Rhymes and reason in Adeje

feria del libro (2)

Books, flowers, poetry recitals and workshops, all part of the XIII Adeje Book Fair
The Adeje council via the departments of libraries, education, heritage and economic development, under councillors Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, Andres Pérez Ramos and Ermitas Moreira García, have organised the XIII Book and Flower trade fair which will also see a number of book signings, theatrical presentations, and flower sales points. The fair takes place from April 23rd to 27th in the car park of the Municipal School of Music and Dance (EMMA) and the Adeje Cultural Centre.

The organisers say that with these types of activities they want to achieve a number of things including encouraging people to read more. In parallel they hope the fair will help book shops and florists from a sales points of view, and also help writers to promote their work.

Activities start at 10am on Thursday April 23rd in the Adeje Cultural Centre with storytelling and a puppet show. At 7pom that evening El Fausto, a new book by Luis J Velasco Quintana will be launched, and the exhibition, Cuéntame un cuento: Arte Sano San Juan will be opened.

On Friday April 24th the fair in the EMMA parking opens at 10am with a visit from local school children. During the day there will be storytelling, theatre, puppet shop and a book launch at 7pm with the presentation of Era cierta la vida después del divorcio, by Eusebio Marrero. The day ends with a performance at 8.30pm by soloists from the EMMA.

On Saturday activities kick off at 10.30 and continue throughout the day, with a public signing of a ‘Manifesto Mas Cultura’ at 12.30pm and the presentation of two books, Apostol, by Manuel Pérez Cedrés and Dos días al año by Laura Delgado González. The evening ends with the IV Shared Verse event at 8.30pm. In the Cultural Centre at 9pm that evening local singer Maria Herrera will also launch her debut album, Memories which features a selection of original songs in English.

In parallel and during the week, a number of businesses in Adeje are running promotional campaigns offering discounts to encourage local trading and shopping.

(For a full listing of events and readings (in Spanish) see http://www.adeje.es/educacion/agenda/1422-xiii-feria-del-libro-y-las-flores-de-adeje)

Bank books help

school books

Caixa Bank donates school material and books
The aim of the initiative is to guarantee that students from disadvantaged families have equal education opportunities

The Adeje education councillor, Andrés Pérez Ramos met recently with Caixa Bank and AMPA (the parents association for schools) to confirm details of the banks’ commitment to donate school materials and text books to families most in need in the borough. It is the second year in a row that the bank has donated in this manner.

The aim of the initiative is to guarantee that students from disadvantaged families have equal education opportunities and remove difficulties children many have in pursuing their studies.

Pérez Ramos thanked the bank for their donations and the help they were giving families in the borough. He said this extra assistance was “as well as the assistance coming from the department of education”, adding that he was working in conjunction with the councillor for social welfare to give the best possible attention to local residents, and it was this kind of attention to local needs that meant they could also “receive help from other institutions such as Hospiten Sur and the Cruz Roja”.

adeje-reunion ayuntamiento-ampas-caixa bank-ayudas materia escolar y libros de texto (3)

Representing the Caixa Bank at the meeting was Manuel Luis Méndez Martín and Eusebio Dorta was there on behalf of the parents’ associations. The donations are part of the bank’s decentralised social programme, the aim of which is to help persons with the greatest needs, using proposals such as this one, in the most efficient way using synergy between institutions such as the Adeje council to reach those on the margins of society. The funding for books is also being spent in Adeje book shops, so “it’s not just benefitting families but local businesses as well”, commented the councillor.












































































































































































Pages and Petals in Adeje


“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” Oscar Wilde

This year’s Adeje Book Fair got off to a great start this morning, with a fun-filled visit by the children from local schools who visited the stalls, and were treated to a theatrical story-telling too.
The fair, which this year has added flower stalls to the offer, is in the Las Torres School of Music and Dance car park, and runs all day today and tomorrow. Books for all ages and tastes are on offer, many at reduced prices, and during the fair there will also be a number of special events, readings and signings by authors, performances by dance and music groups, poetry recitals, and lots more.
The full agenda for the two days is as follows.

