Census check

oficina de atención al ciudadano  (17)

To fulfil the conditions laid down regarding the holding of local and regional elections, which are taking place on May 24th 2015, and in line with article 39.2 of the general law regarding electoral practise (LOREG), from April 6th to 13th , including Saturday and Sunday, the electoral census is open to public consultation.

In Adeje you can consult the census in the Citizens Office (in the Town Hall) from 9am to 1pm during those days. You will need to bring your official identification documentation with your and apply to rectify any errors in the electoral register.

While this is not an opportunity to add yourself to the electoral roll, you can check to ensure your personal details are correct and may amend data including a change of address as long as that change was registered prior to the end of December 2014, or, if applicable, from the day of a relevant constituency change.

If you have been left out of the Census your original claim must also have been made prior to the date, in the case of Spanish or EU registered nationals, or during December 1st 2014 – January 15th 2015, in the case of nationals with a formal voting agreement with Spain regarding local elections.

There is also a telephone number for consultation purposes (in Spanish), 901-101-900.