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Art and recycling at the Farmers Market this Wednesday

As part of the series of parallel events to mark Wednesday openings at the Adeje Farmers Market, there will be a workshop tomorrow (Wednesday April 8th), titled ‘La Ruleta de Reciclaje’ (The Recycling Roulette).

The objective of this week’s activity is to encourage an awareness of the need for environmental care and the importance of proper treatment of rubbish. Alongside the workshop there will be a stand from the Canarian Green and Sustainable Environmental association who are co-sponsors of this week’s workshop with the council.


Other activities will include making bracelets, flowers, etc from recycled materials, in particular recycling plastics.

There are more activities planned during the months of April and May, giving customers and those involved in the Farmers Market yet another reason to visit on Wednesdays. Both of this week’s activities are sponsored by ECOEMBES (the non-profit national organisation charged with recycling) and are open to the public.

Gold Medal Cheese

ADEJE-quesería Montesdeoca

The Montesdeoca Dairy wins gold at Pinolere

Recently the cheese producers in Tenerife met during the III Pinolere Fair in the Parque Etnográfico de Pinolere in La Orotava, and this year Adeje cheese maker Montesdeoca won gold with their one year cured mature cheese. It was named best Tenerife cheese 2014. 

Daniel Montesdeoca said this “is an important award for us as it is the result of hard work and effort. We have always given priority to producing cheeses of high quality which people will select and enjoy for their flavour and texture”. He added that he was delighted that their cheeses were appreciated by so many people and promised that they would continue to work to improve the product and ensure that the island’s cheeses were known both here and outside Tenerife.
The Adeje councillor for Agriculture Esther Rivero Vargas explained that the “Pinolere fair is the perfect setting for displaying all of the island’s natural produce and of course promoting the cheese making industry and culture which has been recognised with this award”.

The Montesdeoca dairy makes a variety of different cheeses including smoked, semi-cured, cured, gofio and pepper cheeses and this prize winning mature cured cheese. Members of the public interested in buying the cheeses can do so in the dairy, which is in Tijoco, driving up from Llano de las Flores or at the stand in the Adeje Farmers’ Market every weekend, (8am -2pm, Saturdays and Sundays). Councillor Rivero Vargas said, “the Adeje Farmers’ Market, as well selling as this winning cheese, which is delicious, offers a great selection of locally grown produce”.