Saving lives in Costa Adeje


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During November lifeguards from Adeje’s beaches have been improving their skills during a training course given by expert in water sports and life saving, José Palacios Aguilas, from the University of Coroña. The course has been co-hosted by the Adeje departments of beachs, tourism and security.

According to the councillors for beaches, Andrés Pérez Ramos, “with this course we are property coordinating the lifeguard services of the borough and the companies who have concessions on various beaches with blue flags in line with assuring coastal safety. It’s important to carry out these courses – European regulations change over time and we need to be fully up to date and prepared for every situation – it’s a fundamental requirement”.

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Among the course objectives were the criteria essential for Blue Flag quality on beaches, basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and water rescue as well as underlining the importance of a professional attitude.

José Palacios Aguilar is also vice president of the association responsible for Blue Flags in Spain, the ADEAC-FEE, a member of the national jury and Blue Flag beach and marina inspector. He said he was impressed at the high course take up among those involved in beach safety in Adeje and the desire to meet all the new European norms. The course participants also said they found this kind of renewal training “positive”, and helped them refresh their knowledge of the basics of rescue and prevention. They worked with new material which helped them improve the service they offer to the public who spend time on the beach.

Pérez Ramos emphasised it was important to continue along these lines to perfect the service, “as we understand that investment in training is the way to ensure greater security for those who live and visit our borough. We are aware that working in the field of prevention is vital but we also need to make sure our trained personnel are prepared to take the required action in an emergency”.

Those beaches with Blue Flags in Adeje are fitted with defibrillators, amphibious wheelchairs, assistance points and life-guard cover.

Better beaches

Beach improvement plan for Adeje


Adeje's councillor with responsibility for beaches, Andres Perez Ramos

Adeje’s councillor with responsibility for beaches, Andrés Pérez Ramos


Andrés Pérez Ramos, the Adeje councillor with responsibility for beaches, has said that “the improvement of the borough’s beaches and bathing areas is a priority at this time”. He has just announced that the Adeje council is developing a new Beach Improvement and Renovation plan, and underlined that the council sees the improvement of the beaches as a vital part of the local tourism offer.

What is planned, outlined the councillor, is to “ensure quality in the beaches and give an extra push to the Costa Adeje destination as one where quality is vitally important, and with that in mind we have designed an ambitious plan where we will look at modernising existing infrastructures adapting them to meet the needs of today’s market”.

This plan will also include ensuring lifeguard services are in place as well as upgrading access to beaches including for those with mobility difficulties and renovating road and path signs and information panels along beach and bathing zones.

Andrés Pérez Ramos also said the council were working on a series of improvements to the Troya and Fañabe beaches including the creating of a sun-bathing zone for those with reduced mobility which will be alongside the adapted shower zone, as well as upgrading the existing passages to the sea shore which will make things easier for bathers and lifeguards in the case of emergencies”.

He also said that there would be proper cordoning off of water sport zones where motor and sail boats would need to observe the regulations, “increasing safety for bathers and ensuring a better working practise for beaches, bathing areas and marinas”. He has also said that the council will be looking at beach by-laws to ensure that there is proper and quality control of authorised beach activities throughout the year. The latter could see some changes in the current controls in operation to ensure the quality of the tourist destination is guaranteed.

The councillor also said that the issue of re-sanding the Fañabe and Enramada beaches and the issue of introducing sand on beaches that are currently mostly pebbled is under consideration and “a priority for his department” given the important part beaches play in the tourist offer of the destination”.

Summer Specials For Over 60s




Older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps

This year the Adeje senior’s programme celebrated 15 years of fun and helpful summer activities for the older borough’s citizens.

According to the councillor in charge, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, this summer was no different with a range of diverse activities taking place in the open air, and as in previous years the beaches of Adeje were the scene for many of the events which mixed fun with healthy activities as well as promoting Adeje’s harmonious co-existence among people of many different backgrounds, and even ages as older citizens mixed with some of the younger ones during the activities.

This was one of the novelties this year – the integration of people from different age groups and sectors of the local population. In conjunction with the ‘Activate Sonrisa’ (Activate Smile) project run by the department of economic development about 50 older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps.

For 15 consecutive years the Adeje seniors have been able to avail of a summer programme of events with the principal objective being, “benefits for those of a certain age through recreational and healthy activities”, says Carmen Rosa González. Two days every week during the summer months the group enjoyed swimming, games on the sand, walking, gymnastics adapted to ability and age, “leading, in general, to an overall improvement in the quality of life of our senior citizens”, she added.

To facilitate maximum participation a bus was used to go around the borough collecting those older citizens taking part who might not have individual and bringing them home afterwards. In the majority of cases the events took place in parts of Costa Adeje allowing people to enjoy the best beaches in the borough, most of them flying blue flags for excellence.

To mark the end of the summer programme a Hawaiian party was held with a ‘Miss and Mister Summer fashion parade for participants, followed by lunch and beach bingo. A great end to another great summer.

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