the organisation and the post-swim atmosphere, and those from abroad have already expressed their hope to return next year and encourage more swimmers from abroad to join them.

costa adeje bay swims (5)

This is the fourth year of the competition which has seen the number of participants increase annually.

Hard Rock Hotel Playa Paraíso now taking bookings!



The hotel will be open for business from mid-October with a grand opening in December
At a press conference in the FIT centre, in the Adeje Centre for Tourism Development, Sergio Zertuche, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Palladium Hotel Group said the Hard Rock Hotel would open on October 15th, “and we already have a reservation for October 16th, so we have to be open by then”. He was speaking to press following a morning session with the Adeje authorities and local Playa Paraíso businesses, discussing the renewal of the area in general and the changes a hotel of this quality and kind would bring to the zone.

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said the hotel would act as a market accelerator in what was already an attractive area, “increasing the competitive element. We have an opportunity to renew the zone with a product that his completely different and focus in a new way, that will complement our move to diversify our tourism offer”. During the morning session the concerns of the local small and medium businesses were taken on board too, with measures discussed as to how best to meet the new kind of clientele the Hard Rock Hotel would bring to Playa Paraíso.

This will the second Hard Rock Hotel in Spain – the first is in Ibiza, and Sergio assured that the new Playa Paraíso wasn’t a copy of the Ibiza hotel, instead adapting to their new surroundings. However many of the elements would be similar, and they would, in the main, be catering for young couples and families.

There will be three pools, a number of different restaurants, a beach club, Rock spa, Body Rock gym and a Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club among the amenities on offer. Residents of Playa Paraíso will also be able to enjoy many of the facilities, restaurants and bars open to the public. Sergio explained that the hotel will also have a Vibe Manager, “who will look after the vibe in each zone, check the music is right”, so you could have someone playing an electric guitar solo at the pool bar, and something completely different in another part of the hotel “and pop-up performances” too.

The Palladium representative said that €70 million euro had been invested in the hotel, which is being built through the renovation of an existing hotel in the resort area, converting from a 3-star to a 5-star hotel, something they have done before very successfully. The number of rooms would be reduced from over 1,000 to 624 but the higher price of the overnight stays would bring different kinds of clients.


A plan developed by FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, the Tenerife Cabildo and Turismo de Tenerife to help renovate the zone with the existing small and medium enterprises in Playa Paraíso, will be in four phases. It will see a series of innovation workshops, point of sales diagnostic, assistance on interior renovations and upgrades and an overall improvement of the tourist spaces in the resort. The aim, with experts in commerce, sales and client reach, is to improve and upgrade the local commercial offer to meet the needs of the new clients and at the same time improve the income potential of the businesses themselves.

hrh model