Adeje and CaixaBank renew aid programme

Last week councillors Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and Isabel Fernández González, from the departments of education and social welbeing respectively, voiced their delight at the renewal of the partnership programme with CaixaBank through their social department, “La Caixa”. The Adeje councillors met with the Tenerife West negotiations director, María del Pilar Quiroga Gutiérrez and the main CaixaBank director in Adeje, Eva María Salazar Arrocha.

The continuation of this collaborative programme contributes to three specific programmes, including one that works to guarantee that no child is without school materials. Under this scheme families suffering economic difficulties can apply for help with purchasing school materials for the 2017/2018 academic course.

The “Ningún niño sin bigote” (no child without a moustache – a milk moustache in this instance) is inviting the public to donate milk (long life milk) with collection points around the borough, in the Adeje town cultural centre, the Las Torres and El Galeón sports centres as well as the bank, and all the milk collected will be distributed via the municipal food bank.

The third project is also linked to education and sees the CaixaBank working to support the Adeje Summer University. Altogether the bank is donating €18.000 to support these educational/social aid programmes.

Bank books help

school books

Caixa Bank donates school material and books
The aim of the initiative is to guarantee that students from disadvantaged families have equal education opportunities

The Adeje education councillor, Andrés Pérez Ramos met recently with Caixa Bank and AMPA (the parents association for schools) to confirm details of the banks’ commitment to donate school materials and text books to families most in need in the borough. It is the second year in a row that the bank has donated in this manner.

The aim of the initiative is to guarantee that students from disadvantaged families have equal education opportunities and remove difficulties children many have in pursuing their studies.

Pérez Ramos thanked the bank for their donations and the help they were giving families in the borough. He said this extra assistance was “as well as the assistance coming from the department of education”, adding that he was working in conjunction with the councillor for social welfare to give the best possible attention to local residents, and it was this kind of attention to local needs that meant they could also “receive help from other institutions such as Hospiten Sur and the Cruz Roja”.

adeje-reunion ayuntamiento-ampas-caixa bank-ayudas materia escolar y libros de texto (3)

Representing the Caixa Bank at the meeting was Manuel Luis Méndez Martín and Eusebio Dorta was there on behalf of the parents’ associations. The donations are part of the bank’s decentralised social programme, the aim of which is to help persons with the greatest needs, using proposals such as this one, in the most efficient way using synergy between institutions such as the Adeje council to reach those on the margins of society. The funding for books is also being spent in Adeje book shops, so “it’s not just benefitting families but local businesses as well”, commented the councillor.