Adeje prepares for the “greatest story ever told”

Pasion de Adeje, Viernes Santo, Tenerife,2018


The Good Friday street theatre will be broadcast live on Television Canaria and 13TV nationally

The Adeje Council, under the direction of the cultural department and councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, presents ‘La Pasíon’, the last days and death of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, from 12 midday on Good Friday, April 19th.

The performance, on the Calle Grande in the town, will be broadcast on TV Canarias, as well as nationally on 13TV.  It will also be streamed live on the Adeje Ayuntamiento Facebook page.  Radio Sur Adeje (107.9FM) will be broadcasting live from the Plaza España throughout the performance.

“The Passion is one of the most eagerly awaited cultural events of the year in Adeje, with an important level of local participation from those who live here.  This is very much their staging, and something they feel very committed to year after year”, commented the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.

Pasion de Adeje, Viernes Santo, Tenerife,2018

The mayor continued, “this is a council run event with a  huge personal investment from the staff of the town hall, with  all those involved working to ensure everything is perfect, down to the last detail.  Every year people come forward with new ideas and suggestions, each one adding to this singular cultural occasion, which brings together hundreds of people onto the streets, and followed by millions on television and online.


This is the 7th year that the final scene, the crucifixion, takes place in the Plaza de España. The change in the location of this most emotive scene has added to the dramatic weight of the final moments of the presentation, with the incredible natural backdrop of the Barranco del Infierno flanked by the Convento and the Parish church, and much more space for the public in attendance. It has also meant a general increase in safety.

“’La Pasión’ is a hugely important event from a cultural and tourist point of view and the people of Adeje feel very much that it is ‘their’ contribution. This year, yet again, we have more than 300 people taking part in what is a unique event”, the cultural councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera commented.

Pasion de Adeje, Viernes Santo, Tenerife,2018

Each year there are some changes to the event – this Good Friday there will be a number of new stalls in the ‘Jerusalem marketplace’ props on some of the other stages are new, and neither the serpent nor the eagle used in previous performances will be taking part.  Sergio Sosa, a student of the municipal school of music will sing ‘No Encuentro Palabras’ and Adeje resident Carla Peraza will sing ‘Oye Mi Voz, Profeta’,

In the Garden of Gethsemane scene there will now be two new actors, one dressed completely in white, representing the will of God, the other in black, representing evil.

The council is using a number of hashtags to increase visibility via social networks – #pasionadeje2019, #semanasantaadeje2019, #easterweekadeje2019 for the public to use when they are uploading photos, videos and stories onto social media.   The council has also extended its gratitude to those who, year after year, work to make this a very special event, for their dedication and commitment.


JESUS: José Antonio López Delgado

SIMÓN PETER: Gonzalo Delgado Ferrera



PONTIUS PILATE: Elías González Herrera.

CLAUDIA: Daura Moreira

MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS: Ana Oneida Borges

MARY MAGDALENE: Ainhoa Aguilar

DIRECTOR: Laura Marrero Morales

Pasion de Adeje, Viernes Santo, Tenerife,2018




The Adeje council asks that those who are planning to attend the event observe the following recommendations:

  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes – comfort is important
  • Apply high factor sun creams and make sure you have sufficient water
  • Make sure you have personal identification on you including information regarding your blood group and any allergies to medicines.
  • Arrive in plenty of time to avoid delays
  • Don’t push while in the crowd
  • Respect the security signals and barriers in place as well as following any instructions of the security and council personnel
  • Don’t climb up on walls, railings, flower pots, stages, etc.
  • In the event of an accident find the nearest health assistant and ask them to help you find a family member or companion.
  • In the case of an emergency remain calm and respect those who are nearby. Leave the danger zone and a follow the directions of the security personnel. Don’t run or scream.
  • When the event is over wait a few minutes for the crowds to diminish before leaving the centre of town.

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Have wings, will fly

The Adeje council has awarded companies who have partnered the council in a scheme to help those with special needs to find work

Recently the CDTCA hosted an event during which the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, recognised a number of private companies who have partnered the council in helping individuals with special needs find work. The scheme is called ALAS (Acompañamiento Labarol para el Avance Social/work partnering for social advancement), and the word ‘alas’ also means wings.

The Mare Nostrum Resort, Limpiezas Domínguez, Hotel Suites Villa María, H10 Costa Adeje Palace and the Hard Rock Café Tenerife were awarded for their participation in the scheme, with recognitions for others, companies and individuals, who have worked to make a real difference. Also present were representatives of nine new teams who are about to embark on a work programme adapted to the needs of individuals with special needs!

