Word up! The Adeje Book Fair is on May 3rd and 4th


Meet published and aspiring English language authors on Saturday from 11am

Did you know that Tenerife is home to a growing number of foreign language authors – many of them are established writers, some are just taking that tentative first step, dipping their toe into author’s ink!

These days, with self-publishing coming into its own, more and more people are discovering that all that may be missing is that extra push to publish. And what could be more useful than talking to like-minded scribblers who have taken that path. Or maybe you would rather seek a more traditional route, sending your manuscript to publishing houses in search of that big break.

Either way, there are people who will be at the Adeje Book fair this weekend who can help. Foreign residents living here who are now successful and published authors, often also working in other areas, but who are now recognised writers. They have overcome many of the problems new writers face, often compounded by living in another country too.


The ‘foreign writers’ part of the Adeje Book Fair is now an established and popular part of the annual programme celebrating the written word and the published image. This year the section is happening during the weekend fair, on Saturday May 5th, from 11am to 1pm. The fair is in the car park beside the Adeje School of Music (that building with the coloured panels down the side) in Las Torres.

The Book Fair is now in its 16th year and offers the visitor a huge range of attractions, from book launches, story-telling for kids, workshops, concerts, and even a kids’ cookery workshop. According to the councillor with responsibility for heritage and libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “the Book Fair has become a meeting place, a reference point for residents and visitors. It also is a showcase for our literature and a place where the public can get to meet new authors”.

Events begin on Friday May 3rd at 6pm with the presentation of a number of new books in Spanish and a performance by Nicotine Swing. Events on Saturday begin at 10am with a kids concert, followed by the foreign language event, in English. That will see authors available to chat one – on-one to the public from 11 to 12, and a workshop in English with the authors from 12 noon to 1pm. The fair continues throughout Saturday with readings, stories and songs.

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Meet top English language authors at the Adeje Book & Comic Fair



The fair will be held in the car-park of the Adeje School of Music and Dance, as in previous years

The Adeje library department, under councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, has released details of this year’s Adeje Book & Comic Fair, to be held from April 20th to 22nd in the car-park of the Adeje School of Music and Dance. This is the 16th year the council has hosted this event which works to promote locally based authors and encourage reading among everyone.

“Last year we included ‘Comic’ in the title and event and by doing so we were able to further promote the value and the fun in reading. We also offer a space to booksellers, a platform for authors to promote new works and generate new relationships with books and the world of literature for the public”, commented Councillor Ruiz.

In recent years the council have invited locally based foreign writers to take part and last year, as a result of the fair, a group of English-language authors have formed a creative group dedicated to supporting and encouraging writing and publishing. According to author Joe Cawley (More Ketchup than Salsa) “the Adeje Book and Comic fair provides a great opportunity for local authors to talk with readers, promote their own work and provide advice and encouragement to those with a burning desire to write their own book”.

On Saturday April 21st many English-language authors will be on hand to meet and greet readers and take part in a round table discussion on self-publishing, the use of social media to promote work, and how authors need to separate fact from fiction in writing. As well as Joe Cawley, other authors attending include Gemma Metcalfe, Lee Bullen, Richard Attree, Bradley Chermside and Helen Gilbert.

During the three day event four new Spanish books will be launched , there will be a number of exhibitions and a talk given by Adeje writer Covadonga González Fierro on Sunday April 23rd in the Canarian library at 6pm. For children there will be story-telling sessions and visual shows, a workshop on the whistling language of La Gomera and musical performances throughout the weekend.


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A word-while event

The English-language event, part of the Adeje Book and Comic fair this weekend, was a fascinating chat with 7 local authors and members of the public from the Adeje, the UK, Croatia, Italy and Ireland among others.  Adeje councillor for libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz welcomed the writers and the public to the event.

At the top table were published authors Lee Bullen, Richard Attree, Joe Cawley, Gemma Metcalfe , Susan Dehmel and Roger/Rebecca Stone, as well as Brad Smith who is hoping to have his first book published by Christmas.  All of them addressed a variety of issues such as the difficulty/ease of online publishing, marketing, of course the writing of books, mentors, inspriation, the presence of Tenerife in their novels whether living in Spain but writing in English posed it’s own problems, and all were honest and generous with their time and experience.

Members of the public were interested in how to get started, the issue of copyright, co-writers, and whether writers also have a duty or moral obligation to promote the greater good and use their writing to inspire more social harmony.

This is second year that non-Spanish writers have featured in the Adeje Book and Comic Fair, and already many of the pariticpants are looking forward to next year.

