Student grants available

ies el galeon
The Adeje council has just opened the application window for student grants.
Each year the Adeje council spends more than €150,000 in this area. Those wishing to apply can do so now, and the education councillor, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, has said the main objective is to “guarantee equality of opportunity in access to eduction for the borough’s young people…this money, granted by the local government, is destined for those less well off. We can never permit the situation to arise where a child cannot study simply because of financial constraints. Last year we allocated more than €150,000 in grant funds and will probably exceed that amount this year”.

Councillor Adolfo Alonso

Councillor Adolfo Alonso

Those wishing to apply for these second and third-level grants can find more information on, or call into the department of education in the Adeje Cultural Centre and ask for the relevant information and forms. The grants are available for secondary students from year 3 upwards and into third level who have lived in Adeje for at least 6 months (and are on the resident’s register). In the case of third level students there are also grants available for living away from home costs, books, material and registration, depending on family income and academic criteria among other factors. More information in the council offices.
Referring to the start of term for infants and primary schools in the borough, Alonso Ferrera noted the work done to repair and renovate the education centres during the summer period, with an investment of €40,000.

Ten Diez, moving art


“…Ten-Diez welcomes everyone, no matter how inexperienced, and provides a supportive network that encourages all members to pursue their passions.”
The current Ten Diez exhibition will run in the FIT – Factoría de Innovación Turística in the Adeje CDTCA complex until Friday December 5th.
The exhibition brings together a collections of locally based (though not necessarily born) artists in the third edition of the show, with the support of the Adeje council, and is considered one of the best platforms for showcasing up-and-coming talent in the field of fine art, sculpture, photography etc, as well as a space for established artists.

In the words of the organisers, “TEN-DIEZ brings together some of the region’s most exciting artistic talent, giving both complete beginners and more experienced artists a platform to showcase their work. In contrast with stereotypical elitist, closed circles of artists that are impossible to get into, Ten-Diez welcomes everyone, no matter how inexperienced, and provides a supportive network that encourages all members to pursue their passions”.
The councillor with responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, says it “is a fascinating space which brings together a range of artistic disciplines of excellent quality. Through previous editions we have been able to discover the wealth of artistic talent in Tenerife while also demonstrating how Adeje is becoming a reference point for the wider international artistic community.” The councillor was also keen to stress the welcome given to those showing for the first time,. “We welcome everyone to this event, regardless of past experience, as we fully understand that art, in whatever manifestation, can be adapted from many different points of view”.

During the inaugural session of the exhibition the organisers presented an award to the ‘best artist’ voted by his peers, Sergio Díaz, a passionate traveller who tells of his journeys through his photographs. Second placed Carlos Ortega, an interior designer, was also praised for his personal pieces.

During the week-long exhibition there are also a series of parallel workshops and art-based debates, master classes and round-table discussions. To end the week, at 8pm there will be a ceremony to name the winner in the FIT CANARIAS/TENERIFE NO LIMITS, photography competition, with the winner taking home a GoPro4 Black camera.

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Soccer Experience Tournament: International teams take top prizes


adeje Soccer Experience Torneo 2014 (3) Forest Mobsters

“This event has grown from a series of friendly matches into an important event in Adeje’s sports calendar

The winning teams of the over 30s and over 40s cups in the 2014 Soccer Experience 7s International were Forest Mobsters and Royale International respectively. Both sides are made up of many ex-professional footballers from the English and Scottish premier leagues, who travelled to Tenerife to enjoy a weekend of fun football. Of the local sides Balti Balti and LA Masters were int the final mix too.

