New Year’s Eve in Adeje

The Toque Latino, Maquinaria Band and Sensación Gomera bands will be playing you into 2018

Adeje is getting ready to bid ‘adios’ to 2017 with a night full of fun, music and dance with live music from Toque Latino, Maquinaria Band and Sensación Gomera.
On the night of December 31st the Plaza de España is the best place to be, dressed for a party to end the year. This is a year that has been marked by good news for Adeje in employment figures, tourism statistics, and improvements in public and private infrastructures in Costa Adeje, which continues to be a destination leader. We have also seen new investments which have added to the ability of our resident population to advance and move forward in the evolution of our town into a cosmopolitan society.

The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, reminds us that “Christmas is a symbol of our shared social harmony, OF family in our society. Whatever your religious beliefs, we celebrate this season as one that represents unity, solidarity, togetherness, values that we renew with the arrival of a new year.

“Social harmony is one of the fundamental pillars in the evolution of our modern society, a town that values its neighbours, a town that embraces all its citizens who have chosen to come and live here, to create new homes here. And we are from more than 120 countries sharing our living space, our traditions, our happy as well as our sadder moments. The strands that bind us are those of friendship and solidarity that mark us out as a people that both respect and value our past as part of the road to the future”.

The mayor added that these values, this spirit of solidarity will carry us into 2018 “with optimism”:

On the 31st the Plaza de España will host a party open to all. The celebrations begin from 11pm, and at midnight, we will celebrate the start of a new year full of hope and new opportunities together.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!












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Strategy Plan for Sustainable Investment in Adeje

“Our aim is to see the zone as a pioneer in sustainability”

The Adeje council, via the department of municipal works under Councillor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, says work on the Calles Uruguay and Paraguay should be completed during the first quarter of 2018.

“Under the Strategy Plan for Sustainable Investment, financed 100% by the council, we are upgrading Costa Adeje to meet the demands of residents and tourists. These works, as well as those that are on-going on Calles Panamá and Venezuela, will be part of our overall aim which is to see the zone as pioneer in the areas of sustainability in connectivity and accessibility,” said Councillor Carmen Rosa.

The works will cost in the region of half a million euros and will see new pavements along the streets, the removal of any barriers for wheelchair users with other changes to make mobility easier along the streets in question.

Street lighting is to be improved with use of energy efficient bulbs and new ecologically improved rubbish islands and underground containers in adjacent zones. There will also be new drainage installed, street seating and better signage along the relevant streets.




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A rooftop tale

This is a story written for English Time by Tenerife author John Reid for our Christmas special

When Peter was a little boy, growing up in Tenerife in the 1960s, Father Christmas (or Santa) only had to climb down a dozen or so chimneys. There were very few European foreigners living on the island and local children knew only of the magic of the three wise Kings of Orient. Father Christmas was just a quaint old fellow they had begun to refer to as Papa Noel and he was definitely looked upon as very inferior indeed.

Little Peter, the foreigner from Great Britain, and his best Spanish friend, Manolito, each worshipped their own provider of Christmas gifts. Each had been taught, from an early age, that his own particular belief, or joyful tradition, was far better than the other’s.

Anyway, way back in 1965, Father Christmas came down the chimney at Peter’s house as usual on the night of 24th December with stockings full of brilliant toys. On the following morning, Peter was in a state of great excitement opening his presents and he played and played and played. His best Spanish friend, Manolito, was green with envy as Peter innocently showed off his lorry and train and cowboy pistol and he refused to talk to Peter for days.

A couple of weeks later the Wise Kings of Orient trotted up on their camels to Manolito’s house in the middle of a banana plantation. When Manolito opened his presents on 6th January it was his turn to leap about in a state of great excitement. His father was a very important man and seemed to get preferential treatment from the wise kings.

Pillowcases, not stockings, packed with extravagant and superb toys, far better, it seemed, than Peter’s were spread over a Persian carpet. Manolito had received many more and grander presents than Peter. He even got a belt with two golden cowboy pistols. What’s more, by the time Manolito began to play with his lorry and train, Peter’s were all very worn indeed, with wheels falling off and fit only for the poor boy who lived in a hovel down the lane. The pistol no longer even made a bang. It was Peter now who was green with envy and he too refused to talk to Manolito for days and days.

News of this envious behaviour between two little boys reached King Melchior, the senior of the three wise kings. He summoned King Baltazar.

“Ah! Good morning, Baltazar. My falcon tells me you’ve been having furtive meetings with that old snowy fool they call Santa, and in fact that you appear to get on quite well with him. Is this so?”

“Well, I don’t really know him well, your Majesty, but he is quite a pleasant old chap, actually. We meet every year and share a glass or two of wine on the roof of the English Anglican church. But I spy on him, of course! If you remember, you did send me to spy on him a few years ago in order to find out where he got his children’s toys from….”

