Why the midlands matter

This weekend the Chasna-Isora Association celebrates 20 years. This group is made up of nine of the South Tenerife councils (Adeje, Arico, Arona, Fasnia, Granadilla de Abona, Guía de Isora, San Miguel de Abona, Santiago del Teide, Vilaflor de Chasna) and geographically occupies the southern half of the island. Its main objective is the socio-economic development of the midlands of the region and all the participating councils have the development of the midlands as part of their development programmes and facilitate information and experience exchange between private and public entities.

The current president of the Association is Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, the economic development councillor for Adeje. This weekend, he says, the events are designed to remind people of the important role the midlands play in the south of the island’s life and economy and the events will also pay tribute to those who have working in recent years to promote and oversee development in the region’s rural zones.


“We want to make the public more aware of the work in development and advancement that is being done by the association but, above all, to recognise the continuous efforts by those who work in the midlands”, he commented.

For the association president one of the most important challenges in the coming years will be “ensuring that those working in the primary sector in these rural regions are also protagonists and participants in tourism, our main economic motor, generating new opportunities for improvement, growth and the creation of jobs.”

The anniversary celebrations start today, Friday, in the main plaza in Vilaflor, with a number of official ceremonies with public experts and speakers as well as those from private institutions involved in local development. There will be an act this afternoon honouring individuals who have worked directly in the development of the region as well as a homage to José Alfonso Delgado Delgado, who proposed the creation of the association 20 years ago.

Alongside the official act there will be a fair with local craft and agricultural produce from the nine different boroughs, children’s activities, guided walks in Vilaflor, theatre performances and different activities throughout the weekend. Celebrations will end with music from Al Sur and the Asociación Musical Guargazal.