Adeje improves recycling

The Adeje council recently took part in a series of working days under the ‘Urban Waste’ umbrella, a European project with the objective of reducing the creation of waste and improvement of waste treatment at local level. In this regard Adeje is a pioneer in the Canaries.

“Today we mark Wold Environment Day under the slogan ‘I’m with nature’, and we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of Adeje residents in improving rates of recycling in recent years. With the increased number of tourists that are coming here, generating more rubbish, Adeje has actually upped levels of waste separation and recycling thanks to the efforts of residents” commented the councillor with responsibility Carmen Rosa González Cabrera.

During the Adeje contribution to the day’s workshops participants learnt about the measures undertaken at municipal level to encourage the three ‘Rs’ reduction, reuse, recycling as well as how hotels are adopting ecological practises too. The geo-location of the borough’s ‘ecological islands’ (recycling points with the blue, green and yellow containers for different kinds of waste) has also helped as they can be found easily with the Adeje council App with users able to locate the collection point nearest to them.

Other measures recently introduced to improve the environment include the waste collection company’s new reduced-noise vehicles. UTE Ascan Torrabonaf have a fleet of 60 trucks, vans, rubbish collection lorries, etc.
Adeje in numbers
The volume of material deposited in the ecological points rose and in 2016, 636 tonnes of plastic, 2,998 tonnes of glass 1,663 tonnes of paper/cardboard were collected And while overall more rubbish was generated this year to date compared to the same time frame last year, recycling rates also increased.. In Adeje there are 225 ecological islands – so almost 700 containers – as well as the containers for organic waste.

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