Best broadband for 50,000 homes in South Tenerife

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In homes the new fibre optic cable will allow high definition television, online games with no delays, file sharing, streaming, videoconferencing, speedy internet navigation
At a press conference in the FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) centre in Adeje today Telefónica presented its plans for the laying of fibre optic cable in the tourist zone of South Tenerife. This should see the arrival of the most advanced connectivity technology to over 51,000 homes and business in Adeje and Arona.

At the official launch were the regional deputy minister for tourism councillor Ricardo Fernández de la Puente, the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the director of innovation for Ashotel, Enrique Padrón and the director of Telefónica in the Canarias, Juan Flores, whose company have promised an investment of 8 million euros to make this part of Tenerife a technological reference point.

The mayor of Adeje said, “The installation of fibre optic cables into a tourist zone such as Adeje is important news and will have positive repercussions for our primary industry”. He added that the introduction of fibre optic cable would also contribute to the growth of business and better connectivity between individuals, and the council were happy to support this kind of initiative “which really would benefit residents in South Tenerife”. The council, and that of Arona, have pledged collaboration and the granting of any licences or permission needed for installation to ensure there were no delays.

Individuals or businesses who want to find out more details and want to know if and when they will be able to avail of the new technology in homes or businesses can do so in Movistar centres, by calling 1004 or on the relevant webpage,

Telefónica España has trained 300 professionals in the latest technological developments for the purposes of this project who will be dedicated exclusively to the development of the network in the Canaries. As part of their commitment to the improvement of the economic activity of the islands the indirect benefits will be in manufacturing of cables and transport of materials.

The company have also promised improved client relations in their centres and sales points in both boroughs to guarantee the best assessment regarding the new services and to ensure better client satisfaction during and after the installation.

Fibre optics to your front door
Linking fibre optics from the central deposit to your home or businesses is the most advanced form of fixed broadband connection in the world. The Fibre Network that is being developed by Telefónica is a completely new network which strengthens the business fabric in cities and towns, modernises working methods, helps the self employed and those working from home and offers improved services to individuals to access the digital work as well as a more efficient and flexible administration.

In homes, the 100 megas that the fibre optic will bring will allow high definition television, online games with no delays, file sharing, streaming, videoconferencing, speedy internet navigation as well as the use of a number of different connected devices without loss of quality.

During the press conference to announce the details, the Telefónica representatives assured that the new service would reach parts of the borough of Adeje that have, until now, suffered from a poor service, such as Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso, within a year or two.

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    • I would reccomend getting in touch directly with Movistar – they are currently installing fibre optic in homes in Callao Salvaje

    • This page can only supply information for residents of Adeje I’m afraid. Contact Movistar directly to see if they can help.

    • Anton, have you contacted Movistar/Telefonica? If they haven’t solved the problem let me know and I will see what I can do

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