Friday April 25th Las Torres School of Music car park
5pm. Activate Workshops
6pm. Sopa de Cuentas Tragaluz Puppets
7pm. Presentation: El Judio que quiso ser ario, by Enrique Reyes
Presentation: Humo en el cielo, by Manuel Jiménez Delgado
8.30pm. Soloists performance, from EMMA, the Adeje Municipal School of Music
Saturday April 26 Las Torres School of Music car park
10.30am. Los comillos del dragón. Activate
12 noon. CantaCuentos. Güicho
4pm. Activate workshops
5pm. Los libros revoltosos, Garabatos K puppets
6pm. Performance, Municipal Rhythmic Gymnastic school
7pm. Presentation La Esencia de la Misión by Fco. José Álvarez Socas
Presentation: Los privilegiados del azar by Carlos Alberto Felipe Martell
8.30pm. III Recital Verso Compartido (Shared Verse)

Book signings:
Enrique Reyes, Manuel Jiménez Delgado, Fco. José Álvarez Socas, Carlos Alberto Felipe Martell, Airam Pérez Barrios.

Participating bookshops.
Todo Hobby La Clave, Nymeria Comics, Ifara Libros, Librería El Candil, Canarian Centre of Popular Culture, Moragalibros Facsimiles, Librería Tabernáculo, Librería Dragobah, Librería de Mujeres.


Once Upon A Time…


170 school children celebrate International Children’s Book Day in Adeje

Yesterday morning, on April 2nd, Adeje celebrated International Children’s Book Day, coinciding with the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson, with 170 school children aged between 3 and 5 from the CEIP Adeje, the infant and primary school in the town centre. Councillors Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz and Andrés Pérez Ramos, prepared a series of activities for the young visitors to the town’s cultural centre aimed at showing the children the joys of reading and the benefits of starting young.

They said, “this is part of the campaign sponsored by the national Spanish Organisation of Children’s Books (OEPLI) as we know that reading is a very important part of education and the responsibility of schools, families and society in general to encourage reading among the young. For that reason the council decided to stage these activities and reflect the high value we place on reading for young children.

“Adeje has a network of public libraries where people can access literature, educational material, videos, music, comics, etc and the only requirement is that the potential reader has a Canarian library card (BICA), which is free”.

The activities began at 10:30 with a visit to the library in the town’s cultural centre which has a good selection of children’s books (and some in English too!). Both the professors and the children enjoyed the visit to the world of literary fantasy and imagination.

This was followed by a puppet show with a performance by people taking part in the Alternative Training Programme ‘ACTÍVATE’, an Adeje’s job creation scheme co-funded by the council, the Canarian Employment Service and the European Social Fund.


School Grants 2013/2014

School grants 2013

The period for applying for a grant for school materials in Adeje pencilsis now open.

Parents who need financial aid next term should apply now.

To qualify first of you must be resident in and registered as resident in Adeje for at least six months at the time of requesting the grant.  This grant covers pupils in infants, primary and secondary public schools in the borough. Finally your family income will also be calculated alongside rental/mortgage payments.

The easiest way to prepare your application and download all the relevant forms is to go to http://www.adeje.es/esp/vercontenido.asp?id=3814 and at the bottom there is a link to download the relevant forms.


The times and dates for presenting your application are the following:

Weekdays from 9am – 1pm, Thursdays 4pm – 6pm

May 6 – 10, IES Adeje, IES Adeje II

May 13 – 17 Colegio Los Olivos

May 20 – 24 Colegios Fañabe and Armeñime

May 27 – June 3 Colegios Tijoco and Las Torres

June 4 – 10 Colegio Adeje Casco

You need to bring all your completed paperwork to the Adeje Department of Education, which is located on the ground floor of the Cultural Centre, with a matriculation paper from the school (they will supply this, parents’ DNI or Resident Certificates and passports as well as that of the pupil(s), and some official paperwork proving the monthly family income, the rental or mortgage paid, and bank details of the applicant (this usually has to be stamped by the bank, so download the paperwork in advance or get this form from the department before you arrive to make your application).

Normally you won’t be told at the presentation of the application if you will qualify and lists are published nearer to the start of the school term. This year the council will be giving €50 to sucessful application, and the money will be lodged directly into your bank account, but you will need to keep and present all receipts for materials bought.

