Fashion beach casting call!

“Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje” organised by the Cabildo and the Adeje Council, is widening the net in a search for new local talent. The event, which brings together tourism and fashion, is on October 15th and 20th.
New Face casting will be offering a chance to 20 young people from the island to take their first step into the world of professional modelling. The lucky 20 will be offered a photography session and take part in one of the designer shows during the event.
Efraín Medina, Cabildo vice president, said these kinds of projects were welcome as they allowed the fashion sector generate new commercial opportunities and also brought the textile industry closer to the public.
Adeje’s tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira said that it was important as “every year we are looking at new ideas for the zone and the new casting would create new promotional opportunities while also giving young people from the area a start in the fashion business.” She added that it was important to remember that the Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje promoted both the sector and the destination and the fashion business itself attracted visitors and was in line with the top class hotels in the zone. Last year a wide selection of national and international designers used the event to show their clothes in the spectacular beach setting.
The casting for new models will be at the Hard Rock Hotel in Adeje, on October 15th from 4pm to 7pm.


First stone in vocational training centre laid




The president of the regional government, Fernando Clavijo and the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, laid a ceremonial stone at the new CIFP (Integrated Centre for Professional Training) in Adeje. Work began on the construction of the third level centre in July and is scheduled to take 22 months.

The centre will be on the Calle Lisboa close to El Madroñal and the Gran Sur shopping centre, and will be offering training for up to 500 students in areas such as hotel management and tourism, agro-food industries, IT and communication.  The land was actually ceded for construction in 2014 and Adeje council asked the regional government to proceed with planning and permissions. That was licenced in 2017 with 85% of funding coming from the European Regional Development fund (FEDER).


“This is a vitally important infrastructure and will give us a new training tool which will increase accessibility to professional positions for our population”, said mayor Rodríguez Fraga.  However he did add, “this isn’t enough though – we have many many students who need improved access to ensure they are in an optimum position when it comes to job seeking”.  Also present at the ceremonial stone laying were heads of of the education department Ana Dorta, Jonathan Martín and  Manuel Jorge, as well as Adeje councillors,  Adolfo Alonso, Carmen Rosa González and Andrés Pérez.

The new centre, the CIFP, will become a reference point for professional training in the south of the island, with an expected influx of students from Santiago del Teide to Granadilla.

Fernando Clavijo underlined the “backing the regional government is giving to increase professional training options throughout the islands to meet the need of an increasingly demanding market”.   He added that they were here to meet the demands of the student community in the south of Tenerife who needed a first-class professional training institution of this kind.



The new centre will be a four-storey building with class-rooms and practical areas to meet the educative needs of all of the courses that will be on offer.





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Good enough to eat!

(Foto: @CarlosGuanche)

Edible tourism is the theme at Culinaria 2018

The Culinaria 2018 event was launched yesterday in Adeje, and will see the coming together of some of gastronomy’s top Spanish and Michelin stars over the coming days.

Organised by Acyre Canarias (the association of Canarian chefs and pastry makers) in partnership with the Adeje Council, the Tenerife Cabildo and the regional government, the 2,700 places available for events in the busy three days calendar are already booked. The president of the association, Pablo Pastor, told press at the inauguration that “expectations have been superseded”. He thanked everyone for taking part, the sponsors and supporting institutional bodies, adding that he hoped the event would encourage hotels and restaurants too. Acyre vice-president Juan Carlos Clemente said “Culinaria 2018 is committed to use of local produce”, adding that bringing together top chefs from the islands and outside should add to the promotion of that produce.

(Foto: @CarlosGuanche)

For Adeje, the councillor for economic development Manuel Luis Méndez Martín emphasised the importance of gastronomy in a first class tourism destination such as Costa Adeje, “the Town Hall recognises that gastronomy is a fundamentally important part of the tourism offer, complementing the ‘sun, sea and beach’ attractions.” He encouraged people to continue to organise events such as this one “where training and the presence of recognised professionals improves the quality and excellence of the service”. He commented that there is an ever increasing demand for good local produce, and of course an emphasis on local gastronomy also creates more employment in the sector.

(Foto: @CarlosGuanche)

For his part, Alberto Barnabé Teja, the Cabildo tourism councillor, congratulated the private sector for organising the event. “There are still millions of visitors who have yet to discover our local gastronomy and produce so there is a still a lot of work to do”. He said “the slogan for the event. “El turismo que se come” (translated, ‘tourism you can eat’) was an excellent choice, with the challenge being to convert tourists through their palate. In Tenerife we have 42 million overnight stays, which is also breakfast, lunches and dinners, a year. That’s 126 million chances to feed our tourists, so it’s a responsibility and an opportunity”.

Narvay Quintero Castañeda, the regional minister for agriculture, said they were looking forward to three intense days of work with local produce at the core of the event, “something we see as extremely positive as we recognise that linking this to a primary sector such as tourism and relevant other sectors has far-reaching benefits, as we can sell fresh produce locally.

