Siam Park wins Traveller’s Choice Award for 3rd year running

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Siam Park via TripAdvisor, has won the Travellers’ Choice Award for Best Water Park for the third year in a row.

The award presentation was held at Siam Beach, in the presence of the President of Loro Parque and Siam Park, Wolfgang Kiessling, the Vice President, Christoph Kiessling, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the regional deputy tourism minister Cristóbal de la Rosa, and the Cabildo tourism councillor Alberto Bernabé. Also present were representatives of the islands’ tourism sector and journalists from local, national and international media .

The mayor of Adeje congratulated, the entire team of Siam Park and highlighted the huge effort and involvement of the Kiessling family in the community in creating employment and adding to the local economy. He said that in today’s world the opinion of visitors and clients was more important than marketing and their election of this as the best water park in the world was enormously satisfying for the borough.

Blanca Zayas, Director of Communications for TripAdvisor in Spain, presented the award to Christoph Kiessling, who said that it was a “an honour for Siam Park to receive the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for the third consecutive year – a recognition that is the result of teamwork”. In this regard, he expressed his satisfaction that “dedication to service and attention to detail are recognised by visitors from around the world; we are extremely grateful and this award will encourage us to continue working with effort and enthusiasm for excellence every day”.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Kiessling also expressed his delight at the installation having received this distinction, which consolidates the park’s position . “Although I promised myself not to mention the word ‘pride’, the truth is that I feel very proud. This recognition belongs to everyone involved and we are growing into a truly strong and prestigious company thanks to Tenerife”. He also stressed that 98% of the employees are Canarian.

Cristobal de la Rosa stressed the importance of winning for the third year in a row. He also highlighted the huge impact Siam Park has for tourism in Tenerife and the Canary Islands overall. Alberto Bernabé congratulated Siam Park for the enjoyment it gives to visitors, saying it was bringing people back to the island and also encouraging first time visitors to come as well as ensuring they go home having enjoyed an excellent holiday.

Loro Parque and Siam Park have several TripAdvisor´s Certificates of Excellence. These are awarded exclusively to those places that have registered excellent ratings from travellers over the past 12 months (with scores above 4 out of 5). Both Loro Parque and Siam Park have been integrated into the Hall of Fame of TripAdvisor due to having been awarded these certificates over the last five consecutive years.

Communications Department, Adeje

Tenerife Sur Prism network



The objective of the network is to improve the quality of life and guarantee equality and free choice of lifestyle and sexual identity for all

Today, June 28th, the councils of Adeje, Arona, Arico, Granadilla de Abona, Fasnia, Guía de Isora, San Miguel de Abona, Santiago del Teide and Vilaflor, launched a new working collective tool to work together to improve the quality of life and guarantee equality and respect and the freedom of sexual identity to all the residents of South Tenerife.

The South Tenerife Prism network underlines the commitment from the participating councils and regional bodies to improve local actions regarding equality, and looks to optimise resources promoting the interests of the network with regard to other institutions, and implementing shared objectives and actions. Reflecting the logo of the group, the nine boroughs are represented by the nine points forming the triangular part of the prism with the colours of the rainbow, the international symbol of the LGTBIQ community, on the other side, promoting visibility, diversity, identity.

The Prism will operate at two parallel levels, one with political representation from the nine boroughs, councillors who will commit themselves to work for the promotion of policies reflecting equality and non-discrimination. On the other level are the technical personnel working to implement policies.

The main objectives of the group are to promote transversal integration from standpoints of equality and non-discrimination including in the design and implementation of policies locally in South Tenerife. Awareness-raising in the boroughs of the right of every individual to their chosen gender identity is also part of the action plan.

The Prism network will create a dialogue for mutual assessment, training, and orientation and experience exchanges among member boroughs. There will also be work with relevant bodies and institutions at regional and other levels, sharing of resources and materials, etc. Among the first actions the new network will undertake will be the specialised training of the political and technical personnel who will be working on the project as well as the presentation of a list of good practises, currently being drawn up. 10 practical ways to allow our councils oversee the correct incorporation of policies that support gender and sexual diversity in all departments.

“This initiative is reflective of the desire of the participating boroughs to push for policies which guarantee the rights and freedoms of lesbians, gays, transgender persons, bisexuals, intersexuals and those who describe themselves as queer in South Tenerife. We strongly believe working in this field is very relevant within the development of local politics that favour the visibility of this community, prevent discrimination and promote the respect of identity and sexual diversity. With concrete actions we will be building a society that, daily, is more plural, equal and respectful”, said Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro, Adeje councillor for disability and politics of equality, speaking on behalf of the group.

