Salt and devotion will fill the town

This weekend, from Saturday afternoon, the centre of Adeje will be taken over by one of the oldest celebrations in the borough – Corpus Christi. 445 sacks of sea salt will be coloured and used to make carpets along the full length of the town’s Calle Grande and the Calle Corpus Christi.

“For many years the making of these carpets has been a meeting point for the people of Adeje, an exercise in social harmony. Corpus Christi, as well as being a religious ceremony, allows us meet with people from other walks of life in the town, as we work together on these carpets, sharing ideas, suggestions, stories, building the creative richness of the community”, commented the councillor for culture, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera.

Over 11 thousand kilos of salt will cover 330 metres of road in the two streets. Among the groups and associations taking part will be the Hermandad del Santísimo, Cáritas, Focus international residents group, the children from first communion and confirmation classes, Adeje volunteer firefighters, Colegio Costa Adeje, Club Deportivo Águilas San Áquilino, children from activity groups in Fañabe, Los Olivos and Armeñime, the Adeje senior citizens association, the Halcones baseball school, the Comunidad Hindú Tenerife Sur, the Los Olivos occupational group, Ballet Beanky, and many more.

Why not visit the Calle Grande this Saturday afternoon from 5pm and see these carpets being made – they won’t be there for long as they will be walked over as part of the religious procession following mass the next day.

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Seasoned carpets in Adeje

While the most famous Corpus Christi carpets in the island may be found in La Orotava – the flower and salt and sand carpets that adorn the main plaza in front of the Town Hall ever year – you don’t have to travel to see other fine examples of street carpets, and in Adeje town the annual salt carpets involve many local groups working on their individual section to add to the final presentation.
Along the town’s main street, the Calle Grande, a long carpet is created by individual groups all working from a single unified design which, when complete, will form the main Corpus Christi carpet in the town.

This year, for the first time, the Adeje Focus group (a recently formed association for international residents) will also be taking part. Work begins at about 5pm on Saturday June 17th. Participants in each group are working with coloured salt, prepared by the Adeje council’s culture department, who have also drawn up the overall design, and the groups can choose their own colours to work with on a white backdrop. On the Calle Corpus, parallel to the main street, two individual carpets are also being created.
For a taste of local culture and how the borough’s groups integrate why not visit the town centre during Saturday afternoon to watch the carpets being made? Visitors are more than welcome and there’s a lovely sense of community during the hours’ long fabrication of the salt designs that will be walked upon the following day after 11am mass in the Santa Ursula church. It’s another example of how Adeje works to combine tradition with tourism, making sure that the celebration of what is the essence of the borough is also open to visitors and new residents, either as spectators or participants.