(Foto: @CarlosGuanche)

During the inauguration a new television programme, “El Chef Viajero” (the travelling chef) was also unveiled. To be broadcast in the Canary Islands and the rest of Spain as well as a number of other European countries, the show would feature Spanish chefs travelling to the different Canarian islands in search of local gastronomic delights.

During the three days of Culinaria 2018, being held in the CDTCA in Adeje, there will be talks, workshops and demonstrations. Those taking part include, Miguel Navarro, restaurant Es Fum (Mallorca), 1 Michelin*, Andrea Bernardi and Fernanda Fuentes, Restaurant Nub (Tenerife) 1 Michelin *, Oliver Peña, Restaurant Enigma (Barcelona) 1 Michelin *, Erlantz Gorostiza, Restaurant MB Abama (Tenerife) 2 Michelin*, 2 Repsol Suns, Susi Díaz, Restaurant La Finca (Elche) 1 Michelin *, 2 Repsol Suns, Javier Aguiar, Restaurant Tickets (Barcelona) 1 Michelin *, Juan Carlos Padrón and Jonathan Padrón, Restaurant El Rincón de Juan Carlos. (Tenerife) 1 Michelin *, 2 Repsol Suns.
The full programme is available online:

(Foto: @CarlosGuanche)

(Foto: @CarlosGuanche)

(Foto: @CarlosGuanche)









Washing away your troubles..


Ganesh in La Enramada

Adeje’s Enramada beach was the setting for the traditional offering to the Indian god Ganesh last Sunday, with over 100 people in attendance, most of them from the local Hindu community.

Those in attendance were there to pay their respects to Ganesh, who, according to tradition, is the god of beginnings, honoured at the start of rites and ceremonies. He is also the ‘remover of obstacles’ – and for this and many other reasons he is perhaps the best loved and most popular Hindu deity. Also present were Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the councillor for local participation, Zebenzui Chinea Linares, invited by the Hindu community.

The celebrations on the Enramada beach were the culmination of 10 days of devotions and festivities, with many ritual offerings to Ganesh taking place. The last day of the celebrations is known as ‘ananta chaturdasi’ with large figures representing Ganesh and accompanying idols brought to the sea to be immersed in the waters by devotees. The significance of the immersion is to wash away the problems of the people that Ganesh has taken with him.

The Hindu community had also prepared traditional sweet offerings such as modaka and laddus, and the afternoon ended with a communal meal.










Signing up for better services

The people of Adeje were given the chance to sign a petition in support of the work of the AECC, the Spanish cancer association, asking the regional government to increase funding for research into cancer. Two tables were set up by the Adeje department of health, under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, at the Town Hall and outside the Adeje health centre, coinciding with World Cancer Research Day.

The councillor commented on “the importance of the work being carried out to advance the scientific investigation in the fight against this illness”. She also emailed all of the council staff members to encourage them to sign the petition, and anyone can sign up online,

According to the AECC, “In 2030 the target is a 73% cancer survival rate – today in Spain it’s only 53%, which is why we have to, as a minimum, double the amount we are investing in cancer research in this country.”


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A little bit of heaven in Adeje


The Mayantigo Fest will delight

The III Mayantigo Fest, Traditional World Music Costa Adeje is offering visitors ‘a little bit of heaven’ during the last weekend of September in the Plaza Salytien, with performances of traditional music and dance from Adeje and other towns here and abroad. The weekend event promises a fantastic mix of light and colour, dance and rhythms bringing people together using the more international language of all – music!

This is very much an international event, working to encourage an interest in our local culture as well as inviting groups from other Canarian and Spanish towns and beyond. It is held in a tourist centre, inviting residents and visitors alike to get to know more about the music, song and dance of Adeje and exchange experiences and cultures. The presentation during both evenings will be in Spanish and English.

The organisers of the event are the Adeje School of Music Folklore group in partnership with the Adeje department of tourism. This year the Folklore group are also celebrating their 30th anniversary, and are delighted to welcome the Coros and Danzas Mar Menor from Murcia, Los Campesinos from Lanzarote and the Khaita Joyful Dances from Tibet!

“The idea behind setting up the festival was to give the people who come on holidays to Costa Adeje the chance to get to know something of our customs, our traditional values and after two successful years we feel we have gone some way towards achieving that, with this outdoor show, free to the public, in a main thoroughfare of the borough”, said Ermitas Moriera García, Adeje’s tourism councillor.

Canarian folklore has roots in a diversity of traditions from Europe, the Americas and Africa, with a varied selection of music, song and dance, many of which have been revived by the Adeje School of folklore. The festival, as well as being a showcase for local folklore groups, also offers a shared space for groups from other parts of Spain and beyond.

The event is made possible by help from Hovima, Mundos, Grúas Sur,Imegal, Imoque Servicios and BP Adeje.