“Did I?…Ah…Well. Well good”, stuttered King Melchior, rather caught off guard.

“Well, I want you to negotiate a truce with him. All this competing for the finest toys and between our religions and beliefs is confusing and stirring up trouble amongst ordinary human beings. We can’t have little children like Peter and Manolito falling for adult tricks and jealousies and about beliefs and religions being better than the other, what?”

So, when King Baltazar and Father Christmas had their annual meeting on the roof of All Saints Church in Puerto de la Cruz the very next year, it went on for much longer than usual, a bit like today’s Brexit business. Negotiations were quite tough and each needed to consult advisors around the continents. But a treaty was signed under which children should not be affected by adult interests, predilections or political and religious nonsense.

The process would take a few years, of course, but the idea was for the Three Wise Kings and Father Christmas not only to share the same shopping centres and toy manufacturers but also to share the duty and pleasure of bringing joy to children.

And so it happened. In fact, the island of Tenerife had the great honour of becoming the headquarters of this new association of shared beliefs and religions. Today, children on this and other islands under Spanish dominion have been blessed. In fact they are very lucky indeed. That very sensible and uniting agreement signed by King Baltazar on behalf of the Wise Kings and Father Christmas on the English slate roof of All Saints Church in the Taoro Park enables them to receive gifts from Father Christmas and the Three Wise Kings.

In other words, children of all nationalities enjoy visits from Santa on Christmas Eve, celebrating the birth of Jesus, but can also expect equally wonderful gifts from the wise kings in January when they come to present baby Jesus with gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Actually, between you and I, the adults keep most of the gold and things…..and Father Christmas has taken to climbing over balconies because of the lack of chimneys on the island. Well, we don’t really need heating, do we?

But the whole point is that it works. As a result of that meeting on the roof of All Saints Church, both Peter’s and Manolito’s grandchildren love both Father Christmas AND the Three Wise Kings of Orient. Sharing and being tolerant of each other’s beliefs, especially at Christmas, is a wonderful thing, you know.

So, long live Father Christmas and the three Wise Kings of Orient.

Christmas events in Adeje

Christmas activities in Adeje continue to fill the festive calendar from now until the end of the year, with concerts, theatre and lots of surprises for everyone.

This Thursday December 2st the popular Christmas Unity Concert, at 8pm, is happening in the Plaza de España with performances from a host of different music and performance groups and individuals including the Tenerife International Dance Centre, and for the first time Adeje welcomes soprano Sally Li on stage.

On Friday December 22nd the La Hoya live Nativity performance is taking place with the residences of the neighbourhood brining the story of the birth of Jesus Christ to live, and this year a new feature will see Ainhoa Aguilar and David Urbano singing ‘Deja que entre el sol en ti’, an adaption of ‘The Flesh Failures/Let the Sunshine in’, from the musical Hair. The Adeje School of folklore will also be performing. This event takes place in the La Hoya main square from 8.30pm.

On Saturday December 23rd the Clownbaret company will be onstage in the Adeje Cultural Centre from 6pm (entrance: a new toy). At 7pm the annual Christmas Carol concert in Callao Salvaje, organised by the Callao Salvaje Community church and the Adeje council, brings together many traditions and singers and also sees an annual donation of toys (unwrapped please) for Adeje’s children in need. And on the Calle Grande in Adeje town the Adeje municipal band will playing from 8pm.

The Santa Úrsula choir sing carols in the Calle Grande on Christmas Eve night and on December 26th, from 5pm, the new Adeje children’s Christmas Park will open in the El Galeón sports centre until January 5th. There will also be open-air cinema (Gru, mi villano favorito 3 and Guardianes de la Galaxia 2, in Spanish) in the Plaza de España from 7pm on December 26th and 27th.

Thursday December 28th at 8.30pm there is an adult storytelling session in the Canarian Library with actress Carmen Cabeza and on Saturday December 30th in the Plaza César Manrique there will be loads of fun for children with bouncy castles, performances and lots more, and at 7pm a Christmas concert in the San Sebastian Church in La Caleta.

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Improvements in bus service announced


Bus station upgrade and new route to improve public transport

This morning Carlos Alonso, president of the island Cabildo, was in the Costa Adeje bus station to announce details of a new route, improvements to some important existing ones, and changes and increased parking in the bus station itself. All the changes are geared towards improving the public transport service available to residents and visitors here.

From September the new route, the 424, links Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje via Torviscas Alta, passing by the borough’s main theme parks and commercial centres. The route is in respond to public demand and will benefit both residents and tourists.

Speaking at the announcement of the new route, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga underlined “the importance of a good public transport service for both residents and tourists “, adding that the Adeje council would continue to work with the Cabildo to improve that service for all.

