Callao Salvaje beach access to improve

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Work to improve the access road to the Ajabo beach in Callao Salvaje has begun and should be complete in 3 months. The work, under the plan to upgrade tourist zones in borough, will see extensive changes to Calle La Lava, “and improve the beach area, guaranteeing improved safety for the public as well as improving sea views” said councillor for works and services, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera.

The work along 140 m of road, will see the existing pavement extended, and an additional pavement for the other side of the road, proper signposting, street benches and bins, green zones, lighting, etc. “This will also be an improvement to the street which is currently in a state of deterioration”, said the councillor, who added they would be using wood, natural stone and picon. The footpath will be up to 3 metres wide, still allowing cars to pass, and improve access to the beach and hotel zones.

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This is also part of a longer term plan to finish the walk between Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso. According to tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira Garcia, “we are working simultaneously in various parts of Costa Adeje and one of our ambitions is to unify the whole coastal area with a pedestrian pathway, linking the different villages and neighbourhoods for the benefit of residents and visitors”.

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8 thoughts on “Callao Salvaje beach access to improve

  1. Very nice idea! However, is there any chance of the roadworks in Avenida Las Galgas/La Galga ever being completed? This was a very nice road, is now a very ugly road, left with dangerous corners where the road has been dug out, presumably for trees, and left with paving edges sticking out into the road, particularly on the bend coming down from Calle La Tosca, on the right hand side, has now suddenly got a yellow barrier put around it. The work seems to now have come to a standstill.

    • Hi, the work will resume very soon, and I have been told that when completed will look a lot better. One of the reasons is to upgrade the walkway in the centre and decrease the number of crossings. I hope we have some positive news for that part of Callao Salvaje soon.

    • As the work along the avenue was also part of a training scheme for the unemployed, as the scheme is ended, the work is paused until another group begin work – within a month I have been told. And for those concerned about the plants etc along the avenue, the gardening division will be called in to make sure they are watered etc until all the watering tubes etc are linked up

  2. I hope the works will include repairs of the steps on the footpath along the Agua Viva communidad down unto the beach, with proper railing and not forgetting the lights. Simultaneously a railing and lights should be applied to the steps from Agua Viva down along El Ancla.

  3. Thankyou for that, have visited Tenerife since 1984, beautiful island, We love it. Will be back in May this year, and November. ?..Thank You

  4. Hello, could someone please update us on works on Avenida de la Galga in Callao Salvaje? It’s nearly two months since the works have stopped and the road now looks unfinished… the area desperately needs more trees and some greenery. In my opinion this is one of the best towns on the island, but with the main boulevard looking like this – it has definitely lost it’s charm. Shame the council left this project half-finished…

    • Saeed, there have been a number of queries regarding this section of road. The work is supposed to start again very soon once a new team is in place – let me see if I can find a start-up date for you and let you know.

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