Citizen participation workshops


Adeje’s Muslim community offer social harmony events

Adeje’s Muslim community, through the offices of the Canarian Islamic Federation and with the collaboration of the Adeje council and other bodies, are organising a series of social harmony events in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares, who is in charge of the borough’s school for security and social harmony, announced details of these “days for the promotion of citizen participation”. He commented that “the school of security and social harmony is a training centre and a meeting place where we work to encourage active citizen participation through forums and debates, all designed to enrich peaceful co-existence and a fruitful exchange of ideas, contributing to the better evolution of our local society”.

The working days will be presented by expert psychologist Abdelkader Masfene, who will deal with issues under a number of themes, such as educational values, emotional challenges to social harmony, and respect and discipline. His presentations will be on November 8th, 9th and 10th at 5.30pm in the security school centre in Los Olivos.

There will be a round table discussion on citizen participation on Friday November 10th, with María Victoria Contreras Ortega, Eva Luz Cabrera García, Abdelkadre Masfene and Housein El Ouriachi, and the moderator will be Sergio Pau Hernández.

In parallel and from November 8th to 12th, a number of mosques in El Fraile, Los Cristianos, Vecindario and Maspalomas will be hosting workshops on education, co-existence, respect and citizenship.

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TributoFest is on in Adeje’s Magma Arte & Congresos on November 4th

Tribute bands have become a subculture all of their own. What started off years ago as a way for friends to get together and celebrate the music of their favourite bands by playing their music, has become an important, and lucrative, part of the rock landscape, with many up-and-coming musicians gaining experience in tribute bands before launching their own careers. In fact, several bands, including Journey, Yes and Judas Priest, have found replacements for key members by turning to tribute bands.

Some of the best tribute acts sound more like the bands’ original line-ups than the actual band does these days — which is one of the main reasons they’re so popular. The top tribute acts in the business have become self-sustaining touring entities, keeping the classic-rock flame burning by performing the songs we all know and love to enthusiastic fans all over the world.

TributoFest is a series of concerts bringing some of the best tribute bands in Europe and the world, to Tenerife, for a night at Magma in Costa Adeje with 3 on each bill.

The next event, on Saturday 4th November, stars an amazing U2 tribute band, Elevation The U2 Experience, who have headlined festivals all over Europe to crowds of up to 30,000 and have the best look and sound-a-like Bono in the business, who has featured on all sorts of TV programs and channels.

This next concert also features Enzo as Bruce Springsteen, who does the most credible tribute to the Boss in the UK, and sounds more like Bruce Springsteen than Springsteen does himself! Also on the bill is Jay Francis’s tribute to the late great George Michael. Jay is based here in the South of Tenerife, but performs across Europe, and was fortunate enough to perform in front of George before his untimely death, and meet him. Having had the seal of approval from the man himself makes his show all the more special.

In 2018, TributoFest has some amazing bands and solo artists booked for more events at Magma Arte y Congresos in Costa Adeje, including the number 1 in the world official Coldplay tribute band, tributes to The Rolling Stones, Guns & Roses, Phil Collins & Genesis, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, and many more.

TributoFest is aiming to be an addition to some of the amazing original acts that come to Tenerife, not a replacement, but unfortunately the logistics and costs of these originals, make it impossible for them to come. So come and see the next best thing, with a concert experience comparable to the originals. So as U2 said in their song, TributoFest….Even Better Than The Real Thing!

For more information and tickets: or, or listen to English Time on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9fm this Thursday from 1pm – 2pm for a chance to win tickets.

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Cemetery ready for family visits


The Adeje Council has been working to get the local town cemetery ready for visits of the public this week, during All Saints day and All Souls day, with November 1st a public holiday.

Alongside the preparations in the cemetery, there will be additional masses held in the parish. The cemetery will remain open on October 30th and 31st from 8am to 6pm and from 8am to 8pm on November 1st and 2nd.

In the municipal cemetery the chapel has been repainted, many of the niches have been repaired where needed and the garden and green zones attended too, with new seasonal flowers planted. The metal gates have also been cleaned.

