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Adeje Women’s prize winner, Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez

On Saturday March 11th Adeje council will award the XIV 2017 Abinque prize to cheese maker Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez, who is also the joint owner of the award winning dairy Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca. The award is also seen as a homage to rural businesswomen throughout Adeje who, like Ángeles, are building the future of the borough.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga comments, “One of the pillars of the history of Adeje is our agriculture, and the huge implication of women in its development. This prize recognises the many years of work of Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez, synonymous with the respect we have for all the women who work in rural settings, farming as well as caring for home and family”.

“Being awarded this prize by Adeje is a huge honor for me. I was also made feel so welcome by everyone here and am delighted to accept this on behalf of all the women in the field. The Abinque means a lot as it is the first time my work has been recognised in this way. I wasn’t expecting this and there are many other women out there just as deserving”, said Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez on hearing of her selection as this year’s winner.
Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez
Originally from La Palma, she came to live in Adeje over 20 years ago and with her family set up a company that has become one of the most valued in the sector. The Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca , in Tijoco, has a host of national and international prizes to its name today, including top awards at the World Cheese Awards every year from 2010 to 2015 . The dairy was also granted the Tenerife Cabildo Rural Award in 2015 for being “An innovate and sustainable rural business innovation”.

Ángeles says her interest in cheese making was from an early age, “learnng the basics from my family and neighbours who made their own cheeses”. Today people can buy the cheeses at the Adeje Famers Market on Saturdays and Sundays, (8am – 1.30pm) and Wednesdays (3pm -7pm).
The Abinque prize is awarded annually, to coincide with events celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, recognising the work and contribution of a woman or group of women to the life and local development of the borough of Adeje. Previous winners have included body board world champion Alexandra Rinder, Walk for Life founder Brigitte Gypen, the oldest women in the borough, the women who were the main workforce in the tomato and banana packaging sector, and many more.
“Only with you, the women of Adeje, can we achieve proper equality for all in acknowledging the work and value of women’s work, which, throughout history, has not received the recognition it deserves”, added the mayor.
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Get flipping!

It might be Martes de Carnaval for our Canarian friends and neighbours and even our kids, but for many of us today is really Shrove Tuesday, or pancake Tuesday.

Growing up in Ireland in the 1960s this was one of the only days of the year that I remember my mother making pancakes (‘crepes’ was in the far distant future, along with bottled water and tapas, how exotic), and the kitchen would smell of hot oil and cooking pancakes, and we would stuff our faces till we were fit to burst.

Of course that also meant that the next day was the first day of Lent, when we, as good Irish Roman Catholics, were facing into 40 days of a chosen deprivation. Usually sweets and chocolates in our household for the kids, but being Irish you were allowed break that fast on St Patrick’s Day.   And so it continues.  We will be making pancakes in our household today and we will also observe Lent, as I still tend to believe a little self-control is no bad thing.  So yes, some things change, but other customs don’t have to be abandoned in the name of change either.

Here’s an easy pancake recipe if you’re in the mood this afternoon…

100g flour
Pinch of salt
1 egg
300 ml milk
I tbsp. melted butter.

Sift flour and salt into bowl, make well in centre. Crack egg into well and add melted butter and half the milk, stirring with wooden spoon till mixed. Beat till batter is smooth, stir in the other half of the milk. Leave for 30 minutes.
Use a non-stick pan, oil medium heat, drop a level tablespoonful in and cook for about a minute till golden brown underneath, and turn, and cook for another minute. Serve with sugar, lemon juice, honey, cream, or jam…..and enjoy.


Rinder and Mohino are the Adeje athletes of the year


Other winners were Aguilas Atlético, the borough’s football school, José Antonio Santana, CB Canarias and businessman Roberto Konrad

The III Adeje Sports Gala paid homage to the best sports women and men in the borough in 2016 with Alexandra Rinder, second in the world in bodyboarding, and Juan Carlos Mohino, Judo veteran world sub champion named as the borough’s athletes of the year. The awards were presented by councillors Epifanio Díaz and Adolfo Alonso.

The gala event opened with a hip hop performance from ‘Real Strong Crew’ and a promotional tourism video for Adeje, in which sport featured extensively. The night saw gospel singer Latonius perform and the municipal schools of rhythmic gymnastics also took to the stage.

Many of the borough’s other athletes and teams were also presented with awards for sporting service in 2016. Aguilas Atlético won the award for sporting prowess, the Capoeira Camuguere team for sport and social harmony, the Adeje School of football for clean play and the basketball side CD Canarias for best team.

Cabildo sports councillor Cristo Pérez, ex basketball player Juan Méndez, the beach volley Olympians Sixto Jiménez, Adrián Gavira and Pablo Herrera and swimmer José Antonio Santana also received awards. Businessman Roberto Konrad was named sports entrepreneur of the year, and artistic skater (twice world champion and five times European champion) Alejandro Fernández was also given special recognition. Eva Puzenko was the borough’s youngest athlete of the year.

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Message from the Adeje council


Following on the news that has emerged this week of the existence of illegal dog fights taking place in Güímar, this council wishes to express its total and absolute repugnance for this type of activity, which is an insult to human dignity and is an abuse of animals and will support whatever measures are deemed necessary to ensure that this kind of activity does not take place in any part of this island or in the Canaries in general.
This local government, having received the official information regarding the events, and the court proceedings regarding the detention of a member of the local police from this borough, has taken the following measures, bearing in mind current legislation and the disciplinary procedures already in place regarding local security forces.
1 Provisional suspension of the agent in question from all of his duties as long as he remains in prison and is the subject of a court proceeding.
2 Will instigate a disciplinary action following relevant administrative procedures which could, in this case, run concurrently with the court case.
This council, as must be the case, will always act in accordance with the law, and apply the presumption of innocence and not interfere with court proceedings which are underway in the respective tribunals, which may also impose internal disciplinary actions.
The Adeje council would like to reiterate its absolute condemnation of the reported actions and insists that all possible assistance be given to the police and judicial authorities to ensure that such abominable practises are never tolerated in our society, a society that respects justice, dignity and respects and protects the rights of all living beings who form part of that society.

