Adeje’s El Beril beach reopens

The Playa del Duque Norte beach in El Beril, Costa Adeje, reopened today after an extensive reformation project costing in the region of two million euros, paid for by CIO, the Compania de las Islas Occidentals. The new beach has a longitude of 400 metres of brown sand, sea access for bathers with special mobility needs and new shower and shade zones. Alongside the existing beach area this strand now stretches for 1.3 kilometres.

The new beach concession is held by Sociedad Urbanizadora El Beril S.A. The inauguration of the new beach area was attended by the provincial government sub-delegate Guillermo Díaz Guerra, the Tenerife Cabildo president Carlos Alonso, the regional deputy minister for tourism, Cristóbal de la Rosa, the provincial coasts department head José Manuel Fojo Barroso, the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Adeje councillor for urbanism Ermitas Moreira, Uberto Rodríguez, urban technician, and the president of CIO, Francisco Javier Zamorano.

Guillermo Díaz Guerra welcomed the “effort made by the CIP” on this important part of the zone, one that also creates jobs locally. Cabildo president Carlos Alonso said, “The opening of the Bahía del Duque marked a change in the focus of development of the tourism model here in Tenerife. The Adeje council have also worked to consolidate the tourism development model which we see the fruit of today, with a new beach and hotels undergoing renovation, allowing the destination to remain competitive thanks to the quality on offer, which in turns works to reinforce client loyalty, all done within sustainable criteria”.

Cristóbal De la Rosa assured that “this kind of initiative improves the quality of the tourism offer as much for visitors as residents. And thanks to the cooperation between private and public bodies we can ensure that this part of the coast is also more accessible to more people”.

The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga explained that “we have incorporated new infrastructures during a process of renovation and reinvestment to work to maintain our position as a leading destination and improve the beach for the residents of Adeje as well as our visitors. The success of the project shows, yet again, what can be achieved when public and private bodies work together”.

According to Zamorano, “the Playa del Duque Norte meets the needs of the residents and visitors for a larger beach with excellent services and comfort levels. The new beach contributes to the improving destination and gives added value to the zone and Adeje in general. For CIO this is another chapter in our commitment to continue to invest in the development of a top quality tourism resort. Furthermore the fact that this is happening when we are also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Hotel Bahía del Duque is a great source of pride”.

The reformation project followed lines of sustainable development and environmental protection taking care to reserve the dikes that continue to protect the zone. There are now also three distinct access lines to the beach for special needs beach visitors and bathers with pathways connecting to the sea. A series of palm trees have also been planted to add extra natural shade to parts of the beach.

Showers and foot rinse zones are now installed at each beach entrance/exit point, there are wooden walkways and recycling rubbish bins. There is also a sun bathing zone with shade and showers for those with mobility challenges. The beach has a lifeguard service, sunbeds and parasols..



Prem baby photo exibition

Small parcels, larger than life!

There is a very special show in the exhibition salon in the Adeje Cultural Centre (Mon-Fri, 9am – 9pm) until May 13th, organised by the Tenerife association of parents of pre-mature babies.

The exhibition, under the title ‘nacidos muy pequeños, vidas muy grandes’ (small at birth, large lives) is a series of 14 photographs of children between 2 and 5 years of age, alongside of picture of them when they were born, prematurely. There is also information about the association (APREMATE).

According to the organisers the exhibition serves to make the public more away of premature birth and babies, and of the existence of the association and the work they do to help other parents who find themselves in what can be a very challenging situation.

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Gearing up for the Adeje Rally

During the week authorities and officials were present at an event to launch this year’s rally event in Adeje, presided over by the Adeje Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the president of the RFEDA, the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation, Manuel Aviño. This was also an emotional start to the year’s event, with a dedication to the rally ‘doctor’, Atanás Iliev, who sadly died on April 17th, and who received the biggest round of applause for his huge contribution to the Adeje team’s work, (R.I.P.)
This was a presentation with a lot of new additions and news about the staging of what will be the 1st Inter-island and Provincial Championship, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the 2nd Asphalt Canarian Championship, the 4th Spanish Championship and a pre-inspection for inclusion in the European Rally Trophy.
This year the competition will also have the services of ‘Tiempos Online-com’ directed by Juan José Llanos, offering much more information to the pilots arriving at Control Stop; the organisation and chronometers are of better quality allowing for improved time-keeping and this will be reflected in the new screens in the departure ceremony and the departure and arrival screen points. Other news for 2018 will see virtual visualisation, an app for the Rally in Spanish and English, a web with up-to-the minute information, television and radio online during the rally and a security detail with more than 850 people involved to guarantee the proper management of this very important event for the Canaries.
Closing the inauguration Manuel Aviño, president of the RFEDA, stressed again the importance of security and the steps being made by the Adeje team in the inclusion in the Spanish championship and achieving pre-inspection for the European Rally Trophy. Finally the mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga spoke of his pride at the work done by the team, the support of the South Tenerife Town Halls and above all how the rally has grown in stature year after year to become one of the most important events in the borough.


Ready to swim the coast?

Costa Adeje swim registration open

Registration for the annual Costa Adeje swim is now open. The event, organised by the Adeje council’s sports department and Anima2, takes place on May 20th and will include two distances, 2,500 m. and 7,500 m.
The swims will be along the Adeje coast line and are seen both as something to challenge those who already enjoy open-sea swimming as well as encouraging others to take up this very healthy activity.
More information and registration:


“Tourism is more than promotion and marketing…”

At the most recent meeting of the AMTC, the Association of Tourism Towns in the Canarias, held in Arona, the committee released details of the first public conference of the body, ratified the selection of the technical secretariat of the association and welcomed new members.

Present at the meeting were the association president, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the mayors of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Marco Aurelio Pérez, of Arona, José Julian Mena, of Guía de Isora, Pedro Martin, as well as councillors Mencey Navarro and Alba Medina (Mogán), Ermitas Moreira (Adeje), David Peréz (Arona) and José Miguel Mena (Guía de Isora).

The meeting approved the membership of the borough of Pájara to the association, and the assumption is that over coming months other tourism boroughs will be joining as well.

Discussion was also held regarding the structure of the up and coming association conference, to be held on June 15th and 16th in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), the aim being, “to create a space for dialogue and exchange which will open new avenues for the advancement of the tourism model for the Canary Islands”, according to the association president.

The structure of the event will see up to 100 targeted individuals invited to participate, individuals from different public and private sectors, trades unions, education centres, national and international organisations including the World Tourism Organisation. Among issues to be discussed will be sustainable growth, training and employment in the sector, digitalisation and planning.

The conference is not, however, being planned as a forum or congress, “instead we want this to be a meeting place, an open participative body where authorities, intellectuals, workers and business can bring genuine proposals for discussion. Where we look beyond the description of tourism as solely a matter for promotion and marketing, where we recognise the need for serious ground work, in hotels, in the complementary industry, in infrastructure and services”, argued José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, “matters in which all town councils must be protagonists as it is they who must actively manage in this regard”.

The AMTC committee also accepted an invitation from the business forum, ‘Futurismo 2018’, to be held in Arona, where mayors of tourism towns will discuss relevant issues and needs of the most important tourism destinations in the Canaries, the sector which sustains the economy of the region. La I Conferencia de Municipios Turísticos de Canarias se celebrará el 15 y 16 de junio en Adeje