Tapas on tour!

Special Tourist Tapas route

Our tourists and visitors deserve the best, so this year we want to share with our Tapas Route with them. Tours have been organised to sample local gastronomy and enjoy the culture and heritage of Adeje.

When: 9th to 18th November. Sign up at the CDTCA.
Where: Bus from Costa Adeje to Adeje town centre.
Price: € 15 (Includes: transport, guided tour and tasting of 4 tapas+ drink).
Limited places, prior registration.
Registration: Call 922 756 249 Ext 7547 or online https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmPOtuwO9Bh8LcIbXm6fWrmUdNMv9mf2eMdUuoi5PDsI3B8w/viewform

Payment on the bus

In collaboration with: Employment, Education and Training Programme Prodintur Adeje.


Tapas Route Nr 1:

Friday 9th Afternoon 4pm – 9pm

  • La Trattoria
  • Solky
  • Oliva Café Deli
  • Hotel Fonda Central

Tapas Route Nr 2:

Saturday 10th Afternoon 4pm – 9pm

  • Selfie Pizza
  • Restaurante Rambla
  • Plaza Café
  • Tapas Bar la Salud

Tapas Route Nr 3:

Thursday 15th Morning 11am – 4pm

  • Food Avenue
  • Heladeria Sorbi
  • Many Stars
  • El Puente

Tapas Route Nr 4

Friday 16th Morning 11am – 4pm

  • Restaurante Mi Gusto
  • Tasca Pica Pica A Catedral
  • La Favorita
  • Tasca Italiana

Tapas Route Nr 5:

Saturday 17th Morning 11 am – 4pm

  • Le Croisant
  • Tasca El Cañon
  • Il Gastronomo
  • Gastrotaberna Amores

Places for tapas and timetables may vary on any route.

Improving security in Adeje

Permanent co-ordination group of security bodies agreed

During the week Adeje, with the Government delegate Elena Máñez Rodriguez, hosted a meeting of the different security bodies. Also present were the general head of the Guardia Civil in the Canaries, Juan Miguel Arribas, and the Tenerife south national police commissioner, Eloy Román Rodríguez, as well as representatives of the local police in Adeje.

The session dealt with a number of on-going and current issues, and talked in detail about the need for co-ordination and better security in Adeje as the main challenges to be faced. There was also mention of the creation, in the future, of a service or an office dedicated to the needs of foreign visitors. The meeting heard that in recent months there had been a drop in crimes reported across the board, something welcomed by both the government delegate and the Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, “although we are never happy when any crime is committed”, he clarified. He added, “The better figures are a result of the work by the men and women of the security forces in the borough”. He also said that the work of the local and national police and the civil guard was to promote social harmony too among all residents and visitors, something vital for the good of the tourist industry. “No tourist chooses Adeje because we offer top security, but they won’t return if it is lacking”, he added.

Other matters discussed included the number of vacant homes and premises in tourist zones currently occupied by squatters, the intrusion caused by PRs on the streets, and the need for more police in both the national police and civil guard teams in Adeje and South Tenerife – the mayor said there was currently a need for at least 120 more agents to meet daily demands.

There was agreement across the board on the important issues, and on the use of co-ordination tools to improve the overall security in the region. The creation of a permanent co-ordinating body was approved by all with representation from all three of the operational security forces, to meet once a week. The mayor commented that “up to now the co-ordination that has existed has worked well, with good fluid communications between all the security forces, but we have decided to create this permanent body which will serve to improve security overall in terms of services and attention to the public”.




Department of Communications







Have you seen a fallen Cory Shearwater? Call 112!

The Adeje council through the department of the environment under councillor Esther Rivero, are reminding the public that this is the time of the year when a large number of young birds are taking their first flight over the sea. Many of the young Cory Shearwaters can become disoriented and can fly off their path towards the sea and fall to earth. This year’s campaign is dated for this time of the month as the new moon affects the flights of the chicks.

The councillor noted that “Adeje has a large Cory Shearwater population given the amount of ravines and mountains in the borough, and in fact it is one of the better places for their observation and conservation.”

There is a protocol to follow if you find one of these young Cory’s Shearwaters lost or injured – call 112 or 922 445 777 (9am – 11pm) and tell them where exactly the bird is. The second number is that of Centro de Recuperación de Fauna Silvestre, and they will send one someone trained in dealing with these young lost birds.

