Helping to maximise business potential

The Adeje council, via the department of economic development and employment, is holding a series of one-off training units to help local businesses maximise their potential. The courses are run under the Impyme Adeje umbrella, which works to help the commercial network of the borough.

The courses will be of one/two hours duration and are designed to help in the presentation of the small business, the products and improve client loyalty. “We believe that these kind of classes, adaptable in content and duration, are of interest to the small and medium business sector locally, and will have positive a effect and help improve our commercial outlets”, said the councillor in charge, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín. “A small business can not only improve their sales, but also their image and relationship with their customers”, he added.

The four units on offer to the sector in May and June will deal with corporative image and package (May 25th, 7pm), merchandising (June 1st, 7pm), window dressing (June 8th, 10am) and shop interiors (June 15th, 10am). Anyone wishing to take part in the courses has to register in advance, and more information is available on All courses will take place in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)

The ‘eyes’ have it



Óptica Downes has a facelift!

Óptica Downes, a company that has a long history of assisting the Adeje Social Services department, has reopened its doors after an upgrade and facelift. This optician, on the town’s main street, the Calle Grande, has a large English-speaking clientele, given that owner Adal is bilingual (mother English, father Canarian).

The shop has upgraded its installation, with the latest models in glasses and best quality lenses, as well as stocking a full range of glasses for sportswear, including underwater. The shop is also a Varilux centre.


Attending the reopening were members of the Adeje council. Councillor for social services Isabel Fernandez González said “for us it is important that locally based companies contribute to the community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Óptica Downes for their on-going help, in their case they offer reduced-price glasses to those less well off. Our welfare office evaluates each case and once approved the person can go to the optician and avail of the service. There are many companies in the town today who are helping those in less favourable circumstances, and I extend my thanks to all of them”.


Óptica Downes owner and qualified optometrist and pharmacist, Adal Trujillo Downes, said “we offer a family service as well as brining our customers the top market brands. The exclusive treatment received by each client is our main concern, attention to the health and well-being of their eyes and eyesight, making sure they have the product that is best suited to them and their lifestyle.”

Also at the event to mark the reopening were members of the local British community.

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