Adeje Anti-Bullying Campaign for Secondary Schools


The initiative has been organised by the departments of Education and Equality and will give students information to improve the quality of school life and coexistence inside and outside the school grounds

The Adeje Council, through the departments of Education and Equality overseen by councillors Andrés Pérez Ramos and Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, respectively began an anti-bullying campaign in the borough’s secondary schools this week. The campaign will see a series of workshops and informative talks which will help equip students to deal with different situations within the school environment.
The project’s directors say, “these actions are part of the first “Strategic Plan for Equal Opportunities between Adeje’s Women and Men” and will give students a series of know-hows and working tools to improve the quality of their lives inside and outside the school grounds. They added, “here in the Council we understand that education that teaches respect for everyone is vitally important, and teaching about how diversity enriches us and our society is developing respect among equals”.
The programme will give answers to basic questions such as: What exactly constitutes school bullying? Who bullies and why? How do you deal with situations like this? What are the emotional and physical injuries bullying in schools can cause? However above all the team will be working to answer the bigger questions: How can we find a solution to the problem. For these workshops to have full effect it is also important that the teachers are involved as well as the whole student body, parents associations, etc.
Students in these schools will also receive talks on related matters, on sexual behaviour, prevention of homophobia, transphopia and the prevention of violence against women.
The councillors explained, “we are giving our young people the training and information needed to learn to develop an equalitarian society in which respect, harmonious co-existence and dialogue predominate and are the basic fundamental tools for the integration of all”.
The workshops are scheduled to be held in the secondary schools in Los Olivos and El Galeón during the remainder of this school year.