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “there is a lot of inequality in our society, and we have to redress the balance where were can, to give those with special needs the help they require. This is something we have to continue to work to improve upon and change”. This is why the ALAS programme was born, he said, “because we know that unless we work together as a society we don’t advance as a society, what we are doing is vindicating a right.

“I am hoping for and would encourage companies and families to work together to move this project forward; we certainly won’t want to move backwards in the fight for equality of all persons”.

The ALAS programme is based on a “work with assistance” principle, and was introduced to the borough by the department for diversity in 2013. It’s main aim is to offer individuals with special needs the opportunity to improve their quality of life through seeking employment in the best possible conditions for their inclusion in the world of work. Engaged in the project are a team of professionals who accompany the new employees when and where needed, offering those individuals the right to seek ‘ordinary’ work, and more independence.

The new employees will have their ‘wing’ assistants with them until they can fly solo. And thanks to the implication of private companies in the scheme and their confidence in its operation and end-goal, it is working for both individuals and their families, who are finding a new world of opportunities opening up for them.

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Healthy months in Adeje

The Adeje department of health, under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, is working on a series of initiatives during April and May to promote better health for you and your family. This series of events kicked off on April 7th, World Health Day.

Councillor Trujillo Bencomo emphasised, “these programmes will be rolled out over April and May, promoting health through different interventions, fundamentally educational projects, directed and designed for the population in general.

The activities will be free and open to all. “We want to inform, raise awareness and educate people regarding proper health care, promoting healthy life styles, illness prevention and in general improving the quality of the life of the community” said the councillor.

This week, on Thursday April 11th, at 6pm, there is a workshop on mindfulness and interpersonal relations with psychologist Berta Inés Pérez, and after Easter week, on April 23rd a talk and workshop on basic techniques for physical exercise, and on April 25th an event for parents on how to prevent drug consumption in the family.

In May, on the 9th and 16th, there will be events on first aid, and on coronary care. Both will be given by Ismael Melián, a qualified nurse. Finally on May 23rd and 28th, athlete Cathaysa Delgado and nurse and physical trainer Enrique Pérez will host workshops on healthy physical exercise and on accident prevention respectively. All workshops are in Spanish.


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New autism centre opens in Adeje


Just recently the non-profit organisation Autismo Sur – mi lado azul (my blue side) was launched in Adeje. The association’s mission is to improve the quality of life of those with ASD (autism spectrum disorder – aka TEA in Spanish) and that of their families, with services, specialised assistance, and also increasing public awareness about ASD and the need for increased respect of the rights of all to a proper inclusion in our society.

The association will have the help of the Canarian Autism Federation, run by parents and professionals dealing with ASD, lobbying for needed services and family assessments, as well as specialised training and education.

The association was born in 2017 with the main goal being to help society in general understand autism, at a personal and professional level. Carmen Fernández, the president of the association, says that is why they have launched their current campaign, ‘conecTEA’ working with therapists, from school to home. In other words, she explains, working to fully educate all those who are in contact with the person with autism in their daily lives.

The association is placing special emphasis on working to help in the family setting, finding out how to help and improve assistance in the home.

Attending the official launch of the association here in Adeje were the councillors for health, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, for tourism Ermitas Moreira García, and for heritage, Desiderio Afonzo Ruiz.



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Easter Week in Adeje


La Pasión de los niños, procesión de los pasos chicos desde Los Olivos hasta Santa Úrsula, Adeje

There is a multitude of events scheduled for Easter celebrations

This Saturday, April 6th, the Adeje Easter programme will be launched with an address by the ex-parish priest Eduardo Rodríguez Rodríguez and the local notary, Roberto J Cutillas Morales, in the Convento de San Francisco. In parallel the council will also present the Easter Week programme and poster and open a photographic exhibition of past Easters.

The full programme will be available online in Spanish and English from next week, on, and printed programmes in Spanish will be distributed throughout the borough over the coming days. And as well as the many liturgical events this year also sees the return of the popular Lenten Cookery Tapas Route.

Procesión del abandono y tortura del señor, desde Las Viñas, Adeje,

Easter Week in Adeje today has a profile that is local, national and indeed international, not least due to the wide coverage given annually to the Good Friday street representation of La Pasión which is on April 19th this year, from midday along the Calle Grande, the town’s main street. However there are a host of other acts of interest taking place in the lead up to Easter Sunday, a concert of sacred music in the La Caleta church on Sunday (April 7th), and many very emotive and very visual processions along the town’s main and ancillary streets.