While it is not advised, if you need to pick up the bird before the authorities arrive do so with extreme caution as their beaks are sharp and strong, so use of gloves and a towel is advised. Once you have picked up the bird, place it in a box with air holes and keep it in a safe quiet place. Do not constrict the bird’s wings, and don’t give the bird food or liquid.

Given the high Shearwater population in Adeje, the councillor says this campaign this year can also be seen as a good tool to teach the local population more about this species who also live in our borough. “We can learn to know, admire, value and care for these ‘Adeje birds’, birds that play an essential part in our environmental balance”, she added.

Department of Communications







Award winning public plaza in Adeje


Adeje’s Plaza de España has won the top prize in the Canarian ‘Manuel de Oráa y Arcocha 2008-2017 architecture awards, in the landscape and public space category. The prize is for the plaza’s projection as a reference point in both modernity and the preservation of local heritage. The plaza was also the winner in the World Architecture Festival New & Old section in the Public Space category a few years ago.

The prize is awarded by the Official School of Architecture of Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro, and is dedicated to recognising work in creating spaces that respect and emphasise the worth of local heritage and natural resources. The Plaza de España does just that, flanked by the Convento de San Francisco on one side, the Santa Úrsula Martir church on the other and with the awe-inspiring Barranco del Infierno as a backdrop, each a recognised point of cultural and natural interest, with the Plaza designed to enhance each of these features.

The renovation and redesign of the Plaza de España was the work of Tenerife architect Fernando Martín Menis (Estudio Menis Arquitectos) who is also responsible for the Magma & Congresos building, two structures that have become focus points in the borough for different groups and events, as well as viewpoints in their own right.

The Plaza de España is 1,182m2 with a 446m2 stage space and a garden zone. Work on the renovation and redesign was carried out in 2009 and 2010 financed by the Plan E2009 and Plan E2010. Since it reopened it has helped revitalise local businesses and become a much-used centre for events and public get-togethers.


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Degusta.Me (Taste me) Programme 2018


Gastronomic Showcase “Taste Me” Adeje 2018
2nd to 30th November 2018

Gastronomy workshops and Children’s theatre

A workshop where the children will learn how to make a handmade chocolate house.
When: Saturday 3rd November from 10am to 1pm.
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Center (CDTCA)
Price: €10. Includes: Chef’s hat, apron and produce.
Places limited, prior registration required. (6 to 12 years).

Using traditional products, the children will learn to make almogrote, mojo, wrinlkly Canarian potatoes, kneaded gofio, trout cooked with almonds. Get to know the produce of the islands!.
When: Saturday 10th November from 10am to 1pm.
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Center (CDTCA)
Price: €10. Includes: Chef’s hat, apron and produce.
Places limited, registration required. (6 to 12 years).

Following last year’s success we’re repeating this workshop, which sees an adult and a a child from a household work together in the kitchen, fostering domestic values and sharing responsibilities.
2018 from 10am to 1pm. (First session) and 4pm to 7pm. (Second session).
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Center (CDTCA).
Price: €10. Includes: Chef hat, apron and produce
Places limited – 13 per session. (1 Adult + 1 child 5 to 12 years).

Theatre takes over the kitchen! An innovative theatrical presentation with comedy, adventure and live cooking. Songs, games and riddles and the icing on the cake will be preparing three different dishes with fresh daily products, creating an original menu reflecting the participants. We dare you to join us in the kitchen! A crazy gastronomic comedy that mixes participatory theatre with live cooking!
When: Saturday 24th November from 10am to midday.
Where: Events Room Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA).
Free admission. Places limited, register in advance. (4 to 12 years).
Company: ZAZURCA Performing Arts and Essence Productions. (Huesca).

