New finance for the Canarian Local Police budget


Political representatives from the security departments of Tenerife’s borough councils along with technical experts and the regional government’s security director general, Nazarat Díaz Santos, met recently in Adeje as part of a series of meetings to discuss and analyse budget requirements as part of the Canarian Local Police coordination bill with new finance proposals discussed.

Zebenzui Chinea Linares represented Adeje with personnel from the relevant borough departments. “We are very happy with the direction of these meetings because with increased funding we can include measures appropriate to meet the needs of the citizens”.

During the working session a variety of proposals were discussed from different security agencies as well as other concerned bodies such as FECAM – the Canarian boroughs federation – and the CCOO and UGT trade unions. The meetings have been taking place over recent months, and are held in a different borough each time.


Excellent response to Day Centre parents meetings


The Adeje council via the department of wellbeing and care for diversity, young people and the family, has just completed a series of sessions with the parents of users of the Los Olivos Care centre for people with special needs. These were held throughout the month of March and helped a new ‘conversation’ to allow parents express their opinions and ideas about the services on offer.

“These kinds of meetings help strengthen the bonds between the families using the centre and for whom the council are happy to work in the search for solutions to particular problems they may have”, said the councillor responsible for the centre, Isabel Fernández González.

Themes such as communication, appropriate use of social networks, care and diversity within the family were dealt with and there was a psychomotor session where parents were asked to relate to their own childhoods.

The sessions were held in the Los Olivos centre and all those who took part found the exercises very useful and positive for them and their families.


A promise kept

Adeje’s holy Patron is brought to San Sebastián, keeping a 300 year old promise
This Sunday, April 30th, known in the Catholic Church as Divine Mercy Sunday, is also the day when the people of Adeje keep a 300-year-old promise to their Patron, the Virgin of the Incarnation. The statue of Our Lady is brought from her home in the Santa Úrsula church to her original church in La Caleta.

The pilgrim walk will begin at 9am from the Santa Úrsula church and walk along the traditional mountain path to the ‘Humilladero’ where, according to tradition, the statue was first discovered. After the stop she will continue to the San Sebastián church in La Caleta where there will be a lunch before a return to Adeje town.

This ‘Rogation’ is a tradition that began in the 16th Century, where the Marquis of Adeje, Pedro de Ponte, decided to bring the statue to the town to protect her from marauding pirates along the coast. The residents of the time where not thrilled at the decision, so promised to bring her back once a year to her original home.

The tradition lasted through the years, during which time residents also prayed for her help in ridding the land of a plague of locusts, in combatting famine and illness and more – all of which is recorded in the Libro de Milagros de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (the Book of Miracles of Our Lady of the Incarnation), which is stored in the parish archives.

The first statue of Our Lady of the Incarnation was found in this zone during the first years of the conquest of Tenerife, when the tradition of sacred worship was introduced to the island.

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For the best ‘Mama’ ever!

Shopping in Adeje for Mother’s Day is a win-win deal!

The Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centro, or ZAC Adeje Centro, with the Adeje council’s department of economic development, has designed a series of activities linked to Spanish Mother’s Day, on May 7th. Among the prizes on offer is a cruise for two.

During April and the start of May a ‘photo-call’ set-up will be installed in different locations around Adeje – Plaza César Manrique on April 28th and Parque Piedra Redonda on May 5th, and from 11am to 2pm people can record a message for their mothers and enter a draw. As well, any purchases made in participating stores will see you entered into the raffle for a cruise for two, as well as various other prizes.

The campaign is designed to galvanise local commerce by encourage shopping locally under the theme ‘Mi Madre Es La Mejor’ – (Best Mother Ever!). According to economic development councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín “shopping in Adeje has added value as it brings consumers and local businesses closer, it’s easier, quicker and of course anything that helps the local economy is a boost to job creation too”.

The ZAC Adeje Centro has on-going campaigns to promote local businesses while offering clients prizes and promotions. Méndez Martín explained, “ZAC Adeje Centro is working well. Last month we held a meeting with over 100 local businesses from the zone to outline details of the campaign. The ZCA is meeting all of its objectives and our hope is that the local commercial network understands that without their participation the campaign doesn’t make any sense”. The councillor also spoke of the importance of attracting clients to the zone and winning their loyalty, and not just Adeje residents but those from outside the borough too, to the benefit of all.

This initiative is part of an overall year-long plan to galvanise local businesses, designed by the department of local economic development, in partnership with the ZAC Adeje Centro.

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Shaken, stirred, served

The Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition is on April 27th
The Adeje council, through the departments of economic development and tourism (under Manuel Luis Méndez and Ermitas Moreira García respectively) with the Federation of Spanish Barmen Associations and the Association of Barmen, Tenerife, is organising the XII Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition, which will also be a classification for the nationals, to be held in Extremadura in November.

The Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition will take place in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) on Thursday April 27th from 4pm. This year there will be three categories – Barman (from 26 years of age) Junior barman (up to 25 years of age) and Hotel school.

“Hosting these events create enormous interest in Costa Adeje”, said the council representatives, who added that this kind of event “also adds to the value of our tourism offer and brings the name of the destination to national and international attention”.

“The Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition has become the most prestigious event of its kind in the Canary Islands and is now recognised nationally” commented José Antonio Mesa, the president of the Association of Barmen Tenerife. He added that almost all of the relevant hotel training centres and schools take part in the event which also had commercial value for the sector.

Daniela Garbi (bartender), Adrián Hernández (young barman), Yana Fillipova (skill) and Pablo Jonay (Gin Tonic) were winners in 2016 and Garbi and Hernández represented the Canaries at national competition.

Entry to the event is free, and activities begin at 4pm with an ‘Open Stage’ with Vito Calculli and Petar Marinov. There will be a Master Class with Manolo Martín (World Champion, Poland 2011) before the Estrella Damm sponsored beer pulling competition and the V Schweppes and Rutte Gin Tonic competition. This will be followed by a Master Class from the Tenerife Barmen Association and the trophy ceremony.

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A word-while event

The English-language event, part of the Adeje Book and Comic fair this weekend, was a fascinating chat with 7 local authors and members of the public from the Adeje, the UK, Croatia, Italy and Ireland among others.  Adeje councillor for libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz welcomed the writers and the public to the event.

At the top table were published authors Lee Bullen, Richard Attree, Joe Cawley, Gemma Metcalfe , Susan Dehmel and Roger/Rebecca Stone, as well as Brad Smith who is hoping to have his first book published by Christmas.  All of them addressed a variety of issues such as the difficulty/ease of online publishing, marketing, of course the writing of books, mentors, inspriation, the presence of Tenerife in their novels whether living in Spain but writing in English posed it’s own problems, and all were honest and generous with their time and experience.

Members of the public were interested in how to get started, the issue of copyright, co-writers, and whether writers also have a duty or moral obligation to promote the greater good and use their writing to inspire more social harmony.

This is second year that non-Spanish writers have featured in the Adeje Book and Comic Fair, and already many of the pariticpants are looking forward to next year.

Fañabe students on message!


The students from 6th class in Fañabe primary school recently completed a month-long course in radio organised by the Adeje council. During the course they learnt about how this medium of communication works, how to understand the messages transmitted and how to create, write and record messages for radio. The students also had a practical day visiting the Radio Sur 107.9FM studios in the Adeje cultural centre and the press centre.

The initiative was jointly run by the departments of communication and education under councillors Zebenzui Chinea Linares and Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, who agreed on the “need to improve the community skills of the students at this stage in their education and before they enter secondary school”, adding that the students were learning about the importance of constructing and designing a message for communication.

The course was run in two sections; theoretic and practical, with the students, on the final day, preparing a series of radio announcements and publicity spots and recording them in the radio station. During the course the importance of reading as a tool in improving word use and adaption was also emphasised. They also examined how news stories and adverts for radio are constructed.

The 26 students who took part in the course, and the professors from the Fañabe school, were extremely pleased with the results of what was, in essence, a pilot project, with all seeing benefits from the experience. The councillors said “with this course the council is continuing to allow students experience work practises and allow them see the workings of the local administration too”.

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A ‘smashing’ time in Adeje

Adeje hosts national badminton championship April 29 – May 1

The Las Torres pavilion in Adeje will host the Spanish Senior Badminton Championship from April 29th – May 1st with over 200 athletes from 26 clubs expected to take part. The age-range for seniors is from 30 – 75 years of age. Entry to the matches will be free.

At a press conference to announce details of the event the Adeje sports councillor, Adolfo Alonso, alongside the president of the Canarian Badminton Federation, Pedro Alonso Hernández, said “This is the first time that the Canary Islands are hosting a championship at this level in the sport”, with 10 top names in the sport already confirming their presence at the event.

“Adeje’s commitment to sport and sports men and women is a fundamental part of our annual scheduling”, said the councillor, adding that the council didn’t simply work with local athletes but also worked to bring national and international tournaments and sporting individuals to the borough, to encourage those from Adeje in their chosen sports.

The president of the Canarian Federation thanked the council for their support. He said that Adeje had been chosen due to the high standard of the installations, the excellent hotel offer near to the sports grounds, and the climate, among other reasons.

Also present were the federation secretary, Angel Castillo, and a representative from the Tenerife association of parents of children with autism, (Apanate), who will benefit from a series of solidarity activities during the tournament, such as the sale of commemorative t-shirts.

Up and coming sports events in Adeje include the Asphalt Spanish Rally championship circuit, the ‘final four’ in the European basketball wheelchair league and the European championships in this discipline as well.
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