Summer Specials For Over 60s




Older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps

This year the Adeje senior’s programme celebrated 15 years of fun and helpful summer activities for the older borough’s citizens.

According to the councillor in charge, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, this summer was no different with a range of diverse activities taking place in the open air, and as in previous years the beaches of Adeje were the scene for many of the events which mixed fun with healthy activities as well as promoting Adeje’s harmonious co-existence among people of many different backgrounds, and even ages as older citizens mixed with some of the younger ones during the activities.

This was one of the novelties this year – the integration of people from different age groups and sectors of the local population. In conjunction with the ‘Activate Sonrisa’ (Activate Smile) project run by the department of economic development about 50 older people took part in workshops and games in the company of children who were involved in parallel summer camps.

For 15 consecutive years the Adeje seniors have been able to avail of a summer programme of events with the principal objective being, “benefits for those of a certain age through recreational and healthy activities”, says Carmen Rosa González. Two days every week during the summer months the group enjoyed swimming, games on the sand, walking, gymnastics adapted to ability and age, “leading, in general, to an overall improvement in the quality of life of our senior citizens”, she added.

To facilitate maximum participation a bus was used to go around the borough collecting those older citizens taking part who might not have individual and bringing them home afterwards. In the majority of cases the events took place in parts of Costa Adeje allowing people to enjoy the best beaches in the borough, most of them flying blue flags for excellence.

To mark the end of the summer programme a Hawaiian party was held with a ‘Miss and Mister Summer fashion parade for participants, followed by lunch and beach bingo. A great end to another great summer.

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Special Theatre for Special People

adeje-ENCUENTRO DE TEATRO DE PERSONAS CON DISCAPACIDAD (5)Adeje hosts VII Theatre Meeting for people with special needs

The Adeje Cultural Centre Auditorium is hosting the seventh Theatre Meeting for special needs individuals on Thursday June 12th. The event is organised by the Adeje department for special needs care under councillor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera. More than fifty people from the Occupational Therapy Centres of Guía de Isora, Candelaria, Arona and Adeje will attend the event.

The councillor said, “it is an honour for us to be hosting this event for the seventh time, an event which is staged to emphasise the value of the creative and expressive work of the users of these centres”:

Carmen Rosa González Cabrera added that “in previous years we have seen an excellent level of participation and we see merit in continuing with the event because it is a manifestation of the relevance placed on the expressive and creative process which persons with different abilities can achieve. The event allows them to project their artistic endeavours, and chose which theatrical work and character they wish to interpret within that framework”.


The event begins at 6pm with participants from the following associations and centres – Orobal in Los Cristianos; Rosas del Guache in Arona; Arcoíris in Candelaria; Guía de Isora and the Los Olivos Occupational Centre in Adeje.

This is a pioneering initiative in the Canary Islands, and has been very well received by the Adeje public, who fill the theatre in the Adeje Cultural Centre every year. In this way too the public have shown their appreciation of the creative and interpretive work achieved by those who attend the occupational centres as well as that of the collectives working with them. Entry is free.


A.L.A.S. Project Takes Off!

alas pic
The Adeje cleaning company Limpiezas Domínguez had signed up to the council sponsored A.L.A.S. (or WINGS) programme which is designed to assist people with special needs integrate into the work place.

The programme was launched a few months ago and as more than simply a work placement programme. Individuals are matched to jobs in companies who have agreed to work with the scheme. The person is then trained for their new job, and accompanied to the new place of work and given hands on assistance to integrate fully into their new situation. The programme was developed by the Adeje council to meet the needs of those with special needs in the local community who wish to become part of the labour force. Trained personnel work directly with those with special needs as well as helping to identify work places that are best suited for each individual. The co-operation of the company working with the programme as well as the family members of the new employee is essential.
Limpiezas Domínguez is a local Adeje cleaning company and now have two new members of staff thanks to the A.L.A.S. programme. Lucián, 22 years of age and Juan Gabriel, who is 34, and who received the necessary training and were accompanied when required to help in their incorporation into the company. According to the Adeje councillor for special needs persons, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, “their welcome into the work place was excellent and on behalf of the council I would like to thank all of those in the company, and their head Elena Domínguez, for all their help”.
Carmen Rosa added, “this initiative is specifically designed to create an work opening for persons with some form of disability but with help from this administration. In this regard the Limpiezas Domínguez company have viewed the project in a very positive light from the outset and never hesitated in stepping forward to take the challenge, and indeed have shown great solidarity as a business”.
Speaking on behalf of the company Elena Domínguez said that taking part in this initiative had been a very positive move for the company, and “to see the effort that the two new workers had made in discovering their own potential was helping the company discover its own potential too.” She encouraged other companies to sign up to the A.L.A.S. project. “We should work together to have people with special needs in our professional teams because as well as being a rewarding experience it also reminds us all of who we are…businesses need to be more human and understand that it is individual workers, human beings, that are the motor of our productivity and we must care for and encourage all of those workers”.
While the A.L.A.S programme is primarily about integration into the labour force, in parallel it is also a vital tool in assisting in social integration . Carmen Rosa González Cabrera says, “we must open our eyes to the fact that we are talking about people with great capabilities, and society needs to change the way it views people with special needs in many ways.”
For companies who sign up to work with the A.L.A.S. programme there are financial benefits, (Ley 43/2006 de 29/12). The company also improves its public profile as an employer that is working actively in the field of integration and equality of opportunity and employment not to mention gaining new trained and very willing members of their workforce.

Adeje marks International Day for People with Disabilities

Councillor Carmen Rosa Gonzalez  Cabrera

Councillor Carmen Rosa Gonzalez Cabrera

Adeje council under the direction of the councillor for people with special needs, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, has designed a programme of activities to mark International Day for People with Disabilities, tomorrow, December 3rd.
The events, which include an audio visual presentation of the services in the borough will take place in the Los Olivos Occupational Centre. Councillor Carmen Rosa said the council was dedicated to supplying the resources required by those who face special needs challenges. “We feel lucky that we have this opportunity to mark this celebration as it will allow us show what is new in the Los Olivos centre, and hightlight the services that are provided to improve the quality of the lives of those who use the centre on a regular basis.

The councillor added that as well as the full support of all the council departments, they were also able to call upon the support of private businesses and associations who often helped out in supplying material, necessary to ensure that the centre operates to its maximum potential in helping users.
Among the new services are early stimulation therapy for very young babies with orientation courses for new parents with special needs children. Cognitave stimulation courses for adults have also been introduced to strenghten the capabilities and attitudes of participants.

Events begin tomorrow at 6pm with a commemorative act in the Centre’s auditorio.