Gastronomic workshops, Tastings and Master Class

A selection of recipes prepared especially for people with different kinds of allergies, to contribute to their diet and improved health. There will also be an informative talk about allergen management. More information online.
When: Monday 5th November (Talk on ‘Managing Allergens’) 6th and 7th November Cookery workshop, both event from 6pm to 8pm.
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA).
Free admission. Places limited, advance registration required.
Organised by: Adeje Council Department of Health,

Cycle of interviews to introduce individuals from the world of wine, session open to the public. The goal is to link the world of academia and the production sector. With enologist and president of the Association of Winemakers of the Canary Islands, Carlos Lozano Pérez. Moderator: journalist Vanessa Luis – Ravelo. There will be a wine tasting after the interview.
When: Thursday 8th November from 6:30pm to 7:15pm (interview, free admission) and from 7:15pm to 8:00pm (tasting).
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA).
Price: €10 (tasting only)
Limited places, prior registration (instructions online)
Promoted by : ULL Enotourism and Gastronomic Tourism Class

Get to know teas through aromas and tastes, become an expert.
When: Tuesday 13th November 2018 from 6pm to 8pm.
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Free admission. Places limited, prior registration.

Three chefs from the Adeje senior citizen’s association will prepare dishes to delight the senses.
When: 21st and 22nd November, from 4pm to 7:30pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA).
Free admission. Places limited, prior registration.

This tasting will be at the restaurant that won the Ruta de la Tapa 2017 Silver Award pairing food and wine offering a unique experience for your senses.
When: Tuesday 27th November from 5pm to 8pm.
Where: Taberna Amores. C / Nueva 51, Adeje Casco.
With: Wines of Abona Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board
Price: €15.
Places limited, prior registration.

We will delve into the great variety of Canarian products that are used in the creation of different cocktails, prized worldwide. We will also talk about the history and the different combinations used.
When: Wednesday 28th November 2018, from 5pm to 8pm.
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA).
With: Association of Barmen of Tenerife (ABT).
Free admission. Places limited, prior registration.

Gastronomy events, visits, tapas route and exhibitions.

The Adeje Tapas Route is back, and apart from tasting the excellent tapas offered by the participating establishments, you can vote for numerous prizes. Don’t forget to ask for your brochure and vote for your favourite Tapa.
When: From 9th to 18th November 2018.
Opening hours of participating establishments.
Where: In participating establishments

Our tourists and visitors deserve the best, so this year we want to share with our Tapas Route with them. Tours have been organised to sample local gastronomy and enjoy the culture and heritage of Adeje.
When: 9th to 18th November. Sign up at the CDTCA.
Where: Bus from Costa Adeje to Adeje town centre.
Price: € 15 (Includes: transport, guided tour and tasting of 4 tapas+ drink)
Limited places, prior registration.
Registration: Call 922 756 249 Ext 7547
In collaboration with: Employment, Education and Training Programme Prodintur Adeje

The Montesdeoca Cheese Makers continues to maintain the traditions and customs inherited from our ancestors with the sole objective of guaranteeing the authentic flavour, texture and aroma of an artisanal cheese. We will visit the facilities and enjoy a cheese tasting accompanied by the best wines of Abona. A coming together of lovers of cheese and wine!
When: Friday 9th November, 5pm to 8pm.
Where: Bus from the Costa Adeje Tourist Development Centre (CDTCA) to the Montesdeoca Cheese Makers in Tijoco.
Given by: Montesdeoca Cheese Makers and Wines of Abona Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board.
Price: €10 (Includes transport, visit and guided tasting).
Limited places, prior registration.

An event hosted by the producers and the hospitality sector. The participants will taste dishes prepared by chefs from top hotels and restaurants. There will also be an exhibition and sale of produce from companies and professionals linked to local gastronomy and production.
When: Wednesday 14th November, 11am to 5pm.
Where: Adeje Farmers Market. C / Archajara, Las Torres Adeje
Free Entry, general public and business.
Organised by: CEST, (Circle of Entrepreneurs, South of Tenerife) and Adeje Council.

Enjoy a different gastronomy – food truck, with parallel activities, music, etc, and a fun-filled atmosphere to go along with your meal!
When: 17th and 18th November, 11am to 11pm.
Where: Plaza Salytien, Costa Adeje.
Free Entry.