According to the councillor with responsibility Esther Rivero Vargas, ”this is an important time for our families when we remember those who have died and the council works annually to make sure the cemetery is in prime condition for the many visitors we will receive over the coming days. It’s important that people feel that this is a place of peace and harmony”. She said.

Those who will be visiting the cemetery will also be able to depend on the help of cemetery staff who will be in attendance during the week.

There will be special masses tomorrow (Tuesday October 31st) in the parishes of La Milagrosa, Tijoco La Hoya (5pm), Santa Ursula Mártir, Adeje town (6pm), San José, Los Olivos (7pm). On Wednesday there will be masses in the cemetery chapel at 9.30am and 12.30pm, in Armeñime (10am), Callao Salvaje (12 noon), San Sebastián (5pm.) and at 6.30pm there will be a mass in the Cemetery crypt with the Adeje School of Music chamber choir and that mass will be followed by a blessing of the niches.

On November 2nd, All Souls Day, there will be masses in the cemetery chapel at 9am and 5.30pm, and in Tijoco – La Hoya (6pm) and in Los Olivos (8pm).



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Model turn out for fashion press call


This morning Siam Mall hosted many of the international models who are in Adeje to take part in the Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje show tomorrow.

Alongside the models and event organisers were Adeje councillors for tourism, Ermitas Moreira García and for local economic development Manuel Luis Méndez Martín as well as Siam Mall director Hugo Gil and Edgar Magdalena, technical director of tomorrow’s show.

Both politicians underlined the importance of the event in “tourism promotion of the borough” adding that the show would “open up the way for increased diversity in the local economy as well as showing off the attractive possibilities of the destination”.

Hugo Gil said events of this kind helped promote the textile industry and Siam Mall would continue to support these initiatives in the fashion and local business sector.

Edgar Magdalena thanked those present, the Adeje Council as well as the Tenerife Cabildo for their support and of course the models who had travelled from many different parts of the world to take part.


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Prevention through education


The Adeje council, through the departments of health protection and equality politics (with councillors Amada Trujillo Bencomo and Carmen Lucía Rodríguez) have launched a series of workshops in the borough’s secondary schools dealing with bullying of all kinds.

The aim is to provide secondary school students with an awareness of sexual diversity and tools to aid in the prevention of school bullying, gender violence, homophobia, lesbophobia, trans phobia, sexual abuse, etc.

The councillors have said “one of the tools we need to eradicate phobias and discriminatory aggression of any kind is education. This is why we are continuing to offer these workshops in secondary schools because this is where the focus of the problem has been identified, and we have seen direct and indirect examples of this kind of bullying”.

In the first workshops students are being taught to help in the normalisation of sexual realities, in other words they are talking about how in the student body there will be people who are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, and that each and every person has a right to be open about their sexuality without fear of repercussions.

The students are encouraged to speak about the examples of intimidation, lack of respect, and ways in which people bully and can be stopped. The scourge of gender violence is also discussed – over 40 women have already lost their lives in Spain this year at the hands of a partner or ex-partner. Values of equality, problems with prejudice and sexual stereotyping are also being discussed.

The three workshops are taking place in the Los Olivos and the El Galeón secondary schools.

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Come to the library!

The Adeje public library, under councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, will celebrate International Libraries Day this October 24th, with a series of activities designed to encourage reading, and promote the space as a learning tool for the public. The activities are taking place in the library in the Adeje Cultural Centre.

On Tuesday March 24th at 5pm there will be a 3D pop-up story telling workshop for children from 5 years old upwards. On Wednesday October 25th it’s time for story-telling for younger children at 5pm, with music and creative games too, helping babies evolve their sensory, communicative and motor skills. Both these events are in Spanish. On Thursday October 26th at 6pm Felipe Ortín’s new novel, ‘Idus de Julio’ will be presented to the public.

“We are delighted to have these events taking place in Adeje in celebration of International Library Day, helping to promote reading and underlining its importance in the growth of a healthy society”, commented the councillor. “Early interest in books stimulates the mind, the imagination, helps the family and, we believe, is an investment in the future of Adeje”.