Life post-Brexit!

Brexit: “Stick to the facts and you’ll know what’s going on”

Up to 100 Britons attended an information seminar organised by Blevins Franks at the Adeje Cultural Centre this week, invited by the Adeje international residents group Focus, with the support of the council. They heard from the financial advice company that in their professional opinion that it was in the interests of the Spanish government to make sure that British residents in Spain were looked after, and that good working relations with the British government continued to flourish.

Adeje councillor for institutional relations and youth affairs, Zebenzui Chinea Lineras, welcomed the attendees and said that Adeje was very aware of its commitment to all residents of the over 120 countries living in the borough. He said they would be interested in all the suggestions and ideas that came out of the conference and hoped the questions many people had would be addressed.

“Rajoy and Theresa May are thick as thieves”, Wayne Sheridan told the conference, saying that Theresa May was on the plane to Spain to speak to Rajoy within 24 hours of his confirmation as leader of the country following the most recent election here. “Rajoy has too much to lose”, Sheridan said, pointing to the €30 billion that he would forfeit, “if he gets it wrong”. He said that personally he hadn’t been a fan of Brexit but that to date Theresa May hadn’t put a foot wrong in her negotiations with the EU and he firmly believed that both the rights of EU citizens in Britain and those of British residents here in Spain were not under threat.

Paul Montague, the other speaker from Blevins Franks, dealt with the exchange of information between governments regarding taxes, and the need for full declaration of assets in both countries. He also stressed the huge importance of legitimising your situation here, something that echoed the earlier contribution of Clio O’Flynn, who spoke about the importance of registering on the ‘Padrón’, and the multitude of benefits for the resident as well as local government.

Canarian director for Emergencies and Security in Adeje visit

The Canarian government’s director for Emergencies and Security, Nazaret Díaz Santos, paid a visit to the Adeje School for security and social harmony recently to confirm a number of covenants with the Adeje Council as well as getting to know this borough installation which plays a key role in local security.

During the meeting with the councillor for institutional relations and youth,
Zebenzui Chinea Linares, the resources Adeje has were outlined as well as a number of projects that are on-going during 2017.

The visit also served to reinforce the working relationship between the two administrations in an area of direct concern and benefit for residents and visitors.

Reclaiming from the banks…



Adeje council, through the OMIC (the municipal consumers office), can supply members of the public with a standard letter form to initiate the reclamation process if agreement hasn’t been reached

Adeje council, through the municipal consumers office under the auspices of the department of health, (Councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo), in collaboration with the financial consumers organisation ADICAE, held an information event on Wednesday for members of the public affected by mortgage floor clauses and related matters.

The event was organised following a series of judgements on the matter by both the Spanish supreme court and the European courts, who have deemed that, in principal, banks must return excess interest that may have been charged to mortgage holders who had a ‘floor clause’ in their mortgage, in effect limiting the amount interest payments could drop, regardless of the Euribor (the Euro Interbank Interbank Offered Rate). In principal the courts have ruled that where the clause was non-transparent, the consumers have the right to money back.


The Adeje council, through OMIC, are preparing standard forms that members of the public can use in initiating a claim with their banks if no adequate offer has been made under the Royal Decree, Real Decreto Ley 1/2017. This decree sets out the means by which members of the public should be able to reclaim monies due. The banks and lending institutions affected have been given a month by the authorities to set in place the machinery for processing claims and facilitating repayments. Banks, upon receipt of a claim, will have three months (maximum) to respond and either make an offer based on the particular mortgage conditions, or in the case of rejecting the claim, set out clearly their reasons for doing so. If this is not acceptable to both parts, the case may then go to court.


Claiming ‘floor clause’ money back

pareja en banco

Adeje Council, through the local OMIC (municipal citizen’s attention bureau), under the department of health and quality of life (councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo) and in collaboration with ADICAE (the association for bank and credit union users) will hold a public talk on mortgage floor clauses and additional costs tomorrow, Wednesday February 15th, at 6pm. The meeting is taking place in the town’s Cultural Centre.

“What we are doing, from the Council’s point of view, is giving all the relevant information to our citizens in relation to floor clauses. For that reason, from the offices of the OMIC, we have prepared this information event to let people know what their rights are and how to proceed if they wish to make a reclamation”, commented councillor Trujillo Bencomo.

The meeting will have the information necessary and outlined in the Royal Decree 1/2017 which lists the means by which monies can be returned to clients. Pedro Herrero, of ADICAE will be the main speaker, and include in his talk will be information on time frames for reclamations. He will answer questions from the public on the matter.

This event will be in Spanish, so please do bring a translator if you feel you might be in need of some assistance.
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Love is in the air…


ADEJE_poster_valentin copia

If you’re shopping for that someone special today or tomorrow, Adeje Council is encouraging you to shop locally, “for the closeness of the shops, the excellent personal attention, the ease of shopping and the benefit of contributing to the local economy”, says Adeje economic development councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martin.

The ZCA, the Adeje Commercial Zone is also encouraging local shopping with the bonus of a series of activities during Valentine’s Day, including an old-fashioned Cadillac car, decorated for the day, which will be touring the borough, stopping at different points to allow you to take photos to remember the day.

The ZCA is also offering prizes, including a cruise and spa vouchers for lucky shoppers during the month of February.

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