Adeje’s citizens value advice


Up to 42,000 used the citizens’ assistance office last year

The OAC, (Oficina de Atención al Cuidadano, or Citizens’ Assistance Bureau) attended to almost 42 thousand people during 2016 and the introduction of new software into the system operated by the office also facilitated many in carrying out operations via an electronic register without having to actually call into the office.

Councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos, in charge of the division, commented, “Attention to the needs of the public is a fundamental pillar of the work of the Adeje council, and that is why this office, the OAC, is one of the services most in demand and most used by the people of the borough. The online service has also allowed for greater access to the council services and we are working to ensure that an increasing number of services will be accessible online making things easier for private individuals and companies who have business with the council”. He added that since the introduction of the Adeje app (for smartphone users) online access has increased even more and the public are happy to have this real-time tool at their disposal.

During 2016 the OAC processed 12,600 travel certificates ( 30 % of the total of requests received), 6.300 general registrations, 5,880 certificates of resident registration (‘padrón’), 2,940 family certificates among other matters.

With the new app, ‘Adeje en tus manos’ people can also report issues of concern directly and the message will be sent to the relevant departments. Last year, via the app, complaints (with photographs) were received regarding public lighting, maintenance of public zones, gardens and park, playgrounds, and traffic and road safety issues.

Department of Communications