Scaling the Heights in Adeje

The Adeje sports department has organised a series of training days on the climbing wall to ensure that people are shown how to use the installation properly.
Sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera has organised the training programme along with the Canarian School of Mountaineering and the Abinque Mountaineering Group aimed at educating people in the correct use of the wall, located in the grounds of the El Galeón sports pavilion. The course will also present certificates to those who complete the course in “proper use and maintenance of the installation and scaling methods”.
The councillor said, “during these training days we will train a group of people who will then be in charge of the development and use of the climbing wall, or ‘rocódromo’. With this in mind we have asked experts such as Javier Martín Carvajal, and José Francisco González to run the course”.
Alonso Ferrera added that in Adeje all the sporting schools and courses that were running in the borough have trained professionals in charge “so we can ensure that anyone learning or practising a sport in Adeje is under the supervision of a professional from the relevant sector, which is a quality ‘plus’ and a guarantee from a sporting point of view”.

The training course for the climbing wall will be in two parts, theoretical and practical. The first part will outline the different kinds of climbing walls currently being used, how the structures are constructed, panels and screws used, etc. This section will also look at different problems which can arise, and how to carry out proper maintenance.
During the practical section those attending will get to know the two structures in El Galeon and the kind of materials used. They will learn, on site, all the relevant aspects of their construction and maintenance. The students will also be assessed and taught methods or climbing and security during the climb. This will be followed by a series of climbs of differing difficulty and solving various problems which could arise during a climb