One of the newer additions to the programme is the Children’s Parade, which is on Saturday April 13th from 5pm, starting in the Los Olivos church, which will see the town’s children come together for a lesson on the last days of Jesus’ life and then take part in a procession to the Santa Ursula parish church.

On Sunday April 14th the town celebrates Palm Sunday in the many churches of the borough, with blessing of palm leaves and processions, the main ones in the Adeje main street from 10am and in Los Olivos from 6.30pm.

During the week there will be many emotive processions taking part, generally in the evenings, from La Viña, Los Olivos and the Santa Ursula church. Check the online programme for details. On Easter Saturday, April 20th, the faithful can take part in the silent vigil and 11pm mass, and on Easter Sunday all of the borough’s churches will be celebrating mass to mark the Resurrection.





Drug plan will help those at risk of addiction

New drugs action plan approved by the council

The Adeje department of health, under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, have just renewed their partnership arrangement with CESICA, a Canarian foundation working in the area of drug addiction prevention and treatment. The new project will focus on prevention in drug consumption in both the school and the home environment.

The working contract is for 3 years and the main object is to reduce/eradicate the consumption of drugs among Adeje’s young people. “We have been developing drug consumption prevention plans for a number of years, such as intervention where needed, and our work in education and prevention is to avoid any increase in the numbers consuming illegal substances”, said the councillor. She added that drug consumption doesn’t simply affect the person addicted, but the whole family, the social nucleus and work or study place, etc. “So our solutions include prevention, treatment and responding quickly and effectively to the problem as it is presented”.

The project will have two educative programmes. The first is based on promoting universal prevention in school and family settings, with secondary school children from 1st – 4th year taking part in workshops and talks, prioritising the prevention of drug use and misuse among the 12 – 16 year olds. Over one thousands students will be targeted.

The second programme is designed to deal with those identified as potentially at risk or already involved in drug use, geared towards dealing with children who are presenting with the kind of problems associated with addiction or substance abuse. These talks will be aimed at the families of the young people identified as in need of special attention, educating on the dangers – social, emotional and economic – of drug use. Professionals running the course are trained to deal with young people at risk or already consuming drugs, and to carry out family interventions.


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Adeje opens a regional LGBTIQ public office

Recently the Adeje council opened a new service, the first regional office in South Tenerife to attend to the LGBTIQ public in particular. With the Algarabía association and the Red Prisma, the initiative works to meet the demands of this collective, and work to extend the remit to a wider public, improving public services in general for the LGBTIQ members of our society.

The Algarabía office is based in the department of health where other public services such as InfoSex, services for women, the consumers’ office, the oncology service with the Spanish cancer association and other personal attention offices are located.

Health protection councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo said “this is an important moment for us as we are delighted to add Algarabía public office to our list of services, as people who work with us for the rights of lesbians, gays, transsexuals, bisexuals, inter-sexuals and others. We have given over this office so that the groups can work together to meet their needs and the demands of many people affected, above all offer social services, personalised attention and work to defend the rights of all.”

The decision to locate the office here has relevance too, says the councillor, as it is beside the Plaza Pedro Zerolo, named for a man who worked tirelessly for equality, diversity and social inclusion.

The office will be open to the public on Fridays from 9am – 1pm. Charlie Marrero, president of Algarabía, commented, “The LGBTI collective is one of the groups suffering most discrimination, with our data showing that 17% of those identifying as LGBTI and in secondary school attempting suicide, 40% suffering bullying in school, 85% of transsexuals reporting discrimination in the workplace, and a huge number of incidents and reports of crimes against members of the collective”.

Carmen Lucia Rodríguez del Toro, councillor for equality, underlined the fact that the council has been working in recent years “to give these collectives the tools they need to help in increasing their visibility. This new service will help in bringing the collective together, as well as helping, we believe, their families and the public in general. The collective need a safe space where they can work, propose and discuss ideas and look for solutions. In this way Adeje is looking to advance, and continue to push for inclusion, respect for sexual diversity, and above all work to ensure that people are safe, happy, and respected.”

The Adeje office will also be a data collection point for the south of Tenerife, which in turn will be a tool in the evolution of political strategies for the collective, working to reduce and eradicate LGBTI phobia.

The association president ended by stating that the “Canaries is one of the autonomous regions in Spain where sexual diversity is most accepted and that has been made possible thanks to the work of collectives working alongside the public councils and administrations. Having an office here is vital for the collective because it brings us closer to the people, offering help, and accompanying individuals when and where necessary. In the near future we should be able to establish a system of referrals between town halls, the Prisma network and Algarabía”.




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