Adeje’s Dzogchen community

Visita al Monasterio Taktshang, Bhutan. Foto Jamyang Olyphant

Recently Rinpoche Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche returned to Playa Paraíso following a busy few months abroad

Since it began operating in 2013 the international Dzamling Gar Global Centre for the Dzogchen International community based in Playa Paraíso, has run a large number of activities which, in general, focus on our evolution as people, as beings and overcoming personal shortcomings. Last December the Rinpoche Dzogchen master, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, returned to the borough having completed a number of diverse projects and visits around the world.

Under the Adeje Living Together’ umbrella, the Adeje council has welcomed these projects as part of the way forward in the creation of a society based on mutual equality and respect. Within that too the Dzogchen International community consider fundamental their participation in local community events where they can make contacts, and develop their links with the community which are of mutual benefit. At many Adeje and other Tenerife-based events throughout 2014 the community offered displays of dance, music and song much to the delight of their audiences. And, as is traditional, usually members of the public have been invited to take part in the ‘Pu Yana’ dance at the end of any demonstration, a Tibetan song which celebrates the good luck participants enjoy in receiving the teachings and is sung to bring happiness, prosperity and long life.

Just some of the events the centre’s members took part in included the Cultural Fusion event in Adeje, a Day of Traditional Games and Dances in El Fraile, the I Intercultural Exchange day in La Laguna and the Adeje Harmonious Living Together Adeje 10/10 campaign. They also performed during events marking the 25th anniversary of the twinning of Adeje and German town Unterhaching and most recently at the celebration of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities in Los Olivos. Along with these activities the centre offers Tibetan dance and singing sessions to those who wish to participate most afternoons in their centre in Playa Paraíso.

While all this was on-going here, Rinpoche Namkhai Norbu was travelling and teaching this ancient form of learning in India, Singapore, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Italy, the United States, Argentina, México and Australia.