Checking up on the injured and opening an investigation by the experts are the council’s main priorities


Juan Diego Mayordomo, an expert in building problems, has called together a municipal team to study the buildings involved in las Sunday morning’s floor collapse in the Butterfly nightclub in the Playa Beach commercial centre. Nine of the injured remain in hospital recovering from different injuries, mostly fractures.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, has remained in contact with the responsible councillors for the areas affected since Sunday, and with his technical team. The council have also been in close contact with the consuls and embassies of the foreign nationals affected by the incident. Help has been offered to all those affected. The mayor stated, “For us what is important is the health of the injured and the safety of the building and those alongside”.

Three of the injured are in the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, one in Universitario de Canarias, three in Hospiten Sur and two in the Clínica Quirón in Adeje. None of the nine are considered to be a critical condition.

Yesterday Adeje council called in building expert Juan Diego Mayordomo, Teneguía Consultores, to assess the structural damage, and, with the mayor and a technical team, they visited the affected area. They reported, following initial examination, that the situation wasn’t a simple one. They were, they said, also aware that many people would be anxious about returning to work in the affected area. However, the mayor said, safety of everyone had to come first. Yesterday morning he visited affected shops and spoke first hand with workers affected by the current closures.

While he said that it was important the commercial zone suffered the least possible damage financially, “decisions that needed to be taken would be taken without pressure. We have to work prudently and take the right decisions in line with the advice given by the experts”.


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