Adeje Soccer Experience Torneo 2014 (1) Adolfo Alonso and Martin Tierney

The event, held annually in the Las Torres pavilion in Adeje, and organised by Soccer Experience’s Martin Tierney with the support of the Adeje council and department of sport, sees local amateur league sides play against some of the sport’s top players of recent years. Matches are 15 minutes each and played in mini league formats. There were 68 matches held over the weekend, which also saw a Soccer International junior side take on a team from the Adeje football school and performances from the Adeje cheerleading team, the Tenerife Tigers.

neil webb ex manchester united

Over 200 players and their families travelled to Adeje from abroad for the event, many of them on return visits, and praised the standard of the hotels and the sporting installations. Adeje sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera presented the winning trophies to the victors. He praised the dedication Martin Tierney, himself an ex-professional Scottish international now living in Tenerife, has shown in developing the tournament. “This event has grown from a series of friendly matches into an important event in Adeje’s sports calendar and it is a pleasure to see so many of the game’s top players coming here to play and enjoy a short holiday in Adeje”, he said. “It is also good to see the game played in such a good spirited manner and promoting ‘fair play’, very important to us in Adeje”, he added.

adeje Soccer Experience Torneo 2014 (4) Royale International

Shaken or Stirred?

David Arrebola preparing his Mattoni Fresh cocktail

David Arrebola preparing his Mattoni Fresh cocktail

Fresh(!) from Adeje

Whether you like your cocktails shaken or stirred, David Arrebola is Adeje’s man.
The barman who works in the Palacio de Isora, came third in the Spanish National Barman championships in November of last year, and therefore is off to Prague this weekend to represent Costa Adeje, and Spain in the 4th IBA World Championship in non-alcoholic drinks.

At the press conference in advance of his departure, David mixed a sample of what he hopes will be his winning cocktail for the Adeje mayor, Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the councillor for Sport Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and the president of the Tenerife Barman Association, Jose Antonio Mesa Mendoza.

For competitions at this level there are very specific rules about amounts and types of ingredients with a number of obligatory additions. As this is sponsored by Mattoni, the drink must include at least 10cc of the original Grand Mattoni mineral sparkling or light sparkling water in the recipe. David’s drink, Mattoni Fresh! also includes puree of apple and passion fruit and apple and lime juice. Judging is based on a number of criteria including appearance, aroma, taste and innovation.

Over 70 countries have been invited to take part in the opening round on June 21st , and the best six will be invited to take part in the final on June 22. David said he is going to Prague “hoping to win, to win for Adeje and for Tenerife and Spain”. He added that while he might be a little bit nervous he is no stranger to competition and has won four national and one international title during his years as a professional and member of the Tenerife Barman Association.

The Association president Mesa Mendoza expressed his gratitude to the Adeje council and mayor for their continuing support and help in this regard – in 2011 Costa Adeje hosted the Pan American World Championships – adding that this level of backing was very important for the profession.

Mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga wished David Arrebola luck, and praised him and the association for “the level of professionalism. It is a reflection of work well done, and also of the quality of service that is fundamental for a tourist destination such as ours.” He said the work of the Tenerife Barman Association was also vital in promoting the dignity of the profession. The other hugely important aspect of this competition, the Mayor added, was the promotional side of the trip, “this is about letting people know about the destination. David is taking the name of Costa Adeje with him, and of Tenerife, the Canary Islands, and bringing to Prague the level of professionalism that is a part of this tourist destination, and I have no doubt that he will do all of that very well”.



Scaling the Heights in Adeje

The Adeje sports department has organised a series of training days on the climbing wall to ensure that people are shown how to use the installation properly.
Sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera has organised the training programme along with the Canarian School of Mountaineering and the Abinque Mountaineering Group aimed at educating people in the correct use of the wall, located in the grounds of the El Galeón sports pavilion. The course will also present certificates to those who complete the course in “proper use and maintenance of the installation and scaling methods”.
The councillor said, “during these training days we will train a group of people who will then be in charge of the development and use of the climbing wall, or ‘rocódromo’. With this in mind we have asked experts such as Javier Martín Carvajal, and José Francisco González to run the course”.
Alonso Ferrera added that in Adeje all the sporting schools and courses that were running in the borough have trained professionals in charge “so we can ensure that anyone learning or practising a sport in Adeje is under the supervision of a professional from the relevant sector, which is a quality ‘plus’ and a guarantee from a sporting point of view”.