Also present at the presentation of the new group were councillors Montserrat González Hernández, Vilaflor, Noelia Beatriz González Navarro, Santiago del Teide; Samuel de León Páez, San Miguel de Abona; Ángeles González Rodríguez, Guía de Isora; Oscar Delgado Melo, Granadilla de Abona; María del Carmen Marrero Rodríguez, Fasnia; David Pérez González, Arona and Dácil Cano García, Arico.

Communications Department, Adeje

30 years keeping Adeje safe



During a series of events yesterday afternoon (June 24th), the Adeje Council led by mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, recognised the sterling work that has been done by the Adeje Volunteer Firefighters since their formation 30 years ago. Following an institutional act there was a parade down the Calle Grande to the newly named “Plazoleta de los Bomberos” (small plaza of the Firefighters) where the statue, sculpted by Canarian artist, Pedro Gómez, was erected.

The Adeje mayor said, “we are celebrating the existence of a particularly special group of people who have been invaluable to the South of Tenerife in its most recent phase, who were born out of a social need in an emerging destination who needed to be able to rely on nearby help in the case of emergencies, and to meet the demands of a complex society who need to know they are secure”.


He continued, “the firefighters are a group of citizens who came together as a volunteer force and, over the years, have won the respect of the local population for their dedication and commitment, their strength, their willingness to take risks for others, and who have shown us the need for unity between towns”.

The president of the Association of Volunteer Firefighters, Michael Mendoza, expressed his “gratitude to the Council and the people of Adeje for this gift…this plaza reflects who we are, and what we want to bring to the society we live in. We are a group of volunteers who wish to assist our neighbours in matters of health, strength and unity, and we count upon your help to be able to do that”.

During the past week there have been a number of different events taking place in the borough with the Firefighters celebrating their 30th anniversary including a medal ceremony with their fellow brigade members in Unterhaching (Germany) with whom they have a special historic relationship. There were medals of honour awarded to José Rodríguez Sempere and Ricardo Müller Picháida (RIP) and to Carlos Paulsen Rivas and the mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.


The Adeje’s Volunteer Firefighters were formed in 1986 and since then their mission has been to help and assist at emergency situations in the South Tenerife. They have played an important part in the growth of the borough of Adeje and have been key players in important moments, including the battle to contain the forest fire of 2012.

The brigade, men and women, is based in their station near the main Adeje roundabout and is part of the island network covering the island of Tenerife, which now incorporates nine volunteer forces and five professional bodies all working under one central command.

The Adeje’s Volunteer Firefighters have been active in over seven thousand interventions since their foundation, and have been decorated on a number of occasions both regionally and nationally.


Alina puts them through their paces

Rhythmic gymnastics World Champion gives master class in Adeje

The Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics champion Alina Maksymenko has been giving a series of master classes to young athletes here in Adeje. The visit was made possible by the Club Tenesay and the Adeje sports department.

Over 100 athletes of the sport in Tenerife travelled to the El Galeón sports centre in Adeje to take advantage of this opportunity to train with one of the world’s best in the discipline. Speaking to press after the first morning’s work, Alina Maksymenko said she was delighted to be in Adeje, “it’s my first time here and I am really enjoying it. All of the gymnasts here will learn a lot of new techniques and we will help them in their sporting development and to improve as athletes”.



Adeje sport’s councillor Adolfo Alonso, thanked Alina for her time and dedication. “We are privileged to have an athlete of this standing here with us”, he said also praising the initiative of the local rhythmic gymnastics club Tenesay for inviting her to train in Adeje, and their on-going commitment to sport in Adeje, “making this one of the most popular sports in the borough”, he said.


Coordinated risk training

simulation (8)

In a simulation exercise held today (June 22nd) in La Caleta, to deal with a supposed non-toxic propane gas leak, the co-ordination of the different services was praised by the Adeje mayor who stressed that the actual possibility of a risk of this nature was extremely small, but that it was always better to be properly prepared.

