Checking up on the injured and opening an investigation by the experts are the council’s main priorities


Juan Diego Mayordomo, an expert in building problems, has called together a municipal team to study the buildings involved in las Sunday morning’s floor collapse in the Butterfly nightclub in the Playa Beach commercial centre. Nine of the injured remain in hospital recovering from different injuries, mostly fractures.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, has remained in contact with the responsible councillors for the areas affected since Sunday, and with his technical team. The council have also been in close contact with the consuls and embassies of the foreign nationals affected by the incident. Help has been offered to all those affected. The mayor stated, “For us what is important is the health of the injured and the safety of the building and those alongside”.

Three of the injured are in the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, one in Universitario de Canarias, three in Hospiten Sur and two in the Clínica Quirón in Adeje. None of the nine are considered to be a critical condition.

Yesterday Adeje council called in building expert Juan Diego Mayordomo, Teneguía Consultores, to assess the structural damage, and, with the mayor and a technical team, they visited the affected area. They reported, following initial examination, that the situation wasn’t a simple one. They were, they said, also aware that many people would be anxious about returning to work in the affected area. However, the mayor said, safety of everyone had to come first. Yesterday morning he visited affected shops and spoke first hand with workers affected by the current closures.

While he said that it was important the commercial zone suffered the least possible damage financially, “decisions that needed to be taken would be taken without pressure. We have to work prudently and take the right decisions in line with the advice given by the experts”.


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40 injuries but luckily no loss of life

Adeje orders closure of Playa Shop commercial centre following floor collapse

Following the partial collapse of the floor of the Butterfly disco, in the Playa Shop commercial centre, Avenida Rafael Puig, early this morning, Sunday November 26th, the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the commissioner of the local police of the borough, Miguel Ángel Morales García, have just held a press conference to outline the actions that are being taken by the Adeje council.

“At 2:30am we were advised by the local emergencies body, the CECOES, that there had been a partial collapse of the floor in a nightclub on Avenida Rafael Puig. We immediately activated all the necessary resources to deal with this kind of emergency, local police, professional and volunteer fire brigades, and the national police”, said the mayor.

Regarding the injuries Rodríguez Fraga told press, “Thankfully there has been no loss of life, something we are grateful for given the seriousness of the situation. As a result of the floor collapse 22 persons were treated for injuries on the spot and subsequently transferred to hospitals in the zone – Hospital Quiron and Hospiten and afterwards some were transferred onwards. In the end the numbers of those injured has risen to 40 with some also making their own way to hospital. The injuries range from serious to minor and the information we have that no one individual is in a critical state. We are, of course, waiting for any updates.”
The mayor also told press that no one had been in the area underneath the floor when it collapsed as it is currently an unused unit – previously it had been used for Bingo – he clarified.


“A judicial investigation into the event has now been opened and our role now, as the local council, is administrative. Therefore we, as the local council, and given the technical evaluation carried out by the experts today of the building and the zone, are ordering the closure of the Playa Shop commercial centre as a preventative measure, as guaranteeing the security of the public is our main concern. At the same time we are evaluating the condition of the three adjacent commercial centres, to see if they have been affected. Once we have that information gathered we will open an administrative investigation to assess the causes as well as examine the infrastructure of the unit in question and the commercial centre” the mayor concluded.

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Adeje’s young writers commit to equality

The winners of the Adeje secondary school short story competition commemorating International Day Against Violence Against Women were named last night

“Gender violence is a scourge which must be eradicated, root and branch” was the overriding sentiment voiced at last night’s event to mark the winners of the Adeje short story competition for the borough’s secondary school students. The night also awarded artists who concentrated on the theme of good treatment practices. Both events are designed to raise awareness among young people of equality and respect among the sexes and genders.

“Sadly the statistics are horrifying with an average of 50 women killed as a result of gender violence annually, and over 700,000 reports of violence and abuse. That means we have over 700,000 abusers in our society too”, commented the councillor for equality policies, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro. She reported that just a number of hours prior to last night’s event another women had lost her life bringing the number to 45 in 2017. “Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg, and is an indication of the kind of suffering many thousands of women are enduring day after day, to often in silence, without the means to escape”.

This is why, the councillor explained, “The Adeje council work to sow the seeds of change to overcome this problem. Because this is a job for all social agencies, to work to prevent and to care for those women who are suffering as a result of gender violence. We mustn’t forget that the children in families are suffering too. So our work must be in training, awareness raising events and activities in our education centres, workshops and more such as this short story competition, concentrating on the issue of gender violence, and the art competition on good treatment practices. What we want is that students think about the theme and put into words and colours and shapes what they are feeling and thinking. After all they are the future of our society”.

The short story jury commented that the level of participation was one of the highest since the competition began. First prize went to Corina Linarea Quinteros, second place was for Nicole Almeda Ehemann, and third place went to Agustina Kasperskas. All three are 4th year students in IES El Galeón secondary school.

