‘Adeje Clean and Healthy’ campaign concludes

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The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, with the councillor for the environment and with responsibility for the campaign ‘Adeje, clean and healthy’ Esther Rivero Vargas, met with the different groups who have worked on various aspects of the campaign over the last six months.

During the meetings the mayor said, “the campaign has been well received and has served to mobilise and encourage a lot of people to think about how they treat their animals and their environment, thanks to the collaboration of volunteers and professionals. The commitment of those people and those who work in this area has allowed us move forward. The result of this initiative has been very positive, and we will continue to work to raise awareness and educate our citizens in this regard”.

Esther Rivero Vargas said that the activities on responsible ownership of pets had also shown “positive results in just six months. People have become much more aware, educated and informed about what having a pet entails. Thanks to this initiative more people in Adeje are registering their dogs on the census”, she added.

Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga explained that the new system of adoptions was also working very well. “We live in a changing world. Dogs help us too during times of catastrophe, they saves lives in many ways. Dogs are not toys. They can be the most amazing companion you will have and help resolve problems. Its important that we respect these animals, and society in general has to learn to be more aware of the needs of animals”.

To show their appreciation, the mayor and councillor gave those who had worked on the campaign a box and dog model created by those who attend the Los Olivos Centre for Special Needs Persons. Collectives thanked included the Guardia Civil airport dog unit, the Protección Civil La Laguna, Terapia Canina/TCAN and Star Agility club as well as the Adeje hunters association. The teams also received a special photograph of their participation in the campaign.


During the campaign, which saw public meetings held all over the borough of Adeje, workshops were also held for children teaching fundamental concepts and practises of recycling. The campaign organisers worked tirelessly to promote and raise awareness in this field too. Vets from different clinics in Adeje and beyond also assisted at the meetings giving information and answering questions from the members of the public.

During the same time and in parallel Adeje held the first canine behaviour course in the Youth Centre the aim being to “educate the younger members of Adeje and give them the tools necessary to train their dogs to behave in a manner proper to a civic society”, said Esther Rivero Vargas.

Another arm of the campaign was the employment of four young women who had been actively seeking work to train them to go door to door with the campaign information, which they distributed around the borough in Spanish, English, German and French.

The mayor and the councillor also paid tribute to the workshops organised at each meeting by the Cruz Roja, a fundamental part of the neighbourhood events, and “a door to dialogue via which we can share, listen to and discuss in a constructive way the concerns of our citizens”, said Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.

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Overall both the mayor and the councillor praised those involved in the campaign for their ability to teach, listen and help the people of Adeje move forward. “We will keep on this positive and sensible path. We looked for the participation of the people, and we are winning that challenge. That’s why I want to thank you and it has been splendid to be able to count upon each and every one of the people involved in this campaign. Furthermore the help and tireless contribution made by Esther Rivero Vargas in informing and training has been exceptional”, the mayor concluded.

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