School Material Grants

recursos escolares (1)Applications for grants for school materials for 2014/2015

The main objective is to help those families most in need to educate their children

Adeje council through the department of education under councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos is now accepting applications for grants for school materials for next year. The grant application process, for families of children in infants, primary and secondary public schools, lasts until May 29th.

The councillor said, “with this grant system we are working to meet an important social need which has become greater in recent years in the borough, and help families in buying basic materials as they prepare for the start of the next school year. We are working to help families most in need and move towards equality of opportunities in ensuring that no student is without school materials due to the economic circumstances of their family”.

Last year grants assisted 433 Adeje families with 709 individuals benefiting.

Among the requirements which must be met are the presentation of the completed form which can be found on the council website, in the education section. You must also bring along the original and a photocopy of your DNI, NIE or residency certificate or passport and that of the student concerned. You must also bring the documentation required to indicate monthly family income, among other papers, including a stamped completed form from your bank confirming your bank account number, as outlined in the regulations which you will also find in the council webpage.

To apply for the grant applications must be presented on the following dates (according to which education centre the student is or will be attending) between 9am and 1pm, Monday to Fridays and on Thursdays from 4pm to 8pm, at the Adeje department of education which is on the lower ground floor of the Adeje Cultural Centre:

o April 28 -. May 2: IES Adeje I and El Galeón and neighbouring centres.
o May 5- 9: Los Olivos School
o May 12 to 16: Fañabé and Armeñime Schools.
o May 19 to 23: Tijoco and Las Torres Schools.
o 26 to 29 May: Adeje Casco Schoolrecursos escolares (3)

Tackling Truancy

empty desks
Adeje will be the headquarters for the “I Forum To Improve Coexistence and Prevention of Truancy” organised by the Tenerife Cabildo, the University of La Laguna and the eight South Tenerife councils.
The forum will work to unite different initiatives within the education community to offer a specialised service to benefit students in each zone. The campaign will also call upon support from the regional department of education and FECAM, the Canarian Towns Federation.
There will be two classroom sessions each of five hours duration and another online session of 25 hours. The classroom sessions will take place in the Adeje cultural centre on November 28th 2013 and January 22nd 2014 from 12 midday to 2pm, and among those in attendance will be those involved in truancy, education, coexistence, youth and citizen participation programmes. The participation of members of the public and teachers from the primary and secondary cycles as well as heads of schools. Those involved in working with families and young people are also invited to take part.
Adeje education councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos remarked that “in Adeje we are constantly looking for solutions that won’t just benefit our own borough, but society as a whole. The creation of this forum will allow us improve the extent of attention we are paying to students and, importantly, will help us create a network with those working directly within the field of promoting coexistence.
Pérez Ramos added that it was important to work together in this regard, establishing joint criteria so that needs could be better met. He also said that it wasn’t the first time that councils from South Tenerife were working together for a common educative aim. “This is something we do frequently as we all understand that our mission is to find workable viable solutions to the different problems that arise when tackling school truancy and promoting harmonious coexistence in our schools and centres”.
To take part in these training days (which will be held in Spanish) you must register via email, You can also call 922.317.947 for more information, from 9am to midday, and registration is free.