October 24th has been the date for the celebration of this important day since 1997, and was originally chosen to mark the destruction of the Sarajevo library during the Balkan war. People now chose the day to run events designed to remind the public of the importance of libraries as a meeting place, and a tool for learning and social harmony.

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Brits living in Adeje will continue to be ‘Adejeros’


Mr Tim Hemmings, deputy head of Mission to the British Embassy, Madrid, in Adeje visit

To a packed meeting of British nationals resident in Adeje and other parts of South Tenerife, the deputy head of mission at the British Embassy, Mr Tim Hemmings was able to reassure those present that they were not about to be “kicked out of Spain”, and that, in line with recent and on-going conversations he and his team were having with government representatives both in the UK and Spain, the rights of British residents in Spain (and other parts of the EU) continued to be one of the top priorities in the Brexit negotiations.

Mr Hemmings was in Adeje with Charmaine Arbouin, the Consul for Southern Spain and the Canary Islands and Helen Keating, vice-consul in Tenerife. Prior to the public meeting the delegation were officially welcomed to the borough by the Adeje councillor for the presidency and deputy mayor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera.

The Adeje councillor said, “Adeje is a borough where over 120 different nationalities live together, side by side, in harmony and with no problems”, and saw no reason why that would not continue to be the case. She also stressed the importance of being on the ‘padrón’, the resident’s register, “and making sure you renew your existence on the padrón when you are required to”.

Over 80 British nationals, resident here in South Tenerife, attended the public part of Mr Hemming’s visit, where he spoke to assure people that the rights of British people who had chosen to live abroad was genuinely the UK government’s Nº1 priority. He outlined the current negotiations in as far as was relevant, stressing how many areas of agreement there were now between the British Government and the EU team, before opening up the floor to questions. People were concerned about a range of issues, from taxations rights to pensions, passports and the possibility of dual nationality (currently not possible), and the likelihood of needing visas to travel to and from Spain in the future, and Mr Hemmings and the other members of the delegation dealt effectively with all the questions asked.

Following the meeting those who had attended said they certainly felt their principal questions had been answered and were grateful for the chance to meet with the Embassy representative. For his part Mr Hemmings stressed the importance of keeping the consul and the Embassy up to date on the public’s concerns about the negotiations as, given the large number of Britons living in Spain, the UK government do pay particular attention to the views coming from this country.

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Adeje romería marks the end of the fiestas


Adeje ended its annual patronal fiestas with the romería or pilgrim parade, up the town’s main street, the Calle Grande, today, Sunday October 15th. To the delight of the many visitors, the oxen drawn carts made their way to the parish church, handing out food and drink to the public, young and old, resident and visitor.

The day began with the oxen fair where the public were able to admire the decorated teams of animals as they prepared to draw the traditional floats in the parade. The carts are decorated and managed by many of the borough’s local associations and collectives, and altogether 14 carts took place in the romería this year.

The parade was led by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, joined by the representatives of the different borough neighbourhoods and the ‘Porteadores de la Virgin’. The event was organised in conjunction with the Adeje Municipal Folklore with all the main participants wearing traditional Canarian dress.

The parade ended at the doors of the Santa Úrsula church where the two patrons of the town, Santa Úrsula and San Sebastián, were present to receive offerings of music and dance, and agricultural produce from the different collectives. The groups participating this year were the Adeje Seniors, Club Almácigo de Taucho, Asociación de Vecinos Las Moraditas, Cafelitos, Los Viñedos, Amigos Los Olivos, Amigos de La Postura, La Lolita, Amigos de Adeje, Fañabé, Los Cofrades, Scaut de Adeje, Juventud de Adeje and the Los Olivos Diversity centre.

As always many different folklore groups also took part: Grupo Santa Ana, Adeje Municipal Folklore group, Agrupación Folklórica Tagomate (Tirajafe – La Palma), Chimaque, Tagorosteros, La Diatam La Ahulaga (San Miguel de Abona), Boleros de Armeñime, Viñátigo de San Isidro, Igonce de Candelaria, Imoque and Raíce.

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