Happy Streets 365 days



Adeje’s streets are going to be busier and hopefully happier as a result of the new campaign launched by the council yesterday. Happy Streets will see events happening all over the borough, particularly in the tourist zones of Costa Adeje, throughout the year, and the happiness should spill into the residential areas too.

The new campaign was launched yesterday, World Tourism Day, by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, in the company of many local businesses in the Plaza Salytien. The mayor told press, “It’s fundamental that tourist destinations are constantly reinventing and renewing themselves if they want to continue to meet the changing needs of tourists and tourism. Today we present Happy Streets, and with this we hope to bring together cultural and leisure offers which will be developed in the tourist zones, helping us bring our culture and heritage closer to visitors. We are also well advanced in other areas of improvements for tourists, including the provision of free wifi for all in the Costa Adeje zone”, he continued.


The inauguration of Happy Streets saw many local representatives and businesses from South Tenerife present, and opened with a performance from the EMMA, the Adeje School of Music and Dance, and the Adeje Folklore group.

The Happy Street project itself will see performances and events happening along the street and in local bars, commercial centres, restaurants and other spaces with the added hope that local businesses will also see improvements, and subsequently create more jobs. The project has been designed by the department of tourism promotion in Adeje, under councillor Ermitas Moreira Garcia, with the collaboration of the Creventy company.

Happy Streets aims to offer some form of entertainment 365 days of the year, and encourage people to attend many of the larger cultural events already in the Adeje calendar as well. The programme will begin with the International Folklore Festival (Mayantigo Fest2016) which is taking place in the Plaza Salytien and the following weekend with the Oktoberfest, also in the Plaza Salytien, on October 7th and 8th.

The mayor stated that data shows that only 10 % of tourists who visit Costa Adeje go out onto the streets to explore and enjoy what’s on offer. “We might think the streets are busy but we need more people to come out, interact on a daily basis, live new experiences, meet new people, discover the other sides to Adeje and get to know the parts of the borough that makes it so different from other tourist destinations, in particular thanks to the people who live here and the natural surrounds”.


Happy Streets will also work to highlight the complementary offer such as leisure, restaurants and the commercial side of Adeje as well as more traditional and cultural attractions. From January 1st the full Happy Street programme will be up and running online, in five languages, with a high concentration of visual content showing what’s on offer. Club Happy Street will offer a loyalty programme allowing people sign up for events on particular days, take advantage of promotions, discounts and draws as well as receiving daily news updates.

As well as the launch of the Happy Streets launch, the Adeje council also celebrated World Tourism Day which this year took accessible tourism as its theme. The ‘Once’ organisation held a talk for many companies in the tourism sector outline the needs and requirements of visitors with special needs, be they mobility, visual or auditory.

Starry starry nights in Adeje


Adeje is hosting a Science Festival this weekend in partnership with the University of La Laguna, and the technology company Droiding, with workshops, talks and a science fair in the Plaza de España as well as star-gazing on Saturday night.

The weekend kicks off with two talks in the Cultural Centre on Saturday from 8pm with Antonio Martínez Ron, journalist with media company Voz Populi, and Carlos Briones, an expert working in the Astrobiology Centre CAB-INTA-CSIC. Following the talks the lights by the Plaza de España will be switched off to facilitate a star-gazing experience, with members of the public invited to attend with their telescopes and learn how to use them for increased viewing. The organisers will also bring some professional telescopes along to the plaza to show people the night sky in all its glory.

On Sunday the square will host a scientific fair with activities and stands from 10am – 7pm. There will be exhibitions and investigative demonstrations by different bodies including the Newton Association, Discover Experience and Planeta Ciencias.

During the weekend there will also be a series of talks taking place in public schools in the borough. “We are working to bring science closer to the public in a manner that is easier to understand”, says Adeje education councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, who has invited “everyone in Adeje to the events which are designed for all the family”.

During the weekend the Adeje councillor for equality, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro has also overseen a public exhibition on women in the world of science and technology, “to show to young women and girls that this is an attractive branch of science”.

All events taking place are free to the public.

15 young Adeje students earn their professional titles



Under the Adejerest programme, 15 unemployed young people from Adeje received their professional certificates in Basic Restaurant and Bar Operations last Friday, upon completion of a course run by the council and the Canarian Employment Service.

Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, councillor for economic development in the borough, congratulated all of the students during a ceremony to make the end of the course. “Over 9 months you have done some extraordinary work. The employment world is waiting to welcome you, and this is a particularly opportune time, with tourism at a high, three new hotels about to open in Adeje…all of the personnel managers are sending us their lists of vacancies, and what is most in demand is the right attitude, as much as experience or aptitude. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity”.

The project under the Adejerest label saw the 15 young people, between 16-25 years of age and with no previous qualifications work and study over nine months to earn their certificate. In parallel they also received training to increase their employability and job possibilities (including classes in English and the chance to work with a local British volunteer resident group), and the class professors also helped them attain their secondary school diploma. The course cost almost €200,000.

National stalemate, local problems


During a day dedicated to Innovation and Urban Development in Tourism Destinations, held in the Adeje CDTCA (Centre for Costa Adeje Tourism Development) participants heard that many projects at local level were being held up as a result of the political stalemate at national level.

In Adeje, for instance, an integrated strategy for development projects into the year 2020, under the DUSI Plan was still waiting for approval months after the final presentation. According to Maria Dolores Ortiz Sánchez of the European Territorial and Urban Development section of the Department of Public Administration, the relevant commission has carried out all the necessary evaluations but “we are waiting for the authorisation to publish the approval from the caretaker government. The work was very technical and rigorous. We are eager to begin work with the selected cities…” she told the gathering.