Gastronomy Festival, for the general public and visitors, with a wide variety of cuisine and wines on offer, as well as music and children’s activities.
When: Saturday 24/11/2018, from 4pm to midnight.
Where: Calle Grande and Plaza de España.
Performers: The Black Line, Ni 1 Pelo de Tonto, Dixiland, parades with stilt-walkers and jugglers, food and wine stalls, children’s fun-zone, bouncy castles.
Cultural Heritage Theatre Route, ‘Hidden by Adeje (translated)’, PRODINTUR (employment and training programme) Final Event, performance by Confabulados Teatro
Free Entry, tickets and ‘Copa Degusta Me’ vouchers in the gastronomy zone.
Partner: Wines of Abona Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board

The Olivares Noel farm is in Tijoco Bajo, Adeje. Olive oils extra 100% of the Arbequina variety, with the influence of the trade winds, the volcanic soil and a unique environment, ensure that the oils from Finca Noel are exceptional. This is a visit to the facilities and a tasting. A day to develop sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch … sensory art!
When: Friday November 30th, 5pm to 8pm.
Where: Transfer by bus from Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) to the Olivares Finca Noel in Tijoco Bajo.
Price: €10 (Includes transport, visit and commented oil tasting).
Limited places, prior registration essential.

Further information and registration
Área de Desarrollo Económico y Urbanismo
Edificio CDTCA (Centro de Desarrollo Turístico Costa Adeje)
C/ Las Jarcias nº 4, 38670 Adeje – TENERIFE.
Tel.: 922 756 249 – 922 050 150 Fax: 922 775 506
Members of the public on the Adeje padrón (resident register) will be given preference for those activities requiring prior registration, as will those who haven’t participated in any other registered activity. Thereafter registration is based on first come/payment received
*The programme is subject to change, people can consult changes online


Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centro.
Asociación de Empresarios, Comerciantes y Profesionales de Adeje (AECPA).
Asociación de Barmans de Tenerife. (ABT)
Asociación de Cocineros y Reposteros de Canarias (ACYRE)
Adeje Farmers Market
Consejo Regulador Denominación Origen de Vinos de Abona.
Employment, Education and Training Programme PRODINTUR
GM Cash & Carry



Foodie fusions, tastings and tapas!


The Adeje department of economic development and job creation, under Councillor Manuel Méndez Martin, launched the November gastronomy programme this morning, the 9th year the event is taking place. Degusta.Me or ‘Taste Me’ promotes the richness and variety of local produce and culinary creations, showing why our gastronomy has become an integral part of the international profile of this part of Tenerife.

The main goal of the month-long programme of activities has always been to promote the culture of gastronomy in Adeje, valuing the establishments dedicated to good food, the people who run them and serve the public as well as the food itself, which, altogether, “without a doubt bring a large amount of added value to the tourist offer in the region”, said councillor Méndez Martín.

The Calle Grande and the Plaza de España will host a 8-hour event on November 24th, a food festival open to the public with tastings, drink, theatre, bouncy castles, acrobats, jugglers, live music, etc.

As in previous years the Tapas Route invites the public to vote for their favourite tapa from any of the 20 restaurants taking part using the forms in the participating establishments which must be stamped – and their votes will also see them entered into a draw for a selection of great prizes included an 7-day cruise courtesy of the ‘Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centro’.

During November there will be visits organised to the Montesdeoca cheese farm and the Finca Noel. The Food Trucks On Tour is also returning. Full details of the month’s activities and the tapas route can be downloaded, in English, from the Adeje council webpage (http://www.adeje.es/degustame/descargas). Members of the public who are interested in taking part in any of the courses and workshops that require prior registration should sign up soon as places will be limited.


Participating companies
GM Cash & Carry Adeje, Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centro, Asociación de Empresarios, Comerciantes y Profesionales de Adeje (AECPA), Asociación de Barmans de Tenerife(ABT),Asociación de Cocineros y Reposteros de Canarias (ACYRE), Agromercado de Adeje, Consejo Regulador Denominación de Origen de Abona, Programa de Formación en Alternancia con el Empleo (PFAE) Prodintur Adeje, Círculo de Empresarios del Sur de Tenerife (CEST), Aula Cultural de Enoturismo y Turismo Gastronómico de la Universidad de La Laguna, entre otros.


Department of Communications







Plan to repave and upgrade Adeje’s principal roads


The Adeje council has been working to upgrade and repave the principal roads throughout the borough in recent months. The work has been divided into two phases, one in the mainly tourist zone and the other in the mostly residential areas with streets and avenues targeted for improvement. The work is to meet the heavy demands of a region that sees over 200,000 people passing through on a daily basis as well as cars and workers who serve the area.


According to the councillor for works, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, “this is an important investment, which could cost in the region of three and a half million euros. We are almost finished in Costa Adeje and are moving onto phase two which is concentrated in the residential villages and neighbourhoods.” She said that included in the plans is work to improve mobility and pavements for those with special needs.

