No Major Incidents Reported in Adeje

ADEJE_cecopal_IMG_4157The report early this afternoon from the Adeje CECOPAL, the centre for municipal emergency co-ordination, is that there have been no major incidents to report in the borough during the morning.
The most affected zone would appear to be Costa Adeje which was the part of the borough where rain accumulated most and the drainage systems were overloaded due to the intensity of the rainfall. The beaches of Fañabé, Torviscas La Enramada and Ajabo (Callao Salvaje) were badly affected and the rain has washed away large amounts of sand.
According to the Adeje CECOPAL report there were cascades of water in various zones particularly Torviscas Alto and Roque del Conde, with the accumulation of stones and mud which is now being cleared by council services.
In the main streets of the borough, the council had to briefly close the Avda. de los Pueblos, Avda. Bruselas and Avda del Mirador del Duque to allow clearance operations and water flow. As well the Fañabe and Torviscas bridges were closed for a number of hours, but all roads are now open to traffic.
Emergency services in operation, such as the Policía Local, Protección Civil, volunteer Fire service and councillors from the Adeje governing party continue to be on call throughout the emergency and on hand to deal with any incident that may arise, and will remain so for the rest of the afternoon and evening. The advice to citizens continues to be to remain at home, and, if you need to go anywhere by car, drive with extreme caution.

Tomorrow, Thursday, the council’s administrative services will resume. A decision regarding municipal activities (the school of music, sports, the open university, etc) will be taken later today, depending on weather predictions.
The council would also like to remind people that it is the regional government who will decide whether schools will reopen tomorrow.

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One Briton Injured in Train Crash

The mayor and members of the Compostela council in emergency session this morning

The mayor and members of the Compostela council in emergency session this morning

Speaking about the tragic train accident in Santiago de Compostela last night the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague said, “I was very saddened to hear of the terrible train accident near Santiago de Compostela in Spain last night. My thoughts are with all those affected and their friends and family.
“The British Embassy team in Spain are working closely with the Spanish authorities as they respond to this tragedy.
“We know that one British citizen was injured in this accident and the Embassy has been providing consular support”.
The Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs said that as far as officials were aware no Irish national was on board the train. In a statement Eamon Gilmore said, “My thoughts are with those who have lost family and loved ones in this tragic accident. The Galician region and the city of Santiago is a popular destination for Irish travellers and the Irish Embassy in Madrid has been in contact with the regional authorities since the accident occured.
“While at this stage, there is no indication of any Irish involvement, the situation is still developing and it will be some time before all of those involved have been identified.” If you have concerns that there might have been a member of your family on board the Embassy has said you can contact the Consular Section of the Embassy directly at (0034) 914364099.
Meanwhile the Compostela authorities have cancelled all events scheduled for today which is a local fiesta and nationally all political parties have cancelled events to attend to the tragedy. The Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is at the scene this morning, and messages of condolences have been sent by the King and Prince Felipe as well political authorities from all sectors of the national and local community.