Mobile phones and bank matters concern Adeje consumers


The Adeje OMIC – the official consumers office, based in the modern building beside the town’s main post office and health centre – remains open throughout the summer, “from 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday, as we are aware that this is an important free service for consumers and is working to resolve conflicts with arise between consumers and businesses, with the primary goal being to find a workable solution”, says councillor in charge, Amada Trujillo Bencomo.

In the 26 years since the offices opened they have dealt with over 20,000 incidents. They also work to inform the public as to how to avoid potential pitfalls when shopping, such as reading all the small print before purchasing, confirming an item is in perfect working order, apt for purpose, without defects, checking conditions of purchase, comparing prices if possible and asking for all the relevant information needed before buying.

During 2016 the consumers’ office in Adeje registered about 1,000 reports. 204 (27.7%) of them were in relation to mobile phones, there were 62 complaints about banks, followed by issues regarding electro-domestic appliances, airlines, car repairs, health, restaurants and hotels and home repairs. There were also a number of complaints about clothes and shoe purchases, new car acquisitions, food and furniture issues.

During last year the Adeje office also worked to successfully return €227,821 to consumers following a variety of follow-up investigations. In addition, the office works directly with other private and public bodies for the welfare and protection of consumers.
Department of Communications