The plan will affect some of the streets with the highest footfall in the town centre; Calles Concha García Álvarez, Universidad de La Laguna, Calle El Castillo,Calle Las Huertas, Calle Tagoror and the Avenida Palo Mayor. In La Postura work will affect Calles Pérez, 30 de Mayo, Viera y Clavijo, La Paz and Tajinaste and in El Galeón it will include the Avenidas de los Océanos, del Poniente and los Vientos as well as Calles Jarcias and La Borda, and Paseo de las Calmas.

In Las Nieves the streets for upgrade include Calles Tegueste, Parque Santa Úrsula,Tágara and Atbitocazpe. In the Las Torres Barranco zone it will be Calle Barranco del Inglés and also the Camino de Las Moraditas.

Fañabe streets up for repaving are the Avenida Islas Canarias and Calles Isla de Tenerife, La Gomera, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Alegranza, La Graciosa and La Palma. In Armeñime the main streets affected are Calles la Patrona de Canarias, Poetas Canarios and León Felipe, and Calles La Isa, Malagueñas, Folías Seguidillas and Tajaraste in Las Rosas.

In Los Menores and Charco del Valle work will affect Calles Chabú, Nicolosa and La Tablada while in La Hoya it will be Calles La Milagrosa, Secadero and Morro Afonso Alto. Tijoco Bajo improvements will be along the Calles Virgen del Carmen, El Granero, La Presa, La Unión, and La Pedrera.

Callao Salvaje is also included with improvements beginning along Calles La Zahorra, El Jable, Duarte and Pencatinta. Finally in Ricasa work is scheduled for the road up from Ricasa to Gasparianes




Department of Communications







Trick or treats in Costa Adeje

Happy Halloween Streets in Costa Adeje!

The Adeje/Costa Adeje tourism department’s Happy Streets initiative is taking Halloween to heart this year, and inviting everyone, but particularly younger residents and visitors, to come along to Plaza Salytien on Wednesday October 31st to celebrate Halloween.

Tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira García explained that Happy Streets “offers alternatives in the leisure and entertainment field to our residents and tourists and in parallel helps local businesses, in this case in Plaza Salytien”.

From 6pm tomorrow there will be a range of fun-filled spooky activities, live music, a DJ, performances, face painting, competitions, etc. Food trucks will also be in place to feed the hungry kids and adults, no doubt serving a great variety of ‘treats’ and there will even be a cocktail bar in situ for the adults, whether in costume or not!

As the councillor pointed out –“we have the prefect autumn climate for an open-air event for the whole family, not to mention some excellent entertainment, food, and drinks for all”.



Remembering those gone before…

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are busy days for cemeteries in Spain

The Adeje council have been busy making sure the municipal cemetery is ready for the many extra visitors expected over the coming days, with November 1st and 2nd marking All Saint’s Day and All Souls’ Day respectively. These are celebrated national (and internationally) with extra masses, and families taking time to visit the cemeteries where loved ones have been laid to rest.

The Adeje cemetery will be open to the public today and tomorrow from 8am to 6pm and on November 1st and 2nd from 8am to 8pm. In preparation for the visits the council have been working to make sure the cemetery is in top condition for families who will visit this week, cleaning, painting, planting new flowers in the different patios, etc.

The councillor with responsibility for the area, Esther Rivero Vargas, commented, “these are important days for the public, when we pay respect to those who have gone before us, and we know it’s essential that the cemetery is in top condition for those families who will be visiting, as it’s a very relevant date for them”. She added that the goal was always to make the place “one of tranquillity and harmony”.

Extra masses:

Wed Oct 31st
5pm: La Milagros Tijoco – La Hoya
6pm: Santa Ursula Mártir
7pm: San José, Los Olivos

Thur Nov 1st: All Saints Day
9.30am: Adeje Cemetery chapel
10am: Armeñime
11am: Santa Ursula Mártir
12 noon: Callao Salvaje
12.30pm: Adeje Cemetery chapel
6.30pm: Adeje Cemetery chapel followed by a blessing of the niches.

Fri Nov 2nd: All Souls Day
9am: Adeje Cemetery chapel
6pm: Adeje Cemetery chapel
6pm: Armeñime
6pm: Fañabe
7.30pm: La Caleta