Adeje 2022 – planning for the future

adeje 2022 casa fuerte

The main points in the plan include the restoration of the Fort house, galvanising the town centre and better connectivity between the residential and tourist zones…

The mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga presented the town’s strategic plan for sustainable urban development over the next 6 years, with a potential spend of 64 million euros. “We want this plan to be the basis for a series of actions which will be undertaken as part of a sustainable urban model designed to meet the needs of the local population”, said the mayor, who was accompanied by the councillor for good government and finance, Epifanio Díaz Hernández and the councillor for tourism and urban development, Ermitas Moreira García.

adeje 2022 presentation

The plan, ‘Adeje 2022 – strategy for sustainable development’, “is a serious proposal for the future of the borough. This Council’s main aim is to work for the benefit of our residents as well as placing the zone firmly in a position to cater for those residents as well as tourists. We want Adeje to become a real city”, the mayor said. The plan has a set of concrete proposals that have been designed by the mayor and councillors with advice from professional experts.

The plan has been developed along the guidelines laid down in the European Regional Policy Integrated Sustainable Urban Development policy. This allows for funding for projects that galvanise towns and cities to develop along sustainable and integrated frameworks. The mayor said, “we have presented the project to the (Spanish) Economic Ministry with a request for €15 million. We have already passed through the first evaluation phase and hope to hear within the next few weeks if the project will receive full approval. However, regardless the plan will go ahead”

adeje 2022 map

The mayor explained that while the borough, with a registered population of 50,000, would not normally qualify, “given our particular circumstances, with tourists and migrant workers, we cater for up to 200,000. We hope that will be taken into consideration which is why we have requested increased funding.”

Concrete strategic actions

The Adeje 2022 plan has a range of plans for the borough, in particular for the town centre, where the proposed development has three fundamental pillars. The first is cultural, with the restoration of the Fort House, the Casa Fuerte, at the centre. “We believe this should be the backbone of the plan and an added attraction for the town”, commented the mayor. “The Fort House is a reference point, and is of huge value to Adeje, in terms of heritage, history, ethnography…we want to work on this recovery to make the Fort Houses a sustainable resource”. There are also plans for a large parking zone near the Fort House which would help with local business growth.

The mayor referred to the Barranco del Infierno, the Convento, the church and the plaza de España where an interpretative centre is to be opened. He said the plan also includes provision for a walk to be developed linking the historic centre of Adeje to the tourist zones. “It’s an ambitious project, but it’s achievable and we want to start straight away”.

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The second pillar of the plan for the centre is improving connectivity between the residential and tourist zones, “The time has come to integrate these two essential elements of our borough”, and thirdly will be the development of the centre of the town from the Casa Fuerte down to El Galeón.

Rodríguez Fraga said there were other elements of the plan that have yet to be published, dealing with galvanising local neighbourhoods and helping to reposition tourism within the borough. “This is an integrated action programme where each element plays a particular part within the overall strategy, which includes commitment to environmental protection and social wellbeing, creating a borough where peaceful co-existence among residents is promoted, through culture, sport, education, employment…a huge step in the direction of the plans we laid out during last year’s local election campaign”.