Page Turners!


Page turners

I’m not sure about Kindles and the like.  Old fashioned, behind the times, Luddite?  Maybe, but I have read books and newspapers online, however there’s still something different and special and un-online-ish about holding a book in your hand, knowing your about to turn to page one, embark on a fictitious journey that is new and, hopefully, worthwhile.

When I was growing up books were treats, treasures.  I invented a symbol that I drew on the inside front of my favourite books, my special mark, these were my books to be guarded and minded.  On some weekends my father would take me and my two sisters to a book shop (Parsons along Baggot Street in Dublin is the one that sticks in my memory) and we were each allowed choose a book.  And we could take time picking it too.

I got to know Enid Blyton, CS Lewis, Tolkien, Dickens and Shakespeare (though the latter two were more through school), JD Salinger, and as a growing child these were the stuff of legends.  They spoke of worlds real and imagined, where incredible stuff happened, but through the words on the page I was there to witness the happenings, and could go back and relive it whenever I wanted.  And even today I still re-read some of those books, and they haven’t lost their lure over the years. Some books were and are keepers. 

I love bookshelves,  mine and other peoples.  You can’t really ask someone can you browse through their online book collection.  It’s just not done, but there’s nothing odd about checking out someone’s bookshelves, even if it’s your first time in their home.  And you can get to know a bit more about someone too by looking at their bookshelves, though don’t be judgemental.  I think a healthy bookshelf should have a bit of everything, from thrillers to chick-lit (depending on the readers), informative stuff, dictionaries, and more serious books if that be your own particular choice.  And as for the bathroom – well your not going to bring your ipad or kindle to the toilet, or are you?

In fact I would panic if I didn’t have a book to read.  I couldn’t contemplate getting on a plane or a train or going to the beach to to bed without the comfort of a few printed pages near at hand.  If I really thing hard about it I’m probably bordering on addiction.  But I think it’s a healthy addiction and certainly don’t think passive reading will harm anyone nearby either!

OK, I know that this is a generational thing too. The other day I told my young daughter that when I was growing up we only had two television channels, mobile phones hadn’t been invented and there  were no such things as home computers…”but iPads yes”, she assumed. No.  And no doubt in the next few years there will be more innovations that will leave some of us crumblies behind. But I hope the book never dies. And it’s nice to know that there is still a healthy respect and encouragement for those writing books for younger readers, spearheaded by people like JK Rowling and those behind the Geronimo and Tea Stilton adventure books here in Spain.

So why am I rambling on about books – well, Adeje is about to celebrate its annual Book Fair – tomorrow I will be talking about this on air, on English Time, Radio Sur Adeje, finding out where and when events and readings are taking place and also chatting to an author or two. 

Do you have a favourite book or author – or do you really prefer to read online or in digital form?  Leave a comment here if you like and we can discuss this more on air tomorrow on English Time, Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9fm, 1pm.


Adeje Book Fair (in Parque Cesar Manrique)

Thursday April 18, 5pm children’s workshops, animation show, two book readings, La leyenda de la escritora de Haikus by Graciliana Montelongo, and Guía de Narnatan by Narcy Méndez, and performances from the Adeje school of music.

Friday April 19th, events from 11am, story telling, etc. At 5pm there will also be a story-workshop in the La Postura Cultural Centre, sponsored by the Cabildo  At 6pm there will be a presentation by the Adeje dance school and at 7pm a reading of Cuardenos de Marta by Isabel Medina followed by a poetry recital

Saturday April 20th, book stalls will be in place from the town’s book shops, with a range of titles on sale. There will also be a chess workshop and a range of children’s activities. Readings from Hari Maguada by Carmen Marina Rodríguez and Rumbo a un sueño by José Luis Cámara will be in the afternoon, and that evening the Fair will close with the launch of local rock band Paradigma’s first disc, Igual es Fácil, at 8pm.

Bookshops taking part in the Fair are Librería Tabernáculo, Todo Hobby La Clare, Centro de la Cultural Popular Canaria, J. Moraga Libros, Librería El Buho, Editorial Bahai, Ifara Libros and Librería de Mujeres.