Adeje Book and Comic fair – word up!

During the next two weeks the Adeje council will be promoting the written word in many forms, as part of the XV Adeje Book and Comic Fair, with the main event taking place in the parking beside the Adeje School of Music and Dance, the EMMA, on Friday and Saturday, April 21st and 22nd.

“With this event we are working to create a space where, as well as underlining the importance of reading as a skill and tool, we are giving the many Adeje book shops a platform to sell books and the growing number of authors a change to meet the public and promote their latest works”, said the councillor responsible for heritage and libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

This year, as in 2016, there will be a dedicated section for non-Spanish authors. From 11am – 1pm on Saturday April 22nd the public can meet a number of English-language authors, as well as take part in a ‘chat’ on getting started, getting published, inspirations, etc. Some of the authors attending will be Gemma Metcalfe (‘Trust Me’), Rebecca Stone (‘How to Treat a Woman’) Richard and Nikki Atree (‘Nobody’s Poodle’ and ‘Somebody’s Doodle’), Susan Dehmel (‘Boris and Friends’), and Joe Cawley (‘More Ketchup than Salsa’ and ‘The Final Dollop’).

Spanish authors launching new works include ‘Pescadoras, marchantas o barqueras. Vendedoras de pescado en el sur de Tenerife’ by Marcos Brito, ‘El espejo del deportista. Refleja tus habilidades para disfrutar entrenando’ by Jorge Pastor, Fran Batista y Javier Elá, ‘Monólogos, biólogos y otras buenas piezas’ by Ramón Rodríguez Torres, ‘Diario de la felicidad compartida’ by José Juan Rivero and ‘El Timple. El tratado. Barniz: mito o realidad’ by David Sánchez León.

On April 21st there will also be a screening of a film, ‘El Recuerdo de Marníe’ at 5pm, and there will also be a session using TED talk guidelines with authors Covadonga García Fierro on women in contemporary literature, Alfredo Zizzi on publishing in a digital world, Alfredo López Pérez on poetry and social networks and Ramón Rodríguez on contemporary theatre – all these talks are in Spanish and will be on Saturday April 22nd from 7pm to 8pm in the EMMA auditorium.

Other borough activities will see storytelling in the Fañabe, Armeñime and Tijoco-La Hoya libraries, a talk by author Bruno Mesa on literature and photography in the Adeje library on April 18th and on April 23rd in the Adeje Cultural Centre a performance for all the family, ‘Danza contadas, cuentos danzados’ at 12 midday. The Piedra Redonda residents association will also host their annual poetry reading afternoon.

The councillor added that thanks were due to the participating shops, Nymeria Comics, Librería Bárbara, Editorial Bahai, C.C.P.C. Centro de la Cultura Popular Canaria, Librería Dagobah, Ifara Libros, Todo Hobby La Clave, Llanoazur Ediciones, Librarías Damián, Librería La Repro, Librería El Candil and Le Canarien Ediciones.
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Brush up your Shakespeare…



Shakespeare and local British authors celebrate the Adeje Book Fair

For the first time an invited group of English-language authors are playing a very active part in the Adeje Book Fair, which is taking place in the parking beside the Adeje School of Music on April 22nd and 23rd (Friday and Saturday), organised by the Adeje council under Councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the deaths of both Shakespeare and Cervantes. The two authors, from England and Spain, have long been considered two of the most important influences on literature, and still today their words resonate, often part of current sayings whose roots may not be recognised but are, in fact, directly descended from one of these two incredible wordsmiths – All that glitters (or ‘glisters’ in the original) is not gold The Merchant of Venice, Bated breath The Merchant of Venice , Be-all and the end-all Macbeth, Neither a borrower nor a lender be Hamlet, Thou has seen nothing yet Don Quixote – and there are so many more.

While we won’t have Shakespeare as a special guest this weekend, we do have a number of English language authors who live and write here in Tenerife. And they will be holding book singing sessions and on-hand to meet the public as well.

Cartel_Feria_English (1)

Friday April 22nd: 4pm – 6.30pm
John Reid (‘The Skipping Verger and other tales’)
Susan Dehmel (‘Boris and friends’)

Saturday April 23rd: 10.30am – 1pm
Margaret Tully (‘Journey with your soul to heal your body and mind’)
Nikky & Richard Attree (‘Nobody’s Poodle’)

Saturday April 23rd: 4pm – 6.30pm
Joe Cawley (‘More Ketchup than Salsa’)
Lee Bullen (‘Beset’)

Throughout the weekend there are also a host of other activities taking place, celebrating local authors, Cervantes and Shakespeare, and above all the written word.