The day-long event was organised by the Adeje Council and Enerlis Consulting and the opening session was attended by the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the regional tourism vice-president, Cristóbal de la Rosa, and the Tenerife Cabildo tourism councillor, Alberto Bernabé Teja.

Experts from various government departments outlined the different projects and funding available at national at European level to which the councils and other bodies may apply. Canarian boroughs are being encouraged to consider initiatives in this area given that the region could be eligible for extensive funding under different criteria. Not surprisingly there were many questions from different council representatives regarding the funding and applications.

Red Innpulso
Diana Alonso García, technical councillor for the Red Innpulso network, under the national department of economy and competition, was also present and invited Canarian boroughs to consider linking themselves to this national network – at present there are only three Tenerife towns that are involved, Adeje being one of them, and the advantages were outlined to those attending.

The main aim of the network is “the cooperation between member councils, information exchange, discussions, assistance in similar problem solving, etc. It is also a recognition by the department of a town that is innovative”.
Urban action programmes
Dolores Ortiz Sánchez, also outlined to participants the importance of an urban agenda for Spain, aligned with European and global urbanisation developments. “We need to carry out an analysis of our cities and develop an agenda that is more realistic for our country”, she stated, adding that her department was also looking to organise a forum for good practise exchanges. Her brief includes examining local economy trends, energy transition, urban poverty and the integration of immigrants and refugees, with European funding for positive action programmes. She also detailed possible finance under sustainable growth programmes including renewable and efficient energy projects, etc.

London calling!




Adeje girls preparing for West End appearance

The girls from the Tenerife Dance Academy will be dancing in Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End this Sunday, September 25th. The 9 dancers have been busy rehearsing their two dances with dance school owner and choreographer Miss Elisabeth Nicoll, and are really looking forward to the trip.

The dance school, based in Callao Salvaje, is the home of the Tenerife Tigers, and is taking part in the show under the Young Performers organisation which works with various dance schools to mount shows in London.


“This is a terrific opportunity for the girls to dance on a professional stage and with dancers from other schools. They have worked really hard to get here and I am very proud of each and every one of them”, said Miss Nicoll.

The Tenerife Tigers are regulars in many of the local Adeje fiestas, including the October patronal celebrations and the Kings Day parade.


Adejetec – introducing digital and visual animation into the business world



The VII edition of Adejetec began today, Friday September 16th, introducing two days of talks and workshops with the focus on the digital business world and use of visual animation. The event is taking place in the Adeje CDTCA and the Magma Arte & Congresos centre.

Councillor Ermitas Moreira García, responsible for tourism and innovation in the borough of Adeje, said, “today digital marketing is the way to open the doors to negotiating at global levels, and is a new way of selling in the sector, and we are delighted to be able to host this event”. The Arona councillor for economic promotion, Dácil María León Reverón was also present as a partner in the event.

The organisers of this year’s event are offering new perspectives with the cooperation of businesses who, under the Adejetec umbrella, have designed a programme that should be of interest to all. Canarias Digital are concentrating on the business sector and new emerging digital trends, strategic planning, communication, legal issues, marketing, use of apps, etc. They are also presenting concrete examples of successes locally, with Bodegas Monje, Runhair, Internetísimo and Día Nails among others.

On Saturday it’s the turn of those interested in using animation during Adeje Animation Day. Among guest speakers are Marcos Martín, the animator for the Tadeo Jones 2 film, Borja Montoro, who has worked on character design in Zootropolis, and Miguel Ángel Fuertes, with titles such as Dragonheart, Happy Feet, Casper, Star Wars episode 1 and Avatar under his animation belt.

Adeje to host allegiance ceremony


The Adeje Council has announced that for the first time they will host a pledge of allegiance to the Spanish flag ceremony.

This is an event that is held from time to time in different parts of the country, where Spanish citizens are invited to both show their allegiance to the flag and their appreciation of the work of the army, particularly in national emergencies, such as the forest fires which ravaged parts of these islands in recent years, where army personnel are always the first responders and those who put their lives on the line.

The ceremony in Adeje will be on October 9th, and while non-Spanish citizens won’t be able to take part in the ceremony itself, they are very welcome to be part of the audience.

More information will be published nearer the date.


Get ready to swim for life



Next Saturday, September 17th, a pink wave will take over Tenerife Top Training, T3, in Adeje with the annual Swim for Life taking place.

Once more the beneficiaries of this charity event will be the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC), Amate, cancer research and the Pink Room help centre situated in Adeje. This is the third year the swim is taking place, and is held under the general Walk for Life banner, a cancer walk that takes place in South Tenerife every December.


Swimmers must be over 12 years of age, and have until September 12th to register at nadoporlavida@gmail.com to take part on the official competitive races (25m, 50m and 100m, different strokes) event. More information on donating and taking part is on http://www.migranodearena.org/es/reto/11575/nadar-por-lavida-2016/. If you don’t want to swim you can simply turn up and join in the fun on the day and take part in the Aquagym and enjoy the wonderful paella – but you will also need to register on nadaporlavida@gmail.com. The event is from 10.30am 2.30pm.


The first 150 swimmers to register will receive a free pink commemorative swimming cap and all those taking part in the day can enter a draw for a free weekend for two in La Gomera.

Thanks to the following bodies for support: Walk for Life, Adeje Council, Tenerife Top Training, Rotary Club Tenerife South and Swim Club Tenerife Masters, as well as the Tenerife Swimming Referees, and various private companies.