The training course for the climbing wall will be in two parts, theoretical and practical. The first part will outline the different kinds of climbing walls currently being used, how the structures are constructed, panels and screws used, etc. This section will also look at different problems which can arise, and how to carry out proper maintenance.
During the practical section those attending will get to know the two structures in El Galeon and the kind of materials used. They will learn, on site, all the relevant aspects of their construction and maintenance. The students will also be assessed and taught methods or climbing and security during the climb. This will be followed by a series of climbs of differing difficulty and solving various problems which could arise during a climb

Adeje Is Dancing To EMMA’s Tune


adeje live musicThe Adeje School of Music and Dance, or in Spanish La Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza de Adeje, EMMA, is undertaking a series of concerts in different cultural spaces in the borough throughout March under the title Adeje Live Music. According to councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera the initiative “ is designed to liven up the borough, offer the local public a series a concerts and at the same time give them the opportunity to get to know the quality of the work of the students and professors of the school and of the Municipal Band”.

The first concert will be in the Adeje Convent de San Fransisco on Friday March 7th at 8.30pm with the youth metal group from EMMA remembering “The Wonder Years”. On the play list are songs from Nowak, Blair, Sweeney, Mike Atory, Tito Puente, Paul Murtha and Mike Lewis. Pedro Vicente Jorge Lemes wields the baton, and the tickets are de 5 euros.

The following concert is on Saturday March 22 in the Plaza de Los Olivos. This concert is performed by the Adeje Municipal Band and starts at 8pm, free entrance.

The final musical date for March is also in the Convent at 8pm on Saturday March 29th. This brings together students and professors of piano and voice who will perform “The Memory Corner, a delightful selection of melodies by distinguished artistes such as Evangelina Sobredo Galanes, Consuelito Velázquez, Juan Carlos Calderón, Álvaro Carrillo, Camilo Blanes Cortés, Lucio Battisiti, Armando Manzanero, Pablo López, Juan de Dión Filiberto y Gabino Coria Peñalosa, César Portillo de la Luz, Rudy Pérez and José Feliciano. Tickets are 5 euros.

Adeje’s Sporting Stars

It was a very busy sporting weekend here in Adeje and as well as concentrated efforts on the pitches there was fun off the pitches too.
On Saturday the Club Ademi Tenerife were in action against a team from the Spanish peninsula. This wheelchair team showed their true form and were winning from the first basket against BSR Cocemfe Puertallano and never let up the pressure. This was a first division game and the home side showed why there are one of the toughest side in the division. The match was played at the Costa Adeje school, with cheerleading from the Tenerife Tigers.
The Tigers were in action the next day too at Tijoco, where they train. They were invited to cheer for local baseball side Halcones de Adeje – and this could be a ‘match’ made in heaven. The two teams sport the same colours and there was a real unity between the two groups, with some great performances by the Halcones and a sparkling after-match show by the Tigers. Against teams from Granadilla and Gran Canaria, the Halcones were triumphant too, but there was much applause and medals for all the players.
Amanda Lambert, the Tigers coach and owner, was also surprised and delighted to be presented with an award by the Adeje councillor for sports Adolfo Afonso Ferrera for the troupe’s support of Adeje teams, and local Tijoco councillor Esther Rivero was also on hand to cheer on her local sides.
Great to see such a multicultural sporting selection in our borough, and there will be more baseball and cheerleading action in two weeks in Tijoco.


Glasgow Bhoys Are Victorious


Soccer Experience Tenerife
The 8th Annual Masters Soccer Experience Football Tournament was held in the Las Torres Sports complex on November 9th and 10th, with many ex-professionals from the English and Scottish premier leagues as well as local over-35 teams who play every week here in South Tenerife taking part.
Many of the invited players come from all over the world to take part in this annual event, to combine a weekend in Tenerife with some fun football, though on the second day, when the titles are at stake, the competitive edge is obvious.
During the second day of competition local cheerleading troupe the Tenerife Tigers also entertained the local crowd.
As in previous years, the local teams are well prepared for the visiting sides, but this year it was two teams of ex-professionals who won both trophies. The Nottingham Forest Mobsters won the Plate and the overall champions were the Glasgow Bhoys. Adeje Sport Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera presented them with the cup on Sunday evening at the end of two days of sport and entertainment.
Tournament organiser Martin Tierney said he was delighted with the success of the tournament and thanked Adeje council for their ongoing support.

(Photos: Gerard Zenou)