A Destination With Know-How!

The FIT Canarias, the Canarian Tourism Innovation Factory,  hostedADEJE-SMART ISLAND-FIT CANARIAS-CDTCA (8) the Smart Island II forum on Thursday in the HQ in Adeje’s Centre for Tourism Development.
The Cabildo president Carlos Alonso, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rdoríguez Fraga and the public negotiations, health and transport director for Atos, Mercedes Payá, opened the event which focussed on ‘intelligent tourism’ innovations. The mayor said it was important to remember that “an intelligent destination had to be an emotional destination and the local population have to be aware that tourism is a benefit”. The Atos repesentative told the conference that her company is “the number one in Spain and second in Europe in the promotion of technological projects and view tourism as a strategic sector of huge importance.
For his part, Carlos Alonso spoke of a quality destination with the ability to meet the real and modern demands of today’s tourists and with this in mind underlined the need for good connections such as a working Wifi system in tourism zones via the WiMAX ( (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) platform. Alonso said “a productive debate on the tourism model that we want in the Canary Islands must be centred around a product that is linked to the quality and spending in a destination and not to the number of stars above the hotel doors.”
The Cabildo president said the forum had, as its aim, the advancement of Tenerife as an “intelligent tourist destination”, that is to say an innovative destination with an advanced technological infrastructure, and one which can guarantee territorial sustainable development, accessible to all. Furthermore an intelligent destination works to constantly increase the quality of the offer.
These three key strategic lines, technology, sustainability and accessibility formed the focus for the Smart Island II forum with many business people attending to discover how they too can benefit from the emerging intelligent destination.
Manuel Muñoz, director of transport and tourism with Atos headed up the first intervention titled “Development of an intelligent destination London 2012/Sochi 2014”. Atos was the company responsible for the technological input in both Olympic cities. Following this Juan Arturo Carreter, director general of IER España, spoke on an Atos car-sharing project in Paris. That was followed by a talk from Víctor Alvarado, channel manager with Motorola, who presented various prototypes for use in the hotel sector. Íñigo García, marketing director with Amadeus, an company the provides technological solutions to the travel industry also presented his experiences of building intelligent destinations, and the day ended with a round table on the main topic chaired by the director of the department of tourism in the University of La Laguna, Eduardo Parra.
FIT Canarias operates under the auspicies of the Adeje Council, the Tenerife Cabildo via Turismo de Tenerife and the Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Tenerife, the Chamber of Commerce and Ashotel.