In the art competition, the winners were judged on relevance to the theme, originality, artistic quality, technique and sensitivity. There were a number of winners – Paola Blas, Lilia Piva and Natalia Llamas (IES Adeje) for “Amar te duele”, the work “Freedom” by Anna Sosina and Paola C. Tunarosa, from the Costa Adeje school was second and third prize was for “Speak your mind” by Rafael Hernández Pérez, also from the Costa Adeje school.



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Saturday November 25th Adeje activities suspended due to weather alert

The mayor has also ordered the closure of all municipal buildings tomorrow, except the local police and civil protection unit

The Adeje mayor, having been informed by the municipal emergency co-ordination committee (CECOPAL) of an official weather alert in place from midnight tonight (Friday/Saturday) due to expected high winds and rain, has taken the decision to suspend Adeje council organised activities from midnight tonight (00.00 November 25th) until further notice.

He has also ordered the closure of all municipal buildings tomorrow, except the local police and civil protection unit. The mayor has also asked hotel managements in the borough to make their clients aware of the current and overnight situation and the alert in place so that they may take appropriate decisions regarding activities and excursions planned for the weekend. He also asks that hotels request that visitors respect the instructions of the police and authorities in this regard and heed necessary recommendations.

Furthermore the local population are asked to be aware of the alert in place and take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their families, and if they require clarification or assistance to call the local police or civil protection unit ((922747206 – 922716508) or in the case of an emergency to call 112 or 012 for information.

The alert remains in place until further official notice from the regional security directorate.



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Students, gender and stereo-typing


The Adeje councillors for equality and youth, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro and Zebenzui Chinea Linares, organised an event yesterday (Thursday) for over 400 3rd and 4th year secondary school students from the borough, as part of events leading up to International Day Against Violence Against Women on November 25th. This was a video-forum where the students had the opportunity to debate relevant concepts already discussed in class, resolve doubts and suggest ways in which things could be improved in the area of gender equality.

Using audio-visual supports in the Adeje cultural centre, the students were able to explore issues of gender violence in its many forms and how to identify it and deal with it. They also discussed myths and stereotypes associated with gender violence and gender identification as well as romantic relationships.


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Taste, vote, win


The Adeje Tapas route, part of the month-long Degusta.Me festival, is up and running with 14 restaurants, bars and cafes taking part and the public have until Sunday November 26th to taste and vote for their top tapas.

There are prizes for the public as well as the restaurants, with a cruise for two, courtesy of the Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centre, as well as an overnight stay in a hotel for two, with lunches and dinners also to be won. For the participating restaurants the awards range from Tapa Oro (gold) Tapa Professional, Tapa Plata (silver) and Tapa Bronce (bronze).

Each tapa is on offer for €2 on its own or €3 with a drink. When you have eaten you can ask for the competition leaflet and make sure the restaurant stamps the section reserved. When you have four stamps you can then cast your vote, naming your favourite tapa in the space provided, and place your vote in the boxes in the Adeje cultural centre, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) or the Adeje Youth Centre (Casa de la Juventud).

The tapas route participants are: El Puente Taberna Amores, Loren’s Tasca, El Rincón del Sushi de Adeje, Tasca Italiana La Favorita bakery, Cafe Atlántida, Bar La Salud Tasca El Cañón, Cafe Casa Juan, Cafe Compostela, Metro pizza, León de Venezia and Rincón de Aranda.




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Adeje’s cheeses – best in the world


The Adeje-based cheesemakers, Montesdeoca, have won Supergold at the World Cheese Awards as well as numerous other medals


The Adeje cheesemakers Montesdeoca have just returned from the London World Cheese Awards, which brings to together the world’s top dairy producers and sellers every year. This year there were 3,000 products competing from 33 countries.

Overall the Canary Islands took home numerous awards, with winners from Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife, where the Montesdeoca dairy took a total of 9 prizes.

For the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, “the success of this company is unparalleled, and is the result of a combination of hard work, dedication to things well done, to looking after staff and care for quality. This is a family company which also creates jobs. Montesdeoca works to ensure their products are quality products, using excellent primary materials and are a fine example of the kind of company that shows Adeje to be a borough that is productive, prosperous and attractive for investors”.

One of the titles awarded to Montesdeoca this year was a Supergold for their cured goat and oregano cheese. They won three silvers and five bronzes as well for their range of excellent cheeses, cured and semi-cured.

“This is an honour for our small family company” a spokesperson for Montesdeoca said”, “and we are now listed amongst the 66 best cheese-producers in the world, an achievement that we are delighted about”.

And you don’t have to travel far to try these world-class cheeses as their dairy is in Tijoco Bajo, by Llano de las Flores, or you can buy them every week, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, at the Adeje’s Farmers Market. More information on their cheeses is also available from their webpage


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