Shakespeare vs. Cervantes: Adeje Book Fair



English language authors taking part this year are Joe  Cawley, Nikki & Richard Attree, John Reid, Margaret Tully, Lee Bullen and Susan Dehmel

The Adeje council will mark its XIV Book Fair with a series of events during next week aiming to encourage people to read more. From Friday April 15th until Saturday April 23rd the borough will join in the global celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of the deaths of both Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

“With this kind of event we are working to help and impress upon people the importance of reading, not just for children but for adults too. We are calling on everyone to come back to the written work, reminding them that reading is an essential tool in the development of our society”, commented the Adeje councillor with responsibility for heritage and libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.
This year for the first time a number of English language authors have been invited to take part in the fair, and will be signing copies of their books during the two days of the event. They are Joe Cawley, Nikki & Richard Attree, John Reid, Margaret Tully, Lee Bullen and Susan Dehmel.

Nikki Attree

Nikkii Attree, one of the English-language authors taking part in the Adeje Book Fair

The XIV Adeje Book fair also provides a platform for those companies who promote and sell books and for locally based authors who wish to reach a new public.  Not for the first time too the fair will be the launch pad for a few new publications – this year four new Spanish language books will be launched, “Frases canarias” by Juan José Dorta Brito, “Andreea Constantin” by Esteban Torres Lana,  “La Dulce francesa”. Historia de una ocultación by Armando Astarloa and “El Servicio de Inteligencia Democrático” by Francisco José Álvarez Socas.

The full range of activities start this Friday, April 15th with the opening of an art exhibition in the Adeje Cultural Centre, with works from various national and international artists.  Poetry also plays its part in the event with an evening of poetry, also on April 15th at the Socio-cultural centre in La Postura organised by the local residents association and on the last day of the festival, April 23rd, the V Shared Verse Recital will be held at the book fair from 8.30pm.

The fair will be held in the car park beside the Adeje School of Music and Dance on Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd. Apart from the stalls, book launches and signings there will also be story-telling, puppet shows, and performances.

Councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz said that the event has grown over the 14 years of its existence and wouldn’t have gained the stature it has without the help and support of local participating book stores.  Those taking part this year are Todo Hobby La Clave, Nymeria Comics, Centro Cultura Popular Canaria, Editorial Bahai, Librería El Candil, Librerías Damián, Ifara Libros, Librería Bárbara and Dagobah Comics as well as local collectives and associations.





















Rhymes and reason in Adeje

feria del libro (2)

Books, flowers, poetry recitals and workshops, all part of the XIII Adeje Book Fair
The Adeje council via the departments of libraries, education, heritage and economic development, under councillors Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, Andres Pérez Ramos and Ermitas Moreira García, have organised the XIII Book and Flower trade fair which will also see a number of book signings, theatrical presentations, and flower sales points. The fair takes place from April 23rd to 27th in the car park of the Municipal School of Music and Dance (EMMA) and the Adeje Cultural Centre.

The organisers say that with these types of activities they want to achieve a number of things including encouraging people to read more. In parallel they hope the fair will help book shops and florists from a sales points of view, and also help writers to promote their work.

Activities start at 10am on Thursday April 23rd in the Adeje Cultural Centre with storytelling and a puppet show. At 7pom that evening El Fausto, a new book by Luis J Velasco Quintana will be launched, and the exhibition, Cuéntame un cuento: Arte Sano San Juan will be opened.

On Friday April 24th the fair in the EMMA parking opens at 10am with a visit from local school children. During the day there will be storytelling, theatre, puppet shop and a book launch at 7pm with the presentation of Era cierta la vida después del divorcio, by Eusebio Marrero. The day ends with a performance at 8.30pm by soloists from the EMMA.

On Saturday activities kick off at 10.30 and continue throughout the day, with a public signing of a ‘Manifesto Mas Cultura’ at 12.30pm and the presentation of two books, Apostol, by Manuel Pérez Cedrés and Dos días al año by Laura Delgado González. The evening ends with the IV Shared Verse event at 8.30pm. In the Cultural Centre at 9pm that evening local singer Maria Herrera will also launch her debut album, Memories which features a selection of original songs in English.

In parallel and during the week, a number of businesses in Adeje are running promotional campaigns offering discounts to encourage local trading and shopping.

(For a full listing of events and readings (in Spanish) see http://www.adeje.es/educacion/agenda/1422-xiii-feria-del-libro-y-las-flores-de-adeje)