“We are very pleased at the level of co-ordination we have seen today. The presence of gas is new to the region, and an event of this kind, though extremely remote, needs to be anticipated with 14 kilometres of propane gas pipes (non-toxic) present. We need to know how we would react in a risk situation, testing and verifying the measures in place, and improving them where we need to”.
Shortly after 10.30 the sirens of the fire brigades were heard from a distance rushing to deal with the 112 emergency call, which marked the start of the exercise. Local police were on hand to divert traffic away from the reported gas leak, the national police were co-coordinating their response, the civil protection unit advised members of the public, residents and tourists, and the ambulance service was on hand to attend to the only ‘victim’ of the gas leak. Also present were members of CECOPAL, the Adeje emergency co-ordination group who oversee borough risk situations.

simulation (3)
A well-coordinated affair, visitors looked on interestedly, with many praising the work of the services and the initiative itself. The Adeje council had posted notices all over La Caleta, in Spanish and English in advance of the exercise to avoid unnecessary panic. The advance preparation also included the co-operation of the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel which was directly in front of the supposed gas leak and who played a full part in ensuring their staff and guests were kept up to date on developments with fire fighters in and near the hotel grounds during the simulation. All the other hotels in La Caleta were also fully supportive of the initiative.

The ‘emergency’ was caused by a digger inadvertently rupturing a distribution pipe for the DISA gas suppliers. Their spokesperson Francisco Plato, who was present at the event, said “we are talking about a situation that his highly unlikely but it has been a very useful exercise in testing the lines of communication and co-ordination between the different teams that would be called into service during an emergency situation of this kind”:
simulation (9)

SIMULATION – Emergency exercise in La Caleta tomorrow



The activity will involve police, ambulance crews and fire brigades
Adeje Town Hall has organised a simulation of a gas leak which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, from 10.30am.

The exercise is to test the preparedness of the emergency services in the event of a real risk situation. Taking part will be gas company DISA, the emergency co-ordination body CECOES, fire brigades, local and national police, the Guardia Civil, the Civil Protection Unit, ambulances, etc.


The Adeje authorities have informed local tour operators, residents and tourists, and public and private bodies of the nature of the event to avoid any unnecessary panic. The information has been made available in Spanish and English to inform as many people as possible in advance. During the simulation public and emergency transport will operate as normal though there will be some traffic diversions in place for the public.

The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, stressed the importance of exercises such as this one “to better co-ordinate resources and reduce reaction times in the event of a genuine emergency. It’s also important that our people know we are working to be prepared to meet risk situations in the best possible conditions”, he said.

Cultural communication



70 young people from the Adeje secondary schools took part in an inter-cultural visit to find our more about different peoples living peacefully and side by side in the Adeje borough.

The Adeje council, via the department of youth, and in collaboration with the ‘Together in the Same Direction’ collective, took the students on what was called an intercultural tourism route with 70 students from IES Adeje secondary school. Youth councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares said, “we are designing activities that continue to underline the importance of harmonious co-existence and respect for good practises as the fundamental pillars of our society, a society that recognises the importance of different cultures as tools for the evolution of better and more responsible citizens”.


The activity consisted of a series of visits to different cultural centres, one group to the Al- Ihsan Mosque in the Calle Piedra Rodonda, and the other to the local Hindu temple, in San Eugenio. In each they were met by representatives of the relevant cultures who explained a little bit about their beliefs, their role within the community and how they were integrating.

The last part of the day was a meeting of the groups together in the Avenida Palon Mayor, in El Galeón, where they shared their experiences and impressions of the visits.


Another reason to register on the ‘Padrón’!

V day, or B day is looming – that’s Vote day or Brexit/Bremain day, however you care to view it. The referendum vote to decide whether the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union, is on Thursday June 23rd, and if you are a resident here and you haven’t sent your postal vote by now, unfortunately your deadline has passed.
Here in Adeje the FOCUS group recently hosted an information event about the vote and the potential fallout. Both our financial expert, Paul Montague and our legal expert José Escobedo did point out one thing that every non Spanish resident should make sure of, and that is that they are legally resident here.
If you are a fiscal resident in Spain, you are a registered resident in an EU country, so you will continue to have certain rights as such if the vote is to leave the EU. A fiscal resident means that you are registered as a resident and pay your taxes in Spain, and signing up on the ‘Padrón’ (resident register) is also and always important to making sure your daily lives here run as smoothly as possible.

Registering on the Padrón ensures that you have access to all the local council services, subventions and assistance that, as a resident, you are as entitled to as anyone else.  It’s easy to do, and the staff at the Adeje Town Hall front office will be delighted to help you.

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