Cabildo president Carlos Alonso referred to the need to continue to work to improve transport options and said sustainability was linked directly to a properly working public service. He also alluded to the need for improvements in north-south links on the island.

Titsa, the public service bus company, also announced changes to the 483 route which links Los Cristianos and Los Abrigos, extending operating hours until 00.15am, serving Las Chafiras and Golf del Sur. The 473 (Los Cristianos – Costa Adeje – Callao Salvaje) will also extend its hours of service to 00.10am and the last bus will leave Los Gigantes at 1.30am. The company have added six extra runs to the 110 Saturday service between Costa Adeje and Santa Cruz.

The station in Costa Adeje is also due for an overhaul and the plans include extra parking to allow commuters use the station and the bus services on offer with increased ease.

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The XIII Walk for Life raises more than €20,000


A pink wave united the boroughs of Adeje and Arona to raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer, and the event raised over €20,000 euros which will go towards research and to organisations working with patients and families directly affected by breast cancer

A pink wave formed by over 4,000 walkers united Adeje and Arona this Sunday. The Walk for Life, now in its 13th year, works to raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer.

Organised by the Foundation Carrera por la Vida/Walk for Life and both councils, with the collaboration of the Tenerife Cabildo as well as private sponsors, the event also raises funds for research into cancer treatment and cures and for cancer suffers and their families. This year over €20,000was raised according to the organisers, with funds certified by an appointed notary.

This year’s honorary Grand Marshall was para-athlete Gema Hassen-Bey.  Taking part were Brigitte Gypen, the mayors of both boroughs, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and José Julian Mena, and thousands of other walkers.

The walk began at 11am at Siam Mall in Adeje, walking along the V Centenario Avenue, along Rafael Puig LLuvian Avenue and to Las Americas Avenue in Arona, with a bus travelling in parallel for those mobility challenges and difficulties in completing the 4 kilometre walk…

Brigitte Gypen said that now “we have twenty thousand reasons to meet again next year and bring even more people along”. Arona mayor José Julián Mena, stressed the importance of the event in raising awareness about breast cancer with many families in South Tenerife suffering as a result of the disease. “We want them to know that they can depend upon us”, he said, as well as calling for the proper provision of health services in the south of the island. He also underlined the importance of early detection in the fight against the disease.

Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, said that this was a special “international” day every year for everyone taking part. “It has become an event that promotes social harmony” as well as calling for better treatment for cancer sufferers and stressing the importance of early detection.



Expovida 2020: Where health and tourism come together


Launched today, December 15th, Expovida 2020 is a new tourism and health concept, inviting the world’s leading health innovators and providers to come together under one roof, in Adeje, in the perfect location, the Canary Islands.

In what was Sky Park, this private enterprise, at a projected cost of €150 million, completely funded by private enterprise, will be a permanent expo offering tourists a new reason to visit Adeje. With 1,600 m2 the space will have a myriad of zones featuring different aspects of health and wellbeing, and will be inviting different countries and companies to use the space to promote the latest medical and technological developments in the world of health.

The building will be topped by a massive sculpture of ‘Evva’, an interactive sculpture as, says architect Roberto Delgado, the interior of the ‘body’ will house different salons for learning, promotion, and interaction with health exponents and providers.

Adeje’s tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira spoke at the launch of the project welcoming the initiative, “a pioneer at European level and an axis for health and wellbeing. With this initiative Adeje will become a reference point for investigation, diagnostics and health-related conferences and events from both professional and training points of view. “


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Royal praise for three Canarian destinations

King Felipe VI lauds Adeje, Arona and San Bartolomé de Tirajana as excellent examples in the renovation of Spanish tourism

Spain’s King Felipe VI spoke at the Maspalomas International Tourism Forum yesterday (Thursday Dec 14th) and made particular mention of the work of the tourism destinations that are members of the AMT, the Canarian association of tourism boroughs.

His majesty singled out the work carried out by Arona, Adeje and San Bartolomé de Tirajana as excellent examples of how renovation works within the tourism industry. He also met with mayors of the AMT member boroughs and those of Guía de Isora and Mogan.

“Three Canarian boroughs are among the top eight in Spain for overnight tourism stays”, the King told the forum. “These are older destinations how have worked hard to meet the renovation challenge”, he added. Also present were mayors from the member boroughs of the Tourism Sun and Beach Alliance, Salou and Benidorm, an alliance to which Arona, Adeje and San Bartolomé de Tirajana also belong. Among other topics, those in attendance discussed collaborative projects that they are preparing for the next Spanish tourism trade fair, Fitur.

Representing the Canarian boroughs were mayors, José Julián Mena, (Arona), José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga (Adeje) and Marco Aurelio Pérez, (San Bartolomé de Tirajana) as well as tourism councillors from Guía de Isora, Arona, Adeje,, and San Bartolomé de Tirajana,.

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