Adeje signs up to sustainable tourism


The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, met with the president of the Institute for Responsible Tourism, the ITR, Tomás de Azcárate y Bang, this week and on behalf of the borough signed an official ‘letter of commitment’ to sustainable tourism. This commitment to the ITR will allow Adeje access tools and communication platforms for the promotion and development of new models of production and tourism consumption favouring cultural diversity, peace and sustainable development within the industry, contributing, says the document, to a world based on understanding and a respect for our social/cultural heritage and nature, that is shared by humankind.

The document also underlines a firm commitment to advance a new model of sustainable tourism. This is to be based on the pillars of cultural diversity and social responsibility, sharing a common future and defining a series of strategic actions which will promote international debate on problems relative to such matters and their relation with the tourism industry as well as social, professional and scientific forums.

“This initiative fits perfectly with the philosophy we have already embraced in Adeje: responsible tourism, tourism for the people. Tourism has to contribute, primarily, to the wellbeing of those who live from it, and following on from that, must open up the possibility for collective enrichment, where individuals are more open, show greater respect”, said the Adeje mayor who added, “tourism is also a great opportunity for our world today, and should be linked to the environment, as well as the society, and promote respect for cultures and ways of life.”

He also stated that “training is fundamental in all aspects, and in tourism even more essential. We are determined to defend the premise that tourism is a source of wealth which we have to see diversify and one that at the same time serves to enhance our Canarian identity”.

Tomás de Azcárate y Bank agreed that people have a key role to play in the evolution of inclusive tourism, “where cultures, traditions and local knowledge is respected in all its forms, as well as valuing the development of ethical and sustainable tourism”.

By signing up to the programme Adeje will contribute to and benefit from an exchange of good tourism practises geared towards the formation of a responsible industry. They will be part of a series of programmes for specialised tourism training and education, using cultural diversity as an essential tourism resource.

The ITR was formed following an international conference on global sustainable tourism held in Lanzarote in 1995, and the body was granted permanent status with